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Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance 2

Stage 002

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 19, 2013 20:28 | Go to Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance

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*for Bikkys

Kirito: Ah. / There it is….

Kirito: This time, I can go home.
Box: The biggest difference between SAO and ALO is that,

Box: naturally, in ALO, even if your HP reach 0, the me in the real world won’t die---

Skills (left column, then right): One-handed Sword / Unarmed / Weight Limit Expansion / Fishing / Combat Regen / Sprint
Kirito: What’s this?!!

Box: My acquired skills should be those of a new character, so why…?

Box: Is the data bugged? / … But I remember seeing

Kirito: … such high stats once before.

Box: These / are the scores of each and every skill I trained during my two years in SAO. / This is the final status of the Black Swordsman Kirito.

Kirito: I’ve lost my Twin Sword Style though… / …No, it can’t be.

Box: If this data is from SAO…
Kirito: Then…!

Kirito: The text is horribly corrupted…..


Be there. / Please….

<no text>

Kirito: It’s me, / Yui.

Kirito: Can you understand me?

Yui: … We / get to meet again, / ….Papa.

Yui: Papa….. / Papa!!

Box: Yui. / A girl whom I lived with in SAO for just three days / before she was gone.

Box: She’s not a human, but rather a psychiatric program for players back in SAO. / After an abnormal transformation, she gained sentience. / In short, she’s an AI.

Kirito: We’re not in SAO right now. / This is actually…..


Yui: Could you please wait a moment.

Yui: I think

Yui: This place is a copy of SAO’s server.
Kirito: A copy?

Yui: Yes. / The core program and graphics engine are completely identical. / The fact that I am able to take this form makes things even more clear. / The Cardinal System is on a slightly old version, however.

Box: If RCT acquired ARGUS’s technological assets, all of this would be possible.
Kirito: But still… why would my personal data appear here?

Yui: Please let me take a look at your data, Papa.

Yui: Yes. I’m certain.

Yui: This is your character data, Papa, from SAO itself. / The format is mostly identical, so the scores for shared skills were overwritten. / HP and MP are stored differently, so those weren’t transferred.

Yui: What items you held seem to be damaged. / I recommend you discard them. / <aside: Before an error-detection routine notices. >
Kirito: I see. Makes sense.

SFX: Beep
Kirito: What should I do about these skills?
Yui: As far as the system is concerned, there is no problem at all.

Yui: It might seem out-of-place if someone were to examine your playtime, / but unless a human GM inspects it directly, you should be fine.
Kirito: I feel less like a Beater and more like a Cheater, now…

Kirito: By the way, Yui, what does this world treat you as?

Yui: Umm, / in ALO, like in SAO, / there are programs designed to mimic human behavior which are used for player support.

Yui: They are called Navigation Pixies, / and I am classified one of them.

Kirito: Yui?!

Yui: This is what I look like as a pixie!

Yui: Ah! / Hey! That tickles!

Kirito: Then do you still have root access, like before?
Yui: Ah / Ah! / No… / I can only access reference and area map data.

Yui: If I directly touch a player, than I can examine her status, but…
Kirito: I see….

Kirito: The truth is, / Asuna’s… / Your mama’s apparently in here, somewhere.

Yui: Mama’s here?

Kirito: Even after the SAO server was destroyed, Asuna never returned to the real world. / I received information saying that someone who looked like Asuna was in this world, and I’ve made it to here.

Kirito: Do you know about the World Tree?
Yui: It’s to the northeast of here. Converting to real-world units, it is a distance of about 50 kilometers away.

Kirito: That’s far… But we’ve got to find a way there! / Still, why did I login here, in the middle of nowhere?

Yui: ….Either your positional data was damaged, or perhaps there was interference between your data channel and that of another player who is diving into the game nearby… / …Ah!

Yui: Some players are approaching. It seems a group of three is chasing a lone player…

Attackers: Sorry, but we have orders. Put your money and items on the ground, and we’ll let you go. / What the hell? Let’s just kill her! / It’s been so damn long since we’ve gotten a Sylph chick!

Leafa: These are the worst kind of Salamanders…

Leafa: … Rest assured I’ll take at least one more of you with me.

Leafa: If any of you has the balls to not fear the Death Penalty, then come at me!

Leader: Just give up. / Your wings must have reached their limit.

Leader: Such a spirited lass. / You give me no choice.

Kirito: Ugh. / Oww…
SFX Bubble: Shuffle Shuffle
Kirito: I managed to fly, somehow, / but I’ve still gotta work on my landings.

Leafa: A Spriggan?!

Leafa: But Spriggan territory is far to the east… / and he’s got nothing more than starting equipment!!

Leafa: A newbie, this deep into neutral territory, / will get PK’d in a second! / What are you doing?! Go! Run!!

Kirito: Three heavy tanks, chasing a single girl? / That’s kinda lame, guys.

Generic: What’d you say, you bastard?!

Generic: A newbie, talking smack?! / I’ll take you out first!!

Kirito: Ummm, / I wonder if it’s OK for me to kill them…

Leafa: They’re trying to kill you right now!

Kirito: Yeah, I suppose they are.

<no text>

Kirito: …What about you? Will you fight, too?

Leader: No, I’ll call it a day. My magic skill’s almost to 900. / I confess I fear the death penalty.
Kirito: You’re an honest one

Kirito: What about you, Miss? / If you want to fight him, I won’t stop you.

Leafa: I’m good.

Leafa: But I promise you I will win next time, Mr. Salamander.
Leader: Will you, now?

Leader: To be honest, I’m not quite sure I could take you one-on-one.

Leafa: …So then.

Leafa: What should I do now?

Leafa: Should I thank you? Should I run away? / Or do we fight?
Kirito: Umm, personally, I…

Kirito: see this more as a “knight of justice saves a princess from the forces of evil” / kind of situation.

Kirito: The deeply emotional princess, her face covered in tears, would embrace me, and….
Leafa: You…! / <aside: Gahhh!>

Leafa: You idiot!! / I should’ve just fought you!!
Kirito: Hahaha. / I’m kidding, I’m kidding!
Yui: Y—Yeah! / That’s wrong!!

Yui: Only Mama / is allowed to embrace Papa!!

Leafa: Is this… a pixie?
Kirito: Ah, / no…

Kirito: This is…
Leafa: Hey, is this one of those Private Pixies?

Kirito: Huh?
Leafa: It is, right? It was a promotional prize given out randomly to players who made accounts before the game was released…. / Wow… This is the first time I’ve seen one myself.
Yui: I—I’m…
SFX: Oomph (hand over mouth)
Kirito: Y—Yeah! That’s it! / I have really good luck in lotteries.

Leafa: Hmmmm….
Kirito: Wh—what?
Leafa: Nothing. / Just thought you were a little strange.

Leafa: You have an account from before the game first came out, but you’re still dressed in ripped-up starting equipment. / Though you are rather strong.

Kirito: Oh, that? I made an account a while back, but only started playing recently. / I’ve spent a lot of time playing other VRMMO’s, though.
Leafa: Huh…

Leafa: If you’ve gotten used to using an Amusphere through your time playing other games, / I guess I can accept your strength. / But why would a Spriggan be way out here? / Your territory’s pretty far from here, isn’t it.
Kirito: W—well…

Kirito: I... / got lost….

Leafa: How can your sense of direction be that bad?! / You are just too much!

Leafa: Well, anyways, I should thank you. / Thank you for saving me. My name’s Leafa.

Kirito: I’m Kirito. / This here’s Yui.

Leafa: Hey, where are you heading next?
Kirito: Well, I wasn’t heading anywhere right away…
Leafa: I see.

Leafa: Well then. / Umm…. / Let me thank you by buying you a drink…. How’s that sound?

Kirito: That sounds great. / To be honest, I’ve been looking for someone to teach me things.

Leafa: Like what?
Kirito: About this world,

Kirito: And especially…
Leafa: The World Tree?

Leafa: I can fill you in. / I might not look like it, but I’ve played this game for a long time.

Leafa: So then! It’s a little far, but let’s fly to the neutral village to the north.
Kirito: Umm, Yui said there was a closer city, one named Sylvain.
Leafa: Well there is, but…

Leafa: You really don’t know anything, do you? That’s in Sylph territory.
Kirito: Is that a problem?

(upper left): Sylph Territory
(arrow to Leafa): Can’t PK
(arrow from Leafa): Can PK
(text between the Leafas): Sylph
(text between the Kiritos): Spriggan
Leafa: While inside a city in Sylph territory, you can’t attack any Sylphs, / but they can attack you
Kirito: I see… But it’s not like everyone’s going to just attack me all of a sudden, right?

Kirito: And you’ll be with me, too, Leafa-san.

Leafa: Just Leafa is fine. / You really are a weird one.

Leafa: Well, if you insist, it’s fine by me, but… / I can’t promise you you’ll be safe.

Kirito: Wow… So this is a Sylph city…

Kirito: It’s so pretty.
Leafa: Isn’t it?!

Leafa: Kirito-kun, you’ve got good instincts for a newbie. You can already free fly pretty well.
Kirito: It’s all thanks to you, Leafa.
Leafa: All that’s left is to teach you how to land.
Kirito: Ugh…

Recon: Leafa-chan!

Leafa: Recon!
Recon: You’re all right?

Recon: …..Wait! / That’s a Spriggan! What’s he doing here…!

Leafa: This is Kirito-kun. He saved me. / This here’s Recon, a friend of mine. / <aside: This way, Kirito.>

Leafa: He got taken out by the Salamanders not long before we met.
Recon: Leafa-chan!

Recon: Sigurd told me to tell you about the item division from today’s hunts…
Leafa: I’ll pass. / Send me a message when they’ve scheduled the next hunt.
Recon: Leafa-chan?

Leafa: I promised Kirito-kun I’d buy him a drink as thanks.
Sign: Valley Lily Pavilion

Kirito: Was that your boyfriend, Leafa?
Leafa: What?! / Of course not! He’s just a member of my party! / He’s also an offline acquaintance. / Nothing more.
SFX near Yui: Om nom nom

Leafa: So then! / I’m paying the bill, so feel free to order whatever you want.
Kirito: Don’t mind if I do…
Leafa: But if you eat too much now, it’ll be rough on you when you log out.

Leafa: So, once again, / thank you for saving me.

Kirito: Well, it just sort of happened, and… / Are group PK-ing’s like that common?
Yui: Chomp

Leafa: Well, we Sylphs and the Salamanders have never been close. / Our territories are close by, and we run into each other often in the neutral hunting areas. / But organized PK-ing like that is more recent.

Leafa: I think they must be planning to assault the World Tree sometime soon.
Yui: Om / nom.

Kirito: Please, tell me about the World Tree.
Leafa: You did ask about that earlier, didn’t you? / But why?

Kirito: I want to get to the top of the World Tree.
Leafa: …… I figure every player in this game wants the same thing.

Leafa: That’s ALO’s Grand Quest, after all.

Kirito: What do you mean?
Leafa: You know how flight time’s limited, right? / No race can fly for more than about ten minutes straight.

Leafa: However, all members of the first race to make it to the city in the sky at the top of the world tree and receive an audience with Oberon, the King of Fairies, / will be reborn as Alfs, the top-ranked species. / They can then fly freely for as long as they want.

Kirito: ….I see. / That sounds fascinating. / So, how do you get up there?

Leafa: Inside the roots of the World Tree lies a giant dome. / There’s an entrance in the roof one can take to climb the tree, but...

Leafa: The army of NPC’s which guard that dome are amazingly strong. / So many races have challenged them time and time again, / but every time the attackers were annihilated.

Leafa: The Salamanders are pushing the hardest right now. / They’re probably thinking that, if they can increase their power, this time they’ll win.
SFX: Om nom

Kirito: Are the guardians… that strong?

Leafa: They’re completely ridiculous! ALO’s been running for an entire year! / What sort of quest can’t be cleared within a year?

Leafa: Truth is, around Autumn of last year a major ALO information site accumulated signatures for a petition asking RCT for some improvements. / But their response was the usual / “The game’s current balance is exactly as intended,” and stuff.

Kirito: Maybe everyone missed some key quest, / or perhaps it’s designed so that no race can conquer it alone.

Leafa: Right now, people are checking to see if such a quest was missed. / But if it’s the latter, then I guess the quest will never be cleared.

Kirito: Why not?
Leafa: Because it would contradict the quest itself. / Only the first race to clear the quest can get the reward, after all.

Leafa: So to be honest… / I think it’s actually impossible to climb the World Tree.

Leafa: And there’s tons of other quests, and there’s skills to raise… / But even so, I can’t just give up on it, you know? / I mean, you know how much fun it is to fly. / Even if it takes a hundred years—

Kirito: That’s too long!!

Yui: Papa?

Kirito: I’m sorry if I scared you. / But… I’m looking for someone.

Leafa: What do you mean?

Kirito: ….It’s hard to explain….

Leafa: --------Huh?

Leafa: I’ve seen that look somewhere before-------

Kirito: Thanks for the meal. / And your information’s helped me a lot.
Leafa: Wait a second!

Leafa: You’re going to the World Tree, right? / That’s too reckless of you…

Leafa: It’s so far away, / and there’s lots of powerful monsters along the way….

Leafa: I / will go along with you.

Leafa: ----!!

Leafa: OK then! It’s decided!! / Will you be here tomorrow?!
Kirito: Uh / yeah.

Leafa: Then I’ll see you here at 3 P.M. tomorrow. / I have to log off now. / You should log out in a room upstairs.

Leafa; Then I’ll see you tomorrow!
Kirito: Leafa…

Kirito: ….Thank you.

Sugu: …..Wow…

Sugu: I…. / I can’t believe I just said that…

Sugu: Kirito-kun… / huh?

Sugu: Wait, stop, stop! / I have my brother, so--!

Sugu: I want to talk to my brother about ALO.

Sugu: I want to share with him how hard and how fun it is in another world. / ----I’ve had that thought so many times. / But I can never seem to put it into words. / After all,

Sugu: as far as my brother’s concerned, the SAO incident hasn’t ended yet.

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