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Takamagahara 11

The Three Students of the Takeru School

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 21, 2012 21:44 | Go to Takamagahara

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Congratulations!! Welcome to school!!!

Chapter 11: The Three Students of the Takeru School

*How dignified!!
SFX: *wind blowing*

Sign: Takeru School

Yamato: It kinda looks like a prison!

Kikuchi: This is the Takeru School I have been entrusted with.

Yamato: “Entrusted with”? / Are you the principal or head teacher or something? / <aside: Principle Glasses >
Kikuchi: No.

Kikuchi: There is only one principal in all of Takamagahara. / He is Principal Izanagi, and he resides at the academy’s highest point.

Yamato: Principal Izanagi…

Kikuchi: At Takamagahara, / teachers take those they have gathered from Earth and enroll them in the schools they are entrusted with.

Kikuchi: Therefore, every student in my Takeru School / is someone I found and brought there.

Kokuhaku: What kind of cawing system is that?!
Yamato: So there’s more guys like us in there?
Izumo: Ha ha ha

Kikuchi(?): There’s just one problem.
SFX: *click*
Yamato(?): Problem?

(?): What the hell? / You tryin’ to start something?

Komodo: You just bumped into my shoulder!
Chainsaw: Because you wouldn’t let me through, asshole!

Komodo: You son of a…!
SFX: Baacch

Komodo: I’m gonna chew on your bones!
SFX: Baacch

Chainsaw: I’ll take you on!
SFX: Vrrrnnn

Chainsaw: Spin, spin!
SFX: Vrrnn Vrrnn

SFX: Roar

Yamato: Cool!

SFX: Vrrnm Vrrnm
Yamato: Hey! Check that battle out—it looks like something out of a movie! / <aside: You don’t wanna miss it! >
Izumo (aside): Hahaha
Kumaso: How boring.

Kikuchi: A battle between a were-komodo dragon / and a weapon user?

Kikuchi: That is nothing worthy of surprise. / Every single person here at the Takeru School / is someone who has awoken to his Divine Gift.

Yamato: …Yeah, I guess. / <aside: You don’t have to say it like it’s obvious. >

Kikuchi: Furthermore, I have chosen / to gather only the strongest of those who have awoken to their divine gifts—

Both: Huh?

Both: Gah! It’s Kikuchi! / He’ll change us into words!

Komodo: Tch!
Chainsaw: He’s back already?!
SFX: Baacch / *running sounds*

Yamato: Looks like your students really like you. / <aside: *chuckle* >

Kikuchi: —and therein lies the problem.
SFX: *step*

Kikuchi: Here, at the Takeru School, / we have not class disruption but rather class destruction.
Yamato: Class destruction? What do you mean?

Kikuchi: Perhaps it was my fault for gathering so many powerful people here, / but violence fueled by Divine Gifts has run rampant. / The Takeru School has become lawless.

Kikuchi: Though this might also be because the school is kept open / whenever I travel to the mundane world to gather those who have awakened to their divine blood.
Yamato: So it’s entirely your fault, then.

Kikuchi: People like those two before / with easy-to-understand Divine Gifts aren’t a problem. / However, those with harder-to-understand indirect Divine Gifts are far more annoying.

Kikuchi: To be honest, it would be too much of a hassle to do it alone, / and I simply do not have the time.
Yamato (aside): How is that honest?!

Kikuchi: With that said, / let us begin your first lesson.
SFX: *turn*

Kikuchi: You three / will conquer this school.

Yamato: Huh?!
Kokuhaku: Caw?!
Squirrel: Musa?!

Yamato: What the hell are you saying?! / What kind of a teacher would say something like that?!

Kikuchi: Disobedience is strictly forbidden here at Takamagahara. / You will do as I say. / If I tell you to act like a pig, you will act like a pig. / That is the only way you will survive here.

Yamato: You little…
SFX: *tremble*

Izumo: Give it up, Yamato-chan. / You’ll just activate the restraints.
Yamato: Dammit!
Kokuhaku: Caw! / Can’t you learn from experience, bacaw?!

Kikuchi: Did you think your training would consist of carrying buckets filled with water?

Kikuchi: Or did you think you would have to paint fenceposts?

Kikuchi: Of course not!

Kikuchi: Training for Divine Gifts consists entirely of combat practice! / Fight, and fight, and gain experience! / That is the only way to learn how to fight those armed with special powers!

Kikuchi: Furthermore, I believe you three / will find shutting down this school to be most beneficial.

Yamato: What do you mean?

Kikuchi: Those enrolled in Takamagahara cannot freely return home. / After all, Takamagahara is not only a training ground for those who have awoken to their Divine Gifts, / but also a prison built to confine those who are too powerful to remain in the mundane world.

Yamato: Wait—so we really can’t go home?!
Izumo: That’s right.

Kikuchi: However, those who climb to the top of their individual schools are permitted to wear the uniforms of Takamagahara’s elite, the Chouran. / Those who bear the Chouran are permitted to freely pass through the torii and return to the mundane world.
Uniforms: Takamagahara

Kikuchi: Find and defeat those who have taken control of this school, / and obtain the Chouran, the proof that you are the strongest in the school! / That is at once both your training / and the only way you can return home!

Kikuchi: You may work either as a team or on your own. Either way, you will be awarded the Chouran. / It is your choice whether or not to cooperate.

Kikuchi: Your classroom is 1-3. It’s right over there.
Sign: 1-3

Kikuchi: I am going to the teacher’s office. / If you think you’re not powerful enough to do anything on your own, you can come crying to me. / It won’t do you any good, though.

Yamato: ….! / That bastard always pisses me off!

(?): I took the idiot who was trying to pick a fight with me / and I used my divine gift to set him on fire!
(?): Really?
(?): This chick I was hitting on suddenly transformed into a hippopotamus!
(?): You serious?!

Komodo: Hey! / We got trouble!
SFX: *sliding door*

(?): What is it, Komodo? / Your tail’s sticking out.
Komodo: Yeah, it’s real bad.

Komodo: That bastard Kikuchi’s back!

(?): Friggin’ hell. / We go too far with him around, and we get sealed in books.

Komodo: It looked like he brought some newbies back with him.
(?): New students?

(?): So what do we do, / Taiju-san?

SFX: TapTapTap / TapTap

(?): Cut that out, Emisee!
Emisee: Ah! Sorry!

Emisee: But whenever I’m nervous, I just need to start drumming on something… / I’ll just drum on my arm so it’s not too loud…
SFX bubble: Tatatatata

(?): I don’t give a shit about that! / Just tell me what Taiju’s saying!
Emisee: Ah, OK, I’ll go listen…

(?): Dammit! / I hate him, but he is the only one who can understand Taiju-san’s “…..….”. / <aside: Pisses me off… >

Emisee: He said that, if they aren’t going to come here and say “hello”, / then we should head over and pay them a greeting ourselves…

SFX: *smile*

Backboard: Independent Study

Yamato: There are only three desks? / What the hell?!

Yamato: So we gotta shut the school down to get those Chourans? / Why’d he tell us to do that?!

Izumo: But Yamato-chan, / don’t you want to master your Divine Gift and return home?
Yamato: Well, yeah…

Yamato: By the way, Izumo, / you and Kumaso here to train your divine gifts, too, right? / <aside: Oh, you’re feeding him. >

Izumo: Oh, no. / Me and Kumaso have already hunted on our own. / I’m not here to train. / But there’s a certain person I’m trying to find.

Yamato: Hmmm… / So then you came to train, right?

Kokuhaku: We’re not idiots who don’t even understand their own Divine Gifts like you, bacaw! / For the sake of our lord, we must obtain the privilege to travel freely to and from the mundane world!

Yamato: So you did come here to train, didn’t you! / And enough with the ventriloquism! / I’m starting to talk to your sword now!

Izumo: There is a reason I must train. / I do not intend to stop now.

Yamato: Dammit! / Practicing your with your sword and practicing ventriloquism aren’t the same thing, you know…

Yamato: But yeah, where are the other students?
SFX: *door sliding*

Yamato: Oh!

Yamato: Hey! / We just transferred here today…

SFX: Smoosh

SFX: *Grin*

Charge!! / Go get ‘em!
*: Class begins!!
Takamagahara / … Chapter 11 / End

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