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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance 4

Stage 004

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 7, 2013 01:19 | Go to Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance

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SAO Fairy Dance 4

*for Bikkys

Sword Art Online
Fairy Dance
The young man fights on to save the woman he loves.

<no text>

Leafa: You fight so recklessly.

Leafa: Most people fight with a more hit-and-run style, / but you’re just hit-and-hit. / If we get in battle with a player party, you’ll likely be shot down by magic. You have to be more careful!

Kirito: You can’t dodge magic?
Leafa: Directional magic, yes, as long as you see it coming. But homing and AoE magic, no.

Kirito: There was no magic in the game I played before. / <aside: Hmm> / There’s so much I have to learn.

Kirito: When that happens, I’ll be counting on you, Leafa.

Leafa: Kirito-kun, / just what game were you playing before?

Leafa: See that mountain over there? / It’s taller than the maximum flight altitude, so we’ll have to take a cave under it. / Therefore, we won’t be able to fly for a while.

Leafa: It’s the hardest part of the journey from Sylphan territory to Arun, / apparently. / This is my first time out this far, too.

Kirito: I see.

Kirito: How long’s the tunnel?
Leafa: Very. I’ve heard there’s a neutral mining town in the middle; we can rest there. / Are you still good on time, Kirito-kun?

Kirito: I still have plenty.
Leafa: Then let’s keep going. Why don’t we rotate out once here?

Kirito: Rotate out?
Leafa: We each take turns logging out and taking a break. We’re in neutral territory, so we can’t instantly log out. / Therefore, we’ll each take turns watching over the empty avatar of whoever left.
Kirito: Understood.

Kirito: You can go first, Leafa.
Leafa: Then I will. I’ll be about 20 minutes!


SFX: Blinking

Suguha: I’ve got to hurry!

Suguha: Big Brother! / What do you want to eat?

Suguha: ….No answer.
SFX: Munch

Suguha: Is he still asleep?

<no text>

Suguha: ……I feel / so excited.

Suguha: …….It’s not like / I like him, or anything.

Suguha: It’s not because I’m adventuring with him— / I’m just having fun exploring a new world.

Suguha: That’s all.

<no text>

Suguha: Thanks for waiting! Did any monsters show up?
Kirito: No; it was perfectly quiet.

Leafa: ? / What’s that?

Kirito: These? I picked them up at the general store. / They’re Hacking Pipes, a special product for Spriggans.

Leafa: Oh. I’ve never heard of those.

Leafa: Stretch
Kirito: Then it’s my turn to log out.

SFX: Click
Kirito: Watch my back.

Yui: Yawn!

Leafa: Y—you can still move, even when your master’s gone?
Yui: <aside: Eh-hem! > / I am my own person!

Yui: And he is not my master! He’s papa!
Leafa: Oh yeah… Why do you call Kirito-kun “Papa”? / Did he… program you to?

Yui: ….Papa saved me. / And he said I was his daughter. / So he’s my Papa.

Leafa: I… / see.

Leafa: Do you like your papa?
Yui: Leafa-san,

Yui: What do you mean by “like”?

Leafa: What… / What do I mean?

Bubbles: I want to be with him forever. / I feel excited whenever we’re together.
Food: Brother, eat this if you’re hungry. / --Sugu

Leafa: Like that, I guess…….

SFX: Glance

Yui: What’s wrong, Leafa-san?

Leafa: It—it—it—it— / It’s nothing! Nothing at all!
Kirito: What’s nothing?

Yui: Welcome back, Papa!

Yui: I was just talking with Leafa-san / about when you like som(covered up)

Leafa: I—I said, it was nothing! / Th—that was fast. Did you eat enough?

Kirito: Yeah.

Kirito: My family left some stuff out for me.

Leafa: I see. Then let’s get going. / It’ll be rough logging out if we don’t make it to the mining town before it gets late. / We’re almost to the cave entrance!

Leafa: ……? / What is it?

Kirito: … I felt like / someone was watching, or something.

Kirito: Yui, are there any players nearby?
Yui: No, there’s no player signals nearby.

Leafa: You feel like someone’s watching you? / ……Do you think you actually have a sixth sense here?
Kirito: … This isn’t a laughing matter, you know.

Kirito: But if Yui can’t see them, then I guess there really is no one out there.
Leafa: Hmm...

Leafa: Maybe someone used magic / to put a Tracer on you?
Kirito: A tracer?

Leafa: Basically, a caster uses a tiny little familiar who reports a target’s location.
Kirito: Sounds convenient. Any way to get rid of them?
Leafa: The higher the caster’s magic skill is, the further away the familiar can be.

Leafa: So in a field like this? Probably not.
Kirito: I see.

Kirito: Well, it might just be my imagination. / For now, let’s keep going.

<no text>

Sugou: My, my, but aren’t you an obstinate one? / The body you would be using is a fake. You would not be harmed in any way.

Sugou: So why not have a little fun?

Asuna: You would never understand. It makes no difference whether my body is flesh or data. / At least, not to me.

Sugou: I do think it would be wise you learned how to enjoy yourself while you can.

SFX: Clench
Asuna: …I am not interested. / I want to kick his ass!

Asuna: But I feel like he’s just baiting me. / And besides, / although he does enjoying watching me become enraged, he hasn’t technically restrained me in any way. / I at least need to preserve my ability to move freely, even if only within this cage...

Asuna: I don’t intend to stay here forever. / ….I’m sure / help will come.

Asuna: I just have to stay strong, as long as the hope of escape remains…
Sugou: Really? / Who will save you?

Sugou: Let me guess: the Hero, Kirito-kun?

Sugou: You said his real name was Kirigaya-kun, right? / I met him the other day. / In the real world.

Asuna: …….!!!

Sugou: And where do you suppose I met him? / ….In your hospital room. / Right in front of you as you slept. When I told him I was marrying you next month, his reaction was simply splendid.

Sugou: That’s right—I must remember to send him an invitation! / I’m sure he’ll come, if only to see you in a wedding dress! / Well, I suppose I can give him that much of you. / He is a hero, after all!!

Sugou: My goodness; look at the time.

Sugou: I fear we must part for a short while, Titania.

Sugou: I’m sure you’ll be lonely until the day after tomorrow, but try to stay strong.

Asuna: Kirito-kun’s…… / Kirito-kun’s…..

Asuna: Kirito-kun’s alive!!!

Asuna: And if he’s alive,

Asuna: There’s no way he’s not trying to do something. / He will come to this world to look for me. / So I can’t just sit here, captured, waiting for him……!

Asuna: Sugou-san only comes here once every two days.

Asuna: He uses a terminal at work to come here once his business is completed. / Sugou-san is the type of person who adheres rigidly to a schedule. …. So I can consider that pattern fixed. / If I’m going to act, it must be after he’s headed home and gone to sleep.

Asuna: I’ve memorized the passcode on the door. / I’ve been thinking and waiting for an opportunity for a while now. / Now I just have to wait for some time to pass.

Asuna: He’s told me that there’s a number of people working with him….. / Somehow, I have to get out of this birdcage without any of them noticing.

Asuna: … And even if I can’t, if I can at least get a message off to the outside world… / He really is a fool.

Asuna: If he truly sought to bend my heart, he shouldn’t have told me that Kirito is alive. / He should have told me he died.

Asuna: Ironically enough, / he gave me hope.

Asuna: Kirito-kun is alive. / He’s out there, in the real world.

Asuna: Kirito-kun!!

<no text>

Kirito: ….Does this cave have a name?
Leafa: Yeah. It’s called the Lugroo Corridor. / Lugroo is also the name of the mining town.

Leafa: Have you raised your magic skill at all, Kirito-kun? / Spriggans have a lot of magic that’s good in caves.
Kirito: …..Well…

Kirito: I only have my race’s starting magic, so… / Yui, do you know?
Yui: Oh, Papa! You should at least read the manual!

Yui: One of your starting magics is a torch spell. / Repeat the incantation after me.

Yui: First, raise your right hand. Then say: / (lower handwritten bubbles) Aus / Narzanort / Laith / Auga
Kirito (the higher up, handwritten bubbles): Aus / Narzanort / Laith / Auga

Leafa: Wow! That’s convenient!

Leafa: So it doesn’t fill the area with light, but rather grants the target night vision. / I guess Spriggans do get some good stuff.
Kirito: Yeah. / Though it kind of hurts when you say it like that.

Leafa: But really, you should memorize the spells you can cast. / It might be the difference between life and death someday.

Leafa: All right!

Leafa: We won’t get lost thanks to this map I got in Sylvain. / Coupled with your magic, Kirito-kun, this might go well after all.
Yui: Leave monster detection to me!

Leafa: Let’s go!

<no text>

Leafa: ….Amazing!!

Leafa: ….Come to think of it, Kirito-kun,

Leafa: why are you in such a rush to reach the World Tree? / You said you were looking for someone, but….

Leafa: We’ve been in these caves for two hours now.

Kirito: We’ve taken out a lot of monsters.
Leafa: There’s an underground lake just up ahead. / The town’s just past it.

Leafa: Ah!

Leafa: I’ve got a message. / Sorry; give me a second.
Box: Or so I say,

Leafa: but the only person on my friends list is Recon…

Leafa: !

Message: Turns out I was right. Be careful, S.
Leafa: ……? / What’s this?

Leafa: ….”S”?

Leafa: An initial? / Does it start with “Sa”? Or “Shi”? / ?

Yui: ! / Papa!

Yui: Something’s coming this way!
Kirito: Is it a monster?

Yui: It’s players. / Lots of them… Twelve people!!

Leafa: A dozen?! / There shouldn’t be that many!

Leafa: This way!

Leafa: This is concealing magic. / The magic will be dispelled if you speak too loud, so be careful.
Yui: We should be able to see them in about two minutes.

Kirito: What / is that?

Leafa: What’s what? We can’t see anything yet.
Kirito: It doesn’t look like a player…

Kirito: But is that a monster?

Kirito: A small, / red bat’s behind us…

Kirito: Leafa!!

Leafa: That was a high-level tracing searcher!! / Destroy it, or they’ll find us!

(note: the next set of bubbles are empty in the magazine scans, but they’re filled in the volume scans. *shrug*)
Leafa: Aek / Skeet / Tuturg

Leafa: Smarl / Streeda!

Leafa: Let’s run to town, Kirito-kun!!

Kirito: Huh? / Can’t we just hide again?
Leafa: The enemy already knows we’ve destroyed their tracer! They’re going to be on their guard!

Leafa: And besides…

Leafa: That familiar was a fire-type. / Which means the people now closing in on us are…

Kirito: Salamanders?!

Leafa: Lugroo is a neutral city! Once we enter, they can’t attack us! / We just need to get there…

Kirito: And then we’re safe? / Got it. Let’s go.

Leafa: But why would an army of Salamanders be here?!

Leafa: I can think of one possibility… but I don’t like it.

Leafa: There was a tracer on us, which means we were targeted from the start. / But why? Once we left Sylvain, Yui-chan should have noticed if anything happened to us…

Leafa: Which means the magic had already been cast on us before we left Sylvain?! / But that’s weird.

Leafa: We’re practically at war with the Salamanders. So there should’ve been plenty to stop one from getting in.
Kirito: Leafa!

Kirito: It’s the lake!

Leafa: Lugroo should be right on the other side of that gate!

Kirito: It looks like we should be able to get away.
Leafa: Don’t drop your guard and fall in the lake!

Leafa: Salamander magic?!

Leafa: Cough / Maybe they lost sight of us.

Leafa: Oh, no!

Kirito: Dammit!
(?): There’s no use.

(?): This barrier was created by earth magic. Physical attacks won’t destroy it. / Though I suppose enough magical attacks could take it down.

Kirito: We don’t have enough time for that.

Kirito: …….Can we jump into the lake?

Leafa: We can’t. / There seems to be a lot of super high-level water dragon-type monsters in there. / And without the support of an Undine, underwater combat is tantamount to suicide.

Kirito: …….So, / we have to fight.

Hostile forces grow closer!!

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