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"Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost 4

A Gift of Misfortune

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 8, 2013 22:08 | Go to "Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost

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Why has it come to this? / I’ve removed everyone who stood in our way. / She’s finally mine, so why?

Everything had gone according to his plan. / In order to repair the destroyed miniature garden, / he took drastic action. / He was neither afraid to stain his hands with blood, / nor afraid to blaspheme God.

Yet it has come to this. / Everything has gone to ruin.
There’s no time.

I have to rewind time once more. / I have to go back to the day / I met her.
He grew lightheaded. / His throat tightened, and his voice became muffled. / His stomach tightened with pain, / and vomit welled up in his throat.

Will you again steal from me? / Will you again betray me? / Will you laugh at my ambitions / and flee from my side?

You’ll pay! / You’ll pay! / You’ll pay! / You’ll pay! / You’ll pay! You’ll fucking pay!

Chapter 4: A Gift of Misfortune

Ding / Dong

Tooko: Why’d you go home without me yesterday, Konoha-kun? / I waited for you in the courtyard forever.

Tooko: I even read all the way to the end / of a copy of Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye I borrowed from the library!

Konoha: Um, / well… / Aren’t you happy you had plenty of time to read?

SFX: *Slam*

Tooko: That’s not the point! / Do you know how scared I’ve been / since you left yesterday?!
Konoha: Did something happen?

Tooko: W-when it didn’t seem like you were coming, / I decided to check and see if you were in the club room.

Tooko: And on the table, / there was a bouquet of black lilies!
Konoha: Maybe it’s a birthday present from a fan of yours?

Tooko: But it’s not my birthday yet! / And moreover, what comes to mind when you think of black lilies?

Konoha: No clue.

Tooko: In the language of flowers, “black lilies” mean / “a curse”!

Konoha: So basically, you think you’ve been cursed.
Tooko: Nooo! / Don’t say it! / I will not accept that curses exist!

Tooko: However, / I’ve heard that if you throw them away the curse will worsen, / so I put the lilies in a beaker / I borrowed from the chemistry room.

Tooko: Then I heard the sound of a girl crying outside.
(?): Wah…

Tooko: But when I opened the door to check, / no one was there.

Tooko: I thought it was just my imagination and shut the door, / but again I heard her sobbing.
(?): Wah…

Tooko: This time, I tried opening the door nice and slowly,

Tooko: but still no one was there.

Tooko: I thought I must have been hearing things because I was tired, / so I headed home.
Konoha: It sounds like a little much to be a prank. / Does it have something to do with Amemiya-san?

Tooko: And on the way—

Ryuuto: weird things started to happen.

Tooko: Three black cats / crossed my path!

Tooko: There’s more! / A murder of crows flew right above my head!
Konoha: <Aside: Hah > / It was late. The crows were probably just heading back home, too.

Tooko: No, Konoha-kun! / There was something even more decisive!

Tooko: This morning, I found this / in my shoe locker.

Konoha: Is it a love letter?
Tooko: It’s not something / that deliciously sweet!

Letter: If you do not send a copy of this letter to five different people within a week, misfortune will strike you.

Konoha: Isn’t this just a chain letter?

Tooko: L—look at who sent the letter, / Konoha-kun!

Letter: From a ghost

Tooko: Which five people can I send it to… / You’re going to be one of those five, Konoha-kun, OK?
Konoha: Rather than a curse, / I’d say this seems more like a prank or a grudge… / It’s not on the same level as Amemiya-san.
(aside up by the cloud-like thingy: Ahhhahaha)

Tooko: And furthermore, / this morning, / there were more memos in the postbox. / The memos are more powerful, too…

(letters, right to left): A herd of possessed pigs / I’ve come home! / Go swallow a butcher’s knife

Konoha: That’s certainly powerful.

Tooko: Right? And we have to do something about it right now! / Even now, a herd of possessed pigs could be coming to attack the Literature Club! / The continued existence of the literature club is at risk, / Konoha-kun!
Konoha: I figure it’s been at risk for a while now. / <aside: We are the only two club members. >

SFX: *glare*

SFX: Ding / Dong

Tooko: I want you to think about this seriously, Konoha-kun! / Got that? / I expect you back here the second classes let out this afternoon.
SFX: *slide*

Tooko: We need to figure out some sort of countermesasures! / Promise?

Konoha: Sorry, Tooko-sempai, / but I’ve already promised to meet with Ryuuto-kun after school / to talk about Amemiya-san…

Konoha: Hm?

Kotobuki: *glare*

Konoha: Kotobuki-san’s staring at me again…
Kotobuki: Awawa / Awa

SFX: Ding / Dong

Konoha: This is Amemiya-san’s classroom… / I’m sure there’s some people in this class who were in my class last year.

Konoha: Um…. Can I talk to you for a second? / I have a question I’d like to ask.
Guy: Inoue?

Guy: Ah. / Yeah, there’s a rumor that says you’ll be cursed if you get too close to Amemiya Hataru.

Guy: They say everyone who goes out with her / gets hit by a car, / or falls down the stairs at the station, / or otherwise finds himself sent to the hospital.

Konoha: Hey, wait a second… / Has Amemiya-san gone out with that many guys? / <aside: She didn’t seem like the type. >

Guy: I’ve heard stories about five, maybe six? / It seems she started going out with lots of boys around the end of our freshmen year.

Konoha: I didn’t expect that… / Though it wouldn’t have surprised me to find out Kujou Kayano had that many boyfriends… / Maybe Kayano started appearing around the end of her freshman year? / But that doesn’t explain why everyone she goes out with winds up getting in an accident.

Guy: She’d say yes to anyone who asked, / even if they were a yankee / or a good-for-nothing.

Guy: Amemiya’d often show up at school with her face covered in bruises. / Some boyfriend probably hit her.

Guy: Don’t tell me you’re going out with her now, Inoue.
Konoha: No, I’m not. / But an acquaintance of mine, well…

Konoha: Amemiya Hataru and Kujou Kayano… / I need to find out more.

[sign]: Library

Konoha: Our school / keeps electronic attendance records. / I can check those records freely from the school’s computer. / They’ve already proved useful once before.

SFX: tap tap
Computer (left to right): Kujou Kayano / Search
SFX in bubble: Beep

Konoha: Found her!

Konoha: … Seven years ago… / she was enrolled for her first two years?

Konoha: But she’s not in this list of graduates. / So, does that mean she left school partway through her second year?

Konoha: Assuming it’s not a different person with the same name, / Kujou Kayano isn’t Amemiya-san’s second personality, / but a different person altogether.

Konoha: But now I feel like I understand even less than I did before.

Konoha: I wonder if Ryuuto-kun managed to find anything out…

Misaki: I’m Kaga Misami, a sophomore at Takara Girls’ School.
Sonoko: And I’m her classmate, Segawa Sonoko.
Saeko: And I’m Tachibana Saeko, / an officeworker.

Konoha: …… I’m—I’m Inoue.
Ryuuto: The name’s Sakurai Ryuuto.

Konoha: What’s going on?! / <aside: Is this a mixer?! >

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