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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Takamagahara 14

Anechoic Chamber

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Oct 13, 2012 13:56 | Go to Takamagahara

-> RTS Page for Takamagahara 14

Takamgahara 14


Chapter 14: Anechoic Chamber

SFX (all over the page): Cheers
* Yamato in a hard fight!

Guys: Where are you throwing yourself, you idiot?! / Nice one, Taiju-san! / You tryin’ to kill yourself, you punk?! / Yahoo! Die!

Kokuhaku: If you lose, you’re the only one who should have his head shaved!
Izumo: Listen to our advice!

Yamato: So I can still hear…

SFX (all over the page): Cheers
Yamato: Does his Divine Gift have something to do with Sound? / I have to figure it out completely, whatever it takes.

Yamato: My Divine Gift / is Strength.

Yamato: I must have strengthened not just my legs strength, but my defensive ability as well. / If not, I would have been out of the fight after crashing into the wall.

Yamato: But his blows are still dealing damage. / I guess it’s kind of obvious, / but I think I can’t use my power subconsciously.

Yamato For now, / I have to focus on figuring out his Divine Gift!
SFX: *Step*

SFX: Screeeeech

(errrrr… I’ll just roughly list them from right to left)
Background: Die, punk! / Punk / What are you doing? / Don’t! / My goodness… / Hahaha / Kill him! / Kick his ass! / Nice! Now get him! / Knock him dead! / Gyahahaha! / Musaaaa! / Die! / My goodness / Whoa! / BAM! / Haha / Hyah hyah! / Behind you! Behind you! / Die! Don’t! / Whoa! / Punk / Kill him! / You’re gonna die!

Yamato: Shit! / What’s going on?! / It’s like the sounds are pounding against my head!!
Background: Kill / Whoa! / What’s / Die / Punk! / Haha! / Die! / Don’t! / Hyah

Yamato: Hah!

Yamato: He’s so fast!

Yamato: Something’s wrong!

Yamato: It’s not just that I can’t hear anything!

Yamato: I can’t even hear the sound of something hitting me, or the sounds of my own footsteps! / I can’t hear my skin, or my flesh, or my bones, or any sounds traveling within my own body!

Yamato: I’ve heard those all my life. Without them, it doesn’t feel like I’m actually being hit. / I wasn’t even able to control the force of my own jump!

Yamato: But even so, / he moves so efficiently and attacks so precisely!

Yamato: Does his Divine Gift have anything to do with this silence?!

Mutsu: Hey, Yamato? / There wasn’t just one of them.
Yamato: Hm? / What are you talking about, Mutsu?

Mutsu: In my elementary school, / there were a couple of really mean older students. / Their boss was really big, but I beat up the bad guys / and reached the top of my school.

Mutsu: But that big guy? He was really just being used by a smart, evil person. / So I challenged him to a test designed for older students and defeated him.

Mutsu: So who do you think was in the wrong? The person who was in the light, fighting with his body, / or the person in the shadows using his mind?

Mutsu: It’s something you often hear from politicians, / but I think the one in the shadows was responsible.
Yamato: … Mutsu, are you really just a third-grader?

Yamato: Maybe I'm actually fighting against / more than one person.

Yamato: If his Divine Gift has to do with his physical abilities and speed, / there must be someone else in the crowd who’s creating this silent space!

Yamato: If so, then there’s one person who comes to mind.

Yamato: Kikuchi said he only gathers the powerful. / But one person claimed to have a weak Divine Gift!

Yamato: Udehara Emishi! / It’s him!

Emishi: So you’ve figured it out, Yamato! / I guess you’re a player with good instincts if you figured that out in the middle of a fight!
SFX bubble: Taptaptaptaptap
SFX: Zoom

Emishi: But I have planned for that!

Emishi: While pretending not to have noticed, / and dodging Ooki Taiku’s attacks,
SFX: Cheers

Emishi: you will try to attack me!
SFX: Cheers

Emishi: However, / I have planned for that, too!
SFX: Flash

Yamato: Shit! / I let my guard down for a second, and he instantly puts me on my back.

Yamato: But he made sure to get between me and Emishi. That’s proof Emishi is also my enemy! / This was never a one-on-one fight!

Yamato: I need to tell those two…!

SFX (all over the page): Cheers
Izumo: What? / Are you trying to say something?

Kumaso: Have you noticed yet?
Izumo: Huh? Noticed what?

Kumaso: It’s hard to tell with all the voices around us, / but all sound near the two fighters has vanished.
Izumo: Seriously?!

Kumaso: I can’t hear the sounds of that shimenawa guy’s attacks, / but I could hear the noise from Yamato slamming into the wall. / In all likelihood, / that means the radius of his ability is only a few meters.

Izumo: You sure figured out a lot…. / You think Yamato-chan’s trying to tell us that?

Emishi: So, now that Yamato has realized he can’t attack me himself, / he is trying to inform his friends about me.
SFX: Taptaptaptaptaptap

Emishi: But that, too, / I have planned for!
SFX: Flash

Emishi: His voice will be absorbed by my Divine Gift, same as the noise of his surroundings.

Emishi: My Divine Gift / is Anechoic Chamber.

Emishi: That gives me the ability to arbitrarily silence all sounds within a 5-meter radius! / That means you’re effectively stuck within a soundproof room!

Emishi: But my Anechoic Chamber, in addition to being able to silence sound, has one more ability!

Emishi: You’ve screwed up, / Yamato.
SFX: Taptaptaptap!

Emishi: Anechoic Chamber! / Release!
(from the top, counter-clockwise. Also the ones on the bottom are upside-down, on the left are sideways, etc.):
background: Pow / Hey! / Ooki-san! / Roar / Thump / Get him! / Taiju- / Power / Charge! / Good morning! / I’ll kick your ass! / Get lost, stupid! / Sorry, Emi / Roar / Yamato-chan! / Mi! Mi! Mi!

Scrubs: There it is! / Taiju-san’s killing technique! / This’ll finish him off!

Yamato: What the hell?! / It’s like the vibrations are shredding all of my cells!!
Background, right to left (very roughly): Yamato-chan! / Roar / Taiju! / He’s / Rumble / Son of a! / The hell?! / Kick his ass! / Bah! Musaa! / Whoaaaa! / Kick his! / Rumble / Don’t underestimate me! / Idiot / Roar

Yamato: This sound…

Yamato: No, this voice…

Emishi: I can have my Anechoic Chamber / take all the sounds it has absorbed them and release them as attacking waves!

Emishi: One can only win a game if he can predict what will happen next! / I have already won this game!

SFX: Clack

Scrubs: Hey, hey! What are you doing?! / What are you pointing a sword at the wimp for?!

Emishi: Huh? / Kumaso-kun?
SFX: *Turn*

Kokuhaku: You son of a bitch! / You tryin’ to interfere in a one-on-one fight, caw!

Emishi: Huh? What are you talking about?
SFX bubble: Taptaptaptap

Kokuhaku: Stop playing dumb! / You’re far more interested in what’s going on over there than your own life!
Emishi: But their fight’s just so interesting….
Kokuhaku: Why have you been tapping on your arm like that?!
Emishi: It’s just an old habit. / I just start tapping a beat whenever I’m excited or nervous….
SFX: Cheers

Kokuhaku: I told you not to play dumb, bacaw!
SFX: *Shiver*

Kokuhaku: Kumaso here practices ventriloquism, / so he’s really started paying attention to people’s lips. He can even read them! / So too bad, brat!

Kumaso: You’ve told him too much, / Kokuhaku.
Kokuhaku: Yamato already told him everything! / So, are you the one creating the silence, caw?!

Emishi: Ventriloquism?! / Lip reading?!

Emishi: I / haven’t planned for that!!
SFX: Flash

Top: Takamagahara

Yamato: So I really can up my defensive power. / If I couldn’t, I would have been torn apart.

Yamato: Now I know better how to use my Power!

Yamato: I need to focus!
SFX: Roar

Yamato: Focus!

Yamato: Did that shimenawa guy / just perform an unnecessary movement?

Yamato: Yamato: Well, I have started to pull off some effective countermeasures. / And I think the faster I move, the better my kinetic vision gets.

SFX: Rumble
Yamato: Just once punch! / All I have to do is land one punch,
Sidebar: Finding a chance…!!

Yamato: and I’ll win!

Takamagahara / Chapter 14 / End

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