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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 7

Chapter 7

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jun 14, 2013 17:04 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 7

*Reserved for ryColaa Scanlations


<no text>

Akane: Fushimi-kun?

Akane: Where y’headed this late at night?

Fushimi: Oh, Takai-san… You surprised me.

Akane: I’m the one who should be surprised here!
Fushimi: Well, I got a little hungry, so I figured I’d head over to the convenience store.

Akane: There’s supposed to be some snacks and cup ramen up here for the staff to eat. / So I figure Nishigaitsu-sensei won’t mind if you eat them.

Akane: Ah! Look what I found!

I think it’s some sorta limited time thing…
Ramen: With Charles and you and Henri Ramen
(left side of ramen): European Flavored

Fushimi: E—European flavor’s a little vague.
Akane: I’ll go boil some water.

Akane: I just got out of the bath myself.

Akane: I said I was good with just a shower, / but Nishigaitsu-sensei heated it up for me.

Akane: Rin-chan’s in the bath right now.

Fushimi: Whoa—this is a lot better than I thought!
Akane: Ah!

Akane: My bad, Fushimi-kun. / This expired last year!

Akane: Rin-chan was dead tired right up till nightfall.

Akane: But when she heard you were coming, Fushimi-kun, / she practically leapt out of bed.

Fushimi: Huh?

Akane: Rin-chan’s pretty darn popular at school. / But she’s turned down every guy who’s asked.

Akane: I don’t think she’s ever really liked someone before.

Rin: Akane-chan!

Rin: Akane-chan!

Rin: ….. / Akane-chan!

Akane: There was this one boy Rin-chan shot down named Tsuji-kun. / He had a nearly 140 km/h fastball, and wielded a really sharp curveball…


Fushimi: Ah! Sorry!!

SFX: *Flustered*

Rin: I forgot to bring a fresh set of clothes into the washroom… / Could you bring me the white bag with the rabbit on it?

Akane: Fushimi-kun, bring it to her! It’s right on top of the sofa!

Fushimi: You mean this one?


Akane: I’ll go give it to her!

Akane: Here!
Rin: Thank you.

Akane <aside>: Phew

Akane: Let’s keep that little accident a secret, ok? / I have to go get ready for tomorrow, so I’ll see you later.

SFX: Stare…

Rin: Huh? Where’d Akane-chan go?

Fushimi: She said she had to get ready for tomorrow…
Rin: Oh, I see. / I kept calling for her, but I guess she never heard me.

Fushimi: W—Would you like an orange? / They’re really good.

Rin: They are? I’m glad. / I picked those up as a souvenir.

Fushimi: Huh? You did?! / I’ve already eaten three of them…

Rin: Oh. / Well, you didn’t really eat much at the shop earlier.

Fushimi: Y—Yeah. / It was my first time in a place like that, so I was kind of nervous.

Rin: I don’t think I could eat a whole one, / but would you like half?

Fushimi: Ah, sure.

Fushimi: Thanks.

SFX: Badump Badump Badump

Fushimi: Y—Yesterday was pretty rough, huh.
Rin: Yeah.

Rin: I had a bad feeling… / from the moment I entered that Jamaican restaurant…

Rin: It seemed like there had been an accident there long ago, an explosion. / There were so many people inside covered in blood.

Fushimi: Wait… Those people… weren’t alive?
Rin: Yes. And they all started talking to me at once. / So it got really painful.

Fushimi: W—Wait, when we first met, was the reason you were feeling bad… / because you saw something then, too?

SFX: Nod.

Rin: There was a man wearing sunglasses… / I could feel so strongly the pain and anguish he felt.

Fushimi: ……. / Ishidou-san, do you always feel under-the-weather when you see something like that?
Rin: Hmmm… Well, not always, but…

Rin: There’s really no upside to having this “power.”

Rin: I never had a particularly strong constitution. / But if I said anything, I know they would just send me to the hospital…

Rin: But my family’s poor, so that would just burden my parents.

Fushimi: ……..

Fushimi: You could find a more effective way to use your ability!

There’s tons of people who’d pay money to see it in action. / You could become a famous medium, appear on TV, write books—

Rin: I will never do that!

Rin: My “power” is not something that can be exchanged for money.

Fushimi: Umm… it’s kind of hard to say while I’m looking at you, but…
Rin: ?

Fushimi: …….

Fushimi: Ah, no, it’s nothing…
Rin: Huh?!
Fushimi: Sorry, just forget I said anything.
Rin: Awww~ But it sounded so interesting.

Fushimi: My soul is rejoicing…

Fushimi: It’s so weird. Why…. Why is that the first expression to come to mind?

Fushimi: When I’m with Ishidou-san, / my soul rejoices.

Fushimi: I’m sure she’d just be disgusted if I said anything.

SFX: Stagger

Fushimi: I—Ishidou-san? Are you all right?!

Rin: ……. / I’m just a little dizzy.

Fushimi: Ah! What a fever!

Fushimi: W—Wait one second!! / I’ll take you to your room!!

SFX: Faint

Fushimi: Wah!

Fushimi: Wh—What do I do?!! / This is bad!!

Fushimi: I never realized how hard it is to carry an unconscious, exhausted person.

Fushimi: Nishiguchi-san!! / Taki-kun!!

Taki: Hm?

Fushimi: Nishiguchi-san, take her legs! / Me and Taki-kun’ll take her upper body!

Taki: …….

SFX: Grab

Nishiguchi: Taki-kun, can you carry her by yourself?
Taki: Yes, Nishiguchi-san. Could you get in front of me and get the door?
Nishiguchi: Roger!!

<no text>

Nishigaitsu: What?! How could that happen?!

Nishigaitsu: I had no idea. / I drank too much wine and was out like a light.

Nishigaitsu: Good job, Taki-kun!
Taki: Th—thanks.
SFX: Glomp

Nishiguchi: Are you feeling better, Rin-chan?
Rin: Yes, I’m all better today.

Nishiguchi: Everyone, let’s exchange contact info.
Akane: Ah, sure.
Rin: Wait, wait. I don’t know how to work this.

Taki: Get over here too, Fushimi-kun!
Fushimi: Y—Yeah.

(?): I wonder when we’ll meet again.

Nishigaitsu: Hey, maybe we should all go to Rin-chan’s island some time?
Nishiguchi: Oh! Nice idea!
Akane+Rin: Whaaat?!

Akane: There really ain’t much to see on our island.
Rin: It’s really out there in the sticks.

Akane: Oh, but ain’t the festival this year?!

Nishigaitsu: A festival?! That sounds great! I love festivals!! / Gets the blood boiling.

Rin: No, I don’t think it’s quite what you’re imagining, Nishigaitsu-sensei…

Akane: I don’t know if we should really call it a festival… / But it does only happen once every seven years.

Taki: Only once every seven years?

Nishigaitsu: Well, I’ll take the two girls over to Haneda, / so I guess we’ll split up here.

Nishiguchi: Thanks for all your hard work.
Taki: Who was that stud…

Nishiguchi: I guess… you won’t be in time for the Sawamura Prize anymore, Fushimi-kun.
Fushimi: It’s fine, really. / I’m sure I wouldn’t have managed much, anyways.

Nishiguchi: Huh?

Fushimi: I learned a lot on this trip. / Or maybe I should say my eyes were opened.

Fushimi: The appeal of Taki-kun’s raw manuscripts, / and Nishiguchi-san’s backgrounds and techniques for using tone…

Fushimi: All of it is so far beyond me…

Taki: Hmm… Nishiguchi-san’s definitely pretty good. / I figure I should get some experience as an assistant under my belt, too.

Nishiguchi: Wh—What are you saying, Golden Rookie?!! / You could get serialized tomorrow, if you wanted!

Taki: Debuting as soon as possible isn’t always for the best. / I’d just quickly burn myself out, and then it would all be for nothing.

Taki: I need to gather more and more… / I have to learn by heart so many techniques if I want to perfectly express what’s in my head.

Nishiguchi: G—Guess you’re as ambitious as ever.

Taki: I can’t stop here. / I have to change; I have to grow.

Taki: Take care.
Nishiguchi: Good work!

Fushimi: Taki-kun never looked back. / He kept looking straight forwards.

Fushimi: He’s already facing the future / and walking towards it.

Fushimi: ….Wait.

Fushimi: You never gave me the pay for being your assistant, Taki-kun!! / But he looked so cool walking off like that, so I couldn’t say anything.

<no text>

(?): Thank you for choosing to travel with us. / Could you please show me your ticket?

Fushimi: Hm?

Fushimi: Where’d it go? / Huh?

(?): Maybe you lost it.

<no text>

Fushimi: …..I guess so.
Bird: What’s that right there?

Fushimi: !

Fushimi: Ah… That’s where it was.
Bird: Where are you headed?

Fushimi: To Nagoya?

Bird: And then?

Fushimi: …….. / I’ll switch to the central line, and head home.

Bird: And then?

Fushimi: “And then”?

Bird: You’ll draw manga.

Bird: This ticket has your name, of course… / But written on it is neither the destination nor the price.
Fushimi: Huh?

(?): I have beer and snacks… / Would you like a bentou?


Fushimi: M—Mom!!

Mother: I have your favorite, Nori-chan—hamburger bentous.

Mother: I’m sorry I can’t cook for you… but my body’s not that well.

Fushimi: Mom, don’t go!! / I have to apologize!!

Bird: You can’t go back to a stop you’ve missed… / and you’ll reach the last stop before you know it.

Bird: A train can only move forwards.

Bird: Why didn’t you tell her / your “soul rejoiced”?

Fushimi: Huh?
Bird: It wasn’t a bad expression.

Bird: It’s a bad habit of yours. / You think of things, but then allow your reason to overtake you.

Bird: If you always take the wrong path, / you’ll never arrive at the place you should be going.

Fushimi: The place I should be going?

Fushimi: Wait… / Have we met somewhere before?

Fushimi: That’s right! You were in my first dream of the New Year!!

Bird: The first dream of the New Year. / Or perhaps…

Box: We’ve just passed through Mikawa-Anjou.

Box: We will soon be arriving at Nagoya.

Fushimi: What a strange dream….


Fushimi: !

Phone: Sorry; I forgot to give you your pay. Send me your bank account number.

Fushimi: Taki-kun…. / I’m glad he remembered…

Fushimi: Ah! It’s from Nishiguchi-san!
Phone: Nishiguchi / Backgrounds are something you’ve gotta pour your heart into!!
Nishiguchi / If you don’t know anything about tools or something, you can ask me at any time!

Fushimi: Takai-san.
Phone: Akane / This is Takai. <eighth note>
Akane / Yesterday was a secret, got it? (>_<)

10:25 / Ishidou-san?
R / Ah, I didn’t tell you my name, lol.
R / It’s Ishidou.
10:25 / OK.
R / I’m sorry I worried you yesterday. But I’m better now.

I—Ishidou-san? Are you all right?!

Phone: I’m fine now.
Ishidou-san, I’m going to get stronger!!

Fushimi: Hah / Hah / Hah

Fushimi: ….Maybe.

Fushimi: Torus…. / A 3-dimensional shape. Looks like a donut….

(note: these two panels are cut off, so I’m guessing a bit)
Fushimi: I don’t get it.

Hmmm… Even if you say so, there’s no way to make sure.

Fushimi: What is “TORUS” supposed to mean?!

Fushimi: What was the final thing Sawamura Eichi meant to draw?!

Rin/FB: Two of the people here… / will someday draw a work based on the same theme.

Rin/FB: Taki-kun… / and Fushimi-kun!

Fushimi: Goodbye, “Transfer Student from the Favela.”

Fushimi: I have to learn by heart all the skills Nishiguchi-san taught me.

Fushimi: I have to draw something that’ll rival Taki-kun’s work.

Fushimi: I need to try again, / if I want to someday be a manga artist!!

Sign: Taurus Editing Department.

(note: I’m going from the right; the first line on each is literally “left 1”)
Left 1: Place your stamp~
Left 1: Transfer Student from the Favela
Left 1: Let Russians deal with Russians

panel 2 {
(note: Slashes here are for each line; it’s not entirely in the panel)
is / controlling / er 4!!

Heh heh heh heh.

(bottom right one doesn’t have enough text on-panel to even guess.

Hey, Favela kid.


“Favela” is the name of the place where I lived in Brazil.

Take this! The Million Dollar Kick!!
} (end Panel 2)

Editor: …..
SFX: Turn Turn

SFX: Rumble / Rumble

SFX: Rumble

Fushimi: ……Hello?
Mutou: Oh, Fushimi-kun, were you asleep?
Fushimi: …..Yeah.

Mutou: So I was thinking.

Mutou: The serializations are the “head,” while the Sawamura Prize is the “heart,” right?
Editor: Hm?

Mutou: Do you want to be a manga artist, whatever it takes? / Are you willing to do anything to fulfill that dream?

Fushimi: …… / Yeah.

SFX: Smile

Mutou: That’s great to hear. Then I’ve got a prize for you!

Fushimi: Huh?
Mutou: Sorry to wake you. I’ll call you back at another time.

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