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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

SAI: Taker 7

A Date with the President?!

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 7, 2013 21:05 | Go to SAI: Taker

-> RTS Page for SAI: Taker 7

Sai Takers ch. 7

(note: due to various reasons, I'm not going to reserve this for any particular group; if you choose to use this, please credit me.)

Kyouya: Whoa! / It’s so hot today…

Yuuma: Really? You’ll go shopping? / The cream puffs over there are the best!
Box: Right before deadline
Kyouya: It can get a little tiring, running errands on days like this… / But I’ll do anything if it means helping Yuuma-nee-san!
Kyouya’s aside: Mm-hm.

Sign: Tsukemen

Kyouya: Wow, this is quite a line… / As popular as ever, I see.
SFX: *Glance*

<aside: Why?! >
Inset: And won’t her long hair get in the soup?!
SAI: Taker
Chapter 7: A Date with the President?!
SFX: *Glancing around*

Aside: She doesn’t seem terribly comfortable in this situation…
Kyouya: Why would she be here…?
SFX: *Glancing around*

Kyouya: Ah!

Kyouya: What am I thinking? I need to run away, / before she notices I’m here…
SFX: *Creeping*

Takabayashi: Hey, I know that back! That’s you, Subordinate Number 4, isn’t it?!
Kyouya: Subordinate… Number 4… is it?
Takabayashi: It’s me! You should show some respect to your president!

Takabayashi: What a coincidence, meeting up like this outside of school! / Were you heading somewhere? Or are you shopping?

Kyouya: I’m shopping. But I don’t usually head to these stores, so…
Takabayashi: Really? Japan really is a small place.
Kyouya: No… It’s quite big… And this isn’t really a problem on a national level…

Kyouya: What about you, President? Why are you here?
Takabayashi <aside>: Hm? / …!

Takabayashi: I was going shopping with Tsurumin and Sumomo, but we got separated and my sense of adventure made me want to go wandering.
Kyouya: Is that so… / <aside: Then I suppose you’re not in trouble… >

Takabayashi: Ah, her phone
Kyouya’s SFX: *Surprised*
SFX: Brrrrrrrring

Takabayashi: Oh no. I accidently turned off the power.
Kyouya: Huh? Might that have been from Tsurumi-san?
SFX: *Baffled*

Takabayashi: It was definitely a wrong number.
Kyouya: But you didn’t even check.

Takabayashi: I said it was a WRONG. NUMBER.
SFX: Roar
Kyouya: Ah, yes, of course, it was just a wrong number…

Kyouya: Umm, President, is that a net coupon you have there? Did you print it out and bring it here yourself?

Takabayashi: …!!

Takabayashi: Of—Of course not, stupid! I was given it by the store owner, of course! / I—I would never stoop so low as to prepare a coupon for the eating of commoner food!!
Kyouya: You don’t have to go so far denying it… / <aside: It’s not really something worth getting angry about… >

Kyouya: Well, if you don’t need it, could I have it?

Kyouya: It’s right before lunchtime, and this place is really tasty.

SFX: *Stomach rumble*

Kyouya: Well, if it’s a big deal, then that’s fine. / <aside: I’ll just head off now… >
Takabayashi: <aside: Where are you going? > / That’s right. If you want to eat here that much, then I suppose I can sit with you, just this once.
SFX: *Grab*

Kyouya: No matter how you look at it, you clearly came here to eat…
Takabayashi: I thought I told you I didn’t!

Kyouya: So then… First, let’s get in line.
Takabayashi: In line?

Takabayashi: Why would we need to queue for food?
Kyouya: Isn’t it common sense? Can’t you see everyone else already lined up?

Kyouya: Don’t tell me / this is her first time?!
Takabayashi (aside text): Hmm, so that’s why… / That’s why they’re not letting everyone on the street in.

Kyouya: Umm, President, don’t tell me / you’ve never had to get in line for anything before?
SFX: *Flatly*
Takabayashi: You don’t have to ask something so obvious!

Kyouya: Then… what do you do when you go to see a movie? Or go to an amusement park?
Takabayashi: They’re all owned by my grandfather, so I get a free pass, of course. / <aside: And the theatre’s inside the mansion, too. >

Kyouya: Then what about when you travel overseas? / <aside: Like when you board a plane… >
Takabayashi: I travel on a private jet, of course. / <aside: If I’m heading somewhere close within the country, a helicopter is rather convenient. >

Takabayashi: By the way, the recent doujin event / was held at a building owned by my uncle, so I was able to enter easily.
Kyouya: <sfx: Dammit! > / This is why I hate rich people!!

Kyouya: Ah!

Kyouya: Which means that you really were waiting out here so you could eat today, / right?
Takabayashi: I said, you’re wrong… / You’re so annoying…

Waiter: A party of two? / Would you please head to the seats furthest in the back?
SFX: *Nervous glances*

Takabayashi: Oh—oh… This atmosphere is slightly different than the photos…
Kyouya: !
Chef: Welcome!

Kyouya: Pictures, huh? / So she really was planning to eat here…

Chef: One small and one large tsukemn! / Prepared nice and cold!

Kyouya: I can’t get enough of this stuff! I always have to get the large! / Here’s yours, President.

Takabayashi: … / <aside: Hmm >

Takabayashi: Why are the noodles and soup separated? / I know that ramen is not quite like this…

Kyouya: Umm, do you not even know how to eat it?
Takabayashi: Who do you think I am?! Stop patronizing me!

SFX: Bthump Bthump

SFX: Slurp

SFX: Slurp

Kyouya: Wh… What should I do…
Takabayashi: I think… / I did something wrong…

Kyouya: Umm, President, watch me, please.
Takabayashi: ?
Kyouya: First, dip the noodles into the soup…

Kyouya: Here. Say “ah”.

Takabayashi: I see now. Perhaps I should have used my tool like this from the beginning…
(arrow to Kyouya): Tool
Kyouya <aside>: Whatever, just hurry up and eat it.

SFX: Ahhmph

SFX: Chomp chomp

Takabayashi: !

Takabayashi: Im—impossible! It’s so good!!
Kyouya: Isn’t it?
Takabayashi: The soup tastes so strong, and the texture of the noodles feels so pleasant and comforting…

Takabayashi: I’ve never experienced anything like it! Never have I eaten such a thing in my mansion!! / This strong, simple, and cheap taste is simply divine! Seconds, please!!
Chef: Um, miss, what did you…
Kyouya: I’m sorry…

Takabayashi: Ahh! I ate so, so much!!

Takabayashi: <aside: My tummy is absolutely stuffed. > / I can’t believe even the small was such a large helping.
SFX: Pat Pat
Kyouya: What do you mean, small? / And she’s so thin! Where does she pack it all in?

Kyouya: So then, if you’ll excuse me… / <aside: I need to get Yuuma-nee-san her cream puffs. >
SFX: Nod

Kyouya: Gah?!
SFX: *Squeeze*

Kyouya: What was that for?!

Takabayashi: There’s a few other places I want to go…
Kyouya: Huh?!

Takabayashi: Here we are!!

Kyouya: A crane game?
Takabayashi: <aside: Ohh! > / Yes, yes! I always wanted to try this once!! / Look, Number 4! I want to scoop up that one in the corner!

Kyouya: You say that, but… These games are much harder than they look. And getting the one you want looks impossible…
Takabayashi: What? You can’t do it?

Takabayashi: Commoners are far less interesting than I anticipated… / <aside: I had such high expectations for you… >

Kyouya: What’s that supposed to mean? / And I am sick of this idiot acting like she looks up to commoners!!

SFX: *Steps up*
SFX: Weeen / Garrra

SFX: Clink

SFX: Toddling
Takabayashi: That kid right there was able to win on his first try!!
Kyouya: He was a pro! Of course he’s a pro! / <aside: He has to be!! >

SFX: *Crowd noises*
Takabayashi: Nothing is impossible for my First Student Council! Now go, Number 4!! / If you can’t even do what an elementary school kid can do, there’ll be a punishment game!
(random background): A fight? But they’re both girls…
Kyouya: Stop calling me Number 4! And what do you mean, a punishment game?!

Kyouya: … / <aside: Uhh>
Takabayashi: Bthump Bthump
SFX: Garra Garra

Kyouya: Geh!
SFX: Boop

Takabayashi: What are you doing?! You were so close!! / You useless sukapontan!!
Kyouya: I told you this was hard!!
SFX: Bonk Bonk

Takabayashi: Enough! Out of my way! I’ll show you just how good I am at this!
Kyouya: So why didn’t you just do that from the start?!
SFX: Shit

Takabayashi: … Did you just say something to me?
Kyouya: N—no! Of course not! / Yay! I know the President can win!

SFX: Boop

Kyouya: So then. Hard, isn’t it? / <aside: Just take a look at it. >
Takabayashi: …

Takabayashi: I’ve already spent 20,00 yen on it…
Kyouya: Are you going to keep playing? That little thing isn’t that important, is it? / <aside: It’s not like you’re a commoner. >

Takabayashi: I’m all out of cash…
SFX: *Droop*


Kyouya: Let me have a turn. I’ve got another 100 yen coin…
Takabayashi: !

Takabayashi: Huh? You’re going to play?
Kyouya: It’s not that much money… But this is all I have.
SFX: *Click*

Kyouya: If I win, I’ll give it to you as a gift. / But even if I fail, there’ll be no punishment game, OK?

SFX by Takabayashi: Bthump Bthump
SFX on left: Garrra Garra Garra

SFX: Rattle Rattle

SFX: Rattle Rattle

SFX: Boon

Girls: …?!

SFX: *Stunned*

Guy on the right: What’s with those two?
Kyouya: Whooooaaaa
Takabayashi: You did it!!

Takabayashi: Nanase! Isn’t it so cute?!
Kyouya: I… suppose.
SFX: *Grin*

Kyouya: But I never would have expected the President to have this part of her. / It’s really strange.
SFx; Hair rustle

Kyouya: ?

Kyouya: Huh? What happened to your feet?
Takabayashi: Hm?
SFX: *Stop*

Kyouya: This is horrible! Look at how bad your skin is! / How have you walked so far with your feet like this?!

Takabayashi: Well, normally I just ride around in a car. I almost never walk around this much.
Kyouya: <aside: Dammit. I really don’t get you. > / Even so… Doesn’t it hurt? How can you put up with the pain?

Takabayashi: More importantly, there’s still places I want to go!
Kyouya: Do you really intend to walk somewhere with your feet like this?!

Takabayashi: They’re my feet, and I say they’re fine, so there’s nothing to worry about!
Kyouya <aside>: But I am worried…

SFX: *Stand*

Takabayashi: Wh—what are you doing?!
Kyouya: Let’s at least buy you some bandaids at the pharmacy.

Takabayashi: Wh—why should I have to be carried on a man’s back?
Kyouya: I am a girl right now. / <aside: Sigh >

Kyouya: The pharmacy’s not that far away… And there’s somewhere you want to go, right? / I feel uneasy just looking at your feet.

Takabayashi: If you touch me someplace weird, I’ll execute you.
Kyouya: I won’t touch you.

Kyouya: Huh? / Did the President just…?

Takabayashi: Well, / Nanase…
SFX: Bthump Bthump Bthump

Takabayashi: Your back’s a lot thinner than I thought it would be. / <aside: Riding on you feels absolutely horrible. >
Kyouya: <aside: I’ll throw you, dammit! > / What do you want me to do?! I am a girl!!

Sign: + Segami Pharmacy | Medicine

Takabayashi: Disinfectants and Bandaids: Complete!
SFX: *Step*

Takabayashi: Now I am 100% revived!!
Kyouya: So you can make your own way home now, right? / <aside: I’m going to head home myself, then. / I have shopping left to do, too… >

SFX: *Twitch*

Takabayashi: Hey! That’s not what you promised!!
Kyouya: Could you please stop forcing your way?!! / I have shopping I need to do, too!!

Takabayashi: Th—there’s just one place left I want you to take me. I’ll let you go, once we’re through… / Today, as a special favor, I’ll end it at that.

Kyouya: Hmmm

Kyouya: Let me guess: you’re nervous at the thought of being left alone? / <aside: Please be honest. >
Takabayashi: Why would you say something so stupid?! And moreover, what makes you think you have the right to veto my orders, Number 4?!

Kyouya: Heh hm. I’ll go with you, if you just say you’re nervous. / <aside: C’mon, admit it. >
SFX: Ahaha

Takabayashi: Attention, everyone! Would you like to see a real, live Original Taker from urban legend?!
Kyouya: <aside: Th—there’s no way those are real?! > / Uwaahhhh!! Uwaahhh!! I’m sorry! I’ll go with you wherever you want!!

Takabayashi: Then let me on your back.
Kyouya: You demon.

Takabayashi: Hmmm
Kyouya: *Cold sweat* x3

Takabayashi: My goodness, are you nervous, Number 4? And here I thought we were both girls.
Kyouya: The… The final place can’t be here, right?
SFX: Cold sweat x2

SFX: Smile
Takabayashi: That’s right! I always wanted to come here once.
Kyouya: ?

Takabayashi: I’ve grown tired / of the particular designer underwear my grandfather gets me.

Kyouya: Her grandfather prepares her underwear, huh? / I suppose the rich have their own circumstances…
Takabayashi: Ah, that’s right. I should turn my phone’s power back on.
SFX: Beep

Takabayashi: That’s right.

Takabayashi: Good work accompanying me all day. / I give you my thanks.

Takabayashi: And one more thing… We’re both in the same year, so speak less formally to me.

Takabayashi: I will allow you to call me Reiri from now on, / Nanase Kyouya.

Kyouya: Re… Reiri? Her first name? / Wait… Does that mean…

Kyouya: Hah! Don’t tell me this is some kind of trap?! / She must have some sort of hidden agenda… Like if I do poorly, there’ll be a punishment game, or something… / For now, I’ll go with “President Reiri”.
SFX: Mm-hm
Takabayashi: Then if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go try this on.
Clerk: The fitting room is right this way.

Kyouya: President Reiri really is / a hard person to understand…

Sumomo: Are you sure she’s in here?
Tsurumi: I’m certain of it. I traced her phone here.

Sumomo: Wow! There’s so much cute underwear lined up!
Kyouya: Wh—why would those two suddenly come here? / Wait—first off, why am I hiding?
Tsurumi: That doesn’t matter! After having no response, the President’s cell phone just became active! We must find her, quickly!
SFX: *Heavy heartbeat*

Tsurumi: How strange…
Sumomo: What is it?

Tsurumi: The scent… of Nanase Kyouya is in the air.
Kyouya: What are you, a dog?!
SFX: Ugeh!

Sumomo: Really? There’s no way she’s here, right?
Tsurumi: I suppose… Perhaps I am merely overthinking things.
Kyouya SFX: Bthump Bthump

Tsurumi: AND FOUND YOU!!
SFX: Rattle

Sumomo: Except she’s not there.
Tsurumi: <aside: Yeah. > / Huh… I suppose it was just my imagination, then.
SFX: *Popping out*

SFX: *Slide*

Tsurumi: There’s no way Nanase-san, someone who’s a guy on the inside, would be in a place like this. / No, because of that perhaps she is repeatedly entering and exiting?
Kyouya: <sfx: Hah Hah> / I’ve gotta hurry… If I don’t get out of here, fast, my life will be in danger!!

Tsurumi: Then Sumomo, you will keep watch at the entrance and check to see if the President comes out. / I will investigate the store interior.
Sumomo: Roger! Leave it to me!
Kyouya: Geh! / At the entrance?!


Kyouya: That’s the fitting room!

Kyouya: How lucky! / Anyways, if I go in there and lock the door, somehow I’ll…

SFX: Click

<no text>

Kyouya: Why?! / Why would she change without locking the door?!
SFX: *Sweat*

Takabayashi: Nanase… Kyouya…
SFX: *Stunned*

SFX: *Clasp*

Kyouya: They’ll find us if you scream!! / Stop! Time!!
SFX: Slam Pound Struggle Struggle

Kyouya: I’m… I’m sorry, President… This wasn’t on purpose, I promise…

Kyouya: …!! / …?! / What—what am I doing?!

Tsurumi: Did I hear something over here?
Sumomo: Huh? But isn’t this the changing room?
SFX: Bthump Bthump
Kyouya: Hiiiii!

Kyouya: P—President Reiri, I promise you there’s a rational explanation behind this… / So please, don’t scream…

SFX: Nod

Kyouya: Huh? What? Did the President… just… / understand what’s going on?
SFX: *Silence*

Kyouya: !
SFX: *Glance*

SFX: Thump

SFX: Thump

Kyouya: Wh—what am I doing?! / Is it the atmosphere?! Am I just being dragged along by the atmosphere?!
SFX: Bthump Bthump

Kyouya: Why does President Reiri / look so cute?!
SFX: Heavy heartbeats x3

Kyouya: Don’t tell me this is Estrus…?! / No—that shouldn’t be for a while yet, so why…?!!!
SFX: *Gulp*

Tsurumi: They surely couldn’t be hiding in a changing room, right?
SFX: *Twitch*

Sumomo: Oh, come on! Of course they aren’t!
Tsurumi: I truly am overthinking things today.
Kyouya: *Sigh*

Tsurumi: AND FOUND YOU…!!
Kyouya: Hiiiii!!
SFX: Clatter

Tsurumi: Heh…. What an interesting turn of events. / How strange… Why don’t I feel like asking for an explanation?
Kyouya: W—wait a second!! You have to listen! There’s a perfectly rational explanation—!!

Kyouya: Some things happened, and—!! / Kyaaahhhh!

Tsurumi: For goodness sake… What sort of game did you think you were playing? First, you used us as an excuse to head outside, then the second we were distracted you ran off. <aside: You even turned off your phone. >

Tsurumi: If something like this were to ever happen again, I would have to give an immediate report to your father.
Takabayashi: <aside: Don’t preach to me like you’re Papa! > / I know! I know, already!

Tsurumi: *Sigh*

Tsurumi: All things considered, it probably would have been better had you allowed me to escort you… Could you please try to be more honest next time? / I could take you to a ramen shop, or a lingerie shop, or wherever else you wanted to go.
Takabayashi: Really?! You promise?!

Tsurumi: So then, where did you meet up with Nanase?
Takabayashi: I just happened to run into her at the tsukemen restaurant.

Tsurumi: Of all things, for you to be alone with her… / Did anything… troublesome happen?

Takabayashi: Well…

Takabayashi: It wasn’t… / particularly bad.

Tsurumi: It wasn’t… / bad?
Sumomo: What did you do with Nanase-san?
Takabayashi: We played a crane game, and…

Tsurumi: The President spent time together, with a man. / There’s no way that wouldn’t be “bad”…
SFX: *Clench*

Tsurumi: Damn you, Nanase Kyouya!! / I knew I should have punished you harder than I did!!
SFX: Rumble
Takabayashi (aside): Huh? Are you angry?
Sumomo (aside): Ah, she’s burning up…
SFX by Tsurumi: *Quiver*

Police: Umm, Miss? Would you come to the police box with us?
Kyouya: But why… / I didn’t even do anything wrong…
Box: Stripped and left by herself
SFX: *Crowd noises*
Sidebar: Will setting the President’s flag summon more troubles?!

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