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Yao Tsukumo 2

Vessel and Shield

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 31, 2013 20:57 | Go to Yao Tsukumo

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*For Psylocke Scans

Yao Tsukumo chapter 2

top: The second chapter of the occult fantasy that’s already getting a great response!!

Tsukumo: “Tokijiku”? / What does “Tokijiku” mean?

Yao: Tokijiku is the name / of the chains that bind you.

Yao: Resist it. / Defeat it. / Grow strong.

Yao: Someday, I will protect you, Tsukumo.
(Bottom): Yao Tsukumo

Tsukumo: Yeah. / I’ll get strong.
[sidebar]: Like a wafting fragrance, the childhood promise is revived.

Tsukumo: I’ll get strong, / and I’ll protect you, Yao.

A hand-picked flower / shall bear its fragrance forever.
[bottom left]: Yao Tsukumo / Presented by / Suzuki Sanami
[bottom right]: Chapter 2: Vessel and Shield

That’s right. / I remember now. / I remember his face and his name.

And I remember unilaterally making a promise with you,


Yao: So you’ve awoken, Tsukumo.

Tsukumo: Ya… / o.

SFX: *rising quickly*

Yao: Have your memories returned, then?
SFX: Ring

Tsukumo: !! / Give it back!!

SFX: *Tremble*

SFX: *Snatch*

SFX: *Sliding door*

Father: Tsukumo…

Tsukmo: Father. / Mother.
SFX: *Sigh*

Father: I am overjoyed to see you survived, / Tsukumo-sama.

Tsukumo: Huh? / What? / Why are you acting so distant?

Father: …… / Tachibana Tsukumo-sama— / no.

Father: Maiden of the Tokijiku, / congratulations on your ascent to divinity.

Maiden of the Tokijiku

Tsukumo: Why? / Why are you calling me the same thing that monster did?

Father: ….We are—
Yao: Enough.

Yao: This is why I told you to explain things earlier.

Yao: Tachibana Tsukumo, / now that you have reached 16 years of age, you have become the Maiden of the Tokijiku,

Yao: the child of the gods who can bestow eternal life and unaging immortality.

Yao: Japanese mythology speaks of a legendary fruit, the Tokijiku-no-Kagu-no-Mi. / It is said he who eats of that fruit shall have the power of immortality.

Yao: The Maiden is the one in whom rests the Tokijiku’s power. / She is a mere vessel.

Tsukumo: A vessel?

Yao: Countless beings seek the power of immortality.

Yao : A soul dwells in every single object in the world: / in mountains, in water, in the air, / and in man-made goods.

Yao: An object which has existed for over a century may even gain sentience. / The monster from last night was a soul dwelling in a katana.

Yao: Such beings are called / Tsukumogami

Yao: They will seek to destroy the vessel and steal the power of the Tokijiku.

SFX: *Pat*
Tsukumo: Kyahh!

Yao: You are but the vessel. You have no power of immortality yourself. / You can be injured,

Yao: and you can die.

SFX: *Cha*

Yao: Oh grim steel who sleeps within this mortal realm, / I beg thee listen to my call.

SFX: *Schwing*
Yao: Thy name is God of Scything

Yao: Your chains will be your blade…

Yao: The power of words can change a Tsukumogami into a weapon. / This is called kotodama.

Yao: You must think of the entire world as your enemy, / yet at the same time it is your ally.

Yao: And I...
SFX: Slice

SFX: Slice

SFX: Drip drip
Tsukumo: What are you…

SFX: *Blup*

SFX: *Sst*
Yao: I am one who has acquired the power of the Tokijiku.

Yao: And I shall be the shield of the maiden who holds the power of immortality, / the Shield of the Tokijiku.

Yao: You must prepare yourself, Tachibana Tsukumo. / The vessel cannot live a normal life.

Yao: You are not human.

Tsukumo: That’s… That’s not funny, you know… / I’m just a girl in high school, and the only daughter of a small dojo!

Tsukumo: Right, / Father?

Father: My… humblest apologies, Tsukumo-sama.

SFX: *Jump*

Mother: Tsukumo!
SFX: *Run*


Immortality / Vessel

Maiden of the Tokijiku

I’m the one / who hurt Chii-chan.

SFX: *Slip*

SFX: *Slide*

No. Stop. / Don’t cry, Tachibana Tsukumo.
SFX: Drip / Drip

SFX: Hug
It doesn’t hurt.

SFX: *Rain*
So, do I feel no pain / because I am not human?

Yao: Return to your hospital room.

SFX: *Clatter

Tsukumo: Stay back!!
SFX: *Whoosh*

Yao: Don’t move your right shoulder! / You’ll re-open the wound, you idiot!

SFX: *Tremble*

Tsukumo: He really seems nothing like the Yao I knew. / Was he always this cold?
SFX: *Clatter*

Yao: Kill me.

Tsukumo: And would he / say that?

Yao: If you’re trying to find the bathroom, it’s not that way.

Tsukumo: And he cannot take a hint. / Don’t follow me!

Yao: I have to. / From now on, I will stay by your side 24/7.

Tsukumo: Wha— / What?

Tsukumo: What do you mean? / Why do you get to decide that?

Tsukumo: You’re going to live at my house?!
Yao: Yeah.
Tsukumo: And school?
Yao: I will attend yours.

Tsukumo: Don’t tell me you’ll even follow me into the bath?!!

Yao: Do you want me to?
Tsukumo: Why are you looking down at me?!!!

SFX: Crack / Crack

SFX: Crack / Crack
Hogging her to yourself? / That’s so mean!

The Maiden of the Tokijiku / belongs to me!

Tsukumo: What? / Who are you?

SFX: *Crack Crack Crack*

Yao: Run, / Tsukumo!

SFX: *Whish*

Yao: Gah!
SFX: *Whip*

SFX: Trembling

Painting Soul: Nice to meet you,
SFX: Sss

Painting Soul: Maiden of the Tokijiku.

Tsukumo: From… the painting?!

SFX: *Drip*

Painting Soul: Oh no! My paint is falling apart!
SFX: *Step*

Painting Soul: How could they keep such poor care of it? / It’s starting to crack up, the picture’s chipped, and the colors are all washed out.

Tsukumo: …Tch!!!
SFX: *Squeeze*

Painting Soul: Yes, yes. / My roses were once as crimson and bright as this, you know.

Tsukumo: Stop! / Why would you do this?

Painting Soul: You are quite pretty, Tokijiku.

Painting Soul: Who would not desire eternal youth? / All will want your power.

Painting Soul: So grant me, this beautiful, pitiable painting, / divine protection / and miraculous compassion.

SFX: *Whizz*

SFX: Whoosh!
Painting Soul: Make my paints last forever!

SFX: Thwack

Painting Soul: Huh? / You’re quite the lively one.

Painting Soul: Now step aside.
SFX: Kapow!

SFX: Pow Pow Pow Pow

Tsukumo: Stop. / Why are you protecting me? / Get off me!

SFX: Thwack

Tsukumo: You may be immortal, / but it still hurts, right? You suffer, right?

Tsukumo: Even if I am injured, I feel no pain.

Tsukumo: But I can still feel the trembling of another in pain.

Tsukumo: Why would you take that pain in my place? / Why? / Tell me why.

Yao: I shall take this immortal body and serve as the Maiden’s shield.

Yao: I will protect Tsukumo.

SFX: Slice

SFX: Bam

Yao: Run… / way…

Grow strong.

<no text>


Painting Soul: Look. / Is he not a bouquet of crimson roses?

Painting Soul: This is good. This is so good.

Painting Soul: Come, / Tokijiku!

SFX: *Clench*

Yao: Tsuku… / Run a…

Painting Soul: Let this picture last forever!!

SFX: Snap Snap Snap Snap Snap

<no text>

Tsukumo: Fuck this shit!!!!

SFX: Bam!
Tsukumo: Everyone keeps saying

SFX: Pow!
Tsukumo: “Tokijiku” this, / “Tokijiku” that.

Painting Soul: Wait!

SFX: Slice

SFX: Thump

SFX: Rumble
Tsukumo: You want your paint to last forever?

SFX: Bang Pow Thump (etc.)
Tsukumo: Everyone keeps whining about what they want!!

Painting Soul: Do not get full of yourself, / Tokijiku!

SFX: Whizz

Tsukumo: No! / I am Tachibana Tsukumo!!!

SFX: Screeech **

Painting Soul: You? / Why?!

SFX: Whip

SFX: *Squeeze*
Yao: This is ridiculous.

SFX: *Crush*
Yao: However, / she is right.

Yao: Oh grim steel who sleeps within this mortal realm,

Yao: I beg thee listen to my call.

SFX: *Zoom*

Yao: Thy name is God of Scything!!!

Painting Soul: Oh! You’re the shield! / The Tokijiku’s—

Scythe down!

Painting Soul: Ah! / Ahh / Gugh… / Ahhh / Ahh….

SFX: Zaaaaa

Tsukumo: You… did it…
SFX: *Frozen*

SFX: *Glare*

Yao: You idiot!!!

Yao: What sort of an idiot would run at her enemies?!! / You should run away!! Don’t do unnecessary things!!!

Yao: And you actually punched it with your right arm? Are you insane?! / Now you’ve opened your wound back up!
Tsukumo: Ah

Tsukumo: It was just / pissing me off…

Yao: Huh?

Tsukumo: But my head feels clearer now.

Yao: Dammit. You’ve always been screwed up, / Tsukumo.
[box to the right]: The words they share hold a wish for the future.

Tsukumo: Says the one with a screwed-up body, / Yao.
Box: I will grow strong.
[bottom left]: To be continued in issue 1

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