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Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance 3

Chapter 3

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 30, 2013 03:21 | Go to Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance

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SAO Fairy Dance 3

*for Bikkys

Upper Left: Sword Art Online Fairy Dance

Inset text: Suguha’s heart sways between the virtual world and the real one.

I hated VRMMOs for stealing my brother from me.

But one year after the incident began, a certain feeling first sprouted in my heart: / what was the truth behind the world my brother loved so much?

I wanted to better understand my brother. / And so I felt / I had to see his world with my own eyes.

Recon: Leafa-chan!

Suguha: I told you not to call me that at school, / Nagata-kun.
Recon: I—I’m sorry, Kirigaya-san.

Recon: ……Sigurd’s group is going to go hunting again this afternoon.
Suguha: Didn’t I already reply to his email?

Suguha: Sorry, but I won’t be joining in the hunts for a while.
Recon: Huh? / Don’t tell me you and that Spriggan from yesterday are…..?

Suguha: Yeah, pretty much. / I’m going to be his guide, / at least until Arun.

Recon: To Arun?! / The neutral city at the base of the World Tree?!

Recon: ….But when I suggested before that we go to Arun, you instantly shot me down……
Suguha: How many times do you think we’d be wiped out if I went with you?! / ……Anyways, that’s how it’s going to be, so give my regards to Sigurd.
Recon: B—but!

Recon: Kirigaya-san, are you planning to leave the party?!
Suguha: We’ll talk more over there.
Box: I first went to the virtual world so that I could be closer to my brother.

Box: But now, I love the world of ALO.

Suguha: Big brother, / I’m home. / ….Huh?

Suguha: Is he taking a nap?

Suguha: Even now, I still remember how it felt / the first time I flew freely through the sky.

Suguha: And furthermore,

Suguha: the more I think of him, / the faster my heart beats.

Suguha: I’m so, so stupid! / Aren’t I just going to guide him?

Suguha: Inhale


Leafa: Oh, Kirito-kun, you went shopping?

Leafa: Those clothes look good on you, / but can you even swing that sword?
Kirito: I can.

Yui: Munch / Munch
Kirito: I’d like to continue our earlier conversation.
Leafa: About what happens when you become incapable of combat, right?

Leafa: When your HP reaches 0, you’ll leave behind a small flame.

Leafa: You can be revived using magic or items until this flame, a Remain Light, disappears. / <aside: The flame of each race is a different color. > / Otherwise, after a minute you’ll be revived in your race’s home territory.

Kirito: So the ones I defeated yesterday were also turned into those flames? / <aside: I didn’t notice. >
Leafa: Oh, Kirito-kun! / Like I said, the World Tree’s far away. You’ll have to be careful to make sure you survive the trip.

Kirito: Can you use revival magic, Leafa?
Leafa: Only Undines can use high-level healing magic, / but I can restore health.

Leafa: You should learn it, too.
Kirito: So certain magics can only be learned by certain races, then? / What do Spriggans get?

Leafa: You get treasure hunting spells and illusion magic. Neither of which is terribly useful in combat. / That’s why Spriggan is the least popular race.
Kirito: Whoa, guess I should’ve checked things out first, huh.

Kirito: Do you have something to do in that tower?
Leafa: We’re flying a long distance, so we’ll take off from the rooftop and let its height do some of the work for us.

Kirito: Makes sense. I don’t really know much about the land around here, / so I’m counting on you to guide me, Leafa.

Leafa: Leave it to me!

Leafa: There’s no flag at the Sylph Lord’s Manor….. / Which means right now, Sakuya is…

Sigurd: Sakuya’s not home right now, Leafa.

Leafa: …..Sigurd.

Sigurd: Are you planning to leave the party, Leafa?

Leafa: More or less. / I thought I’d take it easy for a while.

Sigurd: How selfish. / Have you not thought of how this will affect the other party members? / You are already well-known as a member of my party.

Sigurd: If you were to inexplicably leave my our party and join another, it would leave quite a stain on my honor.

Leafa: What are you saying?! / That’s not what you said before!

Leafa: One of the conditions to me joining your party was that I could leave whenever I wanted. / You agreed to that, Sigurd!
Sigurd: … Conditions?

Sigurd: I don’t recall agreeing to any such thing. / Don’t try to hoist one on me now.

Recon: Sigurd only recruited you in order to raise his party’s status, / since you’ve won so many combat tournaments.

Recon: You’re famous, and are currently considered to be one of the five strongest Sylphs.

Recon: So he’s trying to gain status by making you his friend… no, his subordinate. / He’s just trying to protect himself from losing fame.
Leafa: Sigurd is a strong fighter, my equal in strength, and wields considerable political power as well.

Leafa: Sakuya is the current Sylph Lady and the lead player of their faction. / Sigurd has gained prominence as her aide. / He is an extremely active player.

Leafa: However, I…

Kirito: A friend isn’t a thing you own.

Sigurd: ……What did you say?

Kirito: I said, you can’t take another player like you would your favorite sword or armor

Kirito: and lock her into an equipment slot.

Sigurd: … You dare to speak to me like that, you piece-of-trash Spriggan?

Sigurd: You’re nothing more than a Renegade banished from his home territory! / Leafa, don’t tell me you’re associating with him?

Leafa: You will not insult him!

Leafa: Kirito-kun…

Leafa: Is my / new partner!

Leafa: Let’s go, / Kirito-kun.

Sigurd: …If you betray me here, I swear you will soon come to regret it.

Leafa: That sounds better than regretting choosing to stay with you.

Sigurd: Be sure to practice crying on your hands and knees. You’ll need to when you realize you want to return.

Leafa: …I’m sorry you had to be involved in something so petty.
Kirito: No; I’m the one who added fuel to the fire.

Leafa: ……I’ve been waiting for a chance like that. / I’ve wanted to get out of here for a while now. / Though I don’t know if I ever would have worked up the courage alone…

Kirito: …But because of me, you two split up over a fight.
Leafa: Nah. / You saw how he was. He never would have let me leave quietly.

Leafa: Why do we so strive to tie each other down?

Leafa: Even though we finally have our wings.

Leafa: Here, my heart longs to cast away all that binds me and fly as far as I wish. / But what am I flying to?

Leafa: You ready?
Kirito: Yeah.

Recon: Leafa-chan!

Leafa: Recon!
Recon: Leafa, are you really leaving the party?

Leafa: ….Well, half of it was spur-of-the-moment. / What about you?
Recon: Of course I want to go with you, but…

Recon: I’ve found something a little interesting. / So I’m going to stay with Sigurd for now.

Leafa: ……?

Recon: —Kirito-san!

Recon: She likes to dive head-first into trouble, / so be careful out there!

Recon: Also just to be clear, she’s my— / Gah!

Leafa: That’s enough out of you. / If anything happens, send me a message. / See ya!

Leafa: C’mon, let’s go! / Let’s get all the way to that lake before we land.

Leafa: …… Dawn?

Kirito: I feel kind of… moved, I guess. / I wish I could fly like this forever…

<no text>

Kirito: Wait for me, Asuna. / I’m on my way.

(?): You look your absolute best, / Titania, / whenever tears well up in your eyes. / I almost want to freeze you and hang your face on my wall.

Asuna: Go ahead. / You are the System Administrator. You can do as you want.

(?): Why must you continue to act so cold? / Have I ever forced myself upon you?

Asuna: You say that? When you locked me in here?

Asuna: And stop calling me by that weird name. / Mine is Asuna,

Asuna: Oberon— / Or should I say, Sugou-san?

Sugou: Why won’t you join in the fun? / In this world, I am Oberon, King of the Fairies. / And you are Titania, my queen.

Sugou: We are the rulers of Alfheim whom all players look up to in envy. / Is that so bad? / When will you finally open your heart to me as my companion?

Asuna: All I have to offer you is hatred and disdain. / No more.

Sugou: My, my, what a strong-willed thing to say. / But you see, lately I’ve wondered…

Sugou: if it might be fun to take such a strong-willed person by force.

Asuna: …..Tch. / Stop.

Sugou: I merely joke. I’m sure you will seek me yourself, soon enough. / It is but a matter of time.

Sugou: Your feelings will soon obey my will, / Titania.

Sugou: Can you see it? / Right now, tens of thousands of players have dived into this wide world / and are enjoying their game.

Sugou: But you see, / none of them realize

Sugou: that the Full Dive System is more than just a mere entertainment system.

Sugou: This entire game is nothing but a byproduct. / The Nerve Gear and the Amusphere are each able to expose the brain’s sensory area with a limited electric pulse. / In other words, signals are directed into the brain, which create an illusory environment.

Sugou: However, / what if its restraints were removed?

Sugou: In that case, / it could affect other areas of the brain besides the sensory region… for instance: / thoughts, / emotions, / memory… / Every single region could be controlled!

Asuna: No! / How could you do that?

Sugou: The research has already progressed significantly in certain countries. / But you see, / this research cannot be conducted without human test subjects.

Sugou: For the subject must be able to explain in words what he is thinking! / Furthermore, there are many individual differences in upper-level brain functions. / So one requires a vast number of experimental subjects. / However, we are tampering with the brain. One cannot simply begin human experimentation at will. / Thus, advances in this area have been few and far between.

Sugou: But then again, / if you saw a certain piece of news / you would be able to find plenty of test subjects – 10,000 of them!

Inset: The SAO Incident
Sugou: Ayaba-sensei may have been a genius, but he was also a fool. / He prepared that many vessels, but was satisfied merely using them to create his game? / I was never able to lay my hands on the SAO server itself, but at the moment the players were released from the game, / I managed to reroute a fraction of them into my world and kidnap them therein. It wasn’t even hard!

Asuna: …Back then, / while the world of Aincrad was crumbling away and bathed in brilliant light,

Asuna: Kirito and I waited / for the moment when our consciousness would fade.

Asuna: Even so, we were not afraid. / We were instead happy that we were able to disappear together.

Asuna: But then his warmth suddenly vanished…

Asuna: When I awoke, I found myself collapsed here.
Sugou: Oh, I’ve waited so long for this moment!

Sugou: I was not able to grab them all, but I did acquire some three hundred test subjects. / I never would have been able to accumulate so many in a real-world facility. / The virtual world does allow for so many various things.

Sugou: My research has advanced so far in the past two months! / I can embed new objects into a person’s memories, / and have developed many techniques for inducing emotion.

Sugou: I can control the very soul! / It is truly amazing!!

Asuna: But… / There’s no way / my father would approve such research!

Sugou: Of course that fossil knows nothing. / This research is being conducted in secret by a small team headed by me. / Otherwise, it would not become the product it is.

Asuna: Product…?

Sugou: A certain American corporation is practically drooling as it waits for us to finish our research. / I’m sure it fetch quite a high price.

Sugou: And it will eventually be RCT’s.
Asuna: …..

Sugou: Soon I shall become a member of the Yuuki family, and be furthermore declared the successor to RCT itself, / as your husband.

Sugou: So would it be so bad if we had a practice run for that day here in this world?
Asuna: But that’s… / I…

Asuna: I will never let you do that. / Someday, I will return to the real world and reveal all you have done!

Sugou: …My, my. / Do you still not understand?

Sugou: I only told you about my experiments / because you will soon forget everything. / All that will remain in you is your love for—

Sugou: …I’m going now. / Wait for my instructions.

Sugou: …So please realize you will soon come to love and obey me unconditionally. / Yet of course, / I do not wish to involve your brain in such early experiments.

Sugou: I pray you will be more submissive when next we meet, / Titania.

<no text>

Asuna: …..Please, / hurry… hurry.

Asuna: Come save me, / Kirito-kun.
[inset]: Hurry to Asuna’s side, Kirito!!

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