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Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance 1

Stage 001

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 12, 2013 21:09 | Go to Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance

-> RTS Page for Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance 1

*for Bikkys

The next generation VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online. / Two years ago, Ayaba Akihiko took the 10,000 people who had logged in to that game and sealed them in. / Their only method of escape was to beat the game. / It was a death game, where a game over meant one’s life was over as well.

My name in that world was “Kirito.” / I was one of the conquering players / who aimed to beat the game by reaching the topmost floor.

When we reached the 75th floor of the Floating Castle Aincrad, / I realized that Heathcliff, whom I had fought alongside, was in fact both Ayaba and the final boss. / I defeated him, cleared the game,

And returned to the real world.

<no text>

Two months later, / January 2024

Sugu: You spent two years just lying on a bed. / You shouldn’t push yourself too hard…
Kirito: I’m fine.

Kirito: Lemme show you the results of all the time I’ve spent rehabilitating at the gym.

Sugu: Really. / What are you doing, big brother?

Sugu: Your stance is completely reckless… And isn’t it dangerous, fighting without any defensive equipment?
Kirito: It’s fine.

Kirito: This is my swordfighting style!

Sugu: I was really surprised. / When did you get so much practice, big brother?

Sugu: B--/ Big brother?

Sugu: Are you sure you’re all right?
Kirito: N—no, I’m fine… / It’s just long years of habit…

Sugu: Ah…

Kirito: But that really was fun. / Maybe I should start doing Kendo again…

Sugu: Really? Really?!
Kirito: Sugu, will you teach me?
Sugu: Of-- / Of course I will! Let’s do kendo together again!

Kirito: That’s after I’ve got my muscle mass back up a bit, / though.

Sugu: Umm, Big Brother? / You know, I…

Kirito: Hm?

Sugu: Mmmm / Nope! Not gonna tell you yet!

Kirito: Wait, what?
Sugu: Hey, what are you doing today?

Kirito: Ah… I’m

Kirito: Today, / I’m going to the hospital…

Sugu: … I see. / You’re going to check on her, right?

This is my big brother, Kirigaya Kazuto. / I’m Kirigaya Suguha. Technically, he’s my cousin.

He’s actually my aunt’s son, so we’re not truly siblings. / My parents told me that during the winter of two years ago.

At the time, my brother was trapped within the fantasy world of Sword Art Online.

An astounding two thousand people died in the first month of the SAO incident. / My parents wanted to tell me the truth while my brother was still alive. / It must have been a really tough decision.

So that’s why

I was so happy / when Kazuto woke up.

But my big brother / met someone important in that world.

He told me himself, about a month ago.

He said they were together, right up until the end. / That they promised they would come home, together.

But that wish never came true.

Even now, she still sleeps…

Hey—Big Brother? / I already know.

I’m not sure exactly what’s changed, now that we’ve gone from siblings to cousins. / But I know one thing has changed. / One small secret continues to sparkle deep within my heart.

That it might be OK / if I were to fall in love with my brother. / That was all. ------

------ I cleared SAO.

I managed to return to my daily life.

However, / I left one thing behind:

A girl….. / She a rapier user who was at once my partner and the love of my life. / She was Asuna the Flash, and she didn’t come home to the real world.

… It wasn’t just Asuna.

Right now, about 300 players continue to sleep. / Akiba said that all players who survived would be released. / However, people are continuing even now to work on SAO’s main server as a black box.

Asuna’s soul is still ensnared within the server.

Sign: Yuuki Asuna

Kirito: Asuna…

Kirito: I’m back.

I wonder what she’s seeing in there. / There’s no way for me to know anymore. / Someday,

if, / if I can go back to that world------

Yuuki: Oh! / So you’re here, Kirigaya-kun. / Thanks for coming so often.

Kirito: Good day, Yuuki-san.
Box: This man is Asuna’s father, Yuuki Shouzou.

He is the CEO of RCT, a company which makes various electrical appliances.

Yuuki: Where are my manners? You two haven’t met yet, have you? / This is Sugou-kun, who heads the research department.
Sugou: Nice to meet you. I am Sugou Nobiyuki.

Sugou: So you’re the hero Kirito-kun.

Sugou: Oh, my apologies. / It’s taboo to speak of what happened within SAO, isn’t it? / Though I’m sure it would make for quite the dramatic story, wouldn’t it?

Yuuki: I trust him as I would my own son. He’s been practically family since long ago.
Sugou: About that, Mr. President…

Sugou: I was hoping to make next month’s events official.
Kirito: What are they talking about?
Sugou: I would like to see Asuna-san in a dress now, / while she is still beautiful.

Yuuki: ….I suppose so. / Perhaps it is time I finally make a decision.

President, we should get going…
Yuuki: Ahh, then if you’ll excuse me, / Kirigaya-kun.

Yuuki: I hope to see you again soon.


Sugou: I heard you lived with Asuna within that game?

Kirito: ….I did.
Sugou: I see.

Sugou: Then I suppose that makes things between us somewhat complicated. / You see, the thing we were talking about was…

Sugou: Asuna and I getting married.

Box: Wait, what did he just....?
Kirito: There’s no way… you can’t…

Sugou: Of course not.

Sugou: Right now, while she is unconscious, a legal wedding is impossible. / On paper, I will merely be declared the adopted son of the Yuuki family. / … I don’t believe her parents know this,

Sugou: but this girl always did hate me.

Sugou: I thought that, if we ever were to be married, there would be a high possibility she would refuse. / So you see,

Sugou: this situation is quite perfect for me.

Kirito: Enough!!

Kirito: You…! / You’re going to take advantage of Asuna being in a coma?!

Sugou: Take advantage of? / No, Kirigaya-kun. / This is my right.

Sugou: Do you know what happened to ARGUS, the company that developed SAO?
Kirito: … I heard it dissolved.

Sugou: Correct. / Coupled with the development costs, compensation for the incident forced them into debt, and the company was destroyed. / The people who became responsible for maintaining and running the SAO server were RCT’s FullDive Technological Research Division.

Sugou: Specifically, my section. / In other words,

Sugou: you could say that, right now, her life / is under my control.

Sugou: So wouldn’t you say / it’s fine for me to seek a little recompense?

Kirito: …..You!!

He is using Asuna’s current situation / and her life itself

To further his own objectives!!

Sugou: …I don’t know what happened between you two in the game, / but I would appreciate it if you would no longer come here. / Please refrain from speaking with the Yuuki family as well.

Sugou: The ceremony will be held next month here, in the hospital. / I’ll be sure to send you an invitation.
Kirito: I want my sword.

Kirito: I’ll stab him through the heart / and slice off his head!!!

Sugou: Then I’ll see you around.

Sugou: Make your last goodbye a special one, / Mr. Hero.

The rugged grindstone that is the world has mercilessly / ground away those memories which shown as bright as jewels.

Sugou has always been especially close to the Yuuki family. / And he is in fact Asuna’s fiancé. / He has the trust of Yuuki Shouzou, and holds heavy responsibilities at RCT.

While I / am just some guy she met in a fantasy game.

But to us, that world / was reality. ------Or so we believed.

Sugu: Big Brother, the bath’s free.

Sugu: ….Wh— / What’s wrong?

Kirito: It’s nothing.

Sugu: But…
Kirito: I’m so worthless…

Kirito: I promised myself… / I wouldn’t sound weak in front of you, Sugu…

Sugu: Did something happen to her… to Asuna?
Kirito: Asuna’s…

Kirito: She’s gone… gone far away. / To somewhere / my hands can’t reach….

Sugu: Hey, / don’t give up.

Sugu: You can’t give up so easily… / on the person you love.

Wait. / Hey, hey….

Kirito: What’s going on here?

Kirito: Hey, Sugu, wake up. It’s morning.
Sugu: Mmmmm

Sugu: Ah. / Morning, Big Broth…

Sugu: !!

Sugu: Ah! / Umm… / I…!

Sugu: Uwaahhhhhhh!

Kirito: … For goodness’ sake…

(upper right): Egil
(upper left): New mail
(bubble): Unread!

Kirito: I’ve got mail?

(*): Egil
(above Egil): Sender
(above the English): Sender

Egil… / I owe him a lot for what happened during SAO…..
Kirito: What’s this about?

<no text>


Kirito: What was that supposed to mean?
Egil: First, look at this.

Kirito: …. “Amusphere”?
Egil: It’s the successor to the Nerve Gear, the device we used to head over there.
Kirito: So this is a VRMMO as well, then?

Kirito: Alf…hame Online?

Egil: It’s pronounced “Alfheim.” / It means “Land of the Fairies.” / However, despite the name the game is really hardcore.
Kirito: How so?

Egil: The game is 100% skill. / A player’s individual skills are stressed, and PK’ing is encouraged. / There’s no real concept of “level”. Skills can be improved only through repetition, and your HP can’t be significantly increased.

Egil: Combat also relies heavily on a person’s actual athletic ability. / It’s something like SAO with magic, but without sword skills.
Kirito: Makes sense. / So what do you mean by “PK’ing is encouraged”?

Egil: At character creation, a player picks one of the races of fairies. Apparently, he can cross words with the other races.
Kirito: Certainly sounds pretty hardcore.

Kirito: But no matter how high-spec it is, I doubt it’s that popular. / There can’t be too many people who’d be interested in something like that.
Egil: You’d think so, but…

Egil: It’s extremely popular. / Why? Because you can fly. / Fairies have wings, after all.

Egil: There’s a built-in flight engine, / and once you get good, you can fly freely without even using a controller.

Kirito: That’s amazing.

Kirito: ---Anyways, / let’s get back to the main subject.

Kirito: What is that picture?

Egil: ….What do you think?

Kirito: It looks like / Asuna.

Egil: I thought you’d say that. / This is an in-game screenshot, so I can’t enlarge it any further, but—

Kirito: Hurry up and tell me: Where is this?
Egil: In there.

Egil: In ALO.

Egil: It’s called the World Tree. / Apparently, the ultimate player objective is to be the first race to make it to the top of that tree.

Kirito: Can’t they just fly up?
Egil: There’s a limit on how long you can fly.

Egil: You can’t fly forever, / not even high enough to reach the lowest branches.

Egil: But there’s always someone out there who’ll think up something stupid. / Five people formed a tower by standing on each other’s shoulders, and tried to reach the tree’s branches like a multi-stage rocket.
Arrow: Removed armor, too, and wearing just their clothes
Background text: And one! And two! And one! And two!

Kirito: ….Not bad. Stupid, but kind of smart, too.
Egil: Their idea worked, and they almost managed to get hold of the branches.

Egil: But though they may have just barely failed, / the fifth and final one took as many pictures as he could as proof. / And this one picture captured something quite strange.

Egil: A giant birdcage / hanging from one of the branches.

Kirito: A birdcage…

Kirito: RCT!!

Egil: Damn, you look pissed! (note: guessing, as the bubble is half off the scan)
Kirito: It’s nothing. / Hey, Egil?

Kirito: Were there any other pictures? / Any pictures of someone besides Asuna who hasn’t made it back from SAO / who looks like they’re imprisoned in ALO?

Egil: If I had such pictures, you can be sure / I’d be talking to the police right now, not you.

Kirito: …Yeah. / That figures….

Sugou said he’s the one currently operating the SAO server. / A VRMMO where a girl who looks like Asuna was sighted. / A VRMMO operated by RCT. / A situation favorable to him----
Could it just be a coincidence?

Kirito: Egil, / can I borrow this game?
Egil: If you want.

Egil: You gonna go?
Kirito: Yeah.

Kirito: I have to see it with my own eyes. / … Though I’ll have to buy the game machine.

Egil: Any Amusphere game will work with the Nerve Gear.
Kirito: That’s perfect.

Egil: I’ll put the bill for the information on your tab…

Egil: …….Go save Asuna. / Our fight’s not over till you do.

Kirito: Yeah.

Kirito: We’ve all gotta meet up here, offline.

Sugu: …I’m so, so stupid!

Sugu: Uhh…

Sugu: What am I doing…?

Kirito: Sugu!
Sugu: !!

Sugu: Ugh! / Ughguh!
Kirito: You’re acting pretty careless.
Sugu: Pah!

Sugu: I… / I thought I was going to die…
Kirito: You should relax more when you’re eating.

Kirito: Sugu, / thanks for yesterday. I feel a lot better now.

Kirito: I won’t give up. / I will get Asuna back.

Sugu: ….Yep. Keep on going! / I want to meet Asuna-san, too.

Sugu: Should I keep on going, too?

Kirito: I’m sure you’ll get along great.
Sugu: Should I really fall in love with him? / There’s only space for her within my brother’s heart. / I know that so well it hurts. However….

Two months ago, when my brother awoke, he cried tears of joy / as he held out his hand and called me “Sugu”. / Ever since, the same feeling has dwelled within me:

I want to be by his side. / I want to talk as much as I can. / I can’t force it down.

But for now… all I can do is watch him from the side….

Sugu: Ah!

Sugu: Dammit. / I promised, didn’t I?

The Nerve Gear. / An innovative machine which interfaces directly with the brain to allow one to fully dive into fantasy realms.

And it was the chains which held me trapped for two years.

But at the same time… / it was my ally in battle. One which had never failed me, not even once.

Kirito: I’m counting on you.

Kirito: Once more, / lend me your power!



…Welcome / to Alfheim Online.

Account information submission: Please enter your customer ID and password. / Please enter your character name.

Kirito: Ah…

Not many people know / that Kirito is the name used in SAO by me, Kirigaya Kazuto.

Indeed, no information about character names in SAO was made public. / I doubt even my parents or Suguha know it.

The fact that Sugou Nobiyuki knows makes me uneasy, / but it’s not a name that should gather undue attention. / It should be fine.

Character Creation. / Player, / you may pick one of these nine races.

Salamander. / Silf. / Cait Sith. / Spriggan…..?

All initial settings are now complete.

So then, good luck in your upcom

Kirito: Wh— / What the

Kirito: The hell?!

Kirito: What the hell’s going on?!!

Recon: Leafa-chan, / what’s wrong?

Leafa: ….No. / It’s nothing.

Leafa: We take flight the second our wings finish recovering. Get ready.
Recon: B—But I’m / still dizzy…
Leafy: You got sick again?

Leafy: That’s pretty pathetic… / Get used to flying already, Recon.

Leafy: Our next flight / should take us over the forest.

Kirito: Fmgh!

Kirito: Where… / am I?

Giant boxes: Wait for me, Asuna. / I’m coming to save you.
Kirito: I was told that the starting area was your race’s hometown, / but there’s no way this is a city….

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