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Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 18


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 31, 2013 21:24 | Go to Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

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Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo chapter 18 (final)

*For use by Muda Scans


Mother:…Shizuka, / is there anything you want?

Shizuka: Where’d that come from? Why do you ask?

Mother: Well, because my body being restricted like this has caused you so much trouble… and your father and Hibiki-chan, too…

Mother: So, since you all are willing to do whatever, whenever for me, / I want to do what I can for you all, here and now.

Shizuka: …Mother.

Shizuka: It’s bad luck to talk like that. / And we don’t need anything. We’re just happy to see you alive and well.

Mother: … I suppose so. Sorry for asking something so weird.
Shizuka: What about you?
Mother: Huh?

Shizuka: Is there something you want, any wish at all?
Mother:…Me? … I suppose I still have one wish that hasn’t come true…

Mother: Just once, I want / to be able to see Hibiki-chan’s face.

Shizuka: That’s right; you never have seen her face. / Wait—you don’t want to see my face? It doesn’t interest you at all?

Mother: I still remember your face from when you were a baby. You looked just like me. / I’m sure that, even now, you still do.
Shizuka: Haha… A lot of people say that.

Mother: Hey, does Hibiki-chan look like me? / Is she beautiful?
Shizuka: Mmm, well, I think she looks more like Dad than you, but…

Shizuka: She’s extremely beautiful.
Mother: I see.
SFX: *Smile*

Shizuka: !

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai
Final Chapter
Yamguchi Mikoto

Shizuka: …Just a dream.

Shizuka: That day, for some reason I had a frivolous dream / of my mother, some days before the incident occurred.

Hibiki: So, your memories were erased by Saaya?

Shizuka: Yeah… I think that’s most likely.

Hibiki: But… Why would she… I mean, what would Saaya gain by doing that?

Shizuka: …That’s not it. According to Satsuki, Saaya “does not make mistakes” and “will not violate the rules of the Shinigami.” / In other words, Saaya would not erase my memories for some personal reason.
Hibiki: …Which means…

Shizuka: Yeah. I think Saaya-san must have erased my memories because of someone’s Last Request.

Hibiki: …But who would wish that?

Shizuka: I don’t know… But it was probably someone who died there. / Since your request was to inflict maximum punishment on me, / it was most likely…

Shizuka: Dad, / or Mom.

Hibiki: That can’t be!

Hibiki: Why would Mom or Dad try to cover for the culprit?!!

Shizuka: …Well, about that… I told you before, right? That Dad tried to stop me.

Shizuka: So the culprit must have been somebody we know.
Dad: Stop, Shizuka!!
Shizuka: There’s no other reason why Dad would try to stop me.

Hibiki: But who could the culprit be that someone would use their Last Request to protect him?
Shizuka: I’ve investigated quite a bit, and came up with only one person.

Shizuka: Dad’s little sister… Well, she’s actually his cousin, but they were as close as actual siblings. / If that person were the culprit, maybe Dad would use his Last Request to protect her.
Hibiki: …So it’s likely that that sister is the culprit?
Shizuka: No; that’s impossible.

Shizuka: She died in that accident fifteen years ago.
Hibiki: That accident?

Shizuka: The same accident where Mom lost her sight and suffered lasting wounds. / She was in the same car, and lost her life.

Shizuka: You were still inside Mom at the time, Hibiki, so it’s no wonder you didn’t know. / You know Mom’s never seen your face, right? That’s because Mom lost her sight before you were born.

Hibiki: … Then we’re back at square one. / Ah, but maybe we can progress from knowing about Saaya and your memory loss…

Shizuka: No… / If anything, things just grow more mysterious.
Hibiki: Huh?

Shizuka: I told you, right? Saaya does not make mistakes, and she does not violate the rules of the Shinigami.
Hibiki: Yeah.

Shizuka: Basically, after she swore her oath, Saaya has never done anything wrong as a Shinigami.

Shizuka: However, that same person granted your Last Request to inflict maximum punishment upon me.
Hibiki: Please, inflict as much punishment on Shizuka as possible!
Saaya: I’m sorry, but you are dead.
Shizuka: Therefore, we can conclude that what she did then was in no way “wrong”.

Shizuka: The Shinigami have a rule stating they cannot grant a Request which could lead to murder. / While that request may not have led directly to a murder, the possibility it could lead to my execution should have been quite evident.

Shizuka: Nevertheless, Saaya granted your request… / Was that not a mistake? If it was not, then there must have been some sort of mechanism.

Hibiki: A mechanism? Some reason why, even if my request were granted, nothing wrong would happen? / …Dammit. I can’t think of anything.

Shizuka: There’s still more mysteries.
Hibiki: Huh? What?

Shizuka: I was curious about something, so I confirmed it with Satsuki-san. / Even if Saaya-san cannot err…

Shizuka: Can she lie?

Shizuka: The answer was “No.” She can tell jokes, but when faced with a serious question, she cannot be deceitful. That, too, was part of her oath.
Hibiki: Huh? Wait, but that means…

Shizuka: Yeah… Hibiki, you told me before that Saaya told you she knew nothing about the incident.
Flashback: No matter how many times you ask, I still don’t know. / Liar! You were the one in charge of my case! You have to know! / Enough of this!!
Hibiki: How could Saaya-san, who was so intimately involved in the case, not know anything?

Shizuka: Saaya, who cannot lie, said something which seems exactly like a lie. / That has to mean something important…

Hibiki: Ah, dammit!
SFX: *Lie down*

Hibiki: None of this makes any sense! / What about you, Shizuka? Have you figured something out?

Shizuka: …I don’t know… / But let’s try to think a little more.

Shizuka: I haven’t thrown away any possibility I think of, no matter how unlikely. / …But I’m still missing one thing. / The one piece which brings everything together.

Shizuka: That piece is the Last Request.

Shizuka: Six months have passed since then. / but I haven’t figured anything else out. My last ray of hope, my plan to receive someone else’s Last Request, still hasn’t succeeded…

Shizuka: And then
SFX: Clatter

Shizuka: …This is...

Shizuka: I realized I didn’t have much time left.

Shizuka: I don’t know whether it was lucky or unlucky, / but around that time, I was contacted by “him”.
SFX: *Rumble*

Shizuka: Hibiki! Hibiki, can we talk?
Hibiki: Shizuka?

Shizuka: I received an… e-mail from that man.
Hibiki: Is this… a picture?

Hibiki: This scene’s!!

Hibiki: But that’s you, Shizuka!!
Shizuka: Yeah. This image is from the incident.

Shizuka: I’ve confirmed that this image isn’t a composite.
Hibiki: Then is “he” the culprit?
Shizuka: …Well, I don’t know… But one thing is clear.

Shizuka: At the scene of the crime, other than the four members of our family,

Shizuka: There was one more person.

Hibiki: ……….

Hibiki: …But regardless, he has some information only he knows, right?
SFX: *Clench*

Hibiki: What do we do? We can’t trade with him.
Shizuka: If she were alive, then maybe she’d know something…

Hibiki: Huh? Who?
Shizuka: Someone obsessed with this case, / who even with what little information she had knew I wasn’t the culprit.
Hibiki: …Ah.

Hibiki: Arisawa… Asami! / But now, she’s

Hibiki: falling into hell.
Box: Shinigami Realm

Shiroha: Is that true, Asami-san?

Asami: Yes, Shiroha-chan. / Um, Kureha-chan, could you put away that knife, please?
SFX: *Schwing*

Kureha: Shut up. I’m not as nice as Shiroha. / I’ll erase you the second you do anything suspicious.

Shiroha: You can’t do that, Kureha-chan! We’re going to be together from now on, so we have to get along!
Asami: OK!
Kureha: Hmph.
Boxes: Shinigami Shiroha / Prisoners Kureha and Asami

Shiroha: At any rate, we should get moving. If Asami-san’s information is true, / then the answer Shizuka-san’s arrived at might be the wrong one.

(?): Wait—First, I thought we were going to go say hello to the chief Shinigami before our first mission…

(?): Where did he go?
Sign: Shinigami Document Room

Sign: Browsing Forbidden
Rin: I told you, no! I can’t show you any more documents.

Ayame: Why not? This is a direct request from me, the chief Shinigami.

Rin: Hah… So you’re asking me as the chief, then. / And really, why
Box: Chief Information Officer / Shinigami Rin

Rin: Do you look like that? / <aside: You’re so little. >
* See Volume 2’s Omake chapter
Ayame: I prefer using my old, familiar body when dealing with private matters. / <aside: And don’t call me little! >

Rin: So why do you so desperately want to see information regarding Aida Shizuka?
Ayame: It’s just personal curiosity. / But that’s not the issue. Why are you so desperate to keep it secret?

Rin: …Well… Please try to view things from my perspective. There are certain rules a Shinigami may not disobey.
Ayame: …Ah!

Ayame: I see. So that’s how it is… / But wait. If so, then…

Ayame: Even if Aida Shizuka were to use a Last Request, he would be unable to find the true culprit…

Shizuka: The situation began to change in lots of ways… / But I didn’t know that.

Shizuka: And I could feel the time limit pressing down on me. / So I decided to make a Dangerous Gambit.

Shizuka: Hibiki, I’m heading out for a bit.

Hibiki: Huh? Where to?
Shizuka: Just a little ways. I’ll be back soon. / Ah, but if I’m late coming back, then…

Shizuka: I’ve left a letter on the table. / Read it.
Hibiki: O…K…

Hibiki: ?

Shizuka: I’m off.

Letter: To Hibiki, / If you’re reading this, then I may have erred greatly.

Letter: I am currently going to meet with “that man.”

Letter: I don’t believe there’s any other way for me to reach the truth…
(?): I knew you would come,

(?): Aida Shizuka-kun.

Shizuka: That’s right. You’re…

Shizuka: Minamida.

SFX: *Step*

SFX: *Spark*

SFX: Zap!

SFX: Thump

Man: Minamida-san, what should we do with him?
Minamida: Carry him courteously. He is going to become my most important piece.

Minamida: I’ve done it, Brother! I’ve finally got my hands on him! / Now I can finally fulfill your Last Request!

Letter: Hibiki, if worst comes to worst and I don’t come back,

Letter: I know you can find the truth.

Letter: There are more than enough clues.
SFX: *Slam*
Letter: There were four big hints leading me to my conclusion.

Letter: The first is Saaya. / The fact that Saaya cannot lie must be a hint… Try to remember everything Saaya’s said up until now. / She cannot lie. Therefore, everything she’s said must be true.

Letter: The second / is the fact that I survived the incident. / Considering everything else that’s happened, the fact that I alone survived cannot be a coincidence. It must mean something.

Letter: The third / is the rules of the Shinigami. / As you well know, Hibiki, there are rules governing what a Shinigami can and cannot do. / We can be certain that Shinigami are involved in this labyrinthine incident. Consider all of the rules, and calculate whether or not and to what degree a Shinigami could be involved.

Letter: The fourth and final clue is the Last Request itself. It is the biggest hint of all. / Who, wishing for what, could have caused things to occur as they did? / Or, to put it simpler, think of how many of those Last Requests would one should use in order to bring about such a situation.

Letter: Consider the order of deaths, how people died, who didn’t die, the memory loss, and everything else. / Other than you, Hibiki, the only people at the scene who could have used their Last Requests were Mom and Dad. If we can figure out what their Last Requests were, we would be close to the truth.

Letter: That is as far as my thoughts have taken me… / But I know you can reach the truth, Hibiki. Even if you can’t do it by yourself,

Letter: you have everyone else. Everyone you’ve met this far will surely come to your aid. / ... I know it’s somewhat selfish of me, to force this wish on you.

Letter: Sorry, Hibiki.
Hibiki: Onii-chan…

Letter: But this is my Last Request. / So take these words, and let “Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo” reach its epilogue.


A Final Request from “Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo”

(upper left): Shinigami Surface Department
Shinigami Satsuki
Ability: Unknown
Shinigami Luca Prisoner Masamune
Shinigami Yoshino Prisoner Sasuke
Shinigami Ume
(Arrow from Satsuki): Assisting

(upper right): Shinigami Saaya
Ability: Memory Erasure
In Charge of the Boy A Incident
(arrow going right): Likes
(arrow going left): Deleted the memory of?

(person pointing to by Loves): Minamida Azuma
Protected Saaya, now on the verge of death (Destiny: Dead)
Last Request:
“Keep watch over whether or not I die.”
(Arrow from): Brothers

(brother): Minamida
Seeking to achieve what his brother could not finish?
(arrow from): Has information on?

(... points to): (?)
Was at the scene of the crime?
(arrow to the left): Someone known by the Aida Family?

Aida Shizuka
Last Request:
“Find the true culprit together with Hibiki.”
Arrow from the left: Assisting (Likes?)

Aida Hibiki
Had both legs chopped off when she was killed.
Her last request:
“Inflict maximum punishment upon Shizuka!”

(right of Hibiki): Aida Gou
Died of a stab wound though the chest.
Last Request:
(arrow pointing down): Raised as siblings

(person being pointed to by above): Gou’s Cousin
15 years ago, she was in the car with Tomoe when the accident happened and died. Last Request: “Unknown”

(left side, top of triangle): Shinigami Shiroha
Ability: “Unknown”

Bottom left: Prisoner Kureha
(right of her): Prisoner Asami
Obsessed with the Boy A Incident
(arrow from Asami): Has information

Bottom: Please try to think about who the culprit is

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