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Chousuinou Kei 4

Episode 2: Immolation Game / Fire Inferno

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 24, 2013 03:54 | Go to Chousuinou Kei

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Chousuinou Kei 04

*Reserved for use by the NilaiTP Group

Sidebar: The advent of a new mystery! An extremely dangerous, forbidden game begins!!!

Inset: Already, astoundingly popular!!! A super-science investigative mystery!

Chousuinou Kei
Episode 2: Immolation Game [1]
Chapter 4: Fire Inferno

Story: Gomi Kazuo
Art: Tanaka Yoshiki
Scenario: Mizuno Mitsuhiro

Inset: A quiet net café has become a hell!

Tadokoro: The first train’s about to leave, Kinoshita-san. / The literary training camp will soon…
Maori: Hey! I was at a really good part! “Measured from a cup; drunk from a funnel…” I can’t stop reading here!
Kei: So you’re reading Yokomizo Seishi’s A Devilish Temari Song

Phone: Number Withheld

Tadokoro: Yes.
Maori: …… / Who’s calling you this early?
Kei: It’s got to be him, right?
Tadokoro: Understood. / I’ll tell him.

Tadokoro: That was Inspector Nikaidou. / He wants you at the internet café in front of the station.
Maori: So it was Nikaidou-san!

Tadokoro: So then, / I believe it’s time I make my…
Maori: Hey, Prez! You meanie!

Kei: I am Kazaoka Kei. / Due to some strange events, my brain has a next-generation supercomputer, a quantum computer, buried within it.

An alumnus of Komakou’s mystery club in the police department / takes advantage of my amazing abilities to solve the toughest crimes.

Maori: Ah! Detective Suzumori! / <aside: Good morning! >
Suzumori: Hm?! / You’re quick again. The boys from the lab aren’t even here yet.

Kei: So what’s the nature of this case?
Suzumori: Well, / a client at this store died while playing a game. / Have you heard of “Fire Inferno”? It was just banned for sale…

Maori: What?! They have it? Then…!
Suzumori: Yeah. / A person playing that game suddenly died…

Kei: …..

Nikaidou: Oh! You’re here!

Kei: Nikaidou-sempai, must you take advantage of me by summoning me so early in the morning?
Nikaidou: Don’t you normally get up early the second Sunday of every month? / The mystery club’s literary training camp is a tradition dating back from my era. <small: So, come along.>

Maori: Nikaidou-san, the customer who died was playing the banned game, right?
Nikaidou: That’s correct…

The Flames of Hell, the Fire Inferno

Its graphics are extremely realistic and stimulating, and it has many shocking tricks and traps.

But players who witnessed its aberrant images / found themselves suffering dizziness, vomiting, headaches, and saw illusions.

Maori: So that’s why everyone started calling it the forbidden game…
Nikaidou: No… Well, there were some people who lost consciousness from shock, so… There were problems.

Suzumori: And those who reached a game over / would invariably see a certain fearsome thing…
Maori: What was that?

Kei: When they failed to clear the game and reached a game over, their character would be enveloped by realistic flames and perish…

Suzumori: Oh, Kazaoka, you’re familiar with it?
Kei: More or less…

Suzumori: However… I think this case will surprise even you.
Kei: …….?

Suzumori: Even now, this game’s fans are a fanatical bunch. / The victim was one of them. Nishi Hideo, age 34, unemployed. Basically lived in net cafes.

Suzumori: A large number amount of software and handheld games were in his bag. / Well, there are videogame addicts out there…

Suzumori: The victim brought Fire Inferno into the store and played it at his booth.

Suzumori: And he was killed when he reached game over… we think.
Kei: “You think”?

Nikaidou: The truth is, the victim died in a most perplexing manner.

Maori: Don’t… Don’t tell me he was burned, like in the game?


Nikaidou: Exactly.
Maori: You’re kidding!

Nikaidou: Just take a look around the scene.

Maori: Eeek!

Kei: ……

Haga: I’m so sorry, Detective… / I never… I never thought such a thing would happen…
Suzumori: Ah!

Suzumori: This is the owner of this store, Haga-san.
Text: Haga Kazuyuki (35)

Suzumori: Haga-san, could you tell us about the accident?
Haga: Sure…

Haga: The customer and I were the only ones inside the store.

Haga: It must have been around 4 in the morning…
SFX: Gaaahhhhhhh!
Haga: I suddenly heard a scream from the booths… I never thought it was a person’s…

Kei: ….You thought it was the screams of the player character in Fire Inferno’s Game Over screen?

Haga: Y…Yes.

Nikaidou: Ah, sorry. I haven’t explained yet, have I? / These children are my juniors. They’re studying mysterious cases, so I have them come along as advisors.
Haga: …..
Suzumori: Haga-san, would you please continue?

Haga: After I heard the scream, suddenly a column of fire rose from the booth…


Haga: The column of fire was huge…. / The sprinklers were activated by it.

Haga: When I rushed over from the counter, I found him like this… / He was playing the game right up until he died… What could have caused the flames?

Maori: The screams he heard—were they really from the game?
Suzumori: The victim’s headphones are still connected to the monitor…

Suzumori: The corpse doesn’t appear to display any signs of a struggle…
Maori: If it was his voice, then maybe…

Maori: Could he have burned himself alive?!

Nikaidou: I can’t deny that possibility. / But the circumstances are especially odd…
Maori: Huh?

Nikaidou: Only the person was burned. The walls, the chair, / the headphones, and controller are all unscathed.

Haga: I… I also feel like something is…

Kei: That / is a surveillance camera, correct?

Suzumori: …Right! If we watch the footage, we might find something!
Nikaidou: May we view it immediately?
Haga: Of—Of course!

Haga: The footage is pretty washed out; I hope it’s not broken…

Suzumori: Wait a second! / This is important evidence. I’ll do it.
Haga <aside>: Ah…

SuzumorI: Umm, we received the report at 5:10 A.M., so the fire must have occurred just before then…


Maori: It suddenly burst into fire?! / Is this the proof of urban legends of spontaneous human combustion?!!

Kei: Contradictions in various locations. / The probability of an incompatibility is 91.7 percent!!

Prez: What a strangely lively crime scene. <small: Tee hee…>
Maori: Wah, Prez! / Why are you here?

Nikaidou: This is the boss of Komakou’s Mystery Club. / Long time no see, Tadokoro.
Suzumori: …….
Tadokoro: It is a pleasure to see you again, Nikaidou-san.

Tadokoro: I was going to go to sleep when I saw on the net a post saying that someone in this net café had died the same way as in the game. It caught my interest.
Nikaidou: On the net, huh? The speed of information in this society is nothing but a nuisance.

Nikaidou: Well, you can see the scene for yourself.

Maori: Prez! I know this is a little soon, but do you think this is spontaneous human combustion?
Suzumori: What do you mean, a “spontaneous human combustion”?!

Tadokoro: “Spontaneous human combustion” is where the only possible explanation is that flames have erupted from a human being. / Such events have been reported all over the world. There are many suggested explanations, such as the plasma or wick effect theories… / but it is still a large unexplained phenomenon.
Suzumori: Huh…

Maori: So was this a case of spontaneous human combustion, too?

Tadokoro: Well, I wonder…

Kei: No… / This is not spontaneous human combustion.
Maori: Huh?

8 A.M.
In front of the café.

This is the shop, right?! The net café where a patron mysteriously died!!
Exactly what happened here?!

…! / …!!

Suzumori: They’re her already? Where do they get there information?
Nikaidou: I don’t want things to get noisy… Help me chase them out.
Suzumori: Yes, sir.

Ah! Are you a detective?! / Could you give us a few words?!
Nikaidou: Yes, yes, thank you for coming out so early, but we have nothing to announce right now, so could you please go home?!
The banned game Fire Inferno is involved, right?!

Did a person playing that game really burst into flame, just like in-game?!

Suzumori: ……?!
Is that true?!

Suzumori: No comment, no comment! You are interfering with the investigation! Please, go home! / Go home!!

Suzumori: Hah… Inspector, the press already knows about “Fire Inferno.”
Nikaidou: It’s already a legend amongst the core users. / Anything hard to explain will become the subject of rumors.

Tadokoro: That’s true… and there’ve been rumors lately of an “improved version,” too…
Kei: One which plays out in the real world, with no rules or story but does have “realistic slaughtering.”

Maori: You really do know everything, don’t you, Sempai?

Kei: Nikaidou-sempai, / may I take the game out and look at it?

Suzumori: Don’t, don’t!! It’s important evidence…
Nikaidou: You can! But don’t forget the white bag.
Suzumori: ……..You can look!

Kei: !

Kei: May I try it out?
Kikaidou: Do what you want.

Maori: Sempai, don’t tell me you intend to see the fire scene?
Kei: I won’t get a game over.

<no text>

Maori: He beat it…

Suzumori: You’re a gamer…?

Maori: ….And that speed. / You’re godlike…!

Nikaidou: … How was it, Kazaoka?

Kei: I’ve found a breakthrough in this case!!

Sidebar: Kazaoka’s seen through the secret behind Fire Inferno!! Until next time!!!
Bottom: To be continued in the combined issue#21-22.

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