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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Yao Tsukumo 8

The Mockery of a God

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 8, 2013 23:36 | Go to Yao Tsukumo

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Yao Tsukumo 8

*For Psylocke Scans

Yao: Murasaki!!

Yao: Murasaki! / It’s you, right?
(lower right): Yao Tsukumo

Yao: Is this child yours, Murasaki?

Yao: Hey!

Yao: Huh?

(?): She is Ours. / Lay not your hands on her.

Yao: Ugh!

Side text: Beings which have overcome the limits of human knowledge— / Men call them gods.
Bottom: Yao Tsukumo / Presented by Suzuki Sanami
Lower right: Chapter 8: The Mockery of a God

Tachibana: Fall silent, / monkeys!! / You stand before a god.

Tachibana: We are Tachibana the Divine Tree. / We come in thanks for the offering you gave to Us.

Tachibana: So We give unto you the girl you offered up to Us and a royal miko. / Each has been endowed with power most divine.

Tachibana: The power to grant eternal life, / to bear the fruit of immortality.

Tachibana: Its name is Tokijiku. / They have become divine fruit!!

Tachibana has given birth to a child of the gods… / She’s become a god.

Tokijiku! / The god who protects this village! / Tokijiku! / Tokijku!

The fruit of the gods…

Tachibana: Hmph. / What a base shrine.

Woman: Will you allow us to care for the Princess, / the Maiden of the Tokijiku?

Tachibana: There is no need. The Tokijiku has lost her heart.

Tachibana: For a shintai needs no heart.

Women: As… As you say. / Please relax, Lord Tachibana.

Women: This village was saved through your efforts, Oh Lord. / Please, eat your fill.

Women: Whatever is the trouble?
Tachibana: A man.
Women: I’m sorry?

Tachibana: We want the fresh liver of a man. / Bring Us one young and supple.

Tachibana: We devour women, but we devour men as well. / Will you not produce a man for your god? Should you not sweep one towards Us?

Tachibana: You may bring Us one every six months.

Tachibana: You sought power beyond that of man. / Karma must exact its toll.

Tachibana: Or would you rather the land again grow dry?

Tachibana: Oh, the youth from today?
Yao: Murasaki!

Yao: You… / You did this to her!!

This child was originally abandoned. No one will miss him. / He’s just a worthless insect always hovering around the Maiden of the Tokijiku. / We offer him to you.

Yao: First Murasaki, and now me? / I don’t give a fuck that you’re a god! / You’re just another punk!

The village can’t go back to the way it was. / We’re sick of it all— / the cold, / the hunger.

You must die so the village can live!



Yao: That’s ridiculous!!

Man: Ah! / Wahhhhh!

Yao: Shit…

Yao: Let… Her… Go… / Hah / Hah


Wait, Yao!!
Tachibana: Very good.

Tachibana: We shall set forth. / A hunt is quite acceptable.

Yao: Are you all right, Murasaki? / It’s just a little more.

Yao: This time, / Murasaki,

Yao: I will / protect you-------------

Yao: ----!!!! / Ahhhh!!!

Tachibana: Did the youth’s arm suit your palate?
Yao: …..Ahhhhhhh!!!

Tachibana: You are rather brazen fodder, to touch that which is Ours. / Are you acquainted with the girl?

Tachibana: Then relax. You shall find rest within Our stomach, / and We shall console the Tokijiku.

Yao: Her name… is not… / Tokijiku.

Yao: It’s Murasaki!!!

Tachibana: Why are you so fixated on this one girl? / Surely there are plenty more who match her charms.

Yao: Hah / Hah / Hah

Yao: Murasaki… / is my childhood friend…

Yao: She’s like a big sister… / like a mother…

Yao: She’s everything / to me…

Yao: And I

Yao: have sworn / to protect her!!!

Tachibana: You…

Yao: Arrrgh!

Yao: Murasaki!

Tachibana: Hah… / You…

Tachibana: Little brats!!!

<no text>

Yao: Ah… / Again, / I failed…

Yao: to protect you.

Murasaki: Mm—mm. / Yao, / you’ve always… / protected me.

Murasaki: So / now, / it’s / my / turn.

Yao: Murasaki…

Murasaki: Oh ye myriad gentle gods who dwell within this mortal realm. / Grant unto Yao all the protection you have to give.

Murasaki: Live, Yao.

Tachibana: The eternal life / of the Tokijiku!

Yao: Gyah! / Ugh…

Tachibana: Hmph. / Our interest has waned. / We shall head home. You may do as you wish with the infant.

Tachibana: Eternal life, bestowed upon a monkey? / That, too, may prove interesting.

Tachibana: Try / to enjoy yourself, would you?

Yao: Eternal…life…

Yao: But how can I live / in a world without Murasaki?

Yao: I miss you. / Are you in that realm, Murasaki? / Then I shall go there as well. / I shall go and join you.

Tsukumo: So that’s… / why…

Yao: You must kill me.

Tsukumo: So that’s what happened 800 years ago. / And that…

Tsukumo: was Yao’s / true desire…

Tsukumo: Yao…
Yao: Stay back!

Gate: What emotion courses through you, Tokijiku-chan? Sympathy? / Jealousy?

Gate: Yao-chan wants to die so that he can meet his girl. / Do you still want him to regain his humanity?

(?): Power exceeding that of man / demands an excessive cost.

(?): You are a pitiable thing, / used as you are by that youth.

(?): We can grant your wish. / But it will cost you

Tachibana: your life.
Sidebar: He laughs as he toys with their lives.
To be continued in the June issue.

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