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Translations: One Piece 856 by cnet128 , Gintama 625 by kewl0210

SAI: Taker 6

The Genocider of Life School Tokyo (part 2)

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 7, 2012 18:50 | Go to SAI: Taker

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*for 13th Hour Scans

Mako: You’re really…

Yuuna: Nanase-sempai…

Tsurumi: You’re really going to reveal her secret?

Mako: an Original / Taker?
Kyouya: N… / No, that’s… You know?

Chapter 6: The Genocider of Life School Tokyo (part 2)
Free text: I thought these feelings of happiness would persist forever—

Kyouya: You’re…

Kyouya (outer bubbles): You’re kidding! How can you be so irresponsible?! / You promised me you wouldn’t tell anyone!
Takabayashi: Should you really be lecturing me right now?
Tsurumi: You idiot… Is this really the time and place to play dumb?
Sumomo: She even admitted it herself~

Sumomo: Maybe it’d be better if you looked in front of you.

Kyouya: Hiiiiii?!
SFX: Thump

SFX: Kapow

Kyouya: H—hey, wait!! / <aside: Is she really trying to kill me?! >

Mako: Original Takers… You are an evil whose despicable egos can never be satisfied, / and as you have your fill you inevitably saddle others with misfortune…
SFX : Hnnnn / Hnnnn

Mako: Your kind killed my brother!! / Everything’s your fault!!!!!
SFX: Bmmmn

Yuuna: Stop!!

SFX: Bssh / Swush

SFX: Kaboom / Kapow

Tsurumi: Are you… prepared to take responsibility? / <aside: If she died, then… >

Takabayashi: Responsibility? / <aside: *chuckle* >

SFX: Hnnn / Hnnn
Takabayashi: I don’t think it’s time / to worry about that just yet.

Mako: She was able to withstand that attack / with her bare body?

Yuuna: That must be a Sorcery Device…

Yuuna: That means Nanase-Sempai / really is…

Takabayashi: So it turns out Originals really are quite sturdy. Everything went according to my calculations.
Tsurumi: Did you really perform any calculations?

Kyouya: Please, answer me, / Ishihara-senpai…

Kyouya: Why do you think / Original Takers are evil?
SFX: *glare*

Mako: Because they’re monsters…

Mako: Original takers are the seeds of evil, beings who live only for themselves and are destined to grow into Psychopaths!! / Every element of you—down to your very genes—was conceived and born in sin!!!

Mako: So I have to eradicate / all of you!!

Kyouya: Kyou-chan.

SFX: Tch / Shit
Kyouya: You’re wrong…

Kyouya: You’ve allowed your own personal prejudices to distort your worldview!! / Every single Original Taker I’ve ever met was a good person!!

Kyouya: I know you had a bad experience with one of them, / but how can you use that to judge all of us?!

Mako: Do you really think…
SFX: Tch

Mako (at bottom): I’d fall for that bullshit?!
Free text: The Fifth Choir, Virtue / Uzziel

Tusurmi: A Virtue!! / She must want to ensure she can outmaneuver her opponent.
Takabayashi: Impressive~
Sumomo: She’s using the Skill Veyron!

Free text: Veyron / Activate!!!
SFX: Pew Pew Pew Pew

SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Boom / Whoosh

(?): She Jumped?!
SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Argh!
Mako: The hell??!!

SFX: Kapow

Takabayashi: Huh…

Takabayashi: Was that an Original Taker’s Life Skill?
Tsurumi: I must confess, I am surprised she was able to use such a high-level skill instantaneously.

Tsurumi: However, that comes at the cost of an Original having her Life tied to her mortality.

Tsurumi: In other words, every skill she uses brings her closer to death.

Kyouya: Hah… Thank goodness Mizuho-san taught me how to use my Skills!!
SFX: Ping / Ping / Ping

Kyouya: My Life’s going down faster than normal!! / At this rate, I’m really going to die!! / <aside: What do I do? / *groan* >

Mako: Why…

Mako: I threw away my heart, and willingly succumbed to heresy… / I did whatever it took so that I would have the power to defeat you Original Takers…
SFX: *rumble*

Mako: I even…

Mako: I even rejected what was important to me…

Mako: I killed so much of my own heart so I could become more ruthless…

Mako: All so that I would have the power / to erase you despicable Originals from the face of the Earth… / So… / So why?

Mako: Why can’t I kill / even one of you?!!!!
SFX: Aaaagh!

Kyouya: Whoa

Tsurumi: Virtues from the Fifth Choir! Baraqiel?! And Thunderbolts?!
Sumomo: She’s summoning Uzziel and Michael at the same time?!!

(?): Three simultaneous summonings? I suppose her nickname “Genocider” isn’t just for show. / However, it’s certainly taking quite a toll on her body!
SFX: Bam / Bam

Yuuna: Stop, / Mako-chan!!!

Mako; Stay back!
SFX: *shocked*

Mako: I sacrificed so much… / I hurt myself… did so many painful things… so why…
SFX: *Bam*

Mako: I’m not your friend, / you disgusting Original Taker!

(?): You’re sacrificing yourself for our sake? Aren’t you just pretending so you can put your own heart at ease?! / All Takers are the same in the end!!

Mako: If I’m wrong, then give me back my brother!! / Bring him back alive!!


Kyouya: Shit! / If I can’t dodge this…!!
SFX: *glare*

SFX: *pain*

Kyouya: Huh?

SFX: Krackaboom

(?): Kyou…

Yuuna: Nanase-sempai!!!

SFX: Hisss

Takabayashi: She couldn’t dodge the attack… Was it because it was a Thunderbolt?
Tsurumi: It certainly wouldn’t have been easy, but not impossible… / Something must be off about her.

Tsurumi: At any rate, despite her innate resistances, it does appear there is a limit. / Isn’t it time we ended this?

Kyouya: My… My chest hurts so much, and I couldn’t use a skill… / <asides: Hah / Hah > / Don’t tell me it’s because I’ve run out of life…?!

SFX: Step

SFX: *tremble*

Mako: Begone,

Mako: you cursed Original Taker…
SFX: *tremble*
Kyouya: W… Wait…

Yuuna: I SAID STOP!!

Yuuna: Just stop already, Mako-nee-chan… / All you’re doing is trying to satisfy your desire for revenge by hurting Nanase-sempai.

Yuuna: If you’re going to be like that… Then there’s no difference between you and the Psychopaths you hate so much!!!

SFX: Bam
Mako: I—I’m…

Mako: a Psychopath?

Yuuna: I know… I know how much it hurts, Onee-chan. It hurt me, too. I blamed myself, too… / I wanted to save myself by blaming someone else…

Yuuna: But that won’t fix anything. / After all, Onii-chan’s death / wasn’t your fault, or Ran-nee-chan’s fault!!

Yuuna: And I know you know it wasn’t… / It definitely wasn’t the Original Taker’s fault, either!

MakO: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!
SFX: (more screaming)

Kyouya: What...
SFX: *shake shake*

Kyouya: What’s / going on?!
SFX: Roar

Tsurumi: Was that also according to your plan? / <aside: Don’t look at me. >
Takabayashi: Of—of course it was…

Tsurumi(?): Angels are to us a double-edged blade… They are not beings which exist to serve humanity. / We have simply found a way to raise them to serve our needs.

Tsurumi(?): Of course, it takes a high level of will and mastery for a SAI to control an Angel. / If her powers are found wanting, the SAI will become the Angel’s prey.

Tsurumi: There have been accidents where a SAI Taker has lost consciousness and the Angel was released… / However, in this case her grudges and tenacity have caused the summoner to be possessed by wicked thoughts.

Tsurumi: The Angels are feeding on those thoughts and grow larger… / I fear that soon they will become uncontrollable monsters.

Angels: You’re not wrong. / You poor thing… / You’re right… / Yes—the ones who are wrong…
SFX: Tee-hee / Tee-hee / Tee-hee

AngelS: are the ones who—
Mako: are saying I’m wrong, aren’t they?

Tsurumi: It’s too dangerous! This isn’t the time to worry about victory or defeat—we need to restrain her!
Takabayashi: Wait!

Takabayashi: Not yet.

Mako: I’m… / not wrong…
SFX (white text): Hnnnnn
Aside (black text): Hah / Hah

Yuuna: I’m begging you, change back to normal!!

Yuuna: You’re wrong, Mako-nee-chan!

Yuuna: So please, go back to the person you used to be!!

Mako: What… are you trying to say I’m wrong about?

Mako: No… People like you, who are trying to convince me I’m wrong,

Mako: should be destroyed first!!

SFX: Kapow

Kyouya: Get… a hold of yourself… already…
SFX: Drip drip

Kyouya: You’ve been controlled by long-departed phantoms from your past, swallowed by hatred and malice…
SFX: Hah / Hah

Kyouya: But even now, you still have…

Kyouya: You still have family that’s willing to stay by your side!! / Do you really want all their memories of you to be sad ones?!!!!

Ran: I—I can’t blame you / for hating me, Mako-chan.

Mako: No… / It can’t be…
SFX: *Sniff sniff*

Mako: The truth was… I couldn’t… / I couldn’t hate Ran-chan…

Mako: I knew it was Ran-chan’s fault Onii-chan died, but… / But I couldn’t come to hate her…

SFX: Bam / Bam

Yuuna: No! Onee-chan, get a hold of yourself! / If you lose control of the Angels…

Tsurumi: She’s reached her limit! The Angels are about to be released!!
Takabayashi: Everything’s s—still going according to my plan! O—OK! Sumomo! Get in there!!
Sumomo: Huh?! Me?!

SFX: *glare*

(?): Mako!! / Don’t give up!!!

SFX: *rumble*
Mako: Kuohhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Tusurmi: This was… certainly beyond my own predictions… / I would never have imagined

Tsurumi: that such an amplified summon, once released / could ever be rebound by to a body by sheer force of will.
SFX: Kyahhhh / *roar*

Mako: Please… Get away from me… / I can’t hold them back… for much longer…
SFX: Roar

SFX: Bam / *tremble tremble*
Mako: Don’t cry… Yuuna…

Mako: I won’t let you / suffer for my mistakes!!!
SFX: *roar*

SFX: Boom / Kapow

SFX: Kyahh / Ughhh

Takabayashi: How spirited of you… / You did so well, there was barely anything left for me to finish off.

Takabayashi: Perhaps the name Genocider / does suit you, after all.
(TL/N: Genocider is written in English in the original with the kanji for “god of death” (Shinigami). I'm... starting to think the author doesn't know what the word “genocide” means.)
SFX: Tee-hee

Kyouya: Dammit. If you were going to save us…
SFX: Hah

Kyouya: you could have gone in from the start… / you… bastard…
SFX: *hold tight* / *collapse*
Yuuna: Nanase-sempai!!

Yuuna: Sempai!! / Get a hold of yourself, Sempai!!

Mako: They even destroyed the three rampaging Angels / that I could barely hold back as they swelled up and sucked me dry…

SFX: Kh!

Mako: Is this the power / of the First Student Council?!!

Yuuma: They let you get this injured?! / How dare those devils!!

Yuuma: I’m so sorry, Kyou-chan! I’m supposed to be there for you, but I couldn’t do anything!!
SFX: *Wahhh*
Kyouya: It’s fine, Nee-san… I told you, it wasn’t the President’s fault at all…

Kyouya: However, things did get pretty dangerous… No matter how you look at it, they went too far. / What are those three thinking?

Yuuma: Um, Kyou-chan, look over there.
Kyouya (aside): Huh?

Kyouya: Yuuna! Why are you hiding over there?! / <aside: Silly… >
Yuuna (aside): I’m—I’m sorry! / It just didn’t seem like a good time to come in…

Yuuna: I’m so sorry / for everything that happened!!

Yuuna: I’ve made up my mind! Please, let me stay by your side until you get better! I have to pay you back!! / <aside: I’ll do whatever you ask!! >
Kyouya: Um, I’m fine, really; you don’t have to do anything…

Yuuna: No! I won’t accept that! / I’ll even become your live-in attendant, if you ask!!
Yuuma (aside): What’s with this girl…

Kyouya: Don’t be so silly. I didn’t really do that much, / and wouldn’t it be annoying to do so much for me?
Yuuna: It wouldn’t be a bother at all!!

Kyouya: But more importantly, what happened to your sister?

Yuuna: Mako-nee-chan said

Yuuna/Mako: I won’t work as a ringer anymore… / I know now I’m not strong enough to go on always fighting by myself…

Yuuna: Ishihara-sempai wound up being admitted to the hospital, too.
Aside: Well, she did summon three Angels.
Yuuna: Yes, she pushed herself too hard during the fight and has to spend a week here.

Kyouya: But it’s good to see your sister finally opening up her heart.
Yuuna: Yes, and it’s all thanks to you…

Yuuna: And thanks to President Takabayashi / who guided the battle to its conclusion…
SFX: *surprised*

Kyouya: Huh?

Kyouya (outside): Don’t tell me our President / actually planned all this?
Yuuna (inside): After what just happened, / I’ve decided I’ll follow the President wherever she goes!

Yuuna(?): Don’t you think the edges of her personality have become smoothed out lately?

Kyouya(?): I never would have thought / the President would go that far for her underclassmen.

(?): Huh? What makes you say that?!
Tsurumi: Why are you still playing dumb even now? Whenever Nanase enters battle, her Life is exhausted.

Tsurumi: And yet you deliberately made her fight with the Genocider. / Don’t tell me this is part of some punishment game…

Takabayashi(?): So, you don’t think I would deliberately try to push her that far?
Tsurumi: Correct. I think it more likely you planned for her / to open Genocider’s heart by force.
Aside: Teehee

Takabayashi: What sort of silly story is that? I simply wished to inflict a punishment on Nanase for disobeying my orders.

Takabayashi: I never expected her to withstand the Genocider’s attacks / for even a second.
Tsurumi: If you insist, I will not pry further…

Tsurumi: I feel like the club has fared poorly ever since Nanase joined…
Takabayashi: Don’t worry about it~ This time, I’m sure we can wring some profit out of the media club. Right, Sumomo?
Sumomo: (aside: Let’s do it! ) / Leave it to me! I’ll make them pay us back with interest!

Tsurumi: Hm?

Tsurumi: Don’t you think / you’ve become somewhat nicer?

Takabayashi: Well, to be honest,
Sumomo: Huh?

Takabayashi: you must admit there is value in play. / <aside: They’re good materials (playthings). >
Sumomo: You bastard.
Tsurumi: <aside: Hah > / Is that so?

Yuuna: I’m sorry… / We couldn’t afford the hospital fees, so I asked the President for help. / She said this place was large, so we should use it…
SFX: *bow box*

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