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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 14

Chapter 14

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 2, 2012 23:53 | Go to Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

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Shinigami-sama 14

A Summary of Previous Events for New Readers
Shinigami Kiriko / “Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo”, a prototype publication for Gangan Online
<aside>: I hope I’m in this one!

Introducing the Charcters from Last Time: / The sad saw girl, called “Paper Bag”

The phantom, violent horse / called “Horse”
<aside: He-heeeee>

The modern yandere samurai / called “Katana Girl”

So what pleasant people do you think will appear this month?!
Shizuka: Gimme a break…

Sidebar: *A beautiful girl has come to the rescue! Will her form move Chika’s heart?

Chika: Standing there was a beautiful girl with white hair and a mysterious aura about her.

Chika: The moment I saw her, I knew she was a friend.

Chika: After all, she was so beautiful, and had such a pretty smile.

Chika: ------or so I thought, but now I want to take that back!

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo / Chapter 14 / by Yamaguchi Mikoto

Chika: She’s scary!

Shizuka: Wake up… Wake up, please.
Katana: Uh… Hmm?

SFX: *surprised*

Katana: Ah—
Shizuka: Oh, no no no, that just won’t do.

Shizuka: I’m afraid I can’t let you scream right now.
SFX: Shhhhh

Shizuka: You don’t want to die just yet, / do you?

SFX: *shiver*
Shizuka: Good. I’m glad to see you understand.

Shizuka: So then, I have one question for you. / I would appreciate an honest answer <3.

Shizuka: Are you an associate of Kuroneko’s?

Chika: … Kuroneko? Wasn’t Kuroneko this game’s sponsor? / The cause of everything?

Chika: Is she saying this person’s an associate of Kuroneko’s?

Katana: You’re wrong. / I’m not Kuroneko’s associate. / I’m just a player who came here to get her Request granted.

Chika: …Yeah… Of course she is. / Who would willingly choose to participate in this kind of game?

Shizuka: ….Huh. / Why? / Now why?
SFX: Sheen

Shizuka: Why would you lie to me?
SFX: Slice

Katana: I’m… I’m not lying… / Honest!

Shizuka: Reallllly? I don’t think so~
Katana: … But… But I—

Katana: L-look, I understand that you can’t believe me… but could you just put away the sword?! / It’s a real live blade—it’ll cut a lot easier than you think!
Shizuka: Ahhh, yeah, I sort of figured that out~

Shizuka: I kind of accidentally cut off your hand back there.
SFX: *shocked*

Katana: …You’re… You’ve got to be kidding.

Katana: But—but I can’t— / I can’t feel my hand!

Shizuku: No need to worry. Cutting your hand off won’t kill you quickly.
SFX: *shake shake*

Shizuku: But little by little, / little by little, / little by little, / your blood will spill all over the floor and you’ll pass away.
SFX: *tremble tremble tremble*

Katana: H… Help me... / Somebody help me…

Shizuku: Help? What do you mean, “Help”? / Did I ask you to call for help?

Shizuka: Oh well. I guess I have no choice but to use the power of science.
SFX: Swoosh

Shizuka: Ta-ta-ta-ta! <sixteenth note> / The Lie Detector! <3

Katana: The hell…

Shizuka: Oh!
SFX: *Shake*

SFX: *Shake Shake*
Katana: S—Stop!!

Shizuka: Ho-ho… ho.
SFX: *Shake*

Shizuka: And… there. That was a close one.
Katana: Hah / Hah / Hah

Katana: What… What are you…

Shizuka: This is a lie detector created by the sum total of all my scientific knowledge. / If you lie to me—
SFX: *Shake Shake*

Shizuku: My hand will grow unsteady.

Katana: B—Bullshit! How the hell is that scientific?!

Shizuku: Huh… Oh?
SFX: *Shake*
Katana: Hiiii!!

Shizuka: Hah~ / You screamed so suddenly, the machine almost became unbalanced.

Shizuka: And if you don’t do exactly as I say, the machine will grow more unsteady. / Understand? I hope you’ll tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from now on.
Katana: *nod nod*

Shizuka: Are you an associate of Kuroneko’s?

Katana: I already told you, I’m not! / I’m n—

Shizuka: Please answer ”YES” to all of my questions.
Katana: Huh?

Katana: The hell? / What’s that supposed to mean?

Katana: My answer’s ”NO”! / But if I answer ”NO”—

Shizuka: And if you don’t do exactly as I say, the machine will grow more unsteady.
SFX: *Shake Shake*
Katana: —She’ll kill me!

Katana: So I have to answer ”YES”! / ---But!

Katana: But if I do, I’ll be lying!
Shizuka: If you lie to me, my hand will grow unsteady.
Katana: What the hell am I supposed to do?!!

Katana: And what the hell is with her face?! / She just wants to kill me!!!

Shizuka: Ah! Oh no! <3
SFX: *Shake*
SFX: *Swing*

SFX: *Clang*

SFX: Huh

SFX: Thump
Shizuka: My goodness. / She’s lost consciousness.

Shizuka: Well then…
SFX: *Swoosh*
Chika: Stay back!!

SFX: Hah / Hah

SFX: *Sniff Sniff Sniff*

Shizuka: Are you… / afraid of me?

SFX: *step*

Chika: Hiii!

SFX: *grin*

Shizuka: Here you go <3
SFX: *flip*
Chika: Gyahhhhh!

Chika: Wait, what?

Chika: This is… just a fake?

Chika: And… didn’t I see this somewhere before?

Shizuka: I didn’t cut off her hand. / She couldn’t feel her hand because I tied the bonds so tight the blood flow was cut off.

Chika: What’s going on?! / Please, tell me!

Shizuka: Well…

SFX: *Clatter*

Chika: What was that?
Shizuka: Someone is probably drawing near.

Shizuka: This place isn’t safe. Let’s move.

Shizuka: … Of course I can’t expect you to trust me so quickly.

Shizuka: So then,

Shizuka: if I told you that I am here following the will of Maisaka Sawako, / would you believe me, Miura Chinatsu?
(TL/N: The kanji for the name “Chika” can also be read as “Chinatsu”. Chika is her nickname, apparently.)

Chika: Sawako’s? / And you know my name?

SFX: *running sounds*
Chika: You better not start thinking I trust you. I don’t.

Chika: But you know something I don’t.
SFX: *running sounds*

Chika: That’s the only reason I’m following you! / Hey, are you even listening to me?
SFX: *stop*

Chika: Why are we stopping?
Shizuka: Shh! / Quiet!

Shizuka: Have you seen her before?
Chika: No, I haven’t… The only people I’ve seen are Paper Bag, Horse, and that katana girl back there.

Shizuka: OK then; there’s two more I haven’t seen. That makes for six total.
Chika: Six… Six players total?

Shizuka: Questioning each of them individually / would take too long…

Chika: Yeah, what were you doing back there? Who is this associate of Kuroneko’s?

Shizuka: Oh… sorry.
Chika: Huh? What are you sorry for?

Shizuka: I found player number seven.

SFX: *drip drip*

Porcelain mask: Hah / Hah

Chika: Ah! / Aa!

Shizuka: Hold on! Let’s move!
Chika: Huh?

SFX: Ching

Hah / Hah

Hah / Hah / Hah

Shizuka: Um, well…
Chika: Hah / Hah/ Hah / Hah / What… is it?

Shizuka: You’ve… been holding my hand for a while now; is that OK?
SFX: *hold*
Chika: Huh?

SFX: Kahhhhh
Chika: Uh… Uh.

Chika: Sh—shut up! I’m gonna let go right now!!
Shizuka: Ah—please wait a second.
SFX: *grab*

Shizuka: I thought so; you’re trembling. / It’ll be fine. I’ll hold your hand until you calm down.
SFX: *hold*

Chika: Are—are you stupid?! I’m not a little kid! I can handle this much!
SFX: *Tremble tremble*
Shizuka: You can?

Shizuka: I’m scared. So please, don’t let go of me, either.
Chika: You liar!
Shizuka: I’m serious, completely serious. So I was hoping you’d help me.

Shizuka: OK?

Chika: …..f— / Fine… / But just for a little while.

Shizuka: Great.

Chika: So are you a good guy or a bad guy?
Shizuka: Huh? I don’t think I’m a bad guy.

Chika: but back then, you seemed really dangerous.
Shizuka: Oh, that… / I couldn’t be certain the katana girl would confess everything without that performance.

Chika: Confess? She fell unconscious before she told you anything!
Shizuka: No, that was answer enough. It allowed me to confirm she was innocent.

Shizuka: Back then, I told her that she could only answer “YES”. / Please answer “YES” to all of my questions. / If she really were Kuroneko’s associate, she would have simply answered “YES”.
Katana: “YES”
SFX: *shake shake*
Shizuka: She could have just denied her answer afterwards, saying
Katana: You told me to say “YES”.
Shizuka: --or something like that.

Shizuka: However, she said nothing. / Why? Because her answer was “NO”.

Shizuka: I told her I would kill her if she lied. Therefore, she wanted to honestly answer “NO”. However, the only answer she could give was “YES”. / So in the end, she couldn’t answer.
(background is all the same as it was in the original panels)
Shizuka: So her silence was the proof of her innocence.

Chika: … You— / You’re really smart.
Shizuka: Aw, you’ll make me blush.

Chika: Though your personality is horrible.
Kanji above her head: Horrible
Shizuka: Huh? Am I really?

Chika: So, is an associate of Kuroneko’s really participating in this game?

Shizuka: One thing first. Did you have any questions about this game, Miura-san?

Chika: questions?
Shizuka: You probably had one or two, right at the start.

Chika: Well… / I had questions about shinigami, about Last Requests, and I wondered who would kill someone for such a thing…

Shizuka: Even if someone says they’ll grant your wish, who would commit murder over something so uncertain? / Anyone would think that at first.

Shizuka: But then the deathmatch started.

Shizuka: And a certain something served as the signal…

Chika: There was a scream!
Flashback: Kyahhh!
Chika: A girl screamed.

Shizuka: Right… I heard it too. / Every person who heard that would have one of their questions answered.

Shizuka: They knew whether or not people were willing to kill each other.

Shizuka: People wouldn’t want their faces to be seen when they commit murder, so they were given masks. / Body parts were left on the ground, so as to deepen their misgivings.

Shizuka: And this was the decisive act.
SFX: Drip
Chika: Is… Is that blood?

Shizuka: This is the weapon I was given. / Of course, I haven’t used it. The blood was on there from the start.

Shizuka: Try rubbing your finger against your axe.
SFX: *Buzz*

Chika: … Red blood.
Shizuka: It’s hard to tell due to the color, but I think your axe started out bloody, too.

Shizuka: What do you think you would do if, while pressured, you saw a person wielding a weapon covered in blood?
Chika: I would think she killed someone!

Shizuka: In the end, we were all made to see each other as enemies. / That was how the sponsor of this game encouraged us to begin killing each other.

Chika: Wait… Hold up. If they’ve prepared so much, why would Kuroneko’s associate have to participate herself?

Shizuka: You spoke to the first girl who was attacked, right? / What did she seem like?
Chika: Yes… Well, she seemed really scared, and was crying.

Chika: … Ah! That’s right…

Shizuka: Correct. The initial trigger, the “something” that attacked her… That person was, without a doubt, Kuroneko’s associate. / In order to stop this “Shinigami Game” …

Shizuka: We must find that associate “X” / from amongst the participants.
* Who is this Participant X?!

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