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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Takamagahara 7

Yamato vs. Jin

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 25, 2012 00:26 | Go to Takamagahara

-> RTS Page for Takamagahara 7


The fighter’s instincts / emerge!!
* The issue of Jump NEXT currently on sale contains a special chapter!! What could the Yamada Family’s forbidden secret technique be?!

Chapter 7: Yamato vs. Jin

Yamato: You said some shit about how I have to understand my Divine Gift, right?
SFX: Rumble

SFX: Bam

Yamato: The only way for me to know how far my fists can take me / is to fight!
SFX: *charge*

SFX: Pow

Jin: Kuh!
SFX: Bam

SFX: *grab*

Jin: Ohhhhh!
SFX: Screech

SFX: Kpow!

SFX: *crumble*

Jin: Dammit… / I need more blood….

Sign: Blood Bank

Mizuho: What just happened?!

Mizuho: Your uniform changed into a gakuran, / and your hair’s spiked like it was in the past…!

Yamato: Stuff happened. / But this fight’s not over yet, so wait back there.

Yamato: He’s gone!

SFX: Gulp

SFX: Gulp / Gulp

SFX: Swell

SFX: Crash

SFX: Crash / Crash / Crash

SFX: Crash / Crash / Crash
Yamato: What’s that sound?!

SFX: Grab

SFX: Hahhhh

SFX: Cr-Crash
Jin: I’m swelling with bloooooood! / This is my ultimate beautiful form. I call it “The Swollen God”!

Mizuho: You’re… / You’re a monster!

Jin: …… / Monster? Me?

Jin: What part of me is a monster?! / You should call me a superman!
SFX: Roar

Jin: In the end, you’re the same as all the other girls! / But I’ll at least give you the honor of having your blood sucked and living on within me!

Yamato: … Mizuho. / Run.
SFX: Roar

SFX: *collapse*

Mizuho: I’m sorry… / My legs just gave out from under me; I can’t go anywhere…

Yamato: <aside: Dammit… > / Guess it can’t be helped…

Yamato: I’ll take care of this monster. / You just rest up over there.
SFX: Step

Mizuho: … Yeah.

Yamato: Now, even if I die, I still won’t lose.
SFX: Smash

Yamato: That’s the gong for round 2.
SFX: Riiiiiiinnnnng

Yamato: Come at me, / you monster!
SFX: Riiiiiinnnng

Yamato: The pressure I can feel from him is intense…! / He looks tons bigger than a normal human…!

SFX: Riiiiinnnnnnng
Nurse: An alarm bell? / <aside: And where did I put that beaker… >

Nurse: What’s that?! / A bear?! A gorilla?!

Nurse: Oh, no! / I have to seal the corridor into the B building…!

SFX: Crash

Jin: Whoahhhhhhh
SFX: Crash Crash Crash Crash

Jin: Bullet Hole Punch!
SFX: Whoosh

SFX: B-Bam

SFX: Rattle

Yamato: It’s as big as a bullet hole from a friggin Magnum! / I’m dead if I get hit by one of those…

Yamato: So I’ll just kick his ass before he kicks mine!
SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Thump

Yamato: That felt hard… / It was almost like punching a freakishly huge water pillow.

SFX: *dash*
Yamato: Well then, I’ll just have to try using my “Power”. / And I have to be careful not to overuse it, or I won’t be able to move!

Yamato: Huh / Huh / Huh / Huh / Huh
SFX: Whoosh (etc.)

SFX: Boom / Boom / Boom / (etc.)

Jin: Hmmph
SFX: Bam / Bam / Bam / Bam / Bam (etc.)

Jin: Swollennnnnn

Yamato: My punches… / didn’t affect him at all!

Jin: Bullet hole! / Bullet hole! / Bullet hole! / Bullet hole!
SFX: B-Bam! / B-Bam! / (etc.)

SFX: Cr-Crash / Cr-Crash
What’s going on? / First the alarm, now an earthquake?

Yamato: Shit! / How am I supposed to fight a monster like this?!

Li’l Yamato: You’re really strong, Musashi.

Li’l Yamato: I bet you could even beat up a monster!
Musashi: Probably. / At least, as long as the monster has a brain.
Li’l Yamato: Huh?

Musashi: If I put the monster in a chokehold, I could stop the blood from flowing to his brain, / or I could knock him out with a hard enough punch. That’d take him down.

Li’l Yamato: Wow! / Cool!
Musashi: Ha Ha Ha
Yamato: His brain, then…

Yamato: I don’t think I could cut off the flow of blood. / So how am I supposed to get high enough to punch him in the head?

SFX: *scoff*

Yamato: Shit!

Jin: Nyah! / Hmph!

Jin: Gahhhh!
SFX: Pow!

SFX: *crack*

Yamato: Kh…!
SFX: Crack / Crack / Crack

Mizuho: Yamato!

Jin: A woman! / Woman! / Woman! / Woman! / Woman! / Once I kill off this punk, I’ll finally get to drink a woman’s blood!

Mizuho: …..! / Yamato!

Yamato: You son of a…!

Yamato: How dare you make Mizuho cry!
SFX: *rumble*

SFX: Dash

Jin: What are you, an idiot? / You trying to get yourself killed?! / I’ll punch the living daylights out of you!

SFX: Dash / Grab

Yamato: Everything rests / on this one strike!
SFX: Pow!

SFX: Dong

SFX: Cr-Crash

SFX: Rattle/ Rattle

Fukakyon: …. Is it over?

SFX (top): Rattle / Rattle
SFX (bubble): Step

SFX: Thump

Yamato: … Hey. / Guess we didn’t wind up needing your Murderous Hell Fists.

Mizuho: Yamato…

Mizuho: I just remembered / how way back when, you saved me when I was being attacked by a giant dog. / You were so cool. / That was what made me want to become strong, too.

Mizuho: Hey? / You listening?

*The battle is over!!

Yamato: Zzz / Zzz

Takamagahara / … Chapter 7 / End
-> Now that Yamato’s finished his battle, it’s back to Kikuchi’s sadistic classes!!

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