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Black Lagoon 83

The Wired Red Wild Card pt. 7

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 22, 2013 05:19 | Go to Black Lagoon

-> RTS Page for Black Lagoon 83

Black Lagoon 83

*Reserved for use by Taka2552

Feng: If you have a better plan, / I’m all ears.

Revy: Rock, / it’s like she says. A girl’s got the right to choose her grave. / There’s no point getting involved. / You can talk and walk with her all you want, but she’s as good as dead.

Feng: That’s right. / My superiors… or rather, my former superiors said the same thing.

Feng: “We’ll take care of things after you die,” they said. / “So try to go out in a blaze of glory.”

Revy: …Rock, / just give up. / She’s saying the same things that brat said.

Rock: --……I know. / ---I know, dammit!

Rock: Miss Feng,

Rock: You can find a reasonably safe place to hide at the Salon de Licorne on Sartanam Street. / Don’t trust them too much, though. / If you need weapons, head to Club Scelorum. They’ll sell you some, even without an introduction. / And if it’s information you need, visit Ritchie Leroy’s place in Nong Khai’s open-air market.

Rock: If you show him this, / you should be able to force your way in.

Feng: …Thank you. / But why? / I thought you didn’t want to get involved.

Rock: It has nothing to do with you. / I have my own reasons. / That’s all.

Feng: Really? / Then I, too—

Rock: Wha?!

Feng: Maybe that / will be your “reason”?

Rock: D— / D—d—d— / Don’t tease me! / I—I—I won’t be swayed by something like that!

Feng: I wasn’t trying to tease you. / Right now, this is the only way I have to thank you. And besides— / when I thought of you coming back to me with that pained look on your face, / I desperately wanted to start entrusting you with the sacrament of life.

Feng: I didn’t think anyone in this town could look like that. / I guess you’re probably—

Feng: A good man.

Rock: —I’m not a good man. / Even kids hate me.

Feng: ? / …Kids?
Rock: …No, never mind that. / Anyways, from here on out—

Rock: our paths won’t cross again. / It’s better for both of us that way. / I’ll be praying you live a long and good life.

Rock: If you somehow manage to find a way through this and ever make it to your utopia, / be sure to send me a postcard.

Levy: I hope you don’t plan on siding with her / just because of a single kiss.

Rock: What?! / I—I—I—I—I
Levy: Calm your tits. / What are you, some kid in junior high? It’s nothing to start fussin’ over.

Rock: … / I don’t intend to side with her.

Rock: Sticking my head into things and getting everyone to hate me / doesn’t sound like much fun.

Rock: I’m no saint. / A sense of duty, a sense of righteousness— / they’re just nuisances in life. / Maybe I’m finally starting to come around to Benny’s way of thinking.

Levy: ……… / That has nothing to do with it. You……

Rock: ?

Levy: I wonder who you are. / Rock, the villain of this town? / Or Rokurou Okajima, the Japanese?

General: She got away?

General: Was your first mistake not enough for you? / Did you want to pile more errors on top of it, Ma- Shàng Xiào*?!
(*: Colonel Ma)

Ma: If the on-site bureaucrats in charge were to act directly, / when this goes public our difficulties would increase dramatically. As such—

General: Enough excuses! / I asked you to work quickly. This problem concerns the whole of the People’s Liberation Army!

General: We have finished dealing with everyone within the department who was involved. / The only one left is your former subordinate.

General: And hell, / if you were going to hire assassins, could you have at least picked half-decent ones?!
Ma: We had very little time to assemble our unlawful mercenary force, Zhōng Jiàng*. / Umm… And the First Division was never really a HUMINT division, so……
(*: Major General)

General: 14 Chang’an Avenue / is insisting on coming here and fishing for internal memos. / It’s only a matter of time until everything comes to light. / I repeat. You will properly dispose of the estranged soldier within the next three days.

General: If the situation does not improve within that time, / a team of specialists will be dispatched to the region and dispose of her themselves. / But that is a last resort. If it comes to that… / I can’t promise to keep you out of the line of fire. And I’m not just speaking metaphorically… they’ll be firing real bullets.

SFX in last panel: Bang Bang (knocking loudly)

Revy: If you go out, / shoot instantly.

Feng: ……..

Feng: Is this for me touching your man?

Revy: You think I’m going to grab your hair and tussle with you on all fours? / Don’t make me laugh. / If I were here for that, the walls would already be painted with your blood and brains. / Anyways, put the gun away.

Feng: …… / Allow me to ask again.

Feng: Why are you here?

Revy: We need to talk for a bit. / Elsewhere.

Hey. / Hey, Bao!
Sidebar: Next time, will the Yellowflag become these two women’s battlefield?!

Why do those two look so strained? / And isn’t that the airhead Two-Hands?
Don’t know, don’t care. / But I’d advise you all not to stare.

Next chapter planned for the August issue.
(TL/N: The August issue comes out in July. It’s almost like randomly dropping words is stupid, or something…)

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#1. by d00m3dd00d ()
Posted on May 27, 2013

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