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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

SAI: Taker 5

The Genocider of Life School Tokyo

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 21, 2012 03:48 | Go to SAI: Taker

-> RTS Page for SAI: Taker 5

*for 13th hour scans*

SFX: Kuah!

SFX: *collapse* / Pthunk

SFX: *slice*

SFX: *Cut*

Girl: How can you accept requests to attack other clubs… / just for some petty cash…?

Girl: Your path is a heresy without honor or fame… yet your strength certainly befits your title…

Girl: Genocider…

Girl: of Life School Tokyo…
[inset]: A tyrannous beauty dances / on a moonlit night.
Chapter 5: The Genocider of Life School Tokyo

Takabayashi: Hmmm
Kyouya: (aside): B-thump / B-thump
Kyouya: (bubble): W—what do you think, President Takabayashi?

Kyouya: A beautiful maiden accidentally showing off some forbidden zettai ryouiki. / I feel it focuses well on her purity and appeal…

Takabayashi: Rejected.
SFX: Grab
Kyouya: Hey! W-w-wait!!!

Kyouya: C-couldn’t you take another look?! Consider the low angle!!
Takabayashi: Tsurumin, what’s on the menu today?
Tsurumi: Well…
SFX: *rumble rumble*

SFX: Tada!

Tsurumi: I’ve heard that Original Takers have an extraordinary amount of life force, so she should be able to last a good thirty seconds or so.
Takabayashi (aside): Oh? How interesting.
Kyouya: What are you thinking?! What do you mean, life force?! / Let go! You’ll kill me!
SFX: *struggle struggle*

SFX: Click Click
Tsurumi: So, let us begin.
Kyouya: P-please, President!! / Let me go—ahhhhhh!!


Kyouya: The penalties get worse and worse every day… / <aside, top panel: Owwww >

Kyouya: <aside on her right shoulder> I might actually turn into Pi**chu…
SFX: Crackle Crackle

Kyouya (bubble): At this rate, I think they’ll break my spirit before they break my body… / It almost makes me want to just take the embarrassing photos of Yuuma-nee-san; it’d make things so much easier…
Kyouya: <aside>: No, I can’t! / I can’t lose, and I can’t run away!

SFX: Ring!

Text: From: Yuuma / Things are running long at the student council, so you’re on your own for dinner tonight. Sorry!

SFX: Ohhhh!
Kyouya: I’ve worked so hard!! / Who does she think she’s working for?!!!
Box: For you yourself.

Sign: Hotto Hotto Tei
[lower sign]: Ready-to-eat Meals / 250 yen

SFX: Smile

Worker: W-welcome… Wh-what can I get you?
Kyouya: Um, a salmon meal, please… / That’s a really stiff smile for a saleswoman…

Worker: Th-thanks for your business… P-please come a…
(?): Ran-chan! Your forgot the miso soup again!!

(?): Wah!! What if it spills?! That’s for the customer’s meal, right?!
Ran: I—I’m sorry!!
(?): For goodness’ sake—why are you always so clumsy!!
SFX: *struggle struggle*

Ran: Th-thanks for waiting… H-here’s your meal…
Kyouya: Thanks…
SFX (above Kyouma’s head): *bow*
Ran (aside): Th—thank you v-very much for shopping here…
Kyouya (aside): You’re welcome.

Yuuna: Nanase-sempai?

Kyouya: Ishihara…san?
Yuuna: Were you buying a meal?

Kyouya: Yeah. There’s no one else at home, so it’s for dinner.
Yuuna: Is that so?

Kyouya: Were you here to pick one up, too, Ishibara-san?
Yuuna: Please, call me Yuuna.

Yuuna: Ah, allow me to introduce you. This is my eldest sister.
Kyouya: Huh?!

Kyouya: What?! This shopkeeper is your sister?
Yuuna: Yes, she works here part time.
Ran (aside): I—I’m Ran… / N—nice to meet you…

Yuuna: So Sempai, you said you’re eating alone today?
Kyouya: Yeah, looks like it.

Yuuna: Would you like to have dinner with us at our house? It’s not very far from here.
Kyouya: Huh? No, no; I wouldn’t want to trouble you.

Yuuna: It wouldn’t be trouble at all. We’re in the same club, and my sister’s nearly done with her shift. / Right, Onee-chan?
SFX: *snap*

Kyouya: Well then, if you insist…

(?): Ran-chan!! You can’t go home until you’ve finished cleaning up the spilled miso soup!!
Ran: Y-yes! I—I’ll get working on it right away!
SFX: *scurry*

Yuuna: S-sorry… I hope you don’t mind waiting a few minutes…
Kyouya: Of course not! Don’t worry about it!

Yuuna: I know it’s a little dirty; but please, come in.
Kyouya: Not at all! And thanks for inviting me.

Kyouya: She lives really close to me…

Kyouya: It’s an old house, but it looks really well-maintained… / The atmosphere kind of feels like Yuuna.
SFX: *glance*

Yuuna: Please, take a seat. / I’m going to go get changed, then start working on dinner.
Kyouya: Ah, is there anything I can help with?

Yuuna: Don’t concern yourself with anything, please. Oh yeah, there’s some oranges on the table; why don’t you have one while you wait.
Kyouya: Oranges?

SFX: *Freeze*

SFX: *pause*

Ran: C-can I… e-eat both?

Kyouya: Go ahead; / I’m fine.
SFX: Chomp Chomp

Kyouya: Wow, amazing! / Did you make all this yourself, Yuuna?!

Kyouya: I’m surprised! You really are good at cooking, Yuuna!
Yuuna: Not really; I just worked with what we had…

Yuuna: And I’m sorry I went and turned your meal into side dishes.
Kyouya: It’s fine; let’s eat it together! / <aside: It’s just sensible >

Kyouya: She always seems so reserved at school, so I was kind of worried, but… / she’s so cheerful at home.

Yuuna: Ah, Ran-nee-chan, there’s enough croquets for each of us to have three.
SFX: *grab* *grab* *grab*

Yuuna: Well, I’m good with only two…
Kyouya: I’ll… just have two as well…
SFX: *awkward silence*

SFX: Rattle
Mako: I’m home.
Yuuna: Ah.

Yuuna: Mako-nee-chan.
SFX: *glare*

Yuuna: Sempai, this is my second eldest sister…
SFX: *surprise*

Kyouya: H-hello. Sorry to surprise you like this.
SFX: Stomp Stomp Stomp

SFX: Slam
Ran: *munch munch*

Yuuna: I—I’m sorry, sempai! She’s not a mean person, really! That was just…
Kyouya: <aside: Haha, what a scary-looking sister… > / N-no; it’s fine…

Yuuna: To be honest… I used to have an older brother. He was older than any of us. / But when I was little, he got involved in an incident in a back alley, and…
Ran: Chomp chomp
Kyouma: Huh?

Yuuna: After he died, my sister changed. / She stopped trusting in others… or in herself. / It was almost like she went crazy and blamed herself for everything.

Yuuna: Hah

Yuuna: Wh—what am I saying?! I’m sorry, Sempai; / I shouldn’t have…
Kyouya: No; it’s fine…

Kyouya: But you really do love your sister, don’t you?

Kyouya: That’s why you told me everything, / right?

Yuuna: Yes… / I love her…

Some days later

Takabayashi: A letter of challenge? From whom?
[sign]: First Student C

[letter]: Letter of Challenge

Tsurumi: It’s from the media club. It claims Sumomo trashed the place and stole a large amount of their life…
Sumomo: I did plan on holding back…

Takabayashi: So, some weaklings who got beat up by Sumomo want revenge? How do they plan on getting it?
Tsurumi: Well…

Tsurumi: It seems they plan on sending a representative to the battle.

Tsurumi: Please try not to be overly surprised. That representative is none other than…

Tsurumi: The Genocider / of Life School Tokyo.

Takabayashi: Bwahahaha! The Genocider? / What, Is that some sort of trick?
Sumomo: I think it sounds cooler than “The Destroyer”.
Tsurumi: What are you two, seven? / Tee hee

Tsurumi: However, this isn’t the sort of thing we can simply laugh off.

Tsurumi: This “Genocider” does not join any clubs, but instead acts as a lone wolf. She pays her tuition using only the payment and Life she receives for fulfilling requests. / One needs a lot of Life in order to pass the graduation exams… It is quite difficult to obtain enough on one’s own.

Tsurumi: As you are aware, there are many classes in Life School which one cannot attend if one is not in a club. / In order to succeed on her own and obtain enough Life, it seems she is willing to take on any sort of request, no matter how low it may be.

Tsurumi: And her success rate as a ringer is… 100%.
Takabayashi: Really…
Tsurumi: We must conclude she possesses some power.

Takabayashi: By 100%, you mean…
Tusurmi: It means what it sounds like it means.

Tsurumi: She has never lost.
Sumomo (aside): Huh

Takabayashi: Interesting. I want to hear more. I’m sure you have some more info for us, right?
Tsurumi: I thought you’d ask that. I managed to get some top-secret information from the Life School servers.

Tsurumi: Known as the Genocider, born July 3rd, 17 years old, currently a senior.

Tsurumi: Her real name is Ishihara Mako.
Takabayashi: Ishihara…?

Tsurumi: When she was a child, her brother was killed in an incident. This severely shocked her, leading to her current personality. / It seems her brother’s killer… was an Original Taker.

Takabayashi: Her brother was killed by an Original Taker?
Tsurumi: Yes. It appears the perpetrator was an insane Taker of the Psychopath class. / That fact was kept secret, so I had to secure the data from the Takabayashi Network.

Tsurumi: She has come to hate that which stole her loved one… and came to blame herself for being too weak.
Takabayashi (aside): Hmmph
Tsurumi: She came to distrust others and fell into despair. Well, it’s a somewhat clichéd story.

Takabayashi: I understand the circumstances just fine. / However, I’m afraid that if she is going to bear her fangs at us…

Takabayashi: we’ll have to destroy her perfect record.
Asides: Kh kh kh kh kh

Yuuna: You’re wrong!!

Takabayashi: Ishihara…?
SFX: *tremble* *tremble*

Yuuna: I know… you’re wrong…

Yuuna: My sister… Mako-nee-chan would never / do bad things in exchange for money!!!
Sumomo: Oh yeah, they have the same last name…

Takabayashi: We’re simply quoting what’s in Tsurumin’s data.
Tsurumi: And I guarantee that data is 100% accurate.
Yuuna: B—but then…!!

Yuuna: Let me go talk to my sister!! / Even if you’re right… / I’m sure I can keep things from becoming a burden to you, President Takabayashi!!

Yuuna: So please, stop this! / Don’t fight with my sister!!

Takabayashi: Well, I suppose I won’t stop you…

Takabayashi: But if she comes to fight us, I will not hold back. / Not even if she’s your sister. / <aside: You understand, right? >

Kyouya: I wonder what she’ll think of today’s photo… / Please, let her be happy with this…
SFX: B-thump / B-thump

Kyouya: Whoa?!
SFX: *clatter* / Bam!

Kyouya: Yuuna…?

SFX: (the sound of the water in the river)

Yuuna: Did you really agree to attack the First Student Council for money?

Yuuna: Please don’t run away!!
SFX: *step*

Yuuna: It’s not Ran-nee-chan’s fault Kenta-nii-chan died… / and it’s not your’s either! So why…!!

Yuuna: Why are you throwing yourself away like this?! / You were never the sort of person who would earn money through violence!!
SFX: *twitch*

Mako: Who is truly running away: / me, or all of you?

Mako: And there is something else you should try to remember.

Mako: I was always / like this.

Kyouya: So what brings you here by yourself?

Yuuna: Nanase…sempai…

Kyouya: Sorry, but I already found out everything back at the clubroom. Including the stuff about your brother… / It must have been hard, having no one to talk to about it.

Kyouya: Let me help you, however I can. / I promise I won’t tell anyone.
SFX: *tear*

Yuuna: Wahhhhh
SFX: *hug*

Yuuna: I know my sister… I know Mako-nee-chan’s not like that!!
SFX: Sniff
Yuuna: I know she wouldn’t hurt others for her own sake.

Kyouya: Yeah, I know. I believe you, Yuuna.
SFX: *pat* / *pat*

Kyouya: However… Crying won’t solve anything, right?

Kyouya: If you believe your sister, let’s go and convince her.
SFX: *sniff*
Yuuna: I tried… But she wouldn’t listen to me!

Kyouya: Silly you… You’re going to give up after just one try?

Kyouya: If talking to your sister doesn’t work, let’s try the Media Club! They’re the ones who asked her to solve their own problems, after all!

Kyouya: So, let’s go!! / Together, we’ll convince them, easy as pie!
Yuuna (aside): Nanase / sempai…

Media club: Hell no!!!
Kyouya: Whoa!
Yuuna: Ow
SFX: Bam!

Media club: What do you think you’re trying to pull?! How dare you speak to us like that!! / Or are you trying to say that you’re the First Student Council’s representatives? / Your boss is the hated Takabayashi, after all!! / Do you know what she’s done in order to gain Life?!
SFX: Rumble

Media club: If you really will do whatever, then bring us Takabayashi!! / How dare two of her underlings call us cowards? Get out!!
Kyouya (aside): That was really aggressive…
Yuuna (aside): They must really hate her.

Kyouya: Damn that President… Why does she have to always do whatever she wants… / <aside: She’s already pissed them off too much…

Yuuna: It’s not the President’s fault…

Yuuna: It’s Mako-nee-chan’s fault… for letting herself get involved in this sort of thing.

Kyouya: To be honest, when I think of your sister teaching the President a thing or two… well… / <aside: Ahh > / No… That’s not an option…

Kyouya: Well then, we’ll just have to try talking to your sister again!
Yuuna: There’s no point. I don’t think she’d even agree to meet with us.

Kyouya: So we can’t meet with her… / <aside: Uhhh >
Yuuna: She was always the sort of person who kept others at a distance.

Kyouya: Then what about this?

Yuuna: I—I don’t know if this is the right thing to do… / I know we need to call her out here, somehow, but…
SFX: B-thump Bthump

Yuuna: But if the President finds out we pretended to be the First Student Council’s representatives, she’ll..
Kyouya: <aside: So we just have to make sure she doesn’t find out!! > / If—if that happens, I’ll cover for you, so don’t worry about it!!
SFX: *fidget fidget*

Mako: So, you’re the representative from the First Student Council?
SFX: *surprised*

Yuuna: Ma…

Yuuna: Mako-nee-chan?

SFX: Gulp
Kyouya: So this is the Genocider of Life School Tokyo…

Kyouya: Ishihara Mako…

Mako: I’ve heard about you… They say you transferred here…
SFX: *surprised*

Mako: Are you really their representative?

Mako: Did Takabayashi really choose you?

Kyouya: The President doesn’t know anything about this.
Mako: What?!

Kyouya: I came here because I want to speak with you, Mako-san. / Your sister is really worried about you…!!

Kyouya: She can’t believe you’d be willing to sell your pride and conscience for a reward…!!

Mako: Bullshit!! / Summon – Release Code

SFX: Kbambambam

SFX: Eek!

Kyouya: Is this…
SFX: Hiss

SFX (large): Hummm
SFX (small): *turn on* / *turn on*
Kyouya: Ishihara Mako’s… / SAI Skill…?!

Mako: How dare you speak as if you know who I am…

Mako: This is a world where those who live good, honest lives are sacrificed! / So what’s wrong with seeking money and power?!

(?): Yes, you understand, don’t you~?

SFX: Gh!

Kyouya: P…President… / Takabayashi…?!

Mako: So you’ve shown yourself, Takabayashi…

Mako: What’s your plan here, Takabayashi? / I’ve had enough of your fucked-up play.
Yuuna (aside): P-please calm down, Sempai.
Kyouya (aside): It’s over… It’s all over… / All I had to do was not get caught, so why…

Mako: Don’t tell me you planned all this / because you wanted a flashy entrence, or something stupid like that.
Asides: Tusurmi: How perceptive.
Takabayashi: *Twitch*
Sumomo: That’s right~

Mako: Well, here’s as good a place as any other. / There’s no reason not to settle this here and now. / So who will fight?

Mako: The Shadow Strategist?

Mako: Or perhaps the Destroyer?

Takabayashi: No…

Takabayashi: I see no problem with things as they are.

Takabayashi: The representative of the First Student Council / is the sophomore Nanase Kyou who stands before you.

Yuuna: Stop…

Yuuna: Please stop!! / Please let her go, President!!

SFX: Shocked
Yuuna: Nanase-sempai hasn’t done anything wrong!! It’s all my fault— / I asked her to do this!!

Yuuna: So please… let Nanase-sempai go!!

Mako: You really are a disgusting woman, Takabayashi Reiri. / Do you think I’m blind?

Mako: I’ve heard rumors about you forcing a transfer student to elsewhere to join your club / and working her to the bone.
SFX: *twitch*

Mako: Is that why you did this? You would sacrifice her, like a lizard cutting off its own tail?

Mako: If so, then we will fight later.
SFX: *turn off*

Mako: I shall send you a fresh challenge someday soon. / I trust you will not run away again.
SFX: *step*

Takabayashi: No… There is no need to reschedule.
SFX: Heh

Takabayshi: For the woman who stands before you, Nanase Ryou… / is no mere human.
SFX: *shiver*

Takabayashi: She is one of the Original Takers / you so dearly hate.

Kyouya: What sort of person / would say that?!

: A sudden provocation! But why?!

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