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Kangoku Gakuen 63

The Prisoners’ Last Supper

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 18, 2013 04:58 | Go to Kangoku Gakuen

-> RTS Page for Kangoku Gakuen 63

Prison School 63

*for Utopia Scans

(quick note: I derped and mistranslated “grasshopper” in Gakuto’s order last chapter as “butter.” My apologies.)

Chapter 63: The Prisoners’ Last Supper
The angle is key.
OBE’s rave reviews have taken a critical hit.

Sidebar: Just one more day until expulsion!! It’s really all over.
Note: Chiyo-chan, thanks for everything. And goodbye. –Kiyoshi


Will Kiyoshi and all the rest… / really be expelled tomorrow?


(all of the little bubbles): Hah


Why is she capturing bugs? / It looks hard…

This is your last meal… Be thankful and eat.
This looks so good.

Heh heh! / Mine is clearly the most delicious.

H… Hey, Gakuto? Are you really going to eat that?
Think for a second! They’re freaking grasshoppers!
You should really just stop…
And there’s a ton of them… You’ll get an upset stomach for sure.


Huh?! I get it! My brothers, you want to steal from me my delicious food?! / Has it truly come to this?

You’ll have to kill me for them!
Stop being so boisterous! Shut up and eat!

Wow… I’ve never eaten such high-quality stuff in my life.
Ahh… It’s so good.
Heh… Eating food you like is the best!

Hmph… Another futureless letter?

Seriously, prisoner Kiyoshi-dono, do you think of nothing except sex?!

H… Hey, are you all right?
How much destructive force do those grasshopper fritters have?

It has… dawned… on me…

A way to escape has dawned on me!
Oh? Are we going to cover ourselves in grasshoppers and escape now? *Cough*

This isn’t the time for such nonsense! / Let us hurry and finish our meals…

Wh… What is with the disgusting taste of this food?!
*Cough*. What is it? It’s grasshopper tempura and rice.

Grass… Grasshoppers?! Why would you put grasshoppers in---Euch! / This is horrible!! Who would have done this to me?!
What are you saying? That’s what you asked for.

Gakuto… Don’t tell me you’ve…

Have you really… regained your sanity?!
Regardless, why must I alone eat such an absurd thing, while everyone else gets such tasty food?

Who cares about that?! Gakuto, have you thought of something?!

Ahh… I have… / It is the letter you received from Chiyo-dono, Kiyoshi-dono…

That gave me an idea… / for our final method of escape.

Sign: Chairman’s Office

Excuse me. / Were you working on something, Chairman?

Yes… There was a duty I had left to finish… / What business do you have… / Well?

A duty… is it?

…It is… / my duty!

Well, whatever. Tomorrow, that trash will be sentenced… / and expelled.

I trust there will be no delays.
Yes… I understand… …so.

Furthermore, would you please refrain from performing such … “duties” within the school? / It is quite disgusting.

Then if you’ll excuse me.


The screen was reflected in the glass behind me…!!


I will need to install some blinds, / huh.

-----Will be our plan.

We begin movements tomorrow, my brothers!

Heh heh… You seem quite shocked by my brilliance.

N… No, it’s not that…
Your plan is simply… impossible.

Even still, we must at least try!
No—we’re being expelled tomorrow!!


But… how could the day have drawn so close while I was indisposed? / What do we do?! There’s no way this plan can work without at least two more days!
What do we do?! That’s our line!

If we are to be expelled tomorrow morning… This plan is impossible…

Dinner time is over.

Now there’s something I need each of you to fill out.

Tomorrow, each of you will need to submit this…

Request for Withdrawal.
Paper: Request for Withdrawal
Year Month Date
Hachimitsu Academy High School Principal
Phone Number
Student ID
Reason to withdraw
For the above reason, I request to withdraw from this school.

Only one day left / until expulsion
Sidebar: Request for Withdrawal. The Vice-President displays a brief weakness, a moment of grieving. The final night of their lives at the academy-----

Next time, the day of expulsion.

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