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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Chousuinou Kei 7

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jun 14, 2013 17:28 | Go to Chousuinou Kei

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Chousuinou Kei 7

*Reserved for use by the NilaiTP Group

Yellow: A new case begins!!!!!!!!
White inset: Chasing after the mystery of the formless bullets!!!
Upper left: Chapter 7: Invisible Bullets pt. I

inset: In an autopsy room, the mystery of a corpse which is lacking something it should have…
The person clearly appears to have been shot by a pistol…
But there’s no exit wound?
Correct. The bullet must still be inside the victim’s head; / however…

We cannot find that bullet…

We’ll have the morgue perform a thorough autopsy later, but… Well, yeah.
That’s ridiculous…

How could there be an invisible bullet…?!

Private Komamine High School

HG Wells wrote “The Invisible Man” in 1897…

I wonder if they’ll ever make a medicine that can actually make you invisible.

I’ve heard that recently, a group in Canada invented a cloak of invisibility.
A cloak of invisibility?

… He’s talking about a particle stealth cloak. / The environment around the cloak is projected and mirrored on the other side. / Put it on, and it’s designed to make you look invisible.

But it’s still the subject of much research. / Making a person appear invisible to the naked eye is still a ways off… / It won't come anytime soon.

Oh, I see… / Hey, Prez! If you became an invisible man, what would you do?

Well now…
SFX: Smile

What about you, Kazaoka-sempai?

Imagining the impossible is a waste of time…

Argh! Maybe that’s why / you can’t make any friends, Sempai!

Vibrate / Vibrate



That was Nikaidou-san. / …However, this time he wants us to look at not a crime scene, but an autopsy room…

An autopsy room? You mean, where they investigate corpses?
Alas, right now I am… the invisible man.
What’s that supposed to mean…

Oh, you’re here.
It’s rare for you to call me out to an autopsy room.

I need you here. That’s all.

Autopsy Room A-01

He was shot once from behind, / in the back of the neck… His cervical vertebrae were struck, and he died instantly.


There is no evidence of an exit wound, yet we can’t find the bullet within his head. / The bullet should be there, and yet it is not.

The bullet disappeared? / Or was he shot with some sort of invisible bullet?

Right now, we think it has to be one of the two.

There’s a bullet invisible to the naked eye, something like an invisible human?!

…An invisible bullet should show up on a CT scan, / even if it were invisible to the human eye…

Yeah, it would certainly show up.

Umm— / The deceased is Yoshimura Kenji, a 40-year-old writer for a weekly magazine. / A few days ago, he wrote an exposé / about fraudulent practices performed by Imagination Power Ltd.

Isn’t that the company that made that “Imagination Picture” thing?
SFX: Ah!

…That’s right. The truth is, we had our eyes on them, too.

They took a see-through canvas with nothing drawn on it, / and claimed that, if you believed in the power of imagination, you could see the “fruit of truth” you imagined. / Those who could see this picture were blessed. / …Which they sold for a high price.

Taken up by the phrase “the fruit of truth,” their numbers grew across the country. / Originally, I guess it was just chi manipulation classes, but…

Chi manipulation, huh? / Maybe the invisible bullet is that “chi”!

Even now, the mechanism behind chi isn’t well-understood… <small: Though we can’t deny it exists. >

The power of chi, huh? / Well, the truth is that, last night, at the victim’s apartment / someone observed the president of Imagination Power and his secretary. / And this happened right around the time of death.
Hey—why didn’t you say that in the first place!

You two, come with me. / I’ll take you to Imagination Power’s headquarters.

He wrote an exposé, huh? / That would make for a motive, so the president is likely the culprit, right?

Yeah. We know he was at the scene, so they are certainly suspects… However,

The victim’s room was locked and chained—a closed room.

So is this another closed room murder mystery?!

Another, huh? … Well, that is why we called you in.

Do you have any documents on the crime scene?


I’m sorry, Suzumori-san, / but could you make a left turn 200 meters ahead?

I just need to look at the door in the victim’s apartment’s front hall.
Hey, hey! / To get from here to the crime scene, we’ll have to circle all the way around. / Look at the GPS. There’s no road to the left…Huh?


There’s a road…

It’s a newly built road… / A shortcut to the crime scene.
You really are something, kid.

Somehow, my quantum brain has the potential to automatically upgrade to the latest specs. / At some point, I must have gained a GPS functionality…

There’s three locks on the door…

He was a journalist trying to get scoops on dangerous cases. / It must have been a precaution.

A closed room on top of an invisible bullet… / It’s all rather hard bothersome... <small: This whole case, I mean. >

Kazaoka, / you don’t want to see inside?

I’m good. More importantly, I believe Imagination Power is only open until 5. / Let’s hurry!

Imagination Power HQ

Sign: The Fruit of the Truth is born from you Imagination
Men! / Kote! / Men! / Do!

What are they doing—Kendo?

Th… These guys are weird!


None of them are wielding shinais!!

They are presently practicing “Imagination Kendo.” / Would you like to apply to join them?
“Imagination Kendo”…?!

…We’re from the police. / We would like to speak briefly with President Ookura… <small: We won’t take long. >

SFX: Smile
…Oh, my apologies.I am Kageyama, his secretary.
Imagination Power Secretary, Kageyama Youko (32)

Please, right this way. / Let me show you to him.

Pretty nice house, for someone who believes the “truth lies in that which you cannot see.”

Is that so? / So you’re still in high school!
Sign: President’s Room

So, I guess you want to be an elite detective in the future? Well?
Hah hah hah… I see. If you’re interested, / why not try out our “Imagination Kendo”?

I’ll pass, thank you…
More importantly, Ookura-san.

I recently heard / that you visited the home of reporter Yoshimura-san last night.

I have reports confirming your presence.

I understand. Allow me to tell you everything.
Imagination Power Ltd.’s Representative Director, Ookura Yuuzou (62)


It is true that I headed to his room last night…

And then, the one who shot Yoshimura-san… / was I.

What? He confessed already?!
What did you say?!

Please, don’t misunderstand… I did not make use of a pistol. / I merely used my imagination from outside the door / to shoot him with an invisible chi bullet.

Just like… this. <small: Bang. >

…So your invisible bullet went through the door and, using chi, struck Yoshimura-san?

It is as you say, Mr. Detective. Last night, at 9 P.M., / my secretary and I went to Yoshimura-san’s apartment.

Did you read this week’s Weekly Poster? / I was quite troubled by the untrue things written about myself and Imagination Power.

I was hoping to speak with the reporter who wrote the article, Yoshimura-san, / but he wouldn’t even open the door…

I won’t meet with you! Talk with my editors!

I read your article. / You don’t seem to believe in Imagination Power, Yoshimura-san.
Of course not!

You should repent now your mistakes, lest the Heavens strike you down.

Go home!! I’m calling the police!

I understand… Very well. / Then I trust you will accept the Heavens striking you down?

I believed that witnessing Imagination Power himself would give him no choice but to believe. / From outside the closed door, I fired a “chi bullet.” / From my “chi gun,” of course.

Oh, I see… So the bullet I fired through the door at Yoshimura-san struck true?! / It seems my powers are still as strong as ever. Wahahahahaha!

Do you think we would believe such obvious lies?!
Oh? / Then may I ask if you have any definite evidence?


I thought not. Mundane people cannot see chi bullets, of course.
You’re calling me mundane?!

Ookura-san, / are you saying you can see your gun and bullets?

Yes, of course I can. / Were I to focus my thoughts, they appear quite distinct.


….That was a lie.

That, or you’ve chosen to delude even yourself.
It is quite rude, to call someone else delusional…

If your story is true…

Then shoot me with your gun, here and now.

Sidebar: Kei’s quiet anger has reached the boiling point!! See you next time!!


Bwa… Bwahah… Bwahahahaha!! / Very well, you little punk!!

Then I’ll shoot you right now! / Right in the heart!!

… If you can, I would recommend you make sure to take me out in one shot. / If you leave me half alive, then… well…

Who knows what I would do to you…!
To be continued in Issue 25.

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