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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 3

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 12, 2013 21:45 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

-> RTS Page for Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 3

*For ryColaa Scanlations


Someday, I shall chance upon you----

Fushimi: What did you say, Grandma?
Grandma: Ummm, he said he would call again…

Grandma: He said he was from Taurus, in Koudansha, and that you had won the Showed award.

Fushimi: I’ve finally been acknowledged…


Fushimi: This is the first time a manga I’ve drawn has been acknowledged!! / I’ve finally reached the starting line!! / <aside: Though I know I’m being a bit of a neighborhood nuisance. >

Fushimi: The award for “Showed”… / It might be the lowest award, but I’m still extremely excited!!
[bottom box]: Showed: 100,000 Yen

Fushimi: The prize money’s 100,000 yen!! / <aside: Whoa… > / Can I really accept that much just for drawing a manga?

Honda: Nice one, Holly!
Friends: So cool! / He’s the kind of guy who’s good at everything.

Fushimi: Ah!

Friends: Fushimi, you’re a hoot! / Was that intentional? / And the way he ran up to the bar was so weird.

Fushimi: That settles it… I’m going to use the prize money to buy a home gym.

SFX: Ding dong ding dong
Honda: Fushimi-kun! You should try approaching the jump from the opposite side.

Honda: And when you’re jumping off the ground, you want to take a really big step. / Use the movement of your arms, too.

Fushimi: Ah… / Yeah, I get it.

Honda: On the step before you jump, lower your center of gravity, and…
Fushimi’s aside: OK, OK.
Fushimi: It’s already gotten too high-level for me; I can’t understand what she’s saying.

Guys: What’s up, what’s up? / Honda’s giving Fushimi individual lessons.
Honda: Make sure to keep your body straight.
Guy: Though given Fushimi’s potential, it seems like a waste to try to teach him anything.

Fushimi: This is my chance… / Now’s my chance to tell her about the award!!

Honda: Hm?
Fushimi: No… Honda-san probably doesn’t read Taurus. She might not even know it exists. So what do I do…

Girl: Asuna! Maki says she wants to go to the nurse’s office.
Honda: Really? Then let’s go together.
Fushimi (aside): Ah!
SFX: *Running sounds*

Fushimi: … / I’ll show her when the results are printed in the magazine.

SFX: Dash

Fushimi: Although, he said he’d “call back,” but we haven’t received any calls from Taurus…

Fushimi: But it’d probably be impertinent of me to call them.
SFX bubble: Vmmmm Vmmmm (cell phone rumble)

Fushimi: Oh! An unknown number!!
SFX: Vmmmm
Fushimi: 03?!

Phone: Hello? Is this Fushimi-kun? / I am Mutou, of Koudansha Taurus.
Fushimi: It’s him!!

Fushimi: Ah… This is he.
Mutou: Yeah, sorry it took so long to get back to you. / I’m gonna be your editor from now on. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Fushimi: My e—editor?! / I get an editor?!

Mutou: You wanna be a pro, right?
Fushimi: Y—yes!!

Mutou: Ummm, you’re only 16, right? First year of high school?
Fushimi: No, my second.
Mutou: That good of art, and you’re only a sophomore? It looks like you put a lot of work into your drawings, and I feel like you’ve got a lot of potential.

Fushimi: Th—Thank you very much!!
Mutou: Yeah, but your story, well… that still needs a lot of work, you know? Ha ha ha.

Mutou: By the way, what are you working on right now?
Fushimi: Well, I was planning to start sketching my next work today…

Mutou: What’s it about?
Fushimi: It’s a story about a freeloader who uses the French martial art savate.
Mutou: Gyahaha! You’re really into that stuff, huh?!

Mutou: Next time we talk, I want you to have the storyboard ready to show me.

Fushimi: Huh? I can make a storyboard?!
Mutou: Yup. Then we’ll discuss it.

Fushimi: A discussion? About m y manga?!
Mutou: You react strongly about everything, don’t’ you?

Mutou: You’re coming to the award ceremony next month, right? Bring that savate work along with you.
Fushimi: Ah—I should be done with it soon, so I’ll mail it straight to you!
Mutou: Oh? You’re really getting into this, huh.

Fushimi: Mutou-san, from Taurus…

Fushimi: This is so amazing… / He seems pretty stylish…

Teacher: Uhh, this one’s good? On to the next. / This one’s good, right?

Fushimi: I quickly finished up the storyboard and sent a copy of it, but I haven’t heard back yet… / Maybe Mutou-san’s just busy.

Fushimi: Well, it’s only been one week; maybe there was some sort of trouble and it hasn’t reached him yet? / Maybe I should send another copy…
(cartoon): This one’s good, right?

SFX: Ding Dong Dang Dong

Fushimi: Today’s finally the day!!

Ginsburg Bookstore

Sign: You may use a library card, or you may purchase.

SFX: Thump Thump
Mag: Taurus

Fushimi: Oooohhhhh!!
Magazine: Sawamura Eichi Prize / Results:
(right side): Grand prize: 1,000,000 Yen
(below the picture): Taki Kaito (17 y.o., f. Kanagawa)
(left): “Blood and Mud” (JP: Chi to Doro)

(below IDIOT): Fushimi Kinosuke (16 y.o., f. Aichi)
(left of that): A 16-year-old- with good instincts, he’s the type / mistake. His drawings are great, and we’re looking forward to when he fully expresses his potential.
(note: slashes above are wear I’m losing bits b/c of the panel positioning)

Fushimi: I’m in!!

Fushimi: It’s kind of small, but… / my art… has been printed!!

Fushimi: The pen name I spent so long thinking up was printed!! / I spent so long thinking of it, and it was just printed.

Girl: I want to make the 38-minute train.
Honda: There’s no way that’s happening.
Girl: Let’s go to a bookstore.

Fushimi: Honda-san!!

Fushimi: L—Look at this!!
Honda: Huh? What is it?

Fushimi :This is me!!
Honda: Huh?
Girls: You’re kidding! / Fushimi, you draw manga?

Honda: Wow! Seriously?! / This manga’s printed in Tokyo, right? And it’s sold country-wide, right?!!

Fushimi: That’s right!
Honda: I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of Taurus somewhere before.
Girl: Fushimi Kinosuke? Ha ha ha. / That’s pretty funny.

Fushimi: W—well, I did only Show, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Honda: Even so, it’s still amazing!

Girl: Hey, doesn’t the grand prize winner look pretty amazing?

Girl: It says he’s only 17 years old, same as us!
Magazine: (same as before)

Fushimi: Huh?

Girls: Wow, you’re right! Amazing! / And he earned 1,000,000 yen?! He must be so talented!!

Girls: Ah, we should get going to the station. / Take care, Fushimi-kun.

Taki Kaito (17 y.o., f. Kanagawa)

Fushimi: He’s a sophomore in high school, same as me… / What are you, Taki Kaito?

Fushimi: “A 16-year-old- with good instincts, he’s the type who’s a little afraid to make a mistake. / “His drawings are great, and we’re looking forward to when he fully expresses his potential.”

Fushimi: I’ve read the commentary so many times, I know it by heart.
Guy <aside>: What’s wrong with this kid?


Fushimi: Taki Kaito… / I can’t get his name out of my head…

Fushimi: His award-winning work was printed in this week’s Taurus. / The art’s so good… and the story’s perfect.
Magazine: The Sawamura Eichi Grand Prize Winning Work
Blood and Mud / Taki Kaito

Fushimi: I don’t want to admit it, but I have to…
Girl: Yuck! What’s so funny?!
SFX Bubbles: Hah / Hah

Guy: My lesson is not over yet.
Fushimi: It hurts to admit it, but he really is better than me…

Fushimi: Well, if I forced myself to find something wrong, the combat section is a lot like a movie I once saw.

Fushimi: After leveling up during my Ashen Summer, I finally managed to Show, earning 100,000 Yen… / But this guy, same age as me, so easily won the grand prize and 1,000,000 Yen.

Fushimi: What kind of guy are you, Taki Kaito? / Well, I’m going to meet him at the award ceremony in a few hours…

Fushimi: It’s been five months since my failure here.
Editor: C’mon
Fushimi: I’m finally back, Koudansha!

Kimura: You should try to show your face a little. / I’m sure Yagi-san would be overjoyed to see you, Rin.
Rin: But you said today would have nothing to do with work.

Kimura: It was thanks to Yagi-san that you two are able to go to Destiny Land. / And I have things in the future to worry about, too.

<no text>

SFX: Rain

SFX: Ding

Kimura: Well, Yagi-san is an old friend of mine.

Yagi: That was way back when I was still doing pin-ups. / We would spend our days hopping between hostess bars.

Kimura: Cool it, Yagi-san! Don’t talk about those things in front of high school girls from the countryside!
Yagi: But you said not to hide anything! / What is this, market research?

Yagi: J—just look at the two of them!

Kimura: Still, Yagi-san, it’s rare to see you in a suit.

Yagi: After this, I’ve got the Sawamura Prize Ceremony to attend.

Kimura: Sawamura Prize?
Yagi: It’s basically just a newcomers’ award.

Yagi: So Rin-chan, I’ve heard you’re enjoying Tokyo? / <aside: I’ve also got horse races on Sundays.> / By the way, do you two read manga?
Girls: No, not really.

Paper: The 43rd / Sawamura Eichi Award / Submitted Works

Blood and Mud / Sawamura Eichi Grand Prize Winner
Taki Kaito (17)

Ayame: Amazing! The grand prize winner’s only 17! / <aside: Same as us, ain’t it? >
Yagi: Ah, you’re talking about Taki Kaito-kun.

Yagi: He’s got the kind of talent you only see once a decade.

Rin: ……

Yagi: By the way, Kimura-san, what horse do you think will do well on Sunday?

Kimura: Full Shanty’s a pretty interesting name, and I like long odds.
SFX: *Flip Flip*

Fushimi Kinosuke (16)

Ayame: This guy’s only 16! / But he’s not as good as the last guy. / He Showed, huh…

Asst: Yagi-san, we need to talk about the ceremony!

Yagi: If you’re interested, there’ll be food there. Feel free to show up. / I’m sure the recipients will be glad to see a star come by.

Kimura: You don’t mind, do you, Rin? It’ll be brief.

Rin: I am not a “star.”

Ayame: He was a really forceful kind of guy, huh?
Kimura: He might seem like that, but he’s regarded as an extremely competent editor.

Mutou: Hey, sorry to keep you waiting! / So you’re Fushimi-kun, right? / You’re not quite what I expected…

Fushimi: Mu—Mutou-san, you’re exactly like what I imagined you’d be.
Mutou: Your writing was so dry, I was expecting someone a little more… strange. / But you look like a good-natured kid.

Fushimi: Well… I mean, anyone could be like that…

Mutou: So, you got a girl?

Fushimi: Huh?
Mutou: Don’t tell me you’re a virgin?! / I first time wasn’t till my 20’s, so I’d be kinda pissed if you got laid earlier than I did.

Fushimi: Ha hah… / By the way, have you read the storyboard I sent?

Mutou: Huh? You sent it?
Fushimi: Y—Yes. I thought maybe there was some sort of mistake, so I sent it thrice…
Mutou: Thrice?!!

Mutou: Sorry. Lemme go check. / I’ll make some time for you tomorrow, and we can go over it then.

Mori: Mutou!

Mori: Did Mizuno-san’s comments for the Table of Contents page come in yet?
Fushimi: !!

Fushimi: He’s the guy from when I brought in my work before!!

Mutou: Well, we haven’t been able to get in contact with him since yesterday… / Ah! Mori-san, allow me to introduce you. This is Fushimi-kun, who won the Showed award.

Mori: Hello. I’m Mori, the vice editor-in-chief. Nice to meet you.

Mutou: Th—Thank you.

Fushimi: “Nice to meet you”? I guess he doesn’t remember me. / <aside: I guess a lot of people must come in off the street to show him their work. >
SFX: *Heartbeats*

Asst: Mori-san! Taki-kun’s here!
Mori: Oh, so today’s main character has arrived.

Fushimi: !

Mori: What, you look like you always do. / I was hoping you’d wear something more appropriate for the ceremony.

Kaito: It’s nothing to get particularly excited about. / Today’s nothing more than the day I make it onto the starting line.

Fushimi: This guy’s Taki Kaito!!

Umm… There’s a big horse race this Sunday… / I think it’s going to come down to Full Shanty vs. Divnavalo.

Yagi: So I suggest all you recipients of the Sawamura Prize bet your winnings / and win big!

Guy: He says the same thing every time…

Yagi: I know this is somewhat belated, but congratulations, everyone!

Fushimi: Taki Kaito… A high school sophomore, same as me….

Fushimi: From what I’ve heard, / the entire editorial department gave him a perfect 10, and he was unanimously awarded the grand prize.

Mori: Errr… Taurus itself relies heavily on the Sawamura Prize.

Mori: Seventy percent of our authors currently in serialization were past winners of the prize.
Rin: ….

Mori: I’m sure some of you who won this prize bearing the name of Sawamura Eichi will be tomorrow’s regulars in Taurus.

Ayame: That last guy really sounded like a proper editor-in-chief.

Fushimi: Amazing… The editor-in-chief and vice editor-in-chief gave such good speaches…

Mutou: Fushimi-kun! Why are you hiding out in the corner?

Mutou: Allow me to introduce you. This is This is Nishiguchi-kun, who took second in the Newcomer’s Award. / I’m his editor, too.
Nishiguchi: Nice to meet you. I’m Nishiguchi.

Nishiguchi: You’re only 16, huh? Amazing.

Mutou: W—well, I’ve been drawing for a long time.

Nishiguchi: I guess I only started drawing once I entered vocational school. / I hadn’t even won an Honorable Mention in the monthly prize until last year.

Mutou: How old are you now again, Nishiguchi-kun?
Nishiguchi: 27.

Nishiguchi: Ever since Mutou-san became my editor, all the discussions we’ve had have led to me receiving this award… / Seriously, I can’t thank you enough.

Mutou: What, you’re crying?!! / <aside: Hey, hey! > / The hard part’s still to come. You’ve gotta work hard if you want to get serialized.

Fushimi: Serialized!!

Mutou: Ah, that’s right. You two will have to give speeches as award recipients afterwards.
Both: What?!!

Mutou: All the recipients have to. / Something nice and proper.
Fushimi: R—right out of the blue like that….

Then allow me to introduce the award recipients. / First off, the winner of the Showed award, Fushimi Kinosuke-kun.

Fushimji: Ummmm… / Th—Thank you.

Fushimi: I’ll tr—try my best to draw something even better next time!

Wait—no one’s even listening…

Mutou: Gyah hah hah! Damn, you were nervous!
SFX: Clap Clap
Fushimi: I’m—I’m sorry! I’m not really used to this.

Nishiguchi: Umm, I think I’m going to buy a betting slip this Sunday.
Ayame: Rin-chan, we really the type o’ people who’s supposed to be here?
Rin: There’s tons o’ folks here; s’not like anyone’s gonna notice.

And last but not least, the winner of the Sawamura Grand Prize, Taki Kaito-kun.

Kaito: Ummm, / I’ll be blunt…

Kaito: Taurus today… / is simply boring!

Kaito: If any of the authors currently undergoing serialization are here today, then I apologize to them. / However, I

Kaito: Intend to revolutionize the craft. / With that mission in mind, I will brazenly seek to pursue a life in the world of manga.

SFX: Clap Clap Clap

SFX: Clap Clap Clap Clap

Mutou: Fushimi-kun, you’re going to have to learn to give speeches like that, too.

Mutou: Let’s work hard so that you can overcome Taki Kaito.

Fushimi: Y—Yes!

Kimura: Again? For goodness sake… I’ll be counting on you.

Ayame: Rin-chan, to be honest, I really can’t stand that Kimura-san feller.

Ayame: I think he’s got some sorta secret motive. / I ain’t seen nothin’ from him but him tryin’ to manipulate you, Rin-chan.

Rin: I ain’t fond of him, either. / But y’know, it is thanks to him you and I got to come here to Tokyo, Akane-chan. That ain’t so bad.

Rin: It ain’t like I’m plannin’ to keep workin’, either. / I figure I ain’t ever gonna meet him again.

Yagi: Rin-chan! This is Taki Kaito-kun.

Yagi: He won the grand prize—a whole 1,000,00 Yen—and at 17, he’s our hope for the future. / And he’s pretty hot too, right?

Rin: Nice to meet you. I’m Ishidou.

Kaito: I’m Taki.

Yagi: I think I said this before, but his is the kind of talent you only see once a decade.

Yagi: Ummm, I believe we give out the prize twice a year.

Kaito: Three times.

Kaito: I’m sure I heard it was three times.
Yagi: Yeah, you’re right.

Yagi: In the system we had up until two years ago, the editorial department would pick their top eight, / then send those to Sawamura-san, who would consult with us.

Sawamura: I read all of those, and in the end I was the one who decided the winner.

Yagi: There were some people who questioned whether such an old veteran really had a good eye for manga…

SFX: Grimace

Yagi: But I’ve gotta take my hat off to Sawamura-san. He was the kind of guy who read every single magazine, you know? / And he definitely had an eye for talent.

Kaito’s aside: With his finger…
Yagi: Sawamura-san would take the work we editors ranked eighth and award it the grand prize, or… / There were always plenty of surprises… / Sometimes, we’d go, “Wait, what?”

Kaito: Then I wonder if I still would’ve won the award had Sawamura Eichi still been the selection committee chair.

Sawamura: Of course you would’ve! / You have such confidence in your art, and someday I know you’ll unleash a fiercely original story.

Sawamura: By the way, the other high schooler… / has yet to fully blossom.

Ayame: Ummm, what sort of manga did Sawamura Eichi draw?

Yagi: He made Boilerman.
Ayame: Ah! I know that one! / I would watch it on TV when I was young.

Yagi: MI6, Heikichi Hankachou, Centurion Mars-kun, Genius Chef Duke… He wrote everything, from national bestsellers to niche, cult hits.

Yagi: He was a giant in the early days of manga who pursued every genre and expression. / His name is even well-known overseas.

Sawamura: You really get it, don’t you, newbie.
SFX: *Smile*

Yagi: From the day I first entered the company, he always called me newbie. / Even in the end, I was still “Newbie” to him. / Hahaha

Yagi: We really lost someone special…

Yagi: They say he still had his pen in his hand when he died of cancer in his hospital bed two years ago.

Yagi: I don’t know if there’ll ever be anyone else quite like him.

Fushimi: Ahhh, I’m so nervous…. / How many times have I gone to the bathroom, now?

Rin: Wheeze / Wheeze

Fushimi: Are—Are you all right?

Rin: I just don’t feel that good right now. / I’m sure I’ll feel better soon.

Rin: You’re Fushimi Kinosuke-kun, right?

Fushimi: Ah, yes.

SFX: *Rain*

To be continued in issue 4.

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