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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

"Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost 7

How to Get Back What Was Lost

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 8, 2013 23:00 | Go to "Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost

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Kayano: I’ll give you a hint.

Sign: Chemistry Room
Konoha: Will she really be there?

Konoha: First, I have to ask her about those letters. / What did those words and numbers mean?

Konoha: Or should I be demand she admit Kujou Kayano is Amemiya Hataru’s mother?

Chapter 7: How to Get Back What Was Lost

Kayano: Good evening, / Konoha.

Miu: Konoha.

Konoha: She is not Miu.

Konoha: You promised, / so tell me. / What do the numbers you put in the postbox mean?

Kayano: Did I? / I thought I promised only to give you a hint.
Konoha: Will you give me that hint, then?

Kayano: The hint is my name: / “Ka-ya-no”.

Konoha: I don’t understand.

Kayano: Try to think it through, Mr. Detective.
Miu: Tee hee

Konoha: I’m just a high school student. / There’s no way I could figure everything out based on such a little hint. / Couldn’t you give me another?

Kayano: Then I’ll tell you all about him.

Kayano: He was closer to me than anyone else. / He was part of me, / half of me.

Kayano: We went everywhere and did everything together.

SFX: *thump*

Konoha: We were the same way. / We went everywhere and did everything together.

Konoha: Miu was half of my soul.

Kayano: We had such a fun time together.

Kayano: However—

Kayano: He grew angry with me and disappeared.

Kayano: And we were never able to meet again.
SFX: *clutch*

Konoha: I can’t meet her again, either.

Konoha: Miu looked at me, her eyes filled with hatred, / and rejected me.

Konoha: I loved her so much, / but I’ll never see her again.

Kayano: Hey, Konoha. / Do you know how to get back / what was lost?

SFX: *stare*

SFX: *thump*

Konoha: That’s impossible.

Konoha: Once something becomes lost, it’s gone forever.

Kayano: No. / It’s so simple.

Kayano: Just turn back time.
SFX: *wind blowing* **

Kayano: Then just make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

Konoha: If I could turn back time— / if I could go back to that day—

Konoha: How many times have I made that wish? / If I could go back to being the person I was before I wrote my novel,

Konoha: or if I could go back to the day Miu leapt from the roof—

Konoha: God, / please grant my wish. / Please, turn back time. / All I ask / is that You make it so I never lose Miu.

Konoha: God. / God!

Konoha: —It’s impossible. / There’s no way to turn back time.

Kayano: … I see… / So you / once wanted to turn back time, too.

SFX: *hug*

Konoha: Wh-wh-wh-what are you doing, / Ame—Kujou-san?
SFX: Hah

Konoha (aside): Heh

Konoha: Miu…

SFX: *rub rub*

Konoha: So Kayano wanted to turn back time, too… / Or perhaps, rather, Amemiya-san did.

Konoha: I guess we are kind of similar.

Konoha: I wish time would stop here and now, forever…

SFX: *slide*

Kayano: I have to go. / There’s someone waiting for me.

Konoha: I haven’t told her anything yet!
SFX: *gasp*

Konoha: I can’t let her go! / W—wait!

Konoha: Umm, / Err, / What would Ryuuto-kun do right about now? / I need a way to keep her from going… Yeah!

Konoha: W—would you like to go get something to eat?!

Konoha: (aside: Aaaaahhh! ) / How could I say something so pathetic! / And besides, Amemiya-san’s anorexic!
Ryuuto: You’re hopeless.
Ryuuto’s sound effect: *sigh*

Kayano: … I can’t.

Kayano: I can only eat food he brings me.

SFX: *slide*

Konoha: “He”? / Who’s “he”?

Is it possible to rewind time?
she whispered.

Of course not. It is impossible. / Nevertheless, he managed to make it happen. / He made a contract with a demon and brought her back from the grave.

She is I, / and I am she.

Every day she became more like the other girl. / With each passing day the different girl inside her grew bigger, while the original girl disappeared.

She who was not the girl used her body and her voice to extend a hand towards him and whisper to him. / She begged the girl who was inside her in a bitter voice,

Please, don’t touch him. / Don’t smile at him. / Don’t seek him.

After all, I / hate that man so much / I want to kill him.

Tooko: Konoha-kun, / even after all those reminders I gave you, / you still stood me up on Friday!

Konoha: Ummm… / You see, I had a chronic cough, and…

Tooko: But it was horrible! / <aside: Kyahhh! > / There was an extra-large shipment of black lilies, / and on the wall of the clubroom someone wrote “I’m home” in red ink on a large piece of paper!

Tooko: And look! / The memos I found in the postbox this morning were even more powerful!
SFX: Slam

Tooko: There’s bloodsplatter on them!
(letters, top-down): That bird is an ill omen. / I will paint your walls with blood. / There is a small skeleton in your den.

Konoha: Oh yeah, I didn’t think to grab the letters Kayano inserted on Saturday…

Konoha: Huh? / I don’t think they were covered in blood when she put them in.

Tooko: And there’s this, / too!
SFX: *shuffle shuffle*

Konoha: What could / these numbers mean?
Kayano: Your hint is my name:

Kayano: “Ka-ya-no”.

“Literature Girl” and the Famished Ghost 1 / End

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