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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Takamagahara 10

Beast to Gun

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 12, 2012 17:47 | Go to Takamagahara

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Takamagahara 10

(next to Kumaso): Sword


(next to Yamato): Fist

Chapter 10: Beast to Gun!

*: Now, to the gates!!

Yamato: During the fight, I was able to empower my kick, too.

Yamato: So it’s not just my fists, but my feet, too, / I guess?

Izumo: Hell of a way to score a point, / Yamato-chan!

Izumo: What do you call that Divine Gift? / What kind of ability is it? / I promise I won’t tell anyone!

Yamato: Do Divine Gifts have names?
Izumo: What are you saying? / Of course they do! / How else would you know what to call them?

Izumo: By the way, my Divine Gift is “Magatama”. / But what it does is top-secret.

Yamato: Magatama? You mean like those spiritual stone thingies? / <aside: What sort of ability would that imply… > / Oh yeah, Izumo has a Divine Gift, too.

Kokuhaku: What are you two goin’ on about, caw!

Kokuhaku: We were one second away from slicing you in half and winning that fight, caw! / We lost the match, but we would’ve won the fight! / Caw ca-ca-caw!

Yamato: What’d you say?! / I would’ve just blocked your bare blade! / And then I would’ve snapped it in two!!
Kokuhaku: Caw?!
Izumo: Calm down, calm down.

Kokuhaku: This asshole’s tryin’ to piss me off!
Yamato: Says you!
Izumo: It doesn’t matter, just relax.

SFX: Ding / Dong

Mizuho: Yamato, you here?

Fukakyon: Good morning, Yamato-san!

Fukakyon and Mizuho: Ah?

Fukakyon: Big Sis Mizuho!
Mizuho: I told you not to call me that!

Randoms: G’morning, Mizuho-chan. / Yamato hasn’t shown up yet. / <aside: We have gym today, so Inaba’s not here either.

Mizuho: That’s weird. / When I went to his house, his brothers said he had left early...
Fukakyon: I wanted to thank him for everything at the hospital, especially the bananas…

(one of the two): Where did he go?

Yamato: Is this the gate into Takamagahara? / It looks more like a prison’s than a school’s…

Yamato: Come to think of it, / Mizuho’s probably heading to school right about now.

SFX: Glare

SFX: Stare

Kikuchi: Takamagahara has twelve gates. Each is guarded by an animal from the Chinese Zodiac crossed with a lion, from lion-rats to lion-boars. / This one is guarded by lion-hares. / You can put away your student ID now. / We’re heading in.
SFX: *roar*
(TL/N: See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Komainu )

Yamato: There’s a ton of people here. / And a lot of them look kinda weird…

Kikuchi: There are many rules you will have to follow here at Takamagahara, / but you are permitted to wear whatever you want as long as it’s based on either a gakuran or a sailor suit.
Kumaso: That’s nice.

Yamato: Hey, / a wild dog. / <aside: Hey there >

Yamato: Hm?

Kikuchi: There aren’t just wild dogs here, / but wild deer and wild bears as well.
Izumo: Hey there.
Yamato: Whoa!! / Seriously?!

Kikuchi: Allow me to speak to you as your professor. / Here at Takamagahara, the common sense that served you so well back in the mundane world is useless. / Don’t trust what you see with your eyes.

Kikuchi: This is a place where a nerd can crush jocks beneath his feet,
(?): Whoa!

Kikuchi: a place where a beautiful young girl can send a giant flying.

Kikuchi: At the very least, try not to stick your head into things. / If you don’t want to die, that is.

Sign: Yesterday’s Divine Gift Accidents / Deceased / Injured

Yamato: A count of people killed?! / Are you serious?!!

Kikuchi: The Takeru School that I run is just up ahead. / Let’s go.

Girl: Kyahhhhhh!

Guy: I ain’t playin’ around here! / Let me go back home!

Guy: I don’t want to spend another day in this freaking prison! Do as I say, or I kill the girl!

Crowd: So you know? / Like, seriously?

Yamato: What the hell?! / Aren’t any of you gonna save her?

Kikuchi: Let me give you a warning: / don’t give a damn.

Yamato: You’re not gonna help her, either?! / <aside: You’re a professor, aren’t you?! >
Kikuchi: According to the rules of Takamagahara, / a professor is not allowed to interfere with the affairs between students.

Guy: And before that, bring me grub! / Bring me something to eat!

Yamato: Guess I have no choice…
SFX: *Step*

Kokuhaku: You gonna save her, caw?! / Didn’t he just tell you not to give a damn?!

Yamato: It’s not like I want to do this, / but if no one else is going to, then I will!
SFX: Smack

Kokuhaku: Kaw! / Guess you’re the type of person who just runs straight to his death!
Yamato: Shut up! / Quiet!

Izumo: Don’t do it, / Yamato-chan
SFX: Pap

Yamato: What the hell? / You gonna try to stop me, too?
Izumo: Yeah. / I’m not like you, Yamato-chan…

Izumo: But things are different when a girl’s in danger! / Let me handle this one on my own!

Yamato: Yeah… Sure… / <aside: He’s pretty straightforward. >

Sign: Bank ATM

Izumo: Hey! / I brought you some food!

Guy: The guy covered in bandages and the guy with the katana better stay back!
Yamato (aside): Whoa

Guy: Good! / You, take off your clothes and bring the food!
Izumo: Huh?

Guy: Hurry up! / You want this girl to die?!

Izumo: ….This, too?
Guy: That’s enough! / Don’t show me anything dirty!

Guy: Good! / Put the food there, then walk back slowly with your hands up!

Izumo: OK, OK.

Yamato: What’s that bastard’s ability? / He’s using a knife, so he must be an attack type, right? / Or is he trying to hide it…
Kokuhaku: I’m more interested in the Divine Gift of the girl he’s holding! / Can she use it to run away, or not?

Yamato: Hey? Is this all right?

Kikuchi: Who knows. / However…

Kikuchi: Yakumo Izumo / is an honor student who has already hunted a dozen of the myriad gods since he started working with me.

Guy: Good! / Now feed me!

SFX: *munch munch*

Flying squirrel: Mu?

Flying squirrel: Musaaaa!

Flying squirrel: Musa!

Yamato: The flying squirrel?

SFX: Screech / Screeeech / Screeeeeeeech

The beast turned into a gun!

Yamato: The flying squirrel / turned into a gun?!

Yamato: And the “Magatama” / are “malevolent bullets”!
SFX: *Bang*

SFX: *Ping*

SFX: Bam!

SFX: Thump

Yamato: D…. / Damn!

Izumo: Good job, Sazabii!
SFX: Screeeetch
Sazabi: Musa!

Izumo: You alright, / cute miss?

Kokuhaku: Stop trying to act cool when you’re in nothing but your underwear, caw!
Yamato: Yeah! / Now scream “Pervert!” and run away!

Girl: Buh
Izumo: Buh?

Girl: Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh

Girl: Buh….

Izumo: She disappeared?!
Sazabi: Musasa!!

Guy: Sorry… / My Divine Gift, “Caretaker”, / gives me the power to create other people by my side.

Guy: But if they go far away, they disappear. / Thank you for caring about for a guy like me…
SFX: *stunned*

Kikuchi: That’s why I said don’t give a damn.
Yamato: You knew?! / <aside: About his ability? >
Kikuchi: Yeah. / However, I am not allowed to reveal to you another student’s Divine Gift.

Guy: Please, someone care about me...
Izumo: But that means…
SFX: *Depressed* / *Depressed*

Yamato: That was freaking amazing! / Was that Magatama?

Izumo: Well, yeah. / But that was just the tip of the iceberg!

Izumo: This is my partner, Sazabii. He’s a giant flying squirrel. / I had him keeping watch for me. / There’s also Momochii the small flying squirrel.

Kokuhaku: Of course, we’ve only showed you the tiniest element of our divine gift, too!
Yamato: ….. / He really doesn’t like losing, does he?

Kikuchi: Do you understand now? / You never know what’s going to happen here in Takamagahara. / You can’t rely on the common sense that has served you until now.

Kikuchi: But I’m looking forward to seeing / how far you three can go / as part of a three-man direct combat squad.

(all): Huh?! / A three-man squad?!

SFX: Ding Dong
Various: What the hell?! / Let’s go. / That’s the bell to signal the start of classes! / Hey! / Wait up!
* Next time, classes begin!!
Takamagahara / … Chapter 10 / End

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