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Takamagahara 15


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Oct 22, 2012 00:12 | Go to Takamagahara

-> RTS Page for Takamagahara 15

SFX: Rumble

SFX: Roar

Randoms: What’s with those clouds?! / They’re gathering? / Are the guys at the Takeru School up to something again?!
Aside: Should we give a damn?
Sidebar: “Power” covers up the heavens!!”



Chapter 15: Joystigmata

Emishi: This is bad! / I have to do something!

SFX Bubble: Taptap!

SFX: *Rush*

SFX: Pow!

SFX: Crash

SFX: Rumble

SFX: Thump thump thump thump thump
(?): Hey, hey!! / What was that sound?!!

SFX: Crash

(?): What happened to this guy? / Did someone hit him that hard?!

Guys: Taiju-san / got blown away…

SFX: Hissss

Izumo: Yamato-chan!

Yamato: Maybe… / I used too much power in that one attack…

SFX: Slash / Slash

SFX: Clack

SFX Bubble: Beep beep!

SFX: Rip!

Guys: The hell? / That’s one weird birthmark.

Kokuhaku: What have you been doing?! / If you don’t want me to slice you, you better give me a good explanation, caw!

Emishi: Ugh…!!

Emishi: Do any of you…! / Do any of you / know how scary it is when no one else can hear the sound of your voice?!

Emishi: Back home, I was known as Emishi the Wimp. / Ooki Taiju and his friends would force me to do whatever they said!

Emishi: If I didn’t obey, they would hit me. / If I talked back to them, they would hit me.

Emishi: Everyone I tried to talk to / was afraid of getting involved, / so no one listened to me!

Yamato: Is that what triggered your Divine Gift over silence?


Emishi: Thinking that, / I decided to risk my own life and punched Ooki.

Emishi: Enraged, Ooki chased after me. / He awoke then to his own Divine Gift, and silenced my voice before I could call for help.

Emishi: And I awoke to my Divine Gift at the same time!

Emishi: When I punch someone in the face, a controller appears on my arm! / I can then control that person however I will! / That is the power of Joystigmata!

Kokuhaku: So you’re not the user of the silence technique, caw?!

Emishi: Then Kikuchi appeared before us. / He brought us here, to Takamagahara!

Emishi: But the punks here / tried to control me using violence and made me their tool!

Emishi: Joystigmata can control the body, but it cannot control the head or mouth. / However, it can control the individual’s Divine Gift!

Emishi: Therefore, I used Ooki’s ability to make him silence himself/ and took over this class!

Guys: Emishi, you bastard! You were controlling Taiju? / So, that means you were controlling this class from the shadows?

Emishi: He had stolen my voice, / so I stole his!
SFX: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

SFX: Flash

SFX: Whoosh
Emishi: It’s not Game Over just yet!

Emishi: The Joystigmata has two controllers!
SFX: Taptaptap!

Izumo: Whoa?!
Squirrel: Musa?!
SFX: Whoosh / Screeeech

Izumo: I can’t control my body!

Izumo: Yamato-chan, / get out of the way!

SFX: Bang!

SFX: Screeech

Kokuhaku: The battle is still on! / I care not for his life, / but I must prevent things which would happen were he defeated!

Emishi: Damn! / Do you really think a sword can defeat a gun?!
SFX Bubble: TapTapTapTapTapTapTapTap

SFX: Right side: Bang Bang Bang / Bang Bang Bang
Left side: Ding Ding Ding / Ding Ding Ding

SFX: *Rattling*
Bubbles: Musa / Musa / Musa / Musa / Musa / Musa

Emishi: You blocked all the bullets at point-blank range?!

Kokuhaku: Even if one cannot dodge the fired bullets, / if one watches the trigger and listens for gunshots, he can block them! / Being at point-blank range changes nothing!

Izumo: Whew. / Nice going, Yatagarasu.
Kuzumo: I know your Divine Gift can do far more than this, / Magatama.

Emishi: Shit! / 16-shot Rapid Fire! / Open Fire!
SFX: Taptaptaptaptap

SFX: Click Click Click
Bubbles: Musa! / Musa! / Musa!

Emishi: What the hell?! / Why won’t it fire??

Izumo: Since you told me so much about your own Divine Gift, / I figure it’s only fair for me to tell you about mine.

Izumo: My “Magatama” ability allows me to turn the blood of animals into bullets. / So once I’ve emptied my clip, the animal runs out of blood and I can’t shoot anymore.
SFX: *Screeeeech*
Squirrel: Mu…sa…

Izumo: And these are nutrients for him.
SFX: chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp

Emishi: I haven’t planned for that!!

Guys: One of them is out of bullets, and the other can’t even move! / Let’s jump him together!

Guys: What sort of orders have you been giving, you bastard?! / You’ve got balls, trying to trick us! / You know what’s gonna happen next, right?!

Guys: Kick his ass! / Bury him!

Emishi: Ah! / Ahhhhh!

SFX: Bam Bam Bam

Emishi: Taiju-kun? / Why would you…

Yamato: I guess you couldn’t hear / what he was saying.

Yamato: When you hit me with his Divine Gift, / I could make out within that wall of sound what he was saying:

Taiju: I’m sorry, Emishi

Emishi: Huh?

Taiju: I’m sorry, / Emishi.

Emishi: Taiju-kun?!

Taiju: Here at Takamagahara, / my body was controlled by your Divine Gift, / and my voice was silenced by my own.

Taiju: At first, I wanted to scream at you with rage, / but eventually I understood.

Taiju: Back home, / I had done the same thing to you.

Taiju: I finally understood how you felt / when I made you obey me / and nobody would listen to your troubles.

Taiju: Ever since, / I’ve wanted you to hear me apologize from my own lips. / Please, forgive me, / Emishi.

Emishi: Taiju-kun……

Emishi: Thank you… / I’m sorry, too…

Guys: *Sniff* / What a good story….. / If Taiju says so, I guess we’ve gotta forgive him, too… / Though I’m still pissed off over having to shave my hair and draw a line in it.

Yamato: Well, / isn’t that great! / Everything’s worked out peacefully.

Yamato: So that was an indirect attack, / an attack I cannot see with my own eyes.

Yamato: It seems overwhelmingly strong compared to abilities like that cutter guy’s and the body stiffening guy’s, whose abilities only allow them to come straight at me…

Emishi: But Taiju-kun, / after taking that blow, are you still all right?
Taiju: Yeah. / Probably thanks to that man’s Divine Gift…

Taiju: We of Class 2 pledge ourselves to your service, / Yamato-san!

Yamato: Hey, hey! / Let’s not be so stiff over who’s in charge. / Comrades! / Yeah, let’s just think of each other as comrades!

Guy: He has such a wide heart! / He must have been a pretty famous boss back home!
SFX: Whoa

Izumo: So, what about the Chouran?
Yamato: Yeah, the Chouran! / Give us the Chouran!

Emishi: Chouran? You mean Takamagahara’s special Chouran?
Yamato: Yeah, that’s the one. / Give it here.

Emishi: We don’t have it.
Yamato: What?! / Then who does?

Emishi: I don’t know if you’ve noticed, / but if you saw the Takeru School from above, it’s clear that it’s divided into four towers.

Emishi: The special Chouran / is held by one of the bosses who control those four towers. / No one knows which one has it.

Yamato: What?! / But that means--!
Sidebar: The battles continue!!

Kikuchi: But of course! / Did you really think you could conquer the Taker School so easily? / It boasts students with some of the most powerful attacks in all of Takamagahara!

Yamato: Kikuchi!

Takamagahara / Chapter 15 / End

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