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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 16

Chapter 16

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 27, 2012 22:04 | Go to Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

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Shinigami 16

*For use by Muda Scans

All of the non-Shinigami call in the new year!!

Happy New Year

(?): It’s been two hours since he entered the school… / If things went according to plan, he should jump from the roof any second now…

SFX: Bang!
(?): What was that?! A gunshot?

(?): Are you really all right, Shizuka?
Shizuka’s on the ropes as X draws near!
Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo / Chapter 16

Shizuka: How careless of me. I never thought you’d have a pistol.

Shizuka: It’s you… / No. I didn’t want to consider the possibility, but of course it’s you.

Shizuka: I knew you’d come to the roof yourself.

Shizuka: It’d be bad for you if I went and offed myself, just like she did.

Shizuka: During the last Shinigami Game, you went after Sawako-san. / You chased her all the way to the roof.

Shizuka: “If you come any closer, I’ll kill myself,” she said, threatening her pursuers. / That was a risk Sawako-san took to try to survive. / Since suicide makes one unable to have her Last Request fulfilled, she expected this threat to be effective against her pursuers.

Shizuka: And she was right. / The other girls, who believed their wishes were inside Sawako’s box, were left unable to act.

Shizuka: She planned to remain there until time expired; however,
SFX: Slip

Shizuka: Sawako-san fell. / Was it suicide? Or murder? Or an accident? No one could be quite sure.

Shizuka: Which meant you couldn’t be sure whether or not your wish had been granted.

(?): Tch.
SFX: *Click*

(note: this page was reversed 180 degrees in the raw I had access to)
SFX: *Bang*

Shizuka: I’m sorry, but I too can’t allow myself to be killed by you.

SFX: *running sounds*

SFX: *jump*

(?): Hey, Ume! Shizuka just jumped!

Ume: Ah!
SFX: *Dash*

SFX: *Jump*

SFX: *catch*

SFX: Thump

(?): Luca! Yoshino!
Luca: On it!
Yoshino: I know!

SFX: Dash / Smack

Masamune: We’re up next. Let’s go, Sasuke!
Sasuke: Mm.

Masamune: Hey, what is this, a suicide? We should call an ambulance—no, the hospitals close. Let’s carry her there.

(?): Tch

Announcer: Attention all participants. Do to some unforeseen trouble, this game has come to an end. / The rear exit has been opened, so please exit the premises as quickly as possible.

Chika: …But…

Chika: Shizuka…!

Chiika: …..Shizuka.

SFX: *running sounds*

Shizuka: At any rate, I know who X is, and I managed to bring back a box, but…

Shizuka: I’m… I’m sorry, Masamune-san… He got me.
Masamune: Enough! I know! Just don’t talk!

Masamune: I knew this plan was too reckless. You might have a good head on your shoulders, but your body’s still a normal human’s! / … If Hibiki sees you like this…

Hibiki: You’re… You’re kidding… Shizuka?

Hibiki: Shizuka!!
Masamune: We’ll talk later; stay back!!

Masamune: For now, let’s get him in a futon and let him sleep!

(?): Wait, Yoshino! He’s too badly hurt. It’s too dangerous to transform him now! / We’ll have to wait until after you heal him. / I’m going to tear off his clothes!!
SFX: *rip rip*

Shizuka: Hah / Hah / Hah

Masamune: His right shoulder’s broken, and… is this a gunshot wound? / Neither wound will kill him instantly, but he’s lost a lot of blood. We need to stop the bleeding, fast.

Hibiki: Relax, Shizuka. I’ll heal you now.
SFX: *Clap*

Satsuki: Stop, Hibiki.
SFX: *Grab*

Hibiki: Satsuki? / What are you doing? Let go of me!

Satsuki: I thought I told you that you couldn’t use your ability. Shizuka is a human. / Shinigami are forbidden to directly interfere in the life or death of a human. / If Shizuka dies here, then so be it.

Hibiki: I don’t give a damn! You can punish me later!! / But I will save Shizuka!

Satsuki: … Then do as you will. / But if you do, you will be sent to Hell,

Satsuki: and I will kill Shizuka myself.

Satsuki: That was the deal you made with Ayame.
Hibiki: … But…
SFX: *clench*

Hibiki: B… Big brother…

Masamune: Whelp, / guess I got no choice.

Masamune: This ain’t ideal, / but I’ll do it.

Hibiki: Masamune?
Masamune: There ain’t a problem with me, right, Satsuki? I’m no Shinigami or anythin’ like that.

Satsuki: Hmph. / Well, I suppose.

Masamune: Luca, I need hot water—and lots of it!
Luca: Y—yeah!
Masamune: Yoshino—Sewing tools!
Yoshino: Yes, sir!
Masamune: Sasuke, hold Shizuka’s body still for me.
Sasuke: Mm-hm.

Masamune: Ume… I want you to wait with Hibiki outside.
Hibiki: Huh? Let me help too!

Masamune: No. We’re doin’ this without anesthetics. / It’s gonna get nasty in here. You shouldn’t watch.
Hibiki: But—but I—

Masamune: Don’t worry. I’ll save Shizuka. / Trust me, and wait outside.

Hibiki: ….OK.
Masamune: Ume, take care of her for me.
Ume: Ah.

SFX: *collapse*

Shizuka: Aaaaaaaagggghhhhh!

Shizuka: Aaaaaggh

Shizuka: Aaaagh

SFX: Pat

Hibiki: Ume.
Ume: Ah.

SFX: *squeeze*

A few days later

Chika: Afterwards, I visited a number of hospitals, / but I couldn’t find Shizuka.

Chika: Can I let things just end like this? I’ve thought about it so many times… And now I’ve made my decision. / I will participate in the Game once again.

Chika: It might be a trap. Someone so close to Shizuka shouldn’t have been allowed to play again. / But I won’t run away. I will avenge Sawako and Shizuka both.

SFX: Bang / Bang

Hah / Hah

Masked girl: Hi—hiiiiiiiii!
SFX: *dash*

SFX: Bang

Paper bag: Hah / Hah
Masked girl: Somebody… save… me.

Chika: Stop!

Chika: What are you doing? Does this game even have rules anymore?

Chika: I should have thought things through better. / I thought the scream which triggered the start of the game…

Chika: … was the result of X attacking someone, but… / But that would be such a roundabout method. There was no need to take such a risk.

Chika: After all, couldn’t X just scream herself?

Chika: You can stop now. There’s no need to add to your sins.

SFX: Bang Bang
Masked girl: Kyah!

Chika: You—you little!
SFX: *dash*

SFX: Click

SFX: Clang

SFX: Grab

Chika: Just stop. / There’s no reason to keep fighting.

Paper bag: … Shut up. / I can’t fail again… / If I do, Kuroneko-sama will throw me away.

Chika: Kuroneko-sama? I don’t know what he told you, but there’s no reason to dirty your hands anymore!
Paper bag: You don’t understand!

Paper bag: I don’t care about myself. I need fear nothing if I act in the service of Kuroneko-sama.
Chika: You fear nothing? … I don’t believe you.
SFX: *Grab*

Chika: I mean, look at you. You’re crying even now.

Chika: You’re scared, right? And doesn’t it hurt? / I know you don’t really want to do this.

Paper bag: …You’re wrong! I’m not scared of anything! This doesn’t hurt at all! / These are tears of joy because I achieved my goal!

Chika: Then why did you apologize?

Chika: When you attacked me, you apologized, saying “I’m sorry, Miss.” / And because you said that, I was able to dodge your attack.

Chika: If you were really serious, you would have killed me then and there. / If you had… if you had done that much, you wouldn’t have had to dirty your hands so much. / But you couldn’t kill me with your own hands.

Chika: You said I seemed like a nice person. You meant that, right?

Chika: So… So why? Why’d you do this? Please, tell me the truth.
Paper bag: But… but if I tell you that… I’ll be betraying Kuroneko-sama…

Chika: Don’t worry.

Chika: Don’t you remember? / I promised I wouldn’t do anything scary.

Paper Bag: Ah… ah… ah…

Paper bag: R—really? Can you… can you really stop anything scary from happening?

Chika: Yeah, so don’t worry.

Paper bag: But—but Kuroneko-sama knows everything! He’s always watching—
Chika: That’s just a lie he told you! And if Kuroneko tries to do anything to you, I’ll kick his ass.

Chika: So please, tell me: who is Kuroneko?
Paper bag: …Ah… uh…

Chika: Ku… Kuroneko-sama is…

SFX: Bang

SFX: Splat

SFX: Thump

Paper Bag: Ku… Ku…

Paper bag: Kuroenko-sama?

Paper bag: Hah

SFX: B-thump

Kuroneko: One,

Kuroneko: Two,

Kuroneko: Three,

Kuroneko: And here’s number four… / Once I kill her, it’ll all be over.

SFX: Click
Kuroneko: Dammit. I can’t believe I have to go so low as to become a murderer myself.

Kuroneko: But with this, I’ll finally,

Kuroneko: finally

Kuroneko: have my last wish granted.

Announcer: Thanks for saying that.
Kuroneko: What?! The PA system?

Announcer: With those words,

Announcer: my scenario has reached its epilogue.

SFX: Drip / drip

Kuroneko: Hi—hiiiiii! S—stay back!

Announcer: I figured it was you.
Kuroneko: Who… are you?

Shizuka: Someone who knows you well… And someone who has come here to end this Shinigami Game.

Shizuka: Kuroneko… or should I say, Murata Gorou-san. You’re a wanted criminal, aren’t you?

Shizuka: I took the Shinigami Box home and took a look inside.

Shizuka: The letter inside did not contain the Requst of one of the participants, / but rather read, “Please let the wanted criminal Murata Gorou escape”.

Shizuka: In other words, you wanted to use the power of Last Requests to effect the perfect escape.

Shizuka: Your plan was as follows. / You would gather a bunch of girls and force them into a deathmatch. / Then you would replace the Request inside one box with your own.

Shizuka: It would have been simpler to put your own Request inside every box and let the participants kill each other… / but there was one major problem with that:

Shizuka: A murderer’s Last Request cannot be granted.
Kuroneko: How do you…

Shizuka: In order to ensure the deathmatch started properly, you left that part out of your explanation. However, if the deathmatch truly turned chaotic,

Shizuka: even if someone eventually died, / there was the possibility that that girl had already killed someone.

Shizuka: Or even if she hadn’t already killed someone, what if she had mortally wounded another? Or if two people simultaneously killed each other? / Ergo, a truly chaotic deathmatch gave no certainty that your Request would ever be granted.

Shizuka: Thus the ideal outcome was for only one person to die. / That would give the best likelihood of the Request actually being granted.

Shizuka: The first time, you chose Maisaka Sawako-san. / The second time, you chose Miura Chinatsu-san. / Why did you choose them?

Shizuka: Probably because you could easily forge reasons why they committed suicide.

Shizuka: By examining the various Last Requests, you were able to tell which girl was the most depressed. / I’m sure Sawako wrote something about being bullied, or else her home life. Either would have provided a firm foundation for a suicide letter.

Shizuka: As for Chinatsu, she wrote “I want to know what happened to Sawako.” / That allowed you to surmise that she was Sawako’s friend, so you wrote a will saying she was going to “kill herself and follow Sawako.”
Letter: Will

Shizuka: Afterwards, to put your plan into action you had that girl over there join the game / and managed events so that only one person died.

Shizuka: However, your plan inevitably failed….

Shizuka: So this time, thinking you couldn’t afford to fail again, / you inserted your wish into all of the boxes / and intended to kill all of them yourself.

Shizuka: That is a full account of what happened in this Game.
SFX: Step
Kuroneko: Y—But you’re…

Kuroneko: The girl from last time? / But you leapt off the roof! There’s no way you survived…

Kuroneko: kh… Khkh… Khkh

Kuroneko: What the hell’s going on? A girl I shoot in the head lives, / and so does a girl who leapt off the roof of the building.

Kuroneko: You know, I love games where you have to take a bit of a risk in order to obtain the greatest pleasures! / But a shitty high-risk game filled with bugs and cheats? I never asked for this!!

Kuroneko: …. I should have just turned myself in back then.

Kuroneko: If I had, I would have gotten out of jail in ten years or so.

Kuroneko: But now it’s come to this, and I’ve become a murderer? / … No, I don’t know what’s going on anymore, but I know I’m getting the death penalty.

Kuroneko: It’s all because…

Kuroneko: It’s all because I relied on him!!

Kuroneko: But whatever… I never really had a choice… / He already knows everything… I know he’s always watching.

Kuroneko: So I’ll just kill as many as I have to!

SFX: Click

SFX: Click / Click / Click
Shizuka: A pointless act. That gun only holds six bullets. / You weren’t keeping count? You are an idiot.
Kuroneko: …Sh—

Kuroneko: Shit!!
SFX: Clang

Kuroneko: But I still have this! / Do you know why I decided to let only women participate in these Games?
SFX: *Crackle*

Kuroneko: Because if it came down to fighting a bitch like you, I knew I could overpower you!!
SFX: *Rush*

SFX: *Spark*
Kuroneko: So, you can still move your left hand?!

Kuroneko: But even if you block it, it’s all the same in the end—

Kuroneko: You’re getting shocked!!
SFX: *Spark* / *Spark*

Kuroneko: Look at you! You’re completely stunned! / Completely… huh?

SFX: Smash
Kuroneko: What?

Shizuka(?): Ah.


SFX: Bam!

SFX: Clench / Tremble / Tremble

Luca: You… you almost…

Luca: You went too far, Ume. What if he died?

Yoshino: I’m going to change you back to normal now, Ume-chan.
Ume: I’m sorry, Luca… But he’s the one who hurt Shizuka and Hibiki.

Ume: So I was a little pissed off.

(?): Thanks, Ume.

Hibiki: I feel a lot better now.

Hibiki: Hey, are you alright, Shizuka?
Shizuka: Yeah, I’m fine.

Hibiki: That was certainly rough… But now we’ve settled everything.
Masamune: I am never doing this shit again.
Sasuke: Mm-hm!

Shizuka: No… / Not yet.

Shizuka: Where are you watching us from, Minamida?!

Hibiki: Mi--Minamida? You mean that guy from the Shiroha case?
Shizuka: Yes, him.

Shizuka: There were a lot of things about this Shinigami Game that seemed like something Kuroneko would do. Only allowing girls to participate, requiring the players to submit a naked photo of themselves, things like that. / … However,

Shizuka: this time around, he took to dirtying his hands himself. That’s not like him.

Shizuka: And what about that girl? / She loved Kuroneko enough to dirty her hands in this game. / But I don’t think Kuroneko has the skill to brainwash her.

Shizuka: Furthermore, Kuroneko was clearly afraid of someone.
Flashbacks: It’s all because I relied on him!! / But whatever… I never really had a choice… / He already knows everything… I know he’s always watching.

Shizuka: That person is the type to remain in the shadows while accomplishing his goals by manipulating others. / I can only think of one person who fits the bill: / Minamida.

SFX: Rinnnnnng
Shizuka: A cellphone? / Isn’t that Kuroneko’s?

Shizuka: … Hello?

Minamida: Yes, good day… or should I say good evening, Aida Shizuka-kun. / It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Minamida.

Minamida: Man, you really put on a hell of a show for me to watch! / Or should I say hear? It sucks, but I couldn’t install any cameras this time. All I had was sound.

Minamida: Of course, everything is as you surmised. I am the one working with Kuroneko-kun. / In exchange for helping him escape, I had him tell me all about you and the Shinigami.

Minamida: But, well… Kuroneko’s information was so unbelievable. He kept prattling on about “Last Requests”, and the like.

Minamida: So I suggested to him that he should escape using that “Last Request” thing. / Then if he was right and Shinigami and Last Requests do exists, he’d easily be able to escape, / and I would be able to believe his data. It would let me kill two birds with one stone.

Minamida: But he felt he couldn’t possibly pull it off alone, so I lent him one of my pieces. / Of course, he still failed miserably.

Minamida: He simply wasn’t a very useful man. He would whine about how he didn’t want to dirty his hands, / that he didn’t want to keep going. Of course I wasn’t going to let him quit.

Minamida: Ah, come to think of it, are Shinigami real? / I can only hear what’s going on, so it’s hard for me to tell for sure~ / Oh? You’re not going to tell me?

Minamida: Well, that’s fine. I don’t even care about Shinigami anymore. / I’ve found something far more [important.
Shizuka: What’s that?

Minamida: It’s you, Aida Shizuka-kun. / You are the ideal being for me.

Minamida: Hey, Shizuka-kun? / What would you say to becoming my piece?

Shizuka: I refuse.

Shizuka: You didn’t think I’d be willing to work for a sleazebag such as yourself, did you?

Minamida: Oh, you will. / I know you’ll be my piece eventually.

Minamida: I have certain information / you are dying to get your hands on.

Minamida: Oh, that was close. I can’t tell you any more yet.

Minamida: I’ll let you hold on to that cellphone. / Please think of me whenever you use it. <3
SFX: *Click*

Shizuka: Information I’m dying to get my hands on… don’t tell me—

Shizuka: Afterwards, I let Satsuki-san clean up the scene. / The Shinigami Game was brought to an end, / but the events had left me with a bad aftertaste.

Sign: National Hospital

Sign: Miura Chinatsu

Chika: When I decided that I was going to play the Shinigami Game again, / I met a girl who claimed to be a friend of Shizuka’s. I remember us talking about the things that had happened last time, but other than that…

Chika: I fell unconscious, or something. Next thing I knew, I found myself in a hospital bed.

Chika: What happened to Shizuka? / Did someone save him, or…

Chika: No… I know… I know! / I know there’s no way he survived all that…

Chika: That bastard… even after he promised me he wouldn’t…

SFX: *Rip*

SFX: *sniff sniff*

Letter: Here’s the ribbon you let me borrow. / Your friend, Shizuka.
Chika: You stupidhead.

Shizuka: Ah, that reminds me.

Shizuka: Satsuki-san, what did you do after I left last time?
Satsuki: Last time? Ah, you mean during the Shinigami Game incident.

Satsuki: Well, I erased all the information about Shinigami Kuroneko knew.

Shizuka: … “Erased”? / Do you mean you erased his memories?
Satsuki: That’s right.

Shizuka: You can do that?!
Satsuki: What’s with you, all of a sudden?

Satsuki: It can be done… but it’s a particularly difficult technique. / I only know one other Shinigami who can do it.
Shizuka: Who’s that?

Satsuki: It’s Saaya.

*: She can erase memories?! Is that ability the key to unlocking the mystery…?!

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