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6000 16


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 21, 2013 00:38 | Go to 6000

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*for Lazy Ass scans

Title: Hell

SFX: Roar

(?): Ugh…

<no text>

Kadokura: Wahh!

Kadokura: Where… / are we?

Amakasa: Somewhere inside the facility, of course.

Amakasa: I thought we were sinking into water, though. / Maybe I’m starting to go crazy.

Kadokura: A ferocious, ancient god…

Kadokura: That thing back there must’ve been the one Sakonji-san was talking about. / A being born in a ceremony three years ago…

Kadokura: We haven’t gone crazy.

Kadokura: This is all real! / Why won’t anyone believe me?!!

Kadokura: You saw it too, doc! / And not just that monster!! / Just take a look around you!

Kadokura: The victims from three years ago are wandering these halls. / And there’s other dangerous things here, too.
Amakasa: W—wait!

Amakasa: ….. / ………..

Amakasa: Let’s just head back for now, before anything else happens. / There’s nothing to be gained by waiting here.

Amakasa: …What is it?

Kadokura: Was there a straight hallway like this anywhere within the facility?

SFX bubble: Beep

Man: What was that sound?!

Various: It sounded like some sort of beast… / Stop talking crap.

SFX Bubble: Tap tap tap…
(?): The water pressure couldn’t have cracked the hull somewhere, right?

SFX: Fhz
Man: The dorm display’s…

Xia: We need to conserve power.

Xia: Our source of electricity’s been cut off. / How can you use it so frivolously? / A big-screen display is a complete waste!

Xia: …Not that conserving electricity’s going to do much right about now!
Uemura: Please, wait! / Something weird really is happening on the other floors. / I can’t get any readings from elsewhere…

(?): What do you mean? / They look like cut-off sections. / Maybe the emergency power failed there?

Samejima: Those areas are probably on a different power circuit than here, in the CCR.
Uemura(?): Samejima-san!!

Uemura: Right now, we can check neither the temperature controls nor the oxygen supply.
Samejima: And I’m worried about the welfare of all the workers…

Samejima: If we all work together, we can restore functionality and save everyone! / Uemura, you’re in charge of forming a rescue party.
Uemura: Yes, sir!
(?): Hey, where are the giant floodlights?

Samejima: Shia-kun, work on getting the systems back on-line.

Xia: So what do you plan on doing once we save them?

Samejima: Don’t just stand around!! / There must be a large contingent of personnel stranded in the communications subsphere.

Uemura: It’s dark in here. Watch your step!
SFX: *step*

Uemura: L… Light… / Bring me the lights, quickly!

SFX: *Flash*

Uemura: What… What is this? / The stairs to the communication room are… / gone… / How far do these stairs go?

SFX: *Collapse*

Guy: ….Hihi…

Guy: Keheheh. / Hihihi.

Uemura: Hey!
(?): Guffaw

Uemura: Calm down!

Uemura: Everything’s going to go fine, / so don’t overthink things!!
SFX: Pow

Guy: What part of this is going “well”?!
SFX: Clink

Guy: Stop trying to make it sound like everything’s all right!! / What are we supposed to do, at a time like this?!

Kadokura: We’ve walked for quite a while, but…

Amakasa: There was an Aztec codex on the walls of Herschbach’s room, right?
SFX: *Step*

Kadokura: Yeah. / Those wall paintings were…

Amakasa: Aztec mythology / speaks of a battle between Quetzalcoatl, the sun god, and Tezcatlipoca, the god of darkness.

Amakasa: In order to ensure the sun rose again the next day, / priests supported Quetzalcoatl by offering living sacrifices… / They brought countless people before their alters and ripped their hearts from their chests. / All so that the sun would rise.

Amakasa: Herschbach, too, must have longed for the sun. / Perhaps he became a priest for the sun god and continued offering sacrifices.

Amakasa: Anyways, it seems like this hallway goes on forever.

Kadokura: The sun god…

Kadokura: The people involved in the accident three years ago / must have been terribly afraid of the dark…

Kadokura: They sought to once more see the light of the sun, / and to that end offered countless living sacrifices…

Flashback “Beffroi”: I can’t go to heaven! I can’t go to heaven! / I can no longer go to heaven!

Flashback “Beffroi”: And I’ll never get another chance!

Flashback “Beffroi”: My faith and my soul are lost for all eternity!

Amakasa: There’s a lot of strange things going on, but nothing that can’t be explained by the right theory. / Extreme religions often spread / in societies with severe protein deficiencies.

Amakasa: Within a collective, severe cost calculations must be made when distributing calories. / Taboos are created in order to protect the chosen distribution. / These taboos are strengthened by religion, and the religion in turn is given the power and mechanisms to accomplish the task.

Amakasa: But the Aztecs had even greater problems before that. / Their environment was particularly harsh, so perhaps their sense of societal costs was blown out of proportion.

Amakasa: They gathered people from the surrounding areas and used them as living sacrifices or consumed their flesh.

Amakasa: On paper, they were religious sacrifices; / however…

Amakasa: Perhaps what the people truly feared / was the end of their age of plenty.

SFX Bubble: Roar / Screech

SFX Bubble: Roar

Kadokura: That… That sounds dangerous.
Amakasa: …You’re… / You’re right.

SFX: *Step*

Hah / Hah

SFX: Hah / Hah

Kadokura: Have I done something… / that can never be undone?

Kadokura: If Herschbach / was a priest of the sun god who offered living sacrifices, / then after he killed the sacrifices / the dark would…

Hah / Hah

Amakasa: Thank goodness!! There’s a door!

SFX: *Click click*
Amakasa: Shit! / Open, dammit!

SFX: Clong (the sound of that door opening)
(?): !! / Where are we?!!

Amakasa: Wait! / Help me shut the door before they get in!

SFX: Kiiih
Amakasa: H—Hurry!

SFX: Slam!

SFX: Bang! / Pound / Kyahhhh

SFX: Bang! / Bang!
Amakasa: It’s… / It’s not gonna hold! / Let’s run!

SFX: Flash

Uemura: What? / I think I heard a voice from down below…
SFX: *Wavering*

SFX: Roar

Uemura: If there’s anyone alive down there, please, answer me!

Kadokura: That’s Uemura-san’s voice!!

Kadokura: Everyone must be up above! / H—Hey!
SFX: *Run*

SFX: Hah!

SFX: Roooar / Rooar

SFX: Crash

Uemura: Dammit! This is bad! / Hurry!

Uemura: They’re right behind you!!

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