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Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 6

Chapter 6

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 5, 2013 21:33 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

-> RTS Page for Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 6

Rin 6

*Reserved for ryColaa Scanlations


<no text>

SFX: Nodding off

SFX: Nodding off.

Fushimi: Huh?!

Fushimi: Ni—Nishiguchi-san?!
Nishiguchi: Sorry. I’m getting kinda tired too, and sort of lost control… / But we can’t sleep now!
Taki <aside>: Hm?

Taki: Okay!

Nishiguchi: Looks like we finished, somehow!!
Taki: Thanks a ton. / I’ll go tell my editor.
Fushimi: Sorry I wasn’t that helpful.

Taki: Understood. Then I’ll be waiting.

Taki: OK.

Nishiguchi: Taki-kun, we should have a party to celebrate! Let’s go make some yakiniku!! / If you need money, I can cover you.
Taki: I guess that sounds good.

SFX: Glance

Nishiguchi: Ah!

Taki: But let’s wait until Fushimi-kun wakes up. / And we have to wait for the bike messenger to get here, too.
Nishiguchi: Oh yeah… This is his first time, so he’s really exhausted.

Nishiguchi: Fushimi-kun.

Fushimi: Oh, sorry. I must have dozed off without noticing…

Fushimi: Damn… It’s gotten dark out. / What time is it?

Nishiguchi: It’s 5.

Fushimi: Sigh, so I slept for about two hours.

Nishiguchi: 5 in the morning.

Fushimi: What?! I—I was out of it for over fourteen hours?! / And in someone else’s house, too.

Nishiguchi: To be honest, I just woke up myself. / That sure was a rough one.

Fushimi: Where’s Taki-kun?
Nishiguchi: He just left to go running.
<Asides: And one! / Two!

SFX by Taki’s feet: Hah / Hah / Hah

Nishiguchi: He said he goes for a run in the park every day.

Nishiguchi: In the end, a manga artist’s success or failure is determined by his endurance, so he wants to train himself now. / What a good boy.
Taki: Ni—Nishiguchi-san, I know we’ve been running for only five minutes, but my sides are killing me.

Nishiguchi: After handing in his manuscript, he watched a movie… / And after waking up, he read a book for an hour…

Nishiguchi: We really don’t measure up to him. / I guess he’s already thinking about his next manga.

Taki: *Whistle*

Taki: 500 Yen to whoever gets up here first!! / But you have to take the stairs!!

Nishiguchi: Yeaaaaahhhh!!
Fushimi: Huff / Huff
Taki: So the winner is Nishiguchi-san.

Fushimi: Wh… why did you bring us up here…

Taki: I used to work part-time at that bentou store on the first floor…
Sign: Hot Bentous

Taki: I would spend my breaks up here, just staring off into the distance… / And that’s when I came up with the idea for Jump.

SFX: Huff Huff Huff

Nishiguchi: No matter how hard I try to catch up to him… / it still feels like there’s a gap between us I can’t overcome with hard work alone.

SFX: Gulp

Taki: Next, how about we race to the roof of that apartment building next door?

Nishiguchi: Huh?
Fushimi: Again?

Nishiguchi: I can’t, I can’t! I haven’t even eaten yet! / I’m at my limit.
Taki: I’ll give 1000 Yen to the winner!

Nishiguchi: A thousand yen?!
Fushimi: You’re gonna do it?!

Taki: Then ready… / Bang!

Fushimi: Huh? Nishiguchi-san, where are you running?!

Fushimi: Whaaaat?!

Nishiguchi: Together with what I just won, this’ll make 1500 Yen… / Enough to buy a used DVD of my favorite idol in a suimsuit.

Nishiguchi: Chestttto!!

Fushimi: Nishiguchi-san!!
SFX: Yeaaahh!

Taki: Whenever money’s involved, Nishiguchi is really strong.

Taki: That’s what Nishigaitsu-san told me. / At an end-of-the-year party, there was a game of bowling with prize money. He got a score of around 200 and won, / even though he usually can’t top 100.

Taki: Whatever it is, he’ll win it. / That’s a credit to his tenacity and guts, I suppose.
SFX: Munch munch

Fushimi: B—But risking your life over just 1000 yen is, well…

Fushimi: But I guess it’s people like that who will succeed as professionals… Damn, but I’ll have to learn from him.
Nishiguchi: Hey! Let’s go eat at that bench in the park!!

Taki: Are you heading home today? / <aside: Have another. >
Fushimi: <aside: Oh, thanks. > / Yeah… I have to get home and work on my manga for the Sawamura Prize.

Taki: Before you head home, wanna go somewhere with me? / I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Fushimi: Huh?

Sign: Sawamura Eichi Museum / 50 meters, then turn right.

Fushimi + Nishiguchi: Whoa!!

Fushimi: A—Amazing! And Boilerman is here to greet us!!

Nishiguchi: Taki-kun, let’s get our picture taken together!!
Taki: I’m good, thanks.

Taki: I haven’t really read most of Sawamura’s manga.

Fushimi: Huh?

Fushimi: Then—then why come here?

Nishiguchi: Awesome… / This is so awesome…

Nishiguchi: I can feel the adrenaline flowing through me… / I am so pumped…

Nishiguchi: The Famous Detectives Haru & Mai.

Nishiguchi: The Genius Chef Duke.

Nishiguchi: Heikichi Hankachou. / The Centurion Marth.

Nishiguchi: You’re young, Fushimi-kun, so I guess you haven’t read all of these?
Fushimi: No—I’ve read them all! / I really like old-school manga.

Fushimi: Sawamura Eichi, the Giant of Manga… They say even Tezuka-sensei, the God of Manga, was jealous of his talent. / I’ve heard he was valued even higher than Tezuka-sensei in Europe.

Fushimi: And I respect Mizuno Tooru, and the manga artist he respects the most is Sawamura Eichi! / So I respect him, too.

Fushimi: Look at this! He drew this when he was in third grade!!
Nishiguchi: Damn! That’s better than what I could draw when I was twenty!!

Signs: Composition (Sixth Grade) / Picture Story (First Grade)

Taki: …

Sign: First 4-koma Manga

Taki: !

Signs: How a manga was brought to completion: / Schedule Book / Script / Sketches

Sign: Schedule Book
Book: Sun 23rd: Duke Lines
Mon 24th : Storyboard
Tues 25th: Heikichi Kankachou
Wed 26th: 9:30 Saitou Kido
Thurs 27th: (can’t make it out)
Fri 28th: Duke 23:00
Sat 29th: HaruMai drawings
Sun 30th: 9:00 Gather Material
Mon 31st: Boilerman Lines / 21:00 Outside
Tues 1st: (???) Party
Wed 2nd: Marth Drawings
Thurs 3rd: Saitou Satou
Fri 4th: 9:30 Inaba
Sat 5th: Boiler Color

Nishigaitsu: The last word he wrote in his diary… was “Taurus.”

Rin: It seems he meant something else.

Taki: The last words you left behind… / It’s strange, but I can’t get them out of my mind.

Nishiguchi: Whoa! When did it start raining?
Taki: It looks like it’s been coming down for a while.
Fushimi: It’s raining cats and dogs.

Nishiguchi: Fushimi-kun, let’s get some tea together before you go.
Fushimi (upper left aside): He actually bought it…

Nishiguchi: Mmmmm, it tastes sour and fruity… / I’d expect it from the taste Sawamura-sensei loved.

Fushimi: He did?
Nishiguchi: Well, it’s just a guess. / But it’s a stone’s throw from where he worked. / A proper manga artist has always got to keep working his imagination.

Worker: I’m sorry, sir, but he never visited this establishment.

Fushimi: But still, I feel really motivated now! / I’ll work hard once I get home!

News: There is presently a heavy rain warning for the heart of the Toukai region. / Operations have been suspended on part of the Toukai Shinkansen route.

Fushimi: Whaaat?!
Nishiguchi: Oh my.
Taki: I guess that takes the wind out of your sails.

Fushimi: No… / If I can’t get home, I’ll never make the deadline. / If only I hadn’t slept for fourteen hours.

Taki: And it’s getting worse out, too.

Nishiguchi: Well if you can’t go home, Fushimi-kun, then come with us to Nishigaitsu’s place.
Fushimi: Huh?

Nigshiguchi: Her favorite sushi chef is going to come and make us some food. / Tonight’s a banquet to greet Rin-chan, you see.

Mutou: Nasty rain out there. / I just bought this jacket, and it’s ruined already.

Mutou: Whoa! What happened here?!

Mori: They’re letters and packages that piled up in your mailbox. / I brought them up for you.

Mutou: M—Mori-san… / Sorry… I’ve just been really busy lately.
Mori: No one else seems busy.

Mutou: I’ve been at Mizuno-san’s place all morning, and I’m going to be there all night, too.

Mutou: It looks like Gunners is going to have a 20-page chapter for this first time in a while.

Mori: ……

Mutou: What are you reading, Mori-san?
Mori: A storyboard a newcomer sent to you.

(?): It looks like one person just kept sending you stuff…

Mutou: Ah, these are all from Fushimi. / He can draw, but all of his works are crazy and incomprehensible. / These ones are, too.

Mori: …..

This one doesn’t make much sense, either.
BG: CATCH AS CATCH CAN? What’s that?

Mutou: Well, Taurus has the most applicants to its newcomer’s award than any other magazine around. / So of course there’ll be some incomprehensible stuff…

Mori: …… / Back when Taurus wasn’t selling very well, whenever a newcomer sent us his work, we’d immediately rip open the envelope and read it, cover to cover.

Mori: We’re lucky enough that, during this recession, we’ve still got high circulation, / but four of the top five artists in the latest survey were former winners of the Sawamura Prize.

Mori: If the serialized works are the “head,” / then the Sawamura Prize is the “heart.” Don’t forget it.

Announcer: We are not sure when the Toukai Shinkansen route will reopen…

Nishiguchi: Fushimi-kun, have you ever experienced something unnatural?
Fushimi: Huh?

Fushimi: Like a g-g-ghost? Or a UFO?

SFX: Stare

Fushimi: N—No… / I haven’t.

Nishiguchi: What about you, Taki-kun?
Taki: Me neither.

Nishiguchi: I’ve suffered from sleep paralysis, / but that was probably just because I was exhausted.

Taki: So you don’t believe Ishidou-san one bit, then?

Nishiguchi: Hmm…. Well, I was surprised by how the whole thing with Nishigaitsu-sensei’s brother turned out… / But it could’ve just been a coincidence.

Nishiguchi: I’m still waiting for something conclusive.

Nishiguchi: Hello. We’ve just made it to the station. / Taki-kun and Fushimi-kun are with me.

Nishiguchi: What?! The sushi’s been canceled?!

Nishiguchi: Rin-chan collapsed?!

Nishigaitsu: Last night, Rin-chan, Akane-chan and I went out to eat on our way home from Destiny Land.

Nishiguchi: She’s always wearing a low neckline. / By the way, where’d you go to eat?
Nishigaitsu: A Jamaican place. / But before my favorite food there, the jerk chicken, had arrived…

Nishigaitsu: Oh… it was so surreal. / She couldn’t even breathe… / Someone from the restaurant quickly called an ambulance.

Nishiguchi: Seriously? What happened?
Nishigaitsu: I don’t know… I’ve heard she never had a very strong constitution, though.

Nishigaitsu: In the end, the hospital just gave her an IV and sent her home… / She’s been sleeping upstairs ever since. / I’ve barely slept a wink since yesterday.

Fushimi: Umm, maybe we shouldn’t have come.

Nishigaitsu: Well, things are pretty calm now. / A lot of people wanted to meet Rin-chan, but when I sent out the e-mail saying food was canceled, everyone decided not to come.

Nishiguchi: Huh? / …But I never got an e-mail.

Nishigaitsu: Sorry. I completed forgot I had invited you, Nishi-chan. / <aside: Tee hee >

Akane: Good evening.

Nishigaitsu: Oh, Akane-chan! / How’s Rin-chan doing?

Akane: She doesn’t feel nauseous anymore. / Her fever’s still high, though, so I thought I’d bring her some ice.

Nishigaitsu: You must be tired. Want some?
Akane: I can’t—I’m still underage!

Taki: Hey.
Fushimi: Good day.

Akane: !!

Fushimi: ?

Nishiguchi: Nishigaitsu-sensei, I brought some souvenirs for you.
Nishigaitsu: Huh?

Nishiguchi: !!

Nishiguchi: ……
Nishigaitsu: What’s this? This is awesome!! / Clear Files from Famous Detectives Haru & Mei and Genius Chef Duke!!

Nishigaitsu: Back when I was a kid, I’d watch them all the time on TV… The team of two older girls was so cool! / I loved Duke, too. A mysterious, unlicensed chef who charged exorbitant fees in exchange for cooking miraculous meals… It was so thrilling!

Taki: We went to the Sawamura Eichi Museum today.

Nishigaitsu: I get it! / So you’re interested in Sawamura-sensei’s last message, then?

Taki: They had his dairy there. / Though I couldn’t understand the last message.

Fushimi: What’re you talking about?
Nishiguchi: It was something Rin-chan told us.

Nishiguchi: Everyone knows the last thing Sawamura-sensei wrote in his diary was the word “Taurus,” / but she said that meant something else besides the magazine.


Nishigaitsu: “Taurus” is the name of the constellation of the bull, right?

Nishiguchi: Pretty sure, yeah. I heard that the first editor-in-chief’s astrological sign was Taurus, so they called the magazine that. / Well, I don’t know how serious they were.

Rin: I don’t think… it refers to the constellation, either.

(?): Rin-chan!

Rin: Nishigaitsu-sensei, I’m so sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you.
Nishigaitsu: What are you saying? Should you even be up?

Taki: Hey.
Nishiguchi: Wassup?

Akane: Y’all right, Rin-chan?
Rin: Yeah, I’m fine. / I’m sure you must be getting’ tired of nursin’ me by now, Akane-chan.

Rin: But we’ve gotta eat somethin’ good in Tokyo ‘fore we go back, right?

Taki: The rain’s calming down.
Nishiguchi: Fushimi-kun, maybe the shinkansen’s running again.
Fushimi: Huh?

Nishiguchi: Why don’t you check on your phone?
Fushimi: Yeah.

Fushimi: But…

Taki: Let’s go, Fushimi-kun.

Fushimi: Yeah.

And so Taki-kun and I… / set off after the white rabbit.

Rin: The atmosphere in this store is rather… clear.

Nishigaitsu: “Clear?”
Rin: Yes. It’s quiet and clean… and the food is delicious.
Akane: Yeah. It’s super good! / We can’t get nothin’ like this on our island.

Taki: If it’s clear here, / does that mean you can understand things about your… target?

Rin: ……

Rin: Just left of the entrance hangs a bag… / Red shoes lie atop a shelf… / A clock with large numbers situated on the wall… / An electric fan, placed up high…

Rin: And a calendar on the wall. With each passing day, another X.

Fushimi: That’s Taki-kun’s room!!
Calendar: March

Rin: School was never a comfortable place…

Rin: After the entrance ceremony, you barely talked with anyone.

Rin: You just waited for the day you would graduate.

Rin: And with each passing day, you would cross out another day on your calendar.

Nishigaitsu: Are you talking about Taki-kun? / Is she right?

Taki: Damn… / I’m getting goosebumps…

Fushimi: Taki-kun’s the same sort of person as I am…

Nishiguchi: If you’d like, Rin-chan, / I have here a copy of the special issue with manga by me and Taki-kun in it.

Akane: Ohhh! Awesome!

Rin: Can anyone lend me paper and pen?
Nishiguchi: Huh?

Rin: Quickly, before I forget.

Rin: ….Maybe this?

Rin: I’m pretty sure the old man in sunglasses / was writing this in his diary.

Nishigaitsu: ….. / What does it mean?

Rin: I don’t really know. / It was just a feeling I had.

Taki: ……..

Taki: A torus… / It’s a 3-D geometric shape. It looks like a donut…

Fushimi: I don’t get it.

Nishiguchi: Hmmm… We just have your word, though. There’s no way to verify it…

Rin: …..From what I can feel, / that was the title of the manga he was drawing when he died.

Nishigaitsu: Huh?!

Taki: May I be blunt? / What was that manga going to be about?

Rin: …… / I wouldn’t be able to tell you that without seeing the diary myself, but…

<no text>

Rin: Two of the people here… / will someday draw a work based on the same theme.

Nishigaitsu: Huh? / …..Which two?

Rin: Taki-kun… / and Fushimi-kun!

Bottom right: The mysterious words left behind by the “giant of manga” will greatly shake this story!!!
To be continued in the July issue.

(?): What?!

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