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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Yao Tsukumo 7

Yao and Murasaki

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 7, 2013 01:58 | Go to Yao Tsukumo

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Yao Tsukumo 7

*For Psylocke Scans

Yao: The Eternal Realm?

Murasaki: They say the gods live there. / It’s supposed to be so pretty, and always warm.

Murasaki: I kind of want to go there, Yao.
Yao: You really do hate the cold, don’t you, Murasaki?

Upper left: Chapter 7: Yao and Murasaki
Right side: Yao Tsukumo
Lower right: Presented by Suzuki Sanami
Left: Though she knows she is destined to one day fall, for now at least she keeps her flowery smile…

Yao: I see. / So it’s you.

Yao: You’re the Tsukumo-gami who compose the Gate to the Eternal Realm.

Tsukumo: Huh? / The Gate to the Eternal Realm? / These two? <little text: You said there were two, but… >

Gate: Tee hee tee hee

(note: what follows is a Japanese children’s song. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tōryanse)
Gate: Come on through, / come on through.

Gate: To where does this narrow pathway lead?

Gate: To the gods does this narrow pathway lead!

Gate: Those with no business mustn’t go through. / The trip there may be easy, / but the trip home will be scary.

Gate: Though scared you may be, / come on through, / come on through.

Chii: What is that?

(?): This is the Gate to the Eternal Realm.

Tsukumo: Please! Yao and I want to become human again! / So let us go to the Eternal Realm.

Gate: Pah

Gate: So you don’t even know where lies the Eternal Realm. / So you don’t even know how to reach the Eternal Realm.

Gate: But moreover,

Gate: You know far too little about your own self, Tokijiku.

Tsukumo: Huh?

Yao: Stop!

Gate: You too, Yao-chan, must want to bury yourself in memories.

Gate: Memories of that day 800 years ago, / when we the Gate opened.

Gate: Memories of smells, / of screams, / of pain.

You useless little…!!

Do you even understand what’s going on?

The well has run dry. / Water is far more important than you could ever be!

Now go fill that bucket properly, / Yao.

SFX: Slam!

Murasaki: Yao?

Murasaki: It’s cold today, huh?
Yao: Murasaki?

Yao: Hey… Murasaki, you’re heavy.
Murasaki: But Yao, you’re so warm.

Murasaki: You’re so warm and comfy.

Murasaki: I’ll help you get water.
Yao: You can help all you want, but I don’t think there’s any water left in the village.

Murasaki: …Yeah.

Murasaki: Hey, / Yao?

Murasaki: Guess what? / I got a family name. / I’m Tachibana Murasaki now. / Isn’t it cute?!

Yao: Tachibana? / Huh? / Why’s / that?

Murasaki: Now I’ll get to wear pretty kimonos, / and I’ll never be hungry again.

Murasaki: I’m to be / the bride of Tachibana the Divine Tree.

Murasaki: They say it’s too late now for humans to solve the water shortage problem on their own. / So I asked the gods for help.

Murasaki: The rain will come again soon, / so relax, Yao.

Murasaki: Aren’t I amazing?

Murasaki: Stop! / Yao, let’s go home!
Yao: If we climb this mountain and the next one, we’ll reach a big town.

Yao: Let’s go to the city. / Then the two of us can freely live together, Murasaki.

Murasaki: It’s not that simple. / I have a father, and a mother, and a sister. / It’s fine. I chose this.

Yao: You can’t!!!! / You can’t marry a god!!!

There! / There he is!

So it was you, Yao!!

Yao: Murasaki, run!!

Come here, Murasaki!!

Yao: Murasaki!!


Murasaki belongs to the gods now!!

Murasaki: Stop! Yao didn’t do anything wrong! / I’ll do what you want,

Murasaki: just don’t kick Yao!! / Don’t be cruel to him!!

Murasaki: Just / stop / bullying Yao…

Yao: Mu… / ra… / sa…

The poor thing. / But still,

if this brings rain to our village once more,

it is a cheap price to pay.

Yao: Murasaki! / Murasaki!!!

Yao: Stop!! / Don’t go!!!

Yao: Murasaki!!!

Hey, / where’s big sis Murasaki going?

Murasaki is going to become the wife of a god.

Tachibana the Divine Tree. / He is a most grand and magnificent god.

She will then go to live with the gods in the Eternal Realm. / They say it is a very beautiful and warm place.

<no text>

Yao: Who gives a fuck about marrying a god? / Who gives a fuck about a family name? / This is just… just a…

Yao: Just a human sacrifice!!!

<no text>

Yao: Mu… / Murasaki?

Yao: Is that you, / Murasaki?

Right sidebar: No matter how one struggles, he can never escape the start of the cycle of karma.
Bottom: Yao Tsukumo—To be continued in the June issue.

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