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Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 17

Chapter 17

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 14, 2013 02:31 | Go to Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

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Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 17

A summary of previous events in Shinigami-sama.

Saaya from a mysterious country.
Saaya: We shall summarize the events of the Shinigami Game chapter which appeared until last month from the perspective of Hibiki in four panels.

Hibiki: Awah
Offscreen: Don’t worry! I’ll stop the Shinigami Game.

Offscreen: Luca, bring me some hot water! / Yoshino, sewing tools!
Hibiki: Awawa!

Hibiki: Awawawa
Offscreen: Ume, what are we going to do if you kill them? / Sorry, Luca. / I’ll put things back to normal now, Ume-chan.

Hibiki: Hey, wait! I didn’t even do anything!!

By the way, this time Hibiki will not appear in even a single panel.

Sidebar: What will we learn by investigating Saaya’s ability?

Shizuka: So you’re saying only Saaya has the ability to erase memories?

Satsuki: That’s right. Erasing memories requires delving directly into the brain; it’s an extremely high-level ability. / Of all the currently active Shinigami, only Saaya possesses that particular ability.

Shizuka: Then my memories from the incident…
Satsuki: Yes, it’s possible that Saaya erased them.

Satsuki: Well, I thought you might start to trust her a little less once you’d heard that… / But allow me to tell you something.

Satsuki: Saaya does not make mistakes!.

Satsuki: Come to think of it, Saaya does owe me. I suppose I could tell you / about the Shinigami Saaya.
Inset: What happened in the past to Saaya, who never makes mistakes?

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo / Chapter 17 / Yamaguchi Mikoto

Box: It must have been ten years ago when a large number of new Shinigami appeared. / Things got a little noisy.

Box: I don’t normally care about newcomers, / but that time something managed to catch my interest enough to bring me to the Shinigami world.
Background: It’s Satsuki-san. / That’s Satsuki-san!

Box: Memory erasure is a technique in high demand, yet there are few practitioners due to how difficult it is. / Yet I had heard there was one who had mastered it in half a year.

Box: And of course, that person was—

Box: Saaya. / At the time, she used a younger body than she does now.

Satsuki: So you’re the Saaya I’ve heard so much about. / This is your first job, right? Can you handle it? It seems like a tough one to handle right off the bat.

Saaya: There’s no problem. / I must simply remain serious and perform my job according to the manual.

Satsuki: Hmm. / I see.
Box: She spoke in a very bland tone, / not because of pride or nerves, but because it was the simple truth.

Box: Well, based on that I figured, for better or for worse, she would grow up to be an exemplary, top-rate Shinigami. / Such was my first impression. / <aside: Well, whether I liked her or hated her was a different matter entirely. > / However, Saaya’s first job would prove troublesome to her in various ways.

Box: If memory serves, the target’s name was Azuma.

Box: He bore what is called Destiny: Dead, the most troubling form of death to a Shinigami.

Azuma: Ahahahahahahaha!

Azuma: Heh… Hehhehheh….

Azuma: Ahh… I laughed so hard, my stomach hurts. So then, you “Shinigami”. / What happens to me now?

Saaya: You will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, die sometime this week.

Saaya: Azuma-san, your case is quite a rare one. You will die according to what is called Destiny: Dead.

Saaya: Normally, we Shinigami make contact with individuals once they have passed on. / We only make contact while the individual is still alive when his death has been determined to come soon after.

Saaya: However, an individual’s death can be change chaotically based on his actions and the environment he is in. / Therefore, even we Shinigami cannot perfectly predict the manner of someone’s death. / What we can predict is the deaths of those suffering from some severe illness.

Azuma: Wait, wait! I’m in perfect health!
Saaya: I know. That is why you are a rare case.
Azuma: You mean that Destiny: Dead thing? What’s it mean?

Saaya: Destiny: Dead means, well… Normally, one can do various things to change the probability of death; however…

Saaya: In your case, no matter what you do or where you go, within a week

Saaya: you will perish with 100 percent probability.

Saaya: By the way, even if you spend the next week hiding in a shelter, something will definitely manage to kill you. / That is Destiny: Dead.

Azuma: Bah.

Azuma: Ahaha! That’s hilarious! You’re a funny one!!
Saaya: You don’t believe me?
SFX: Rap

Azuma: Who could believe a story like that? / And you came all the way here to tell me that, you “Shinigami”?

Saaya: No. I am here to grant your Last Request.
Azuma: My “Last Request”?

Saaya: The job of a Shinigami is to go to people such as yourself who are burdened with unfortunate deaths and grant them their Last Requests.
Azuma: Huh.

Azuma: So then, you’ll do whatever I ask?
Saaya: Anything save for murder or resurrection.
Azuma: I see. Well then…

Azuma: I want / to fuck you.

SFX: *Smile*

Saaya: Understood.
SFX: *Rustle*

SFX: Slip

Saaya: Please, do as you’d like.

Azuma: Now you’re talking.
SFX: Creak

SFX: *pause*

SFX: *Push*

Azuma: Heheh… This is a great view.

Azuma: Whoa there, no need to take off your glasses. / I’ve got a bit of a glasses fetish, you see. / But you should try to look happier. You being like this just ruins the mood.

Saaya: More… like this?

Azuma: Heh… Very nice.

Azuma: So then, close your eyes.

Azuma: Move your hands.
SFX: *Slide*

SFX: *Shiver* / *Freeze*

Azuma: … This is real, / isn’t it?

Saaya: Yes. Unfortunately, / it is all true.

Azuma: Hah, man… / Hey, is there really a 100% chance of me dying?

Saaya: …No. To be precise, it is more like 99.9999%, but that is essentially 100%.

Azuma: Ah, / really?

Azuma: That makes things interesting.

Azuma: Guess I just won’t die, then.

Saaya: Huh? …No, that’s impossible. / You will die.

Azuma: You think so? I really think I can pull it off.
Saaya: There is absolutely no way you can.

Azuma: Then watch.

Azuma: Watch me for this next week and see whether or not I die. / That’ll be my Last Request.

Azuma: Well, I’m not going to die, so I guess you can’t really call it a Last Request.
Saaya: U—uh… Then as for your request to… fuck me…
Azume: Oh, just cancel that. That was a lie.

Azuma: Besides, a kid like you isn’t really my type.

Azuma: I like girls with short hair, and as for your figure, well… You’re completely flat.

Azuma: But most importantly of all, your face! I can’t stand people like you who look so serious all the time.
SFX: *Frown*

Azuma: …Hey, wait. Are you mad?
Saaya: No… not really.

Azuma: Damn! You looked kind of cute right there. / If you’d look like that all the time, I’d fuck you for sure.
Saaya: I’ll pass.

Azuma: I see.
SFX: *Smile*
Box: Saaya’s first impression of Azuma

Box: Was of a frivolous man who was always laughing.

Azuma: So then, exactly how am I going to die?
Saaya: I do not. I only know that you will certainly die in some fashion before the week is out.

Azuma: In some fashion, huh?
(?): LOOK OUT!!

Azuma: Whoa.
SFX: *Crash*

SFX: Whoosh

Azuma: Ugh / Ah / Phew.
SFX: Thump / Thump / Thump

SFX: Creeeek

SFX: Whoosh

SFX: *Grab*
Azuma: Hm.

Saaya: …. / … This guy’s…

Afterwards, he encountered dozens

of dangerous events
[sign]: Safety F

So this is Destiny: Dead.

Azuma: But I’m still alive.
Saaya: I suppose. But this is still only the first day. You will die before the week is up.
SFX: *chuckle*

However, / even after days two and three,

Azuma did not die. / His physical abilities coupled with his sharp instincts allowed him to avoid Death at every turn.

Saaya: What’s with / that look of yours?

Azuma: Nothing, really.
Inset: Self-satisfied look.
SFX: Smile smile

Azuma: That reminds me.

Azuma: I don’t think I’ve seen you have a bite to eat yet. You OK?
Saaya: I’m perfectly all right. I am a Shinigami.

SFX: *Rumble*

Azuma: Ahahaha! Don’t be like that!
Saaya: Kh… I’m fine, really. A Shinigami cannot die, you see.
[inset]: Dammit. I’ve been on the surface for longer than I planned… / As long as I’m on the surface, I have to eat in order to recover my strength.

Azuma: You want to eat this?
Saaya: I’ll pass.

Azuma: Then what about this?
Saaya: I’ll pass.

Azuma: This?
Saaya: …I’ll… I’ll pass.

Azuma: Ahaha. I get it, I get it. You like chocolate, don’t you?
SFX: Pat Pat

Box: The first chocolate she’s had since she died.
SFX: ^_^

SFX: Smile smile / Bwah?!

Arrow: In the end, she ate all of it.

SFX: Yawn

Azuma: Here.
Saaya: What… What’s this?

Azuma: Well you see, I told you to watch me, but that alone would be kinda boring, right? / So here. Why don’t you read this?

Saaya: O…kay…

SFX: *Flip*

SFX: Stare

Azuma: Here.
Saaya: What now? A hankerchief?

Azuma: Well, you’re crying.
Saaya: Huh?
SFX: Sniff Sniff

Saaya: It can’t be… I cried? / What sort of a Shinigami starts crying?
SFX: (blowing nose)

Azuma: So, what’d you think?

Saaya: … It was very interesting.

Saaya: It might be… the best book I’ve ever read. / I think the person who wrote it must be very talented.

Saaya: Wait… Why are you blushing so much? / Don’t tell me
Azuma: Well…

Saaya: You wrote it?!
Azuma: Something like that.

Saaya: I was so surprised. / He had such exceptional physical skills and instincts, and was a good writer to boot?

Saaya: His talent was as if God loved his soul so much that he bestowed boundless talent upon it. / How could someone like this really exist?

Box: At that moment, for just an instant, Saaya thought the one thing / that a Shinigami must never think: / “If only Azuma could live, then I know he’d become somebody absolutely amazing…”

“Does he... Does he really have to die?”

Saaya: Is that your next work?
Azuma: Yeah, that’s right. I’m trying to tackle a new genre, too.

Azuma: This one’s gonna be a mystery novel! / The theme is that of a “perfect crime”.
SFX: Tap Tap
Saaya: Really? That’s quite different from the book you lent me yesterday.

Azuma: The reason I started writing was for my brother, who’s much younger than me. / Ever since he was born, my brother’s had a weak constitution and has been stuck in bed. / So he’s always been reading books. Then he told me he had nothing left to read, so…

Azuma: So I became a writer. / Basically, everything I write is based off a request of my brother’s.
Saaya: So this time, he requested a mystery novel?
SFX: Tap tap tap

Saaya: But it must be hard to write a mystery novel for a brother much younger than you.
Azuma: Well, my brother is shockingly smart. He’ll easily see through any simple trick.

Azuma: So I’ve gotta give it my all, writing this. / I’m trying to get it done within three days, though.

Saaya: Three days? / Wouldn’t it be better to spend more time trying to write something great?
Azuma: Well, yes, but…

Azuma: I might die within three days, right?

Saaya: That’s right.

Saaya: You will soon perish. / It would be pointless to make plans beyond that date.

Saaya: However…

Saaya: I hope you finish your novel.

Azuma: Yeah, me too… / Thanks.

Box: However, Destiny: Dead was no meager thing…

Box: With each passing hour, its fury grew more violent. / He could not even afford to sleep…

Box: Even Azuma, strong as he was, could not avoid being wounded / as his destiny chased him down…

Box: Nevertheless, Saaya had no choice but to continue watching over him. / A proper Shinigami would neither heal him nor grant him aid. / She must only obey her client’s Last Request and continue watching over him as he crumbled—and no more.

Azuma: Hah. / Hah.
SFX: Clack / Clack

Azuma: I guess this might be impossible, huh…

Azuma: I talked so big back then… / but I might really die… huh.
(sfx bubbles): Hah / Hah.

Azuma: In the end, I guess you were right.
SFX: *Clench*

Saaya: Please move.
Azuma: What—what are you doing?

Saaya: I shall type in your place. / Please tell me what to write.
Azuma: Is that all right? I thought your job was just to watch me.

Saaya: You’ve only got 27 hours left, right? That’s not much time. / … So let’s not waste time complaining and get to work.

Azuma: … I guess so. Sorry, but thanks.

SFX: Tap tap tap tap tap tap

Saaya: What… What is this?

Saaya: This… This is amazing! A masterpiece!

Azuma: Yeah… I think so, too.

Saaya: We have three hours left! We can do it! / I know we can make it to the end…

Saaya: …And moreoever, if we remain inside this house, / maybe he’ll actually make it out alive?!
SFX: Creek… Creeek.

SFX: Creek… Creeeeeek

SFX: Crack

SFX: Kaboom!

SFX: Roar (of the fire)

(?): What—an explosion?! / Hey—someone call the fire department!!

SFX: Roar

Saaya: Wh… Why?

Saaya: Why?

Saaya: Why?

Saaya: Why did you save me?!!

Saaya: I’m a Shinigami! No matter what happens, I can’’t die!

Saaya: You idiot! / You were so close… So, so close!! / What sort of an idiot would choose to die like this, of all ways?!

Saaya: …Stupid… / Stupid… / …Stupid.

Azuma: H… hey. / Stop calling me stupid… over and over again…

Saaya: A—Azuma!
SFX: Cough Cough

Saaya: …Why? Why did you save me?
Azuma: I… I wonder… Hahah… No, it couldn’t be… could it.

Azuma; I think I might’ve really started to like you.
Saaya: Liar. You said I wasn’t your type!

Azuma: I thought you always looked stern, but over the past week… / I’ve seen you cry, and laugh, and so much more… and it touched me, or something.

Azuma: And… And here. Put these back on… / Didn’t I tell you? I have a glasses fetish.

Azuma: Ah… Ahh, yeah. / If it was gonna come to this, I guess I should’ve fucked you after all…

Azuma: You’re damn cute when you let your feelings show.

Box: Technically, an exemplary, top-rate Shinigami should have proceeded to watch Azuma die.

Box: However, at that moment, / Saaya
Saaya: Hah / Hah

Box: tried to save Azuma. / Even now, I don’t know what possessed her to do it. / Maybe she wanted to protect Azuma’s talent, or she felt some responsibility for his death, or perhaps…

Box: Of course, afterwards things grew problematic and a trial was held. / Since it was a mistake on her first job, and in light of Saaya’s rare ability, her punishment was not especially strict…

Box: However, Saaya herself declared, / “I shall never again make a mistake.” / “I shall never again break the rules of the Shinigami.”

Box: “Should I ever break that oath, I will send myself to Hell,” / she said, with the strong determination typical of her.

Satsuki: ----------Saaya has never made a single mistake ever since, / nor has she violated even one of the Shinigami rules. / And I do not expect that to change.

Shizuka: … I see. So Saaya does not make mistakes. / Then what happened to this “Azuma”?

Satsuki: Well now. She did manage to save his life… / but he lost consciousness, and I heard it was unlikely he would ever wake.

Satsuki: It’s been ten years. I figure he’s dead by now.
Sign: Hospital

(?): Hey, Big Brother, are you listening?

(?): Guess what? I met the most amazing person. / He was supposed to have died, but he’s still alive.

(?): He’s really smart, too. Ah, not as smart as you, though. / If I have him on our side, I think we might be able to fulfill our Wish.

Nurses: So the little brother still comes here, huh. / Yeah, you’re right. What a good brother. It’s already been more than 10 years, hasn’t it?

Nurses: But it must cost a ton of money to keep his brother alive. / Well, the little brother’s still young, but I hear he’s already amassed quite a fortune. I wonder how he’s earned it?

Nurses: Umm, what was the patient’s name again? / Huh? Azuma-san, right? / No, no—That’s his first name. Wasn’t his last name…

Nurse: Minamida?

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