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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Takamagahara 8

To Takamagahara!

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 31, 2012 21:11 | Go to Takamagahara

-> RTS Page for Takamagahara 8

Sidebar: Kikuchi and new superhumans watch Yamato as he defeats the Swollen Monster, Doumoto Jin!!

Kikuchi: If one is treated as an idiot, the depths of one’s heart are filled with rage. / If one is treated kindly, one will save someone who was his enemy. / Those people are the ones who, when danger strikes, will risk their lives to save others.

Kikuchi: That is at once both his strength and his weakness. / That is Yamada Yamato.

Kikuchi: Do you feel that man is worthy / of living in the age of myth?

Kikuchi: Kumaso? / Izumo?
Free text: The superhumans / are about to meet face-to-face!!
Chapter 8 / To Takamagahara!

Izumo: He seems interesting. / I think I like him. / Right, Momochii?
Momochii: Mo!

Kikuchi: By the way, / other than his childhood friend, / he gets nervous in front of girls and can’t talk to them.
Izumo: Sweet! / That’s another plus in my book!

Kumaso: How pathetic. / In the end, he is one of the myriad gods who has awakened to a divine gift.

Kumaso: If he cannot be used as a hunter, / I will cut him down!

Crow: Kaw!

SFX: *Flap Flap*

SFX: *charging*

SFX: *Cr-crash*

SFX: *Crack*
SFX: Crumble

Yamato: So my left hand can do it, too. / So it’s not that my right hand punch suddenly got absurdly stronger.

Yamato: And this feeling… / So when I use up my power, I can’t do anything else?

Yamato: What exactly is my Divine Gift? / Does it simply allow me to store up power?

Kikuchi: Have you figured out what your Divine Gift is?

Yamato: Don’t surprise me!
Kikuchi: I apologize. / Though I didn’t surprise you insomuch as you were surprised.
Yamato: Shut up!

Yamato: ….. What the hell is my power? / Does it increase the power of my strikes, or what?

Kikuchi: Are you an idiot? / <aside: I mean, you are, but… > / That’s not the sort of thing you can hope to understand by asking another.

Kikuchi: The only person that can understand your divine gift is you. / You must find the answer to your question by yourself.

Yamato: Well? / So what is it? / Why’d you call me out here, at this time?

Kikuchi: Isn’t it obvious? / I called you here so I could take you to Takamagahara.

Yamato: Takamagahara? / What the hell’s that?
Kikuchi: It is a place where people from all over the world / who have awoken to their Divine Gifts can gather. / <aside: Didn’t I tell you before? >

Yamato: You an idiot? / There’s no way I’d go somewhere that shady. / <aside: There’s no point! >

SFX: *Psshh*

SFX Bubbles: Psshh / Psshh / Psshh

SFX: *Thump*
Yamato: Whoa!! / The hell?!

Kikuchi: Didn’t I tell you before? / I embedded a word spell into those clothes which will restrain you if you choose to disobey me.
Yamato: You told me jack!
SFX: *step step step step*

SFX: *Stomp*

Kikuchi: Oh? / My apologies. / I suddenly found myself overwhelmed by the urge to step on you.
Yamato: Just shut up and move your foot!

Yamato: You son of a… I’d kick your ass if I could move…
SFX bubble: Fffft

Yamato; Ahhhhhhh!! / They can get tighter?!
SFX bubble: Ffft / ffft / ffft

Kikuchi: I would advise you to watch your tongue. / I have also embedded a word spell which causes the bonds to get tighter if you adopt a rebellious attitude.

Yamato: It’s not like I have to go / to Takamagahara, right?
SFX: Ffft / ffft

Kikuchi: Yes, but I’m sure after you hear this, / you will want to go yourself.
Kanji on the neck: “Self”

Yamato’s aside: Whatever, just move your foot!

Kikuchi: The Coming of the Age of Myth.

Yamato: ….. / The Age of Myth?

Kikuchi: It was an Age where those we call gods, / those who had awoken to the power resting within them, ruled this world. / That Age will soon come again.

Kikuchi: Or perhaps it already has.
(Floating kanji: “Self” )
(SFX Bubble: Sss)

Yamato: You’re the one who’s pissed off! / <aside: Well, I’m angry too, but… > / What’s that supposed to mean? Can’t you explain a little better?!

Kikuchi: Do you believe that, wherever a famous detective goes, mysteries are sure to follow?
Yamato: Huh?
Kikuchi: Ever since you awoke to your Gift, coincidentally so have those around you.

Kikuchi: Or perhaps not. / For today in Japan, the number of those who have awoken to their Divine Gifts is increasing astronomically. / Based on the histories contained in Takamagahara, it is believed that the Age of Myth is coming again.

Kikuchi: It will be the Age of Myth, / the Century of the Gods.

Yamato: ……! Do you really believe that….?

Kikuchi: You have already learned first-hand what happens to those who are swallowed up by the Fate of awakening to their Divine Gifts. / You might be able to handle those who attack directly, but what of those like myself who attack indirectly?

SFX: Fwhoosh / Fwhoosh

Kikuchi: So the bindings have released. / I suppose that means you understand.

Kikuchi: In Takamagahara, / you will be able to witness / both those who were swallowed by their fate and restrained, / and the growth of those who have awoken to their divine gifts.

Kikuchi: If you want to protect both your own life and the lives of those around you, / then come to Takamagahara and learn the nature of your Divine Gift, / Yamada Yamato!

Kikuchi: There are people waiting for us. / We should get going.
SFX: Fboom

SFX: Crackle / Crackle / Crackle
Kikuchi: Though I should say before we go that, if you don’t follow me, you will never be able to enter Takamagahara.

Yamato: Hey!
SFX: Crackle / Crackle / Crackle

Yamato: Sh—!

Yamato: Wait a second!
SFX: *Grab*

SFX: Crackle / Crackle / Crackle

Yamato: Torii?!

Kikuchi: This is the base of Takamagahara. / The torii here are connected to torii in every part of Japan.

Yamato: Nothing’s happening.
Kikuchi: Of course not. / Those without permission can neither come here nor return home.

Kumaso: You’re late! / How long did you expect us to wait, dammit!

Yamato: Another guy with glasses… / And a samurai?

Izumo: Hey! You’re Yamada Yamato, right?
Yamato: Y-yeah.
Izumo: I’m Yakumo Izumo! / <aside: Nice to meet you! >

Izumo: Can I call you Yama-Yama?
Yamato: … No, just call me by my first name.
Izumo: Oh! I can’t believe we’re that close already!

Sword: KaaaKaKaa! / We don’t need that kind of relationship! / Let’s just get your ass to Takamagahara already!

Kumaso: Quiet, Kokuhaku.
Kokuhaku: Kahh!
(TL/N: Kokuhaku means Black and White)

Yamato: The katana / spoke…!

Kikuchi: Allow me to introduce you. / These are Kumaso and Izumo. / They’re new students at Takamagahara, same as you.

Yamato: You keep going on and on about this Takamagahara place, but where the hell is it?
Kikuchi: Is it so big you didn’t notice? / It’s been right behind you this whole time.

Yamato: What / is that?!

Kikuchi: I shall tell you. / That is where those who have awoken to their Divine Gifts gather, / an academy consisting of a myriad of school buildings!

Kikuchi: That is Takamagahara!
*: The strange school has appeared…!! Next time, new developments…!!
Takamgahara / … Chapter 8 / End

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