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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 15

Chapter 15

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Oct 6, 2012 14:58 | Go to Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

-> RTS Page for Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 15

For use by Muda Scans

A summary (?) of past events for new readers of Shinigami
In volume three, there’s a bonus chapter on what happened to the Houjou sisters.

In order to participate in the Shinigami-sama Game, one must submit a naked photo of herself… / Of course, Shizuka was no exception.
SFX: Snap

SFX: Snap

SFX: Snap

Hey, Hibiki, if you can’t get a good shot, why don’t you let me!
Hibiki: No! / If—if I do, then you’ll see Onii…. Shizuka’s naked body!

So then, back to the story!

Chika: Hah

Chika: Hah / Hah

SFX: Running sounds

Sidebar: The girls who have become violent in order to fulfill their wishes draw closer.

SFX: Sheen
Shizuka: Where are you going in such a hurry?

SFX: Bam

SFX: *drag drag*

Shizuka: The lie detector! <3
Girl: Kyah!

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo / Chapter 15

Shizuka: That’s makes three. Her,

Shizuka: the bandage girl,

Shizuka: and the katana girl

Shizuka: are all innocent… And we only have thirty minutes left…

Chika: Hey, at this rate the game’s going to end.
Shizuka: I figured I should prioritize those who seemed more eager to play this game, but…

Shizuka: Maybe one of my assumptions was off…

Shizuka: Something’s wrong here.
Chika: …? What is it?

Shizuka: I’m here to stop this game, / so I should be glad, but…
Chika: Stop beating around the bush and tell me already!

Shizuka: No one has died yet.

Shizuka: I thought that the sponsor wanted us to kill each other. His actions certainly seemed to suggest that, and it looked like people were starting to kill each other, / or so I thought, but… / But it’s been an hour and a half, and not a single corpse? We haven’t even found anyone who’s suffered a wound.

Shizuka: And now that I stop to think about it, last time the only person to die during the Shinigami Game was Maisaka Sawako-san. / And the rules were exactly the same that time, too.

Shizuka: That reminds me. Miura-san, why didn’t you decide to wear your mask? / It should have been in the locker with your weapon.
Chika: A mask? There wasn’t one in there.

Shizuka: There wasn’t? …….. / But that would mean…

Chika: Hey, wait. What did you just say?
Shizuka: ? I was wondering why—
Chika: No, before that!

Chika: You just said that the Shinigami Game had the same rules last time!

Chika: How would you know that? / Don’t tell me you participated in this game last time, too?

Shizuka: …No, I didn’t…
Chika: Then why… And why do you known about me and Sawako?

Shizuka: Well… Maisaka told me herself.
Chika: Liar…

Chika: It hurts me to say it, but I was Sawako’s only friend…. / And even if she had others, she would never tell them to call her Maisaka. She hated her surname.

Chika: This makes no sense! If you didn’t participate in the last game, how did you meat Sawako? / Don’t tell me you met her after she died, or some bullshit like that!

Chika: You helped me… / I don’t think you’re evil.
SFX: *grab*

Chika: However,
SFX: Swoosh

Chika: if you don’t tell me everything you know, / I’m going off on my own.

Shizuka: I’m sorry… I can’t tell you.

Chika: You can’t?
SFX: Swoosh

Chika: Too bad.

Shizuka: Please wait! It’s dangerous to go alone.

SFX: Slam!

Chika: If you won’t tell me the truth, I’ll just have to find it myself.
SFX: *running sounds*

Chika: Dangerous? Of course it is. / But there’s not enough time for us to investigate everyone together.

Chika: And besides, when push comes to shove, / when push comes to shove,

Chika: there’s no way I can lose 1-on-1!
SFX: Blam!

SFX: B-thump

Chika: Are you Kuroneko’s associate? Answer me!
Fox girl: … I—I’m not.

Chika: Ya’ tellin’ me the truth? / Ya’ think ya’ can get away with lyin’ to a Yankee?
Fox-girl: It’s—it’s the truth! / Please—don’t’ kill me!

Chika: Right—next!
SFX: Swoosh / Collapse

SFX: *running sounds*

SFX: Step

SFX: Step

Sign: Girl’s toilet

Satsuki: Are you serious, Shizuka?

Satsuki: … Very well. Maisaka Sawako should have been denied her request; however… / since there exists a risk of information about Shinigami being leaked, I will permit her request to be granted. / That said, Shizuka, you are the only one who will be permitted to act directly. / It will be dangerous, but since you’re the one who suggested it, you will have to risk your life.

Satsuki: You may utilize the powers of anyone in our division… / except for Hibiki’s, because hers is directly connected with life and death.

Shizuka: Well, that means we’re going to proceed with our efforts to fulfill your wish: to stop the Shinigami-sama Game. / I promise I’ll stop it… so please,

Shizuka: Raise your head, / Maisaka Sawako-san.

Sawako: I know that my best friend, Miura Chinatsu, is going to participate in the next Shinigami-sama Game. / That’s just the kind of girl she is… / She’s so nice… she even became friends with someone like me.

Shizuka: Don’t worry. By stopping the Game, I’ll protect her. / I swear I’ll protect her.

Sawako: Thank you… / Thank you so much.

Satsuki: Shizuka, I figure you know this already, but don’t tell anyone else about this arrangement. We can’t let any more information about the Shinigami be leaked.
Shizuka: Yes, of course.
Shizuka: I’m sorry, Miura-san, but I can’t tell you anything… / However… I will keep you safe.

(?): No—I’m not Kuroneko’s associate…

Chika: Shit… I can’t find her…
SFX: *turn*

SFX: Bang!
Chika: You little!

Shizuka: Miura-san, please run away!
Chika: You?!

Chika: Don’t worry about me—I can handle her!

Shizuka: No! I’ve figured it out!! / This entire game’s been designed—

Shizuka: --to kill you!!

Shizuka: Shit!
SFX: Whoosh

SFX: *dash*

SFX: Crash

Chika: Wh…

Chika: Why?!
Shizuka: Please… Run… Run away…

SFX: *charge*

Chika: Shit!
SFX: *throw*

SFX: *spin*

Chika: On your feet! Let’s move!!
SFX: *running sounds*

Hah / Hah

Chika: Hey, you all right? I think the bone’s broken.

Shizuka: I’m… I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine.
Chika: …But… But you’re—

Shizuka: Please listen. We don’t have much time. / They’ll find us here soon.

Chika: But how? I’m sure we lost them!

Shizuka: The associate—let’s call him X—has probably figured out a way to ascertain your location.
Chika: … but how?

Shizuka: With this.
Chika: The Shinigami Box?

Chika: Oh, I get it. They’re the ones who prepared these things, after all. They easily could have manipulated it. / That’s why they told us not to get rid of it.

Chika: So then X used this to tell everyone else where I am, and had them attack me… / But how? They can’t all be accomplices.
Shizuka: That one’s easy.

Shizuka: All of the participants are under a lot of mental pressure, and I’m sure they’re all thinking / “I don’t want to kill any more than I have to”.

Shizuka: So X told those girls / “The box which contains your wish is around the neck of a maskless girl with a ponytail”.

Chika: I see… So that’s why they’ve all been going after me…

Chika: The katana girl also didn’t wear a mask, but she said she simply didn’t want to wear hers.

Chika: But why me? / Is there some connection with why only Sawako died last time?
Shizuka: W-well…

Shizuka: I’m sorry. / But I can’t say.

Chika: Hah… Again?

Chika: But, whatever. For now, if this box is telling them where we are, / then I’ll—
SFX: *Ssst*

Shizuka: You can’t.
SFX: Grab
Chika: Wh—why?

Shizuka: This is our chance. We know that X is after you. / That means we can use the boxes. / If we do, we’ll be able to lure out X.

Shizuka: Miura-san, I want you to change places with me.

Shizuka: Luckily, we’re about the same height, are wearing similar clothes, and have the same hair color. In this light, they shouldn’t be able to tell us apart.
Chika: … Hey!

Shizuka: If we switch hairstyles and exchange boxes, we can easily switch places.
Chika: Hey, wait!!

Chika: What will that even achieve?

Shizuka: Don’t worry; I have a plan to lure out X, so—
Chika: You idiot!! That’s not the point!

Chika: If we… If we change places, they’ll just attack you instead of me!

Chika: You’re hurt! How can you ask me to change places with you?!

Chika: Why? / Why would you do so much for me? / What do you have to gain by helping me?

Shizuka: … I can’t / answer that, either.

Chika: … How… / How am I supposed to accept that?

Chika: I’m not going anywhere until you give me a proper answer!

Shizuka: My… My entire family was killed.

Chika: What?

Shizuka: My father, my mother, my little sister… I loved them so much, but there was nothing I could do. I let them die.

Shizuka: You… You’re a lot like my sister. / She was bad-mannered, short-tempered, and obstinate, just like you.

Shizuka: And she was kind, too… so, so kind. / You’re the same way.
Chika: I’m… I’m not that kind.
Shizuka: Heheh… She even blushes the same way you do.

Shizuka: And that’s why!
SFX: *Grab*

Shizuka: That’s why this time… This time, I won’t let anyone die! / So please, let me keep you safe. / Please, I’m begging you!

Shizuka: OK?
Chika: Khh

Chika: Oh, fine! Fine, I’ll do what you want!

Chika: Dammit, how can you look at me like that?! / If you were a man, I’d fall for you in a second!
Shizuka: Heheh… That’s a shame.

Chika: Shizuka… Call me Chika. / All my friends do.

Chika: And I always keep my promises with my friends.

Chika: So, Shizuka… Promise me… Promise me you won’t die… / I’ve… I’ve lost too many people, too.
Shizuka: I promise… Chika-san.

SFX: *Shoosh*

SFX: *Strap*

So then, Mission Start!
SFX: *running sounds*

(?): So they’ve split up?

(?): It doesn’t matter. We only want the one. / …Hm?

(?): Is she… She can’t be!

Chika: So how are you going to lure out X?

Shizuka: I’m going to hurry to a certain place. / That place is rather inconvenient for X.
SFX: *running sounds*

Chika: Where’s that?
SFX: *running sounds*

SFX: *click*
Shizuka: It’s…

Shizuka: The roof.

Shizuka: There’s a particular reason why X is afraid of going to the roof. / That’s because he’s afraid of a certain thing happening.

Shizuka: I’m sure he’d rather stay out of the limelight, but if I can turn things into a race against time, he’ll have to act.
SFX: *running sounds*

Shizuka: Therefore, once I’m on the roof, the first person to arrive / will be X.
SFX: *running sounds*
Shizuka: So… Come up here.

SFX: *step*

Shizuka: … You’re…

SFX: Click

SFX: Bang!

Chika: What… was that sound? Was it from outside? / But it sounded like it was from above… / Was it from the roof?!

Chika: Don’t tell me something happened to Shizuka?
SFX: *scuff*

<no text>

Chika: … That was…

Chika: That was… / It can’t be.

Chika: It can’t be. / It can’t be.

Chika: It can’t be. / … It can’t have been Shizuka…

SFX: Screech

Chika: … But… But th-that’s…

*What happened to Shizuka on the roof?!

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