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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Chousuinou Kei 6

Episode 2: Immolation Game pt III: Blinded by Prejudice

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jun 8, 2013 04:16 | Go to Chousuinou Kei

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Chousuinou Kei 6

*Reserved for use by the NilaiTP Group

Top: Chousuinou Kei
Left: How will you respond to this turn of events from the creator of the demonic game, Kazaoka Kei?

Haga: The victim committed suicide. Moving a corpse isn’t that serious a crime. At worst, I’ll be charged with abandoning a corpse… / I’m no murderer!!

Kei: ….This is a murder. / And the key point of this case is that the culprit himself is not aware he is a murderer…

Maori: ...Murder? Not suicide?! / Then… who is the culprit?

Haga: ….Heh heh heh… The dead man is now no more than a mound of flesh. / You think there’s a murderer here, Mr. Genius High School Student? Then please, tell us who!

Haga: …..!

Kei: I’ll tell you right now.
Upper left: The divine logic of justice shall bestow divine punishment!
Right: The vigorous resolving chapter!
Episode 2: Immolation Game III / Chapter 6: Blinded by Prejudice

Kei: Haga-san… Could you tell us more about how you found Nishi-san in the park / after he committed suicide?

Haga: You want something more? Well, come to think of it, / I felt like a plump man was passing nearby.

Suzumori: …. / Plump, you say….

Suzumori: Now where were you this morning?
Maori: The president was in the room with us!!!

Kei: ….Haga-san, did you truly only bring a corpse from the park to here?
Haga: Hey, hey!

Haga: You’re not saying I burnt him myself, are you? / That man genuinely killed himself. I’ll take a lie detector test to prove it.

Kei: There’s no need for that. / You’ve told the truth now. / But only 81.7% of it.

Haga: Where’d that number come from?
Kei: Which means you’re still hiding 18.3% of it.

Haga: You’re just saying completely ridiculous things now!! What’s your basis? Show me!
Kei: Very well. You’ll understand sooner or later, anyways. / …By the way, Haga-san?
Haga: What?!!

Kei: Why did you think Nishi-san had killed himself?

Haga: …..!

Haga: …When I left the store, he looked really depressed. / Later, when I was passing through the park, / I saw his burnt corpse lying silently next to a bench.

Haga: There was a bag on top of the bench. In it were tons of games and a number of net café membership cards. / I looked at them, and confirmed they were his.

Haga: Furthermore, there was a plastic jug next to him.

Kei: Then…
Haga: It didn’t look like anyone had attacked him, and he was holding a dollar lighter.

Haga: Anyone looking at it would’ve concluded he poured gasoline on himself / and burned himself alive.

Haga: Am I wrong?

Kei: …You are.

Kei: Kinoshita, I’m sorry, but could you find the plastic jug in the park /and bring it here?
Kinoshita: Ah, yes, OK.

Kei: Ah—take an evidence bag with you, just in case!
Kinoshita: Understood.

Kei: Haga-san, / there’s still things we have yet to discuss…
Haga: Still?

Haga: ….Oh, if you mean the lighter, I have it here.

Haga: I used it to trigger the fire alarm. / That makes for 100% of my story! / I’m sure his fingerprints are on this.

Kei: …As are yours.
Haga: Well, yes…

Kei: Haga-san, I thought something when I saw Nishi-san’s corpse. / The gasoline Nishi-san poured on himself was a very small quantity… Maybe 200 milliliters… Not even a cup.
Haga: !!

Haga: I don’t really care what you think… But what’s your point?

KeI: Suzumori-san, if you were sitting on a park bench and wanted to commit suicide, / and you put a cup of gasoline on yourself…
Suzumori: Me again?

KeI: Where do you think you wouldn’t] put any? / Remember, in this scenario, you want to…

Suzumori: I would never want to!

Kei: While sitting on a bench, remember, and with only a single cup of gasoline…
Suzumori: Look, I don’t know…

Suzumori: ….. / Ah, / maybe the bottom of my shoes? I guess that wouldn’t really work.

KeI: ….Correct. / He didn’t have that much gasoline, yet he put none on the bottom of his shoes. / By the way…

Kei: I found loads of gasoline on the bottom of this corpse’s feet.

Kei: Haga-san,

Kei: do you finally feel like telling me / 100% of the truth?

Haga: …….

Kei: Well, fine. / Then please, sit back and listen to my hypothesis. / You found Nishi-san, who you believed immolated himself. / But at the time, Nishi-san…

Kei: was merely a little burnt.
Haga: ……..

Kei: So you siphoned gasoline from your scooter into the gasoline tank nearby, / covered Nishi-san in great amounts of gasoline, and lit him aflame.

So that he would die in the same flashy way as a character in Fire Inferno… / That way, the event would seem more mysterious and draw the attention of the world!

Kei: …Am I wrong, / Haga-san?

Haga: ……

Haga: Maybe I did….

Haga: But even if I did, / I only burnt a corpse. / At worst, I damaged a corpse.

Haga: Besides, he already burnt himself to death with gasoline. / Do you have any proof I poured more gasoline on him?

Kei: There’s no way to prove gasoline was poured atop gasoline…

Kei: But that would be the wrong impression. / It would leave you blinded by prejudice!!

What… did you say?

The truth is,

two different types of gasoline are on this corpse.


The first is used by automobiles and the like, / regular gasoline… / The gasoline you took from your scooter.

And the second type, the one Nishi-san used to commit suicide…


Was an oil-based gasoline solvent used in paints, / called…

Mineral Spirits!!

This entire area is a developing region. / Nishi-san must have acquired the mineral spirits in his jug from a construction site nearby.

However, I found no mineral spirits / on the bottom of his shoes.


Nevertheless, the bottom of his shoes show signs of being burned by gasoline.

Which means…

This happened because Haga-san covered the collapsed Nishi-san in gasoline.

And then… Some black soot was caught in Nishi-san’s trachea. / This soot came from the gasoline from your scooter.

…. What / are you trying to say?

It was an involuntary reflex. Which means his initial burns didn’t take his life….! / When you found him, Haga-san, Nishi-san was still alive!

He was enveloped by the flames of the gasoline you poured on him, and choked on the soot as he burnt to death!

Therefore, this was clearly a murder! And the murder is you, Haga Kazuyuki!!


There’s no way you’re right! He didn’t even twitch! He must have been dead! / W—Wait!! Where’s your proof?!! Where’s your proof I covered him in gasoline?!! / Do you even have any?!!!!

Sempai! Hah, hah.
(2 sfx bubbles): Trot / Trot
I brought the jug!

Here’s the jug!
Impeccable timing, Kinoshita.

I’m really tired after running back and forth from the park!
SFX: Pant

SFX Bubbles: Beep Beep

Well then. Here’s your definitive proof. / There’s still faint traces of your fingerprints. And there’s the consistency of the gasoline. / An investigation should confirm everything.

You’re lying… You have to be.
I’m sorry, but everything I’ve said is true…

It’s all his fault! If only—if only he had never come to the shop…

Haga Kazayuki, you’re under arrest for murder.

Me… a murderer?

Furthermore, Haga-san, you were the one who prepared the copy of Fire Inferno, yes?

It shouldn’t have anything to do with the deceased.

And yet, within Nishi-san’s bag, I found a certain software, / one carefully stowed away…

And the name of that game…

Is Fire Inferno.

Furthermore, Nishi-san’s QR code marks him as number 1. He was the first user.

Nishi-san must have loved the game you created / more than anyone else…

Huh? Where’d the President go?
He already slipped away. / <small: Kept whining about how tired he was. >

That’s right, Sempai!

When did you start thinking Haga-san was suspicious?
Hm? Do you remember what Haga said?

Hmmm… What did he say, again?

if I had only noticed the shady game to begin with…
When he said those words, the frequency of his voice changed dramatically. / It must have been hard for him to say something he didn’t truly believe…

Well, I’m heading back.
Good work!


Hey, sempai, did you fall asleep? What’s wrong?
…No, it’s nothing. More importantly…


SFX: Flustered noises


Why did you tell me the culprit behind “The Devilish Tamari Song”?!! / I hate you, Sempai!!
The frequency of your voice was way off. I guess you’re a horrible liar.

….Wait, does that mean I actually like him?
There’s… There’s no way that’s true…

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