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SAI: Taker 8

The Culture Festival is Here! (1)

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 8, 2013 16:50 | Go to SAI: Taker

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SAI Takers 08

Mako-sempai….. / You must treat well those in the real world whom you treasure.

(not-bubbles): Why…. / Why, whenever I think of her…
(bubbles): Hah / Hah / Hah

Does my chest feel so tight?

Title: Chapter 8: The Culture Festival is Here! (1)
[inset]: Is this a premonition of a new love bursting out of the strongest girls at school?!

Kyouya: Wow! / That stage looks amazing! / The scale is completely different from that of a normal school—Life Schools really are something else!

Yuuma: The Student Council will be sponsoring an event up on that stage on the final day of the culture festival.
Kyouya: Really? What’s it gonna be?

Hey, you there! Step aside, step aside!
Kyouya: …?

Kyouya: What?!

Kyouya: An—an Angel?
Yuuma: You see a lot of them during setup. People are so busy, they’ll take whatever help they can get.

Kyouya: But still, an Angel? Is that even allowed?
Yuuma: As long as they’re not breaking school rules, people are allowed to use their Life however they want.

Yuuma: During the culture and sports festivals, there are lots of large-scale club events where one can earn vast amounts of Life. / So you can think of it as a down payment on that.
Kyouya: Huh, so that’s how it works. That makes sense…


Nanase Kyou… / You’re on my mind…

(aside): Ah!
Yuuma: Come to think of it…

Yuuma: Do you know what the First Student Council’s doing?
Kyouya: Hm?

Takabayashi: My First Student Council event this year shall be… / “Overthrow the Student Council”!

Takabayashi: Understand? Just like last year, this year we shall steal all the Life earned by the detestable Student Council!!
Tsurumi: The season of earnings has arrived.
Sumomo: Let’s do our best!
Yuuna: I shall begin preparations on food.
Kyouya: ……

Kyouya: Wait! Are you planning something sinister again?!
Tsurumi: …..
Kyouya: This is our precious culture festival! We should use this time to make memories!

Takabayashi: What memory could be more precious than that of giving them a blow?!
Tsurumi: All of our actions will be perfectly legal, so I foresee no problems.
Sumomo: No matter what we do, we’ll form great memories so long as we do it together!

Takabayashi: So first things first: we need to gather information on what the Student Council will be bringing out. / Nanase, you’ll be in charge of that.
Kyouya: Huh? Me?!

Kyouya: You’re not telling me to steal information from Yuuma-nee-san, are you?
Takabayashi: Bingo! You shall be my club’s prestigious spy.

Kyouya: I refuse! I could never do such a thing!!
Tsurumi: Really…

Tsurumi: Have you perhaps forgotten your own position?
Kyouya <aside>: W—well…


Takabayashi: With that attitude, it’s clear things won’t turn out the way I want. / And furthermore, if we use Nanase, there exists substantial risk of information regarding our own plans being passed to the enemy.
Sumomo: ?

Takabayashi: Heh heh heh.
Tsurumi: <aside> A new strategy?
Kyouya: …?
Takabayashi: So then, I have thought up a new strategy!!

Yuuma: What is this…! / What’s going on here?!
Kyouya <aside>: I’m home, Nee-san…
Yuuna <aside>: Sorry to intrude…

Takabayashi: Why would you give me that look? We have simply come to enjoy ourselves at the home of one of our beloved club members. / So…

Takabayashi: We’ll be staying the night.
Yuuma: WHAT?!

Yuuma: You’re staying here tonight?! How dare you decide that on your own!
Tsurumi: And if I said we received permission from Nanase Kyouya?

Takabayashi: And I don’t believe you have a particularly strong position to argue from yourself. / <aside: Right? >
Kyouya: <aside: I’m sorry… It’s all my fault… >
Yuuma: ……..

Takabayashi: Do you consider it good manners to turn away guests at the door?

Takabayashi: And let us not forget I am Kyouya’s owner, / Igarashi Yuuma.

Yuuma: W—Well, I am your sempai!! If you insist on others being polite to you, then first you should be polite to others!
Kyouya <aside: Please don’t fight… >
Takabayashi: Oh, so you want to be called “Sempai”? Well, that’s quite a simple thing to take care of.

Takabayashi: Go on, call her “Sempai.” / Look, Igarashi, look.
Yuuna: Sem—Sempai…

Takabayashi: So you’re good now, right? / <aside: Satisfied? >
Yuuma: Can’t you say it yourself?!!

Kyouya: So you see, it’s all because of my incompetence…

Kyouya: So please… It’ll just be for today… / Couldn’t you please help me?
Yuuma: ……

Yuuma: Dammit… We have no choice, right? They have a hold on our weakness, after all.
Kyouya: Nee-san… / <aside: Thank you. >

Kyouya: Um, well, Yuuma-onee-sama? What are you doing with that needle? / <aside: Don’t tell me… >
Yuuma: If they push the limits of my patience, I might have no choice but to use it… / <aside: So please, don’t stop me… >

Food’s not ready yet?!

Takabayashi: Can’t you bring out dinner for your guests?! / I thought such things were common sense, even in a commoner household!
Kyouya’s aside: Hello?
Takabayashi’s aside: Food! Food!

Yuuma: And now I’m at my limit already. / <aside: I’ve got to stay patient…
Kyouya: …. / So that’s why you grabbed it?

Yuuma: You know what they say: in for a penny, in for a pound.
Kyouya: ?

SFX: Tada!

Yuuma: Here you go! Everyone, eat up!
Tsurumi: it looks delicious..
Sumomo: Whoa!
Yuuma: It’s been a long time since I’ve gone all-out like this.

Kyouya: Yuuma-nee-san’s can cook like a pro! I can vouch for that!!
Yuuma: Quit it! I’m not that good!
Tsurumi: Hmm… I suppose…
Takabayashi: It certainly looks quite good

Yuuma: I’m baking a cake for desert, so go ahead and start eating without me.
Yuuna: Wow, you’re even making a cake by yourself?
Sumomo: <aside>: OK!

Yuuna: But making a cake is so hard… / I’m so jealous of your cooking ability, Sempai.
Kyouya <aside>: Smile

Various; Guys really like girls who know how to cook, huh. / But aren’t you a good cook too, Yuuna? / No, no; I’m nowhere near Igarashi-sempai’s level.
SFX: Chomp chomp

Takabayashi: A cake, huh? That sounds good.
Tsurumi: ?

Takabayashi: It’s been a while since I last tried to make one. So, Tsurumin, do you want to show off your skills alongside me?

Tsurumi: I’m sorry? What did you just say?!
Sumomo’s aside: Chomp
Yuuna: ?
Takabayashi: You didn’t hear me? I said it’s been a while, so I should show off my skills…

Takabayashi: And make my deluxe-style cake for everyone to eat!!
Tsurumi: ……

Takabayashi: You there, Igarashi Yuuma!! / That’s quite enough!
Yuuma <aside>: Huh?

Takabayashi: It’s my turn from here on in! / You may eat dinner over there while you wait! / I shall personally bless you commoners / with something of my own!
Kyouya: Wow, I didn’t see this coming… So she can cook, then?
Sumomo: She looks like she’s having so much fun…
Tsurumi: I doubt it…

Yuuma: If you put in that much baking powder…
Takabayashi: I’m the type of person who likes things big!

Yuuma: Uh, that’s salt…
Takabayashi: You don’t get it, do you?! This is to bring out the flavor!!

Yuuma: What?! You’re stirring it before adding in the eggs?
Takabayashi: GO EAT YOUR DINNER!! / <aside: Get out of here!! >

SFX: Tada!
Takabayashi: Here you go! It’s ready to eat! / This my secret recipe for Takabayashi-style vanilla shortcake!!

Takabayashi: Go on, go on! No need to hold back; go ahead and eat! Why are you holding back? Hurry up, hurry up! / I’m sure its taste will be absolutely divine!
Kyouya <aside>: Where does she get her confidence?

Takabayashi: What’s wrong? Why won’t anyone eat it?! / I said there’s no need to hold back!
Yuuna: Ummm, I filled up on dinner, so…
Sumomo: Well, I have to save room for the next cake yet to come out, so…
Tsurumi: I do not like sweet goods. / <aside: This is one of those. >

Takabayashi: I… see…

Kyouya: …….

Yuuma: Exactly what part of this is a cake? I mean, half of cooking is making sure things look good…
Takabayashi: !

Takabayashi: What?! When it comes to food, taste is everything!!
Kyouya: But when it looks like this, it’s hard to expect much flavor-wise.
Yuuma: What? You’re going to eat it?

Takabayashi: You—you should eat it first! I’m sure you’ll be surprised. / <aside: You’ll probably be surprised…
SFX: Chomp chomp

Kyouya <aside>: Huh?!

Kyouya: Wait, what?! It’s actually good?!
Takabayashi: Of course it isn’t! Your mouth is simply so cheap that it can’t understand the deep flavor that…!

Kyouya: I’m not lying, everyone! It’s really good! The President really does have some talent at cooking after all!
Takabayashi <aside>: Huh? It’s actually good? Really? / …….
Sumomo <aside>: Is it really?
Tsurumi: It can’t be….

Various: Wow! It’s really good—I’m not just being nice, it really is! / Is this… a miracle? / Isn’t it? It tastes the exact opposite of how it looks!

(outside text): Nanase… / Kyouya
Kyouya’s aside: She really made a proper desert.
Sumomo’s: Yum!
Tsurumi’s: I still can’t believe it…
Yuuna: The President’s really amazing.

Yuuma: Let me see.
Takabayashi: ….
SFX (left text): Nom

Yuuma: Oh, it just taste plain.

Takabayashi: Well sorry my cake tastes plain.
Yuuma: ?

Yuuma: Kyah!

Yuuma: Kyaaahhhh!
Kyouya: Uh—umm!

Takabayashi: How small of you, looking down on a desert someone else put her heart into, “Sempai.

Takabayashi: Or wait—don’t tell me you were jealous?
Yuuma: ……..
Takabayashi: Oh, how deplorable. And over your cousin, too? Are you even human?

Yuuma: How dare you say that to me!

Takabayashi: Heh.

Takabayashi: You incestuous nerd!!

Yuuma: Who are you calling incestuous?! / And what’s wrong with being a nerd?!!

Yuuma: I can’t take this anymore! Don’t expect me to hold back just ‘cause you’re my junior!!
Tsurumi: I don’t know if we can call that a cake anymore.
Kyouya: ….. / <aside: Oh, argh! Everything’s just… >
Yuuna: We’ve barely even got to eat any of it…
Takabayashi: I’ll get you good, you whatever-sempai! I’ll kick you as hard as I can!!

Yuuma: Damn you… / <aside: My clothes and the floor were ruined… > / This is all your fault. What was wrong with you?
Takabayashi: That’s my line. / <aside: Hmph. >

Yuuma: I can see right through your little plot. / You planned on jolting me, then using that to figure out what the Student Council’s event would be, right?

Takabayashi: Not even close. / Megalomania can be such a troublesome thing. I wanted nothing more than to visit the home of one of my cute new club members.

Yuuma: Your cute new club member? Don’t you mean your hostage? / <aside: How shameless… >
Takabayashi: Again with your self-obsesssion.

Takabayashi: Nanase long ago gave her heart and soul to my club.
Yuuma: Oh, really? Then you can do as you wish.

Takabayashi: Really? Then I just might. / And haven’t you noticed? She took my side just then, not you, her cousin’s.

Takabayashi: Nanase no longer has room in her heart for her cousin or the Student Council… Keh keh keh.
Yuuma: …

Yuuma: But aren’t you worried yourself? / No matter how much you shackle him, Ryou-chan won’t turn to look at you…

Takabayashi: What are you saying? Even now, / he is completely captured by his love for me!
Yuuma: I think you’ve got something very wrong—Ryou-chan’s just nice to everyone!

Takabayashi: How dare you?! There’s no way he wouldn’t do whatever I ask!
Yuuma: No, he won’t. If I say the word, he’d leave you in a second!!

Takabayashi: Well then, / why don’t we find out?
Yuuma <aside>: Huh?!

Kyouya: What are you two doing with me?
Takabayashi: W—welcome, Nanase Kyouya!
Yuuma: What’s going through your head?!! / <aside: Are you crazy? >

Takabayashi: Well done. Tsurumin, Sumomo, you may step out.
Tsurumi: What, exactly, are you planning?

Takabayashi: Didn’t you hear me?! I asked you to leave!!
Tsurumi <aside>: Yes, ma’am.

Kyouya: What… / is going on here?

Takabayashi: Uh—umm… You’ve gotten quite used to this, haven’t you? / I’m—I’m glad I taught you this.

Kyouya: What are you talking about? Why would you suddenly ask me to wash you with soap? And this is the first time we’ve…
Takabayashi: Shh! Just be quiet and do as I say.

Takabayashi: Oh?

Takabayashi: Are you still there, little miss cousin? If you’re finished washing, could you please leave? / Unlike you, we two still have the main event waiting for us.
Yuuma: Uuuuuugh.

Kyouya: What are you talking about? You’re making absolutely no sense… This could lead to a misunderstanding…!!!
Takabayashi: <aside: You’re being too loud! > / Don’t talk! Don’t even think!

Yuuma: Ryou-chan!
Takabayashi: ?

Yuuma: I thought you promised me you would only help out in the bath at home… / But she must have forced you after grabbing hold of your weakness. How sad… / But you don’t have to wash that brute any more.
Takabayashi <aside>: What? You do this stuff all the time at home?
Kyouya: Wh—why does she look so murderous?

Kyouya: …..
Yuuma: So then, just like always, wash me however you want.

Takabayashi: <aside> If you stop, I’ll execute you. / If you neglect your attendance of me… I’ll kill you!
Kyouya: …..

Yuuma: <aside> Get away from him! / It’s my turn now! Isn’t that right, Kyou-chan?!
Kyouya: …
Takabayashi: <aside: Let him go!! > / We’re not done here yet! Do you have no manners?!

Yuuma: Hah. He’s been rubbing your arm for some time now. / How is that helping out in the bath?

Yuuma: Helping out in the bath means…

Yuuma: Calm—calmly washing even around here!
SFX: Squeeze
Kyouya’s aside: ….?!

Takabayashi: Wh—what are you doing? Have you no shame?!
Kyouya: ….??
Yuuma: Wh—why? This is just helping out in the bath, so why…?

Yuuma: So—so you were lying, then.

Yuuma: B—but of course you were. You’ve never / been this close with him before, not even once, right?!

Takabayashi: Sleeptalk in your sleep!

Takabayashi: I myself… / was just about to move on to the next course!!
Kyouya: …?!

Yuuma: I’m sure Ryou-chan doesn’t think anything of touching your drooping flesh!!
Takabayashi (far left): Silence! I have already made it so his body can respond to none but mine!!
Kyouya <aside>: Wh—what’s going on? / What is this? / Don’t tell me it’s your… / chest?

Takabayashi: And in particular,

Takabayashi: the useless body of his middle-aged cousin would seem like a rock to him!!

Kyouya <aside>: Nee… Nee-san?
Takabayashi <aside>: How was that? Did I get you? / You old hag! You’re getting on in years there!
Bubbles: ? / ?

Yuuma: Well then… Why don’t we find out…
Kyouya: ?

Yuuma: Exactly how / Ryou-chan responds to me!!

Yuuma: Th—there! Take a good, hard look!
Kyouya: Nee—Nee-san?!
Takabayashi: Ummm… / I lost, OK?
Yuuma: We’ll find out for sure / how, exactly, Kyou-chan will react!!

Yuuma: So then, Ryou-chan… / Tell me.
SFX: Hah / Hah / Hah

Yuuma: Tell her how / you’re used to my body, so it feels familiar...! Please…

Kyouya: Wh—what are you doing?!!!

Kyouya: ?!

Kyouya: Wahhh!! / Wah wah wah!!!

Yuuma: Ryou-chan!!




Takabayashi: Na… / nase…

Takabayashi: Kyou… ya?
Yuuma: I—I—I…
Kyouya: I—I really didn’t mean to…

Yuuma: ENOUGH!! / <aside: Get out!! >

Yuuma: Get out of my house, you wild beasts!!

Mako: …?!

Mako <aside>: Wh—what?!

Takabayashi: Ow… Owwww!!
Yuuna <aside>: That hurt…

Takabayashi: Keh keh keh… You poor fool… You got angry first, so you lose.
Tsurumi: How does it work like that, exactly?

Takabayashi: At any rate, we managed to embarrass Igarashi today, so that’s fine. Tomorrow’s when we’ll really start to get things on the right track.
Tsurumi: That’s fine, but… / <aside: Look down… >

Takabayashi: Down?

Yuuna: Ma—Mako-nee-chan?!

right sidebar: Mako-nee-chan… falls?!
Takabayashi: What’s with you?! Were you planning to ambush us?! / <aside: Looks like the tables have been turned! >
Mako <aside>: You’re wrong… Now let me go…

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