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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Black Lagoon 82

The Wired Red Wild Card pt. 6

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 22, 2013 17:48 | Go to Black Lagoon

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Black Lagoon #82

(note: not reserved for any group; feel free to use)

<no text>

Revy: Rock!

Revy: Drive!

Rob: Hey, bro! / They’re getting away!

Montero: It’s not like you, Rob, / to miss the first shot!

Revy: Rock! / She’s not worth grabbing! Just leave her behind!
Feng: Quit it! Stop! / Don’t leave me!

Brother: That tattooed woman’s got skill, bro. / I love this shit!

Montero: Pacson! / I need suppressive fire so they can’t draw a bead on us. / Can you do it?

Pacson: I can handle it, Bro!

Revy: It’s a machine gun!

Revy: They’re your fucking guests! / You deal with them, glasses face!
Feng: I would if I could, dammit!

Brothers: Shit! / This hummer can’t squeeze through there.

Pacson: Ah, dammit! / They got away, bro!

Brothers: You can’t put pressure on them for shit, Pacson! / Shut up! You missed your own shot, Brother! / Hey, hey. / We’re brothers. Let’s not fight. / You screwed up too, Brother Montero!

Rob: Hey, Bro? / Didn’t we have God’s blessing?!
Montero: Oh, Rob, this is one of those times. / It’s because when you go to church, you sometimes swipe a few coins off the collection plate.

Revy: Dammit, this thing’s got more holes in it than windows. How the hell is it even running? / If this hunk of scrap metal decides to die out here, we have a fucking long walk waiting for us.
Rock: I know that, Revy. / We’ve made it this far. Let’s catch our breaths and see how bad it is.

Rock: Looks like a goner. / I’m glad I kept the engine running. I don’t know if it would’ve turned back on.

Revy: Ahh, shit! / This car’s vintage!

Revy: And I’ve managed to keep it safe ever since the maid trashed the Roadrunner, too. / What the hell am I supposed to tell Benny? / Do I put up a note at the garage sayin’ “R.I.P.” and send him a bouquet of flowers?

Rock: I’ll smooth things over. But there’s nothing to be done.
Revy: Shoo, shoo! This ain’t your car, you fuckin’ bitch. / Hey! Four-eyes!

Feng: …the hell? / Are you blaming me?

Revy: Is there someone else responsible? / If there is, please tell me.

Revy: You point a gun in my face without even sayin’ hello, / and then a bunch of guys show up in a Hummer and start shooting at us. / What’s next, a dancer in drag with a nuke?

Feng: …I just wanted to talk. / You’re the one who suddenly started shooting.

Revy: The only people who point guns at someone they wanna talk to are thieves and muggers. / You’ve only yourself to blame if someone puts a bullet in you.
Feng: …Look, I’m sorry! But… / You guys are the only connection I have with her.

Rock: Her?

Revy: Ah, / yeah, / so that’s how it is.

Revy: All your idiocy, clear in one burst. / Hey, glasses face. / That cow tricked you good. / She nailed you, head to toe.

Feng: …..Yeah, / you’re right. / You’re completely right.

Revy: Hmm. / Well, if you’ve reflected, then class time’s over. / Now I’m gonna be nice and give you a warning.

Revy: This city ain’t the place for some backwater Chinky to wander about in. / Hurry up and get the fuck out of this city / before someone decides to plaster another sign on you sayin’ “Please, kick my ass!”

Feng: <Chinese> / <Chinese>

Revy: Talk English, Chinky. / I’m an American. I only speak Eastern American English; I understand jack shit of Cantonese.

Lock: She said, “That’s a cruel thing to say to someone who has the same Chinese blood as you.”
Revy: You fucking joking? / Go back far enough, / and everyone on this planet is as much related to me as Lucy and Linus.

Rock: Feng, / if you intend to seek vengeance against her, / we won’t help you.

Feng: You must help me. / I have nothing else left.

Revy: ….. / If you wanna go that route, there’s a lot of shit you’ve got to fight your way past.

Revy: It ain’t what I’d call wise.

Revy: And besides, / you’ve got one more thing to worry about: those guys in the Hummer have nothing to do with Miss Bhai. / I figure those punks were hired by your real boss. / Is this really the time to be making more enemies?

Feng: You’re talking like you know me. / Why?
Revy: You’re the only one out of the loop, retard. / That geek had seen through your whole plan before she even brought you here.

Revy: I don’t know what ingredients or recipe she used, but she figured you out. / She even showed us a picture of you as proof.

Feng: Wh—what? / A p-p-picture?
Revy: Tell her, Rock.

Rock: Uhh, / you had makeup like an actor from a Chinese opera, and you were wearing a poorly-fitting military uniform…
Feng: THE FUCK?!

Feng: Why the fuck does that bitch have that photo?! / I’ll kill her! I’ll kill her! I’ll kill her!
Revy: Ah, that’d be nice. / It’d be nice if you killed her good.

Revy: But you can’t do it alone. / And there’s no one who’d stick his head into something like this, / not when there’s nothing in it for them.

Feng: Hey, wait! / If you want cash, I’ve got—
Revy: It ain’t a matter of how much. / The System’s chasing you now. A hell of a lot of trouble’s gonna follow you wherever you go.

Rock: Miss Feng, / that situation is no different. We cannot lend you aid. / For us to assist an acquaintance such as yourself would place on us too heavy a burden.

Rock: You have only one choice left for you in the world: / Run. Run a mile away / from everyone in this city trying to take your life.

Feng: …… / That’s right. / Yeah, / I get it.

Feng: Out here at the end of the world, / the only person I can rely on in Heaven or on earth is myself.

Feng: I don’t intend for you to now understand my reasoning or see any profit in it. / Even so, / I will survive.

Feng: Even if it is my fate to die in vain, / I won’t go quietly. I’ll keep kicking and screaming until my last moments.
Feng: That / is how I want my life to end.

Revy: If you’ve got guts like that, it’ll at least take a while before I see your body floating at the mouth of the river. / You sound like a gambler trying to get herself pumped. Now take that attitude and run, glasses face.

Rock: … Feng, / do you----

Rock: Intend to fight within the city?

Feng: My organization won’t give up no matter how far I run. / So... / Instead of falling in some back alley in Bangkok, / I’d rather actually be able to defend myself in this lawless city.

Rock: You’re underestimating this city. This place is—
Feng: It doesn’t matter. Right now, I have to play with the farmer’s hand I’ve been dealt. / I’ve sat down at this table, and the only path left to me is to win.

(next chapter intended for the June issue)

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