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"Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost 2

Who is that?

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 9, 2012 15:05 | Go to "Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost

-> RTS Page for "Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost 2

*for use by Rimashiro*

She died.

What he learned after returning home shocked him. / He dragged the girl who had betrayed him down to hell, and returned to the earth to wander it, seeking atonement. / But she was still dead. She who was half his soul was dead.

His world was shattered; his soul was thrown into a sea of storms and sank beneath the raging waves. / His clenched fists pounded against a wall over and over again so hard it seemed his hands would break, and he wailed like a wild beast.

Chapter 2: “Who is that?”

Tooko: Umm… Let’s get one thing straight. / I was not so scared of a “ghost” that I could barely stand. / An old injury to my hips was just acting up.

Tooko: Really—I did hurt myself, / back when I was a kid, and it just happened to start hurting again!

Konoha: This is the first I’ve heard of such an injury.

Tooko: I’m sorry / I’m not much of a sempai.
SFX: *wilt*

Konoha: Maybe I was a little harsh…

Konoha: Tooko-sem…


Girls: Who am I to you, Ryuu? / Yeah! Who do you prefer: me, or her?! / What do you think you’re doing!? Don’t you ignore me!

Girls: Ryuu is MY boyfriend! / Get out of our way! / Says you!

Ryuuto: By the way, could we move a bit? / I’d rather not start a fight so close to home.

Konoha: Ugh, a bit of a lover’s quarrel. / Three girls—is he dating all three? / I can’t believe there’s someone who would actually do that…
Konoha (bubble): Hm?
SFX: Grrrrrr

SFX (left): Grrr
SFX (right): Crack

Konoha: Huh? What?! / Why is Tooko-sempai so angry?

SFX: Snatch

Konoha: Huh? What about her hip? / Or her legs?
SFX: Stomp Stomp / Stomp

Tooko: Hey, Ryuuto!

SFX: Glare Glare Glare Glare Glare
Ryuuto: Ghh! Tooko-nee!

SFX: Slam

Tooko: You’re such a little kid! / I told you not to cause any quarrels so close to home! / And hitting on three girls at once?! / Why do you keep going after so many?!
SFX: Slap Slap Slap

Konoha (aside): Huh?
Tooko: Can’t you be devoted to just one?

SFX: Grab
Konoha: Please, stop! / I don’t really know what’s going on, but you shouldn’t be so violent! / Just calm down!

Tooko: Shut up, Konoha-kun!
SFX: Slap

SFX: *stare*

Tooko: And you three! / Rather than fighting out here over a playboy like him / you should be at home, reading the complete works of Natsume Souseki!

Tooko: You should start with his short story collection “Ten Nights’ Dreams”! / The stories are aesthetic and whimsical, like a well-aged wine! / As its passion and scent trickle down your throat, your heart grows drunk on its poetry! / And once you’ve finished that, you should move onto his first three works! / They will even further move your heart.

Tooko: Now, let’s go home, Ryuuto.
SFX: Tug

Ryuuto: Owww / That hurts, Tooko-nee!

SFX: *shocked*

Girls: Wh—what just happened? / I—I dunno… / But what about that girl? What’s her relationship with Ryuu?
Konoha: What’s…

Konoha: What’s his relationship with Tooko-sempai?

SFX: *peep*
Konoha: Good morning, Tooko-sempai.

Tooko: M—morning, Konoha-kun. / What a coincidence.

Tooko: Umm… Sorry about yesterday. / You went out of your way to see me home, but then I ran off without you…

Konoha: Does she think I’m mad at her, / and came all this way to apologize?
SFX: *nervous look*

Konoha: It’s no big deal.

Konoha: By the way, who is Ryuuto? / You seemed awfully close.

Tooko: Ryuuto is the son of the family I’m staying with. / He’s kind of like a little brother.

Konoha: You’re staying with his family? / Are your parents in the Monster Kingdom?

SFX: Kpow *

Tooko: I told you to stop calling me a monster!

Konoha: I wondered if her parents were monsters, / what they were doing that required them to leave their daughter in someone else’s care, / and whether or not her host family knew she eats books.

Konoha: However, / it didn’t really seem like the right time to ask…
SFX: Hmph-hmph!
Tooko: You could hurt a girl’s heart, calling her a monster! / Why do you keep saying things like that?!

Konoha: So, what do you think happened last night? / And who was that girl?

SFX: Twitch

Tooko: It has to be some kind of trick. / But I’ll see through it—just you watch!
SFX: *freeze*

Konoha: Huh? Does that mean you intend to continue investigating?
Tooko: Of course!

Tooko: Take care! / I’ll see you later, Konoha-kun.

Konoha: She…

Konoha: She’s not discouraged at all!

Konoha: She’ll probably be like that until we solve this case…

Konoha: Hah.

SFX: Glare

Konoha: Whoa! Kotobuki-san!

p16: A while back, I overheard her talking with some of the other girls in my class. / She said she hated me. / Because of that, I’ve felt like she’s had her eye on me ever since.

Konoha: What is it, Kotobuki-san?

Kotobuki: D… / Did you…

Kotobuki: Did you really come to school with Amano-sempai today?
Konoha: Huh?

Kotobuki: I sort of happened to see you / It’s not like I stand there watching you come to school every say. / And you two were walking right next to each other, / so I thought maybe you two had planned to meet up on the way to school… / N-n-n-not that I really care what you do, Inoue.
SFX: *flap flap flap* (she’s shaking her hands, basically; not sure what word to use here)

Kotobuki: It’s just, Amano-sempai’s done a lot for us on the Library Committee, / and I feel like I owe her.

Konoha: Really? What’d she do for you?!

Kotobuki: She’s read so many books, she knows where everything in the library is! / And she’s so pretty, yet so humble and kind!

Konoha: “Ignorance is bliss”, I suppose.
Tooko: Yum! / Is today’s snack ready?

Konoha: I just happened to run into Tooko-sempai on the way to school. / Then we came the rest of the way together. / Well, it was more than just a coincidence, / but it’d be hard to explain…

Kotobuki: Hmm…..
SFX: *glare*

Kotobuki: Fine, then.
sFX: *turn*

Konoha: Wait—

Konoha: Maybe the reason why Kotobuki-san always seems to be staring at me / is because she doesn’t like me being with Tooko-sempai all of the time?

Tooko: Hey, Konoha-kun.

Konoha: Is something the matter?

SFX: Kotobuki: *Stare*
SFX: Konoha: *goosebumps*

Tooko: I found the girl from yesterday, Konoha-kun!
Konoha: You what?

Konoha: “That girl from yesterday”… / Do you mean Kujou Kayano?

Tooko: That’s right! / I saw her leaving the bathroom during break. / Then I followed her. / I told you she wasn’t a ghost!

Konoha: So she’s in her second year, like me. / But her class is pretty far from mine, so I never met her.
Tooko: Look, it’s her!

Tooko: Right? / That has to be her!

Konoha: But she feels completely different. / Didn’t Kayano have a much stronger personality?

Tooko: Maybe she’s just out of it after being up all night.
SFX: *Crunch* (sound of a chair moving backwards)

Tooko: Ah!

Tooko: After her, Konoha-kun!
Konoha: Hey—Tooko-sempai!
SFX: *step*

SFX: *Wobble wobble*

Tooko: Hey, wait…

SFX: *sigh*

SFX: B-thump

Tooko: What happened?!

Tooko: Hey, wake up!

(sign): Nurse’s Office

Nurse: For goodness’ sake, I told you you need to eat properly. / Are you still sticking with that reckless diet?

SFX: *breathing*

Nurse: Amemiya-san, / this is the fourth time you’ve fainted and been brought to my office. / You are significantly underweight! / You have to try to eat a bit more! / Do you understand?

Amemiya: …Yes. I’m very sorry.

Nurse: Wait there. I’ll bring you some vitamins.

Amemiya: Thank you for bringing me here.

Amemiya: I’m sorry I took up so much of your time.

Tooko: Umm, Amemiya-san…? / Do you remember meeting us / in the courtyard last night?

Amemiya: No.

Tooko: But last night we spoke with someone who looks just like you!

Tooko: That person called herself Kujou Kayano.
SFX: *twitch*

Tooko: So you do know something!

Nurse: Here, you need to take this. / Make sure you get something to eat, too.

Tooko: Wait!

Tooko: Are you sure we didn’t meet you last night?
SFX: *twitch*

Amemiya: I think… that was

my ghost.

Kayano: After all, I died long ago.

SFX: *chill* / *sigh*

Konoha: Is Amemiya-san trying to say that she and Kayano are the same person, / that Kayano is a ghost possessing her?

Konoha: And the numbers on those memos— / were they written by that ghost…?
(ones with words, starting from top, going clockwise): Hate / Hurts / A ghost is

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