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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Takamagahara 12

A Fist, a Sword, and a Gun

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 28, 2012 23:19 | Go to Takamagahara

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Takamagahara 12


Truth is Power

Chapter 12: A Fist, a Sword, and a Gun

*No hesitation
SFX: *Roar*

Yamato: Hey! Wait a second!

SFX: Schwing

Hammer Guy: Hammer Hammer!
SFX: *Shine*

Yamato: Whoa!
SFX: Bam

SFX: Baacch Baacch Baacch Baacch

Yamato: Shit! Why are they attacking us?!

Kumaso: There’s no time for complaints.
Izumo: Guess we don’t have a choice.

SFX: *Howl*

SFX: Click

SFX: Swish

SFX: Ba-thump

SFX: Slam

Kokuhaku: I didn’t want to be splattered in blood, so I struck you with the back of my blade, caw!

Izumo: Ah!
SFX: Swoosh

Izumo: Let’s do this, Sazabii!
SFX: Bang

Sazabii: Musaaa!
SFX: *Spin*

SFX: Pah

SFX: *Thump*

Izumo: A non-lethal blow. / So relax and go to sleep.
SFX: Phoosh

Hammer: I’ll pound you into the floor!
SFX: Whoosh

Yamato: Shit… I’m not gonna last much longer…

Hyuuga: Stop whining about how you’re confused and just fight!

Hyuuga: Listen! / In battle, a moment’s indecision can cost you your life! / If you waste time like that, you’ve already lost!

Hyuuga: And there’s no point whining about regrets after you’ve lost, either! / So you should shut your trap and just fight!

Hyuuga: …… / By the way, Yamato, are you going out with Mizuho?
Yamato: Huh?!

Yamato: Of course not! Where the hell’d that come from?!
Hyuuga: Gimme a break! I was just asking a question!

Yamato: Well, / I guess Hyuuga had a point back then.

Yamato: I came here to understand my Divine Gift / and to become stronger.
SFX: *clench*

Yamato: I don’t care if this is the Age of Myth / or the Era of the Gods or whatever.

Yamato: But if it means protecting their daily lives, / I’ll kick as much ass as I have to!

SFX: Kapow!

SFX: Smash

(?): He got pounded into the ceiling!

Yamato: That’s right! / He said it doesn’t matter if we fight alone or together! / <aside: That glasses guy, I mean. > / So what do we do?!

Kokuhaku: “What do we do”? / You’d just mess me up if I tried to work with you, caw!

Yamato: What was that?! / That’s my line, you damn ventriloquist!

(?): Dammit! These guys are strong! / <aside: And one of them has a friggin gun! > / We can overwhelm them with sheer numbers! / Those whose names start with F, focus on the katana guy. B’s, go after the gunman!

SFX: Pah
(?): Divine Gift: / Tagged Evil! (JP: Fudatsuki-no-Waru)

SFX: Shbababa

SFX: Clang

SFX: *Struggle*

SFX: Bang Bang

SFX: Ping Ping

Izumo: Huh?! What is that?!

Boxer: It’s Bowling Boxing!
Izumo: Whoa!
SFX: Whoosh *

Yamato: There’s too many of ‘em!

SFX: *Clamp*

Spanner: I’ll use this, my Submission Spanner, / to dislocate all your joints!
SFX: *Wrench Wrennch*

Izumo: Wait, wait! / Regardless of whether or not we form a team, / we need to work together right now!

SFX: *Charge*

SFX: *Wrennnch*

SFX: *Step*

SFX: Bang

SFX: Boom / *Puff*

SFX: Swish

SFX: *Snap*

Bowling: If you’re all going to stand next to each other, then I’ll knock you all down like a set of pins!

SFX: Smack

Bowling: You blocked it?!

Yamato: So, my defenses are strengthened, too…

SFX: Bam!

SFX: *Cr-cr-cr-crash*

(?): Dammit… / These three…

They don’t have / any weaknesses!

(?): Things are going bad! / Let’s retreat!
SFX: *step*

Kokuhaku: Wait, you bastards! / Don’t think we’ll let you get away, caw!

SFX: *Clench*

Nail: Grow, / my Nail Bat
SFX: Bah

Nail: Take this!
SFX: Thump

SFX: Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah

Nail: We’ll retreat for now. / But we’ll be back soon, newbies!

Kokuhaku: Caw! / That was a close one. Good thing we were wearing wooden sandals, caw!

[sign]: Special Teachers’ Office

Kikuchi: The first period class should have started by now.
SFX: Tap

Kikuchi: The ones who attacked the three are a bunch of direct attackers. / They should be able to handle the attack without a problem. / However, the leader of the group is an indirect attack type. / I wonder if they’ll be able to stand up to him…

Kikuchi: Unlike back home, here at Takamagahara one cannot reach the top with sheer might alone. / One must fight his battles strategically, as in chess or shougi… Heh heh.
[Book: How to Not Be Bored Playing Chess Alone]

Men: We’re very sorry. / The newcomers Kikuchi brought back with him / were stronger than we thought…

Emishi: “How can you have trouble dealing with a bunch of newbies?! / Maybe you girls should’ve shaved your cunts along with your heads!” / he said.

Guys: Dammit, but I hate it when Emishi starts talking to us like that… / He’s just a damn interpreter… / I bet Taiju didn’t even say that…

Guy: The guy’s strength and power make him seem like a heavy type, / but his reflexes and raw speed are as good as someone half his size! / No mere human could pull something like that off!

Emishi: Taiju-kun doesn’t like it when you make fun of me, / so I suggest you all be more careful.

Nail: I heard he and Taiju-san were in the same school back home… / Now I’m really pissed off!
SFX: *Clench*

Sign: 1-3

Yamato: My attacks, my leg strength, and now my blocks.

Yamato: It seems like I do have the ability to increase my power. / But I don’t think it’s that simple. / I want to figure out my limits, but it would be dangerous to do that now.

Izumo: They came at us like a howling wind, / and fled like a surging wave.
Squirrel: Musa…
SFX: *Clatter*

Izumo: So then, / what are you two going to do?

Yamato: We’ve just gotta wait for them to come back!
Kokuhaku: We should go hunt them down, of course!

Yamato: Hm?
Kokuhaku: Caw?!

Yamato: Stop getting full of yourself!
Kokuhaku: You’re basically giving up, caw!

Izumo: Calm down, calm down. / At any rate, don’t you think it best if we work together at least until we take over this school?

Kokuhaku: Fine, then!
Yamato: I’ll work with you until I get the special Chouran!
Izumo: Hahaha / <aside: Guess we’ve got a three-man team now. >

Takamagahara / … Chapter 12 / End

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