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Takamagahara 16


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Oct 29, 2012 17:48 | Go to Takamagahara

-> RTS Page for Takamagahara 16

Sidebar: Yamato has won the fierce battle and learned more about his Divine Gift!! So whom will he face next?!

Yamato: I’ve thought my ability was simply raw power, / but it’s not just the muscles behind my attacks, blocks, and movements that are being strengthened!

Yamato: My hearing and vision are improving, too! / And furthermore,

Yamato: I raised my opponent’s defensive power, too!

Yamato: Did that ability also save Fukakyon’s life? / Did I utilize some subconscious desire to spare him?
Fukakyon: I’m OK!

Yamato: I managed to use my ability consciously this time, / but there are a lot of risks to my power.

Yamato: I have to understand my power better. / I feel like my power / has more uses that I haven’t even thought of yet!

Kikuchi: It seems you have come to understand your own Divine Gift, / Yamada Yamato.

Kikuchi: It is easy for one to awaken to his Divine Gift while growing up, / but many lose them as they reach adulthood. / That is why most of the people here at Takamagahara are students.

Kikuchi: It is likely because you sought to become a manga artist / and thus unlike your brothers did not spend all your time focusing on battle / that it took until now for you to awaken to your Divine Gift.

Kikuchi: I shall now name your Divine Gift. / It would be rather inconvenient if it did not have one.

Yamato: Huh? What are you saying?
Kikuchi: In Takamagahara, you are known by the name of your Divine Gift, / just as I am known as Change-to-Words.

Kikuchi: Your Divine Gift shall be known as Ama-no-Murakumo*. / And you shall be known by that name as well.
(*: Lit. Gathering Clouds of Heaven. Also, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kusanagi )

Yamato: Ama-no-Murakumo, / is it?

Yamato: That ain’t bad!

Kikuchi: At the moment he truly knew his Divine Gift, / clouds gathered in the sky above.

Kikuchi: I don’t know whether or not his Divine Gift was the cause of that, / but neither do I know the true depths of his ability.

Kikuchi: I would love / to turn you into words at some point and give you a good, hard look.

Yamato: Call me Ama-no-Murakumo!
Kokuhaku: Caw?!

Izumo: I allowed myself to get punched so that I could see how those two would respond. / But I never expected my plan to be this effective.

Izumo: I’ll have to report to the higher-ups… / <aside: Such a pain.>

Kikuchi: You’re lucky people still care about you, Udehara Emishi.
Emishi: Huh?

Kikuchi: I came here / to turn you into words.

Emishi: Whoa!
SFX: *Shove*

Yamato: You son of a!
SFX: Whoosh

Kikuchi: Relax. / Though you were on the verge of being swallowed up by your karma, / you were saved by Yamada Yamato and Ooki Taiju, / Udehara Emishi.

Yamato: Karma……!

Kikuchi: Let us begin this special lecture!
SFX: Slam

Kikuchi: What is Karma?

Kikuchi: That’s right! / Karma is composed of the desires and impulses which drive a man to action! / And the Karmas of those who have awoken to their Divine Gifts grow stronger!

Kikuchi: Then what happens to those who are completely swallowed up by their Karma?

Kikuchi: That’s correct. / The beating of their hearts is halted.

Kikuchi: Such beings are no longer people, but Karma itself! / They are the walking dead, their actions driven by Karma!

Kikuchi: Takamagahara was formed to isolate those who had awoken to their Divine Gifts and instruct them! / However, the true reason why it exists is to train people to fight them.

Kikuchi: They are legion! / Even now, they wait there for that time to come!

Kikuchi: Both the name of that place—a place not on Earth but far below it, / where countless gravestone-like structures line the landscape— / and the name of they— / who during the Age of Myth, the Century of the Gods, / did as they pleased with the mortal plains—

Takamagahara Chapter 16: Yomi

Kikuchi: is Yomi!
[insert text]: The dead gather…!!

Mizuho <aside>: Yawn

Mizuho: Huh? / Why does my body feel so light?

Mizuho: ! / The hell?! / My breasts are gone!

Mizuho: What do I do? / There’s something weird down there…!

Sisters: Musashi-san should be having his battle soon. / And don’t you think Shinano’s gotten even cooler? / That stupid Hyuuga’s really pissing me off! / I want to go to school with Mutsu-kun today!

Eldest: Huh? What is it, Mizuho? / You are a girl. Couldn’t you try to look a little more feminine?

Mizuho: Uh… / I can’t tell her……

Fukakyon: It’s almost time for practice. / I wonder what Yamato-san’s doing right about now.

Fukakyon: Maybe he’s off to unite everything under Heaven by himself / and doesn’t intend to come home until he’s done?!
SFX: Hah

Fukakyon: All right, guys! / We’ve gotten toughen up, too!
SFX: Yeah!

Fukakyon: The Yamada Family’s Specialty: / The Seniority Pushup Tower! / Yamato Army Version!

Fukakyon: One! / Whoa!
SFX: Collapse

Fukakyon: We couldn’t even do it once? / The Yamada Brothers are friggin’ scary…….

SFX: Thump

SFX: (bg): Cheers
(front): Slam

Announcer: So how is it? / What are your thoughts on being the number one mixed martial artist in the world?

Musashi: From the moment I was born, I’ve only dreamed of being the strongest on Earth! / This was simply inevitable!
Tattoos: Friendship / Hard Work / Victory
SFX: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Sign: Yamada

Musashi: And thus / I return to you the strongest man on Earth.

Brothers: Amazing, Musashi! / The other guy looked like he thought accepting the challenge alone was enough to become king. / Congratulations!

Musashi: Hm? / That reminds me—I haven’t seen Yamato recently.

Brothers: Well, / I bet he’s off training somewhere to become a warrior manga artist! / Sounds about right! / And battle training, at that! / Sounds about right.
SFX: Wahaha / Hahaha

SFX: Howl

Cloaks: Takamagahara

(?): It’s been a while since we’ve been in the mortal plain.

Sign: Looking For: / Yamada Yamato

Mizuho: Where did you go, Yamato? / The police and the mass media won’t look for you…

Mizuho: This might not be the best time for this, since my body is so weird right now, / but I at least have to search for him.

(?): We’ve finally found you~~~~~!
Mizuho: Huh?

Yomi: You bear the good scent of someone who can change from yin to yang! / We’ve followed your scent here~~~~~~~!

Mizuho: Who is he?!

Yomi: We must make sure. / It’s time to get changed!

Mizuho: Eeek!

Mizuho: Wait! / What is this?!

Yomi: A woman, yet a man? / Good~~~! / So good~~~~~!

Mizuho: Ow!
SFX: Pop pop pop pop pop

SFX: Twist

SFX: Boing

SFX: Boing

Yomi: A man, yet a woman? / Good~~~~~~~~! / So good~~~~~!
SFX: Grrr / Grrr

Yomi: Truly, a Divine Gift which allows one to change between yin and yang! / An ability which may allow one to reverse the worlds of the living and the dead!

Yomi: Capture her~! / We’re taking her back to Yomi!
SFX: *Grab*

Mizuho: Save me, / Yamato…!

SFX: Bam / Slam / Bam

(?): Hey there, Mizuho. / Long time no see.

Sidebar: Yamato comes home!!

Mizuho: Yamato!

Takamagahara / … Chapter 16 / End

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