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"Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost 5

Amemiya Hataru’s Guardian

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 8, 2013 22:29 | Go to "Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost

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Konoha: Weren’t we supposed to be talking about Amemiya-san?

Konoha: So how did it come to this…

Chapter 5: Amemiya Hataru’s Guardian

Konoha: What’s going on?! / Did you decide to just grab a bunch of girls and have a mixer?

Ryuuto: This guy here is Inoue Konoha-san. / He’s a sophomore at Seijou Academy.

Misaki: Segawa-san is a friend of a friend, / and was Hataru’s classmate and friend back in elementary school. / And I’m Ryuu’s friend.
Segawa: <aside: I’m Segawa > / My home is in the same neighborhood as Hataru-chan’s, / and we were always in the same class.
SFX: *bow*

Ryuuto: And Saeko-san works for a company run by Hataru’s uncle. / I bumped into her in a restaurant during lunch, started hitting on her, and brought her back with me.
Konoha: You hit on her?! And you met her today?!

Misaki: Oh, Ryuu! / How can you hit on other girls when you have me?!
Ryuuto: Ow!
Konoha: So this is a gathering of people connected to Amemiya-san.
SFX: Pow!

(this page is missing in every copy of the manga I can find, but based on the scene in the book, all that happened is that the characters decide Segawa’s going to talk first and she mentions Hataru used to eat normally.)

Segawa: Hataru-chan’s mother died when Hataru was in grade school, / so a housekeeper was hired to help take care of things.

Segawa: From that point on, she lived in a large mansion / with just her father and her father’s younger sister.

Segawa: However, in her first year of middle school, her aunt married and left their home. / Soon afterwards, her father suffered a sudden heart attack and passed away. / Not two weeks later, her aunt died in an accident…


Segawa: Afterwards, her late aunt’s husband / became her guardian. / That man was Kurosaki-san.

Segawa: He fired both the housekeeper and the chauffer / and sold the mansion. / It was then when Hataru-chan’s started to getting weird.

Segawa: Once she started living with her uncle, / Hataru-chan stopped eating. / At first, she would eat just a little bit of her school lunch and leave the rest, / but it wasn’t long before she stopped eating anything…

Segawa: It was almost as if Hataru-chan were afraid to eat. / She would tremble during lunchtime, as if she were terrified. / She would suddenly turn around and stare out the window…

Segawa: I tried asking her if things weren’t going well with her uncle,

Segawa: but when I did her face froze and she said nothing.

Segawa: Afterwards, she started trying to avoid me. She was always alone.

Segawa: Meanwhile, she became like a doll, oblivious to her surroundings. / She was always staring out into the distance, as if her heart were wandering some other world.

Konoha: So Amemiya-san’s anorexia began when she was in middle school… / And it seems Kurosaka-san had something to do with hit.

Saeko: Hmmnn.

Saeko: That uncle of hers is the same Kurosaki-san who runs my company, / but that rumor about him is baseless and might just be slander.

Konoha: What rumor?

Saeko: The rumor that he killed his wife and brother-in-law / in order to take over the company.

Ryuuto: So then, will you tell us your story next, Saeko?

Saeko: My company originally belonged to that Hataru-chan girl’s father.

Saeko: After he died, / Kurosaki Tamotsu, having the most stock in the company, / became the company president.

Saeko: He had the outward appearance of an elite, hard-working businessman who had lived oversees. / He was certainly skilled, / as our company’s fortunes continued to rise once he took over.

Saeko: He was also popular amongst the female staff. / He was young, single, had a pretty face, / and had a strange atmosphere about him that the female heart couldn’t resist. / He also dyed his hair light, and it looked fantastic.

Saeko: He wore his hair dark while the former president was still alive, / but the day he became the new president he appeared with that hair. The other executives looked like they had their socks blown off.

Saeko: Everything he did was kind of flashy, so he easily made enemies. / People started whispering that maybe he had murdered the previous president. / I don’t think anyone would have been surprised if the police showed up one day to arrest him.

Konoha: What a horrible thing to say. / But I guess he must have seemed really suspicious.

Saeko: Furthermore… / the president’s demeanor has started getting a little weird.

Saeko: According to his secretary,

Saeko: for the past month / he’s barely eaten a thing.

Saeko: Even if he has to eat during a meeting with a business associate, / afterwards he throws up everything he ate. / His secretary even said she’s seen vomit stains on his fingers afterwards.

Konoha: So it’s not just Amemiya-san—her guardian is suffering the same illness. / How would that happen?

Saeko: Also, at some point—I think it was at the start of the year— / he got a call from the hospital. / It made him really agitated, and apparently he started screaming at whoever was on the other end.

Kurosaki: Redo the tests! / That can’t be right!
Saeko: Normally, the president seems so calm; / he’s someone who doesn’t let his emotions show. / So she said it was shocking to hear him raise his voice so much.

Saeko: And remember that day last month when it poured?

Saeko: When the secretary went into the president’s room that day, / she found him staring outside in front of an open window. / The rain and wind had blown inside, making a mess of the room.

Saeko: However, even though he was completely soaked, his eyes still dazzled as he whispered,
Kurosaki: Dammit! / There’s no time!
Saeko: in a grumbling tone.

Saeko: She thought he had gone completely crazy and was about to jump. / The sight terrified the girl. She said she couldn’t even say anything.

Segawa: Maybe the president is ill…
Saeko: And a particularly deadly illness at that, one where he never knows if he’ll wake up the next morning.

Saeko: He’ll probably cough up blood and collapse long before the cops ever get their hands on him.

SFX: *sigh*

SFX: I figure the man who was always following me / was Hataru’s guardian, Kurosaki. / <aside: His hair was certainly a flashy color. >

Ryuuto: But I never knew / that she was living with her uncle. / Hataru never wanted to talk about that.

Konoha: But why would Amemiya-san’s uncle want to follow you around?

Ryuuto: I have no idea…

Konoha: That’s right! / I found out some stuff about Kujou Kayano.

Konoha: I found her name in my school’s student registry. / It turns out she was a student there 17 years ago…

Ryuuto: Oh, sorry, / Konoha-san.

Ryuuto: I forgot to mention it, / but I found out something when investigating Hataru’s family.

Ryuuto: Kayano was Hataru’s mother.

Ryuuto: Kujou was her maiden name.

There’s no time.
Like sand falling in an hourglass, the end inexorably grew closer.

I need more time.
A feeling of vile rose in his throat; his stomach rejected everything he ate. / How long would hunger and pain continue to roast his body?

Secretary: Mr. President? / Sakata-sensei’s from the university hospital is here to see you.
Kurosaki: Chase him out!

Dammit, dammit… / Don’t think you’re getting away with this.

The traitor, the conspirator, the bitch— / You’re all going to die.

sign: Literature Club Room

Tooko: What the…

Tooko: What in the world / is going on?

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