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Takamagahara 13


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Oct 4, 2012 21:44 | Go to Takamagahara

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Chapter 13: Emishi

*The Rookies Advance Proudly!!

Yamato: Looks like no one’s here. / Every single classroom’s empty. / It’s kinda hard to even gather information like this.

Yamato: Although…

Yamato: That Divine Gift-wielding squad of delinquents was amazing! / It was a battle of superpowers, like something in one of the manga I was raised by! It was so cool!

Yamato: Maybe someone who looks like a friggin’ monster / is just about to round that corner!

Emishi: Ah!

*Emishi’s viewpoint

SFX: Dash
Yamato: ? / He ran away.

SFX bubble: *Peek*
Yamato: He came back!

SFX bubble: Stareeee

Emishi: A katana, a bandaged fist, and a flying squirrel? / Are you the three teammates who beat up the delinquents in my class?

Kokuhaku: We aren’t a team!
Yamato: This is only temporary.
Izumo: So? Who might you be?
Emishi: Ah. / I’m Udehara Emishi! / You guys are amazing. / I can’t believe just the three of you chased all of them away! / They’re really mean to me and make me keep doing so many annoying things. / I can’t even imagine worse delinquents than them! They ‘re all mean to me just because of my Divine Gift.”

Yamato: OK, / I think I get your situation. / Oh, / and thanks for the coffee.

Emishi: Not every Divine Gift / is particularly useful either in battle or during your daily life. / Just like there’s people like me who are dull in the mundane world, there’s people here in Takamagahara who are dull, too.
SFX: Hahaha

Emishi: For instance, I knew one person whose Divine Gift was that a super long nose hair would continuously grow from her right nostril, / and another who could turn a whole bowl’s worth of rice deep blue.
Yamato: That would suck…

Emishi: Do you want to know what my Divine Gift is?
Yamato: Huh? / Isn’t it a big deal to reveal your Divine Gift?
Emishi: It’s fine. / It’s not like I gain anything from keeping it a secret.

Emishi: My Divine Gift is “One Up”, which allows me to increase my number of lives in a video game by one.
SFX (above the lives counter): Ba-beep

Emishi: It’s really useful in games, / but not so much in the real world.
Yamato (not in bubble): That’s really useless…

Izumo: Well, / the most important part of any skill is how you use it. / Being the king of the gaming world would be pretty cool, right?

Emishi: Do you play games, Izumo-kun?
Izumo: Huh?! / Not really; just gun shooting games…

Emishi: What about you, Yamato-kun?! / Do you play, Yamato-kun?!
SFX: Taptaptaptaptaptaptap
Yamato: Me? I play some fighting games, but…
Emishi: Fighting games?! You play Virtua? Or do you prefer Tekken?
Yamato: … I have no idea what you just said.

Emishi: My hobby and my specialty are games! / Maybe you’ve heard of me from my appearances at national tournaments. / Does “UDEHARA” ring any bells? / <aside: Does it? >

Yamato: Well, / the next time those guys start bullying you, you should get some payback. / If you don’t, things will never change.

Yamato: I don’t know how useful this will be, / but at times like this, my little brother would always tell me, “For now, just kick their asses!”
Emishi: I don’t think that would be that useful… / <aside: That really only works if you’re strong… >

Emishi: I mean, / I haven’t ever even hit anybody.

Emishi: Maybe, if I hit someone, / I’d gain some confidence!
Yamato: Huh?

Emishi: Yamato-kun, / let me punch you!

Yamato: The hell?! / What’d you just say?!

Emishi: Please! Let me hit you! / I won’t hit you too hard! So let me hit you! / Then I know things will change for me! So please!
Yamato: Hell no! / You’re creeping me out!

SFX: *Glare*

Kokuhaku: You wanna get cut in half, caw?!
Emishi: Whoa! / I’m sorry!

Izumo: Well, guess that settles it. / If it will really help you, / I’ll bite the bullet and let you hit me.
Squirrel: Musa?

Emishi: Huh? Really?
Izumo: Yeah. / Hit me as hard as you want.

Emishi: OK!
SFX: *Roar*

Emishi: Take this!
SFX bubble: Boop

Kokuhaku: That was just pathetic!
Yamato: If that’s all you got, I don’t know if you could even beat Mizuho.

Izumo: Whoa! / You got me!
SFX: Slam

Izumo: Ow ow ow ow
Squirrel (aside): Musasasa
Trash can: Combustible Trash
Yamato: Nice one…

Emishi: Thank you, Izumo-kun! / I feel like I’m more confident now!
Izumo: You’re welcome. / That was a pretty nice punch.

Izumo: In exchange, / would you mind telling us about the boss of the guys who attacked us?

Emishi: Their boss / is Ooki Taiju. He went to the same school as me before we came here. / He’s really strong. He beat up everyone else here and made himself their boss. / I can’t even understand how his Divine Gift works.

Yamato: All right! / Take us to him!
SFX: *Smack*

Guy: You’re late, Emishi!
Emishi: Ah, I’m sorry.

Emishi: I’m sorry, guys. / But they told me to bring you here.

Yamato: Hmmm… / Well, whatever. / We wanted to come here too, after all.
Izumo (aside): Then why’d I let myself get punched?!

Nail: Relax. / We’ll fight you one-on-one. / Loser obeys the winner. / Simple as that. / Which of you’s gonna fight?

Yamato: You two have already got plenty of practical combat training, right?

Yamato: Let me have this one. / I wanna get a handle on this.

SFX: *cheers*
Nail: You ready? / If you lose, we’ll cut your hair as short as ours and cut a line in ‘em!

Kokuhaku: Caw?! / You better not lose!
Izumo: Yamato-chan, even if it costs you your life, / don’t let them touch my hair!

(?): Battle start!
SFX: Gong

SFX: Swish

SFX: Strap!

SFX: *Glare*

Yamato: So, you’re using shimenawa, sacred ropes, as bandages?
SFX: Strap

SFX: *cheers*

Yamato: For starters, what kind of Divine Gift does he have? / I might want to wait and see, but…

Yamato: First, let’s see how my Divine Gift fares.
SFX: *dash*

SFX: *cheers*
Yamato: I’ll put him on his back before he even has a chance to use his Divine Gift!

Yamato: What’s this?

Yamato: What’s this sensation?

Yamato: He’s too fast!!

Yamato: He disappeared?

Yamato: What was with that attack? / How’d he hit me?!

Kokuhaku: You idiot, bacaw! / I said he was behind you, caw!
Izumo: Relax, Yamato-chan! / Get a hold of youself!
SFX: *Cheers*

SFX: *Cheers*
Nail: Looks like Taiju’s speed and power, / together with his Divine Gift, / are gonna end this fight quickly.

Yamato: Something’s wrong!! / It looks like I’m dodging his attacks, but I’m still getting hit!!

Yamato: And he’s attacking like a friggin’ machine! I can’t even move!

Yamato: I need to escape somehow! / All I’m doing right now is tanking whatever he throws at me!

SFX: *Crash*

Yamato: Dammit! / I used too much power.

SFX: *Cheers*

Kokuhaku: You got wax in your ears, caw?!
Izumo: Are you even listening to our advice?!
SFX: *Cheers*

Yamato: Sound?!

*Has Yamato figured it out?

Takamagahara / … Chapter 13 / End / -> Next time, what has Yamato realized about Taiju’s Divine Gift?!

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