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Yao Tsukumo 5

Aria's Scorn

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 7, 2013 02:24 | Go to Yao Tsukumo

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Yao Tsukumo 5

*For Psylocke Scans

Father: Huh? / Do you have any business here, / miss?

Aria: You see, / Aria’s waiting for someone she loves.

Father: Someone you love? / Here?
Sign: Tachibana Kendojo

Aria: Yep! / Hey, mister? / While I’m waiting,

Title: Chapter 5: Aria’s Scorn
Aria: let’s do something that feels good together. <3

(left side): Life flickers in the wintery, desolate sky.
Yao Tsukumo

Sign: Tachibana Kendojo

Tsukumo: My father’s probably training…

Yao: He should have already been contacted by the main house. It’s fine.
Tsukumo: What—wait! It’s not fine at all!

Father: Maiden of the Tokijiku, / congratulations on your ascent to divinity.

Tsukumo: He never even came to visit me while I was in the hospital… / He didn’t call or e-mail me, either… / And moreover,

Tsukumo: I’ve lost my sense of taste.

Tsukumo: Ever since I was able to use that power, / I’ve truly become less and less human…

Tsukumo: I haven’t told Yao yet. / At times like this, there’s only two people I really want to talk with…

Tsukumo: Wah!

Yao: What happened to your usual bold self? / You can worry after we’ve seen them.

Tsukumo: Yeah. / They’re just my parents.

Tsukumo: I’m sure they’ll greet me the same way they always do. / I’m home!!

<no text>

Parents: Mmmm! / Mmmng!!!!

Tsukumo: <Wingdings>!! / <Wingdings>…….!!

SFX: Sigh

Yao: Tsukumo, step aside.
Tsukumo: Huh? What? What’s going on?!

Yao: Show yourself, / Aria.

Aria: Tee hee. / You figured it out.

Aria: I super, duper / missed you!

Tsukumo: Huh?

Tsukumo: A / girl?

SFX bubble: Beep

Tsukumo: Eeeeeeek!
Yao: Tsukumo!!!

Yao: Don’t you dare lay a hand on Tsukumo, / Aria!!

Aria: No! I wanna!

Yao: Shit…

Aria: Does it hurt? Does it?

Aria: I’ll make it hurt even more!

Aria: And the final touch!

Tsukumo: Stop!


Yao: Mn!!!

Aria: Oh, Yao. / You’ve been drinking amazake, haven’t you? <3

Yao: Mng!!!
Aria: There you go.

Yao: Guh…

Aria: Those are special handcuffs with thorny insides. / Doesn’t it feel like your wrists are about to come off? / And you can’t use Kotodama, either. / You can’t escape.

Aria: Oh, people look so sexy / as they near death.

Aria: And you look great, Yao! <3

Tsukumo: Who the hell are you?!!

Aria: I am the Tsukumo-gami Aria. / I’ve had a hot and painful relationship with Yao for the last 200 years.

Tsukumo: You’re a Tsukumo-gami?

Aria: I super-duper-ultra hate you, Tokijiku, / for getting in our way!

Aria: With men you wound the body, but with women you wound the heart.

Aria: Pogya.
Pogya(?): Beep!

Tsukumo: What?!
Aria: I want to hear your gasp in ecstasy.

Tsukumo: Mn! / Ah! / Stop

Tsukumo: it!

(Panel 4, sfx on the bottom): Ahhh hah hah aheh aheh
Tsukumo: She’s happy?!!

Tsukumo: Enough of this!! / Let everyone down right now!!

Aria: Then, / let’s play a game.

Aria: We’ll play tag. / If you win, I’ll listen to you.

Tsukumo: Huh?

Tsukumo: Wah!

Aria: And of course…

Yao: Mn! / Mngh!!

Aria: Aria’s It!

Aria: If I catch you, I’m gonna kill you!!!!
Tsukumo: Wait!!!

Parents: Mnnngh!! / Mnnnnn!!

Tsukumo: She won’t listen to me. / What do I do? I need to find a weapon…

Tsukumo: What… / What is this?!!

Tsukumo: She must have done this. / Don’t tell me my room is like this, too?

Aria: Well? Well?! / Do you like it? / Doesn’t the interior design trigger your endorphins? <3

Tsukumo: Yeah.

Tsukumo: I can feel the norepinephrine flowing through me.
Box: Norepinephine is a substance inside your brain which awakens fighting instincts.
Below the box: Brain Expert / Shirako.

Tsukumo: You stupid / kid!!!!

Tsukumo: Poooooiiiinnn

Tsukumo: nnt!!!!!!!!
Aria: Squee!

Tsukumo: I have to hurry and save everyone! / Why would you do such a horrible thing to them?

Aria: Why? / Oh! / I never told you, did I?

Aria: Aria

Aria: is the Tsukumo-gami of an Iron Maiden.

Tsukumo: Damn!

Aria: I’ll make you give me a hug / and play with me.

Aria: So many people used to play with me some four hundred years ago. / But no one comes to play anymore.

Aria: But with Yao around, / I’m not lonely anymore. / Even if I stab him with needles and his blood flows out, he gives me more and more hugs.

Aria: Yao’s ragged breath, / his contorted face, / his dying gasps...

Aria: I love / Yao!

Tsukumo: But that’s… / Well, what about Yao’s feelings?

Aria: Huh?

Tsukumo: Yao has been in pain forever. / I want to free him from that. / So,

Tsukumo: the two of us are going to become human again.

Aria: Huh? / What?

Aria: Yao has to be immortal! / I won’t let you do that!

Aria: Die, Tokijiku!!!

Aria: It’s / empty?!

Aria: You’re wide open!!!!

Aria: Cough / cough / It hurts! / It hurrrts!

Aria: No! / Stop!!! / Quit it!!!

Tsukumo: With men you wound the body, / but with women you wound the heart.

Aria: Wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! / Don’t actually write on me, stupid!!!!!!

Tsukumo: Are you all right, Yao?
Yao: Ah, yeah.
Aria: Yao, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

Tsukumo: Hey! Do you want me to tease you again?

Yao: Sorry. She won’t attack you anymore, Tsukumo. / She doesn’t really bear any ill will against—

Aria: — Yes I do.
Yao: At any rate,
SFX: Yep.

Yao: we’re sort of… / inseparable, I guess.
SFX: Smack Smack Kiss Kiss Lick Lick

Tsukumo: Huh? / Yao, / you let her / do that to you?

SFX: Glare

Aria: Don’t flatter yourself, Tokijiku. / Yao doesn’t like you at all!!!

Tsukumo: Huh?

Aria: For the last 800 years, / Yao has thought of only one person: Murasaki!!

Tsukumo: Murasaki?
Aria: Don’t get full of yourself, you foolish fool!
Yao: Aria…

Tsukumo: Wasn’t Murasaki the first Maiden of the Tokijiku? / And if he thinks of her constantly, does that mean he liked her?

Tsukumo: So Yao has someone / he likes, too.

Tsukumo: How has Yao lived / for the 800 years before I met him?

Tsukumo: Well, I mean, it’s not like I really care. It doesn’t matter to me!!

Father: Tsukumo. / …my lady.

Father: My humblest apologies, Lady Tsukumo. / Again you have had danger thrust upon you…

Tsukumo: Stop it… / Don’t talk to me so formally, / Father…

Tsukumo: *Spittake*

Tsukumo: Bahahahaha!!!! Ahahahahaha!!!! / How can I take you two seriously when you look like that?!

Parents: Well, / I mean… / Tsukumo…

Tsukumo: I’m home.

Parents: The two of you are going to return to being human?! / Tsukumo, you…

Tsukumo: Yup!
Aria <aside>: Don’t do it!

Tsukumo: You explain, Yao.
Yao: In order to erase the power of the Tokijiku within Tsukumo and myself, I suspect…

Yao: we will need to meet with the god who first gave that power to the Maiden of the Tokijiku.

Yao: That deity lives in the land of the gods, / in the Eternal Realm.

Yao: First, we will need to open the gate to the Eternal Realm. / However, it hasn’t opened once these past 800 years.

Yao: However, we know where it is.

Yao: It’s on top of a hill just outside of town,

Yao: in the high school Tsukumo attends.

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