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Yao Tsukumo 6

The Gate to the Eternal Realm

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 24, 2013 19:33 | Go to Yao Tsukumo

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Yao Tsukumo 6

*For Psylocke Scans

Yao: Urgh. / Dammit! / Ah!

Yao: Stop! / Don’t go!!

Yao: Murasaki!!!!!

Murasaki: Yao…

Yao: Murasaki!!!!

Yao: Hah / Hah

Yao: Sniff… / Murasaki…

Though only one layer separates their bodies, a multitude of layers envelop their hearts.

Yao Tsukumo
Lower left: Presented by Suzuki Sanami
Lower right: Chapter 6: The Gate to the Eternal Realm

I, Tachibana Tsukumo, am the girl in whom dwells the power to bestow eternal life, / the Maiden of the Tokijiku.

Yao is the boy who received eternal life from the Maiden of the Tokijiku, / the Shield of the Tokijiku.

And the two of us have resolved / to once again become human.

Therefore, in order to meet with the Holy Tree of the Tokijiku, / we must first go to the land of the gods, the Eternal Realm.

The gate to that realm, / the Gate to the Eternal Realm…

is apparently contained within my school.

Yao: I have no surname. Just call me Yao.

Blackboard: Yao
Yao: Nice to meet you.

Girls: He has no surname? What’s that supposed to mean? / But isn’t he kind of cute?

Tsukumo: …….. / Everything feels so different.

Chii-chan: Hey, Yao-kun, are you really living at Tsukumo’s house? / What’s your relationship?
Tsukumo: Chii-chan, how do you know that?!

Tsukumo: I— / I mean, our relationship is, well…
Chii-chan: Are you cousins, or relatives, or…

Chii-chan: Or have you already starting hitting on him?
Tsukumo: Chii-chan, don’t ask that so bluntly!!!!

Yao: Hit him? / ?

Yao: We have, yeah.
Tsukumo: We have not!!!

Chii-chan: Ahaha, sorry. / But Tsukumo,
Boys: Tell us all about it.

Chii-chan: I’m glad you’ve found someone you like.

Tsukumo: Someone I like?

Yao: Tsukumo, / let’s split up and search for the Gate to the Eternal Realm. / The gate exists as a pair. We need to find them both.

Aria: Yao / doesn’t like you at all!

Aria: Yao has thought of only one person: Murasaki!!

Yao: Hey, are you listening?

Tsukumo: Hey!

Yao: Tsukumo! / What is it?

Thought bubble: He’s only thought of Murasaki for the last 800 years
Tsukumo: Ah. / Mm…

Yao: Look, I’ve set up a barrier inside the school. / It should stop any Tsukumo-gami from getting in, freeing us to split up.

Tsukumo: Huh? Yeah. / Split up…

Tsukumo: See ya!
Yao: Tsukumo!

Yao: Murasaki!!!

Tsukumo: No. I can’t look at Yao’s face right now.

Tsukumo: Murasaki was the first Maiden of the Tokijiku, right? / If she was the first one, she must have had something special to her. / Actually, wait.

Tsukumo: Who, exactly, / was Murasaki?

Tsukumo: Do I love him? / I don’t think that’s quite right, Chii-chan.

(?): Mn…

(?): Mnngh!! / Mn!
Sign: Principal’s Office
(?): Nmff!!!

Tsukumo: Hey,

Tsukumo: You stupid brat!

Aria: Aria wanted to go to school together with Yao!!

Tsukumo: And what’s with that uniform?
Aria: My cover is that I’m a high school girl who skipped lots of grades!

Tsukumo: Hey, Aria? / Do you know anything about Murasaki?
Aria: Huh?

Tsukumo: Please, tell me about Murasaki and Yao…

Aria: You’re jealous.

Animal thing: Squeal!

Aria: Long, long ago, like super long ago, / there was a super-poor village. / In it, there were two childhood friends, a boy and a girl.

Aria: The two were always together. / They were super-duper in love.

Aria: But a god fell in love with the girl at first sight and made her his bride. / So the two were separated.

Aria: So his love was stolen by a god, given power, and returned to the village. / The poor village became more and more prosperous, and the girl became the divine guardian of the village. / And then,

Aria: the girl gave the boy immortality. / And they all lived happily ever after.

Tsukumo: Wait—then Murasaki was the one who made Yao immortal? / Why?
Aria: I dunno. Aria doesn’t know more than that.

Tsukumo: But Yao / never wished for immortality.
Yao: Kill me.

Tsukumo: That’s just…

Tsukumo: What?

Girls: Nooo! / Eeeeekk!!!

Monster: To… / Toki…jiku.

Aria: A Tsukumogami!! / <aside: Yuck! >

Girl: Eeeeek!
Tsukumo: Run!!

Tsukumo: Aria, / you have to go tell Yao!
Aria: OK!

Aria: You can just die, Tsukumo! <3

Tsukumo: Aria!!
Aria: Good luck, stupid!

Tsukumo: That wasn’t what I meant!!

Tsukumo: Dammit! / Now we’re stuck on the roof!

Tsukumo: What do I do? Now I’ve gotten my whole school involved…

Girls: Eeeeeek!!

Tsukumo: No!!

Yao: Ugh…
Tsukumo: Yao!

Yao: It’s aiming for you! / So don’t cover people, stupid!!

Tsukumo: Don’t yell at me… / You said you had set up a barrier!

Tsukumo: I saved you last time, and the time before that. / You’re really weak, aren’t you!

Yao: Tsukumo, / what are you saying? / What’s going on with you today?

Flashback: the girl gave the boy immortality. / And they all lived happily ever after.

Tsukumo: Why… / Why / would Murasaki—

Tsukumo: Eeeeek!
Yao: Tsukumo!

Yao: I can’t break free!!

Yao: Aah!

<no text>

<no text>

Tsukumo: Why did Murasaki make Yao immortal? / And why, after what she did, does he continue to think of her?

Tsukumo: When Yao’s in pain,

Tsukumo: I’m in pain, too.

Yao: Murasaki!!

Tsukumo: Ahh…

Tsukumo: So this is what pain feels like…

Girls: Wahhh!!!

Girls: That was so disgusting!!! / What was it?!!
Tsukumo: Wah!

Tsukumo: Are you OK? Are you hurt?

Yao: Aria, / did you destroy the barrier?!

Aria: Yao, you meanie! / Aria: Aria doesn’t know anything about the barrier!

Girls: Hee hee. / So that was a barrier.

Girls: You’re a super good girl, Tokijiku-chan! <3 / We think we’ve grown fond of you.
Tsukumo: Huh? Umm…

Yao: Oh, / so it’s you.

Girls: We’re the Tsukumo-gami of the Gate to the Eternal Realm.

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