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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 8

Chapter 8

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 21, 2013 12:54 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

-> RTS Page for Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 8

Rin chapter 8

*Reserved for ryColaa Scanlations

right side: Serious about manga

Be sure to start reading from the color page two pages earlier! <star>

When the new semester began…

I decided to stop taking my bike

the two kilometers to school,

so that I could strengthen my body!!

(upper left): Ding dong dang dong

I’ve suddenly found myself late for school 5 days in a row!!
SFX: Huff Huff
I—I’m sorry.
You’re late again? / Back when I was your age, a kid like you would get his butt whacked with a bamboo sword.

When I realized how unexpectedly low my potential was, / my heart felt like it was about to break.


What’s the matter? You’re covered in sweat.


Hey, would you mind giving me a ride to the station today and tomorrow?

I’ve got some things to take care of, and I have to make the :38 bus. Please?!

I didn’t ride my bike here today, so…

Huh? You didn’t?
Yeah. I walked today. / That’s why I’m so covered in sweat.

Oh, I see. I’ll go ask somebody else, then.

Ah! / Tomorrow…

I could take my bike tomorrow.


Yay! Great! / Then it’s a promise!


SFX: Ding Dang Dong

It’s not like I’m breaking my oath, or anything.

I’ll just run tomorrow night.

If nothing else, I can just do squats here and now.

And if she’s asking me like that, does it mean….

After becoming seniors, we again got put in different classes… I thought that we wouldn’t talk to each other again until graduation, but…

Mutou-san hasn’t contacted me yet!!

….Well, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Right now, I need to dedicate myself to improving my skills. / There’s so much I have to learn by heart.

SFX: Rumble

SFX: Rumble
Phone (upside down, from bottom): Incoming Call / Taurus Editorial Department / (numbers)

Hello, this is Mutou-san. Are you awake?

Ah, yes.
Oww. I skinned my knee.
Sorry it took me so long to call you back.

It’s fine… I’m used to it.
Man~~ My bad, my bad. / By the way, do you remember what we talked about earlier?

Ah, yes. / ……You said you thought there was some way I could win, or…

That’s it!

However, that’s only if you’re willing to completely switch gears.

Y—you want me to switch gears?

Personally, I really like the niche fighting mangas you’ve been drawing, / but I don’t think you’ll get any results like that.


When I was reading through the storyboards you sent, I thought to myself… / “This kid’s got the best art I’ve ever seen from a high schooler. / And it looks like he can draw girls cuter than the ones he’s drawing.”


So what?
SFX: Gulp

Want to try drawing an erotic manga?

I’m sorry?

You know, an erotic manga! Draw some pictures of girls’ naked bodies, or where you can see their panties.

M—Me? Draw that?!

Our magazine’s biggest weakness is sexiness. / With your artistic abilities, there’s a damn good chance you can get yourself serialized.

I—I see.

You want to be a manga artist no matter what, right? / You said you were willing to do anything to become one, didn’t you?

O—Of course!

This world’s a harsher place than you might think. / As your editor, I’m telling you that this is how you can survive.

And I figure you’re guaranteed to succeed, if you take this route!

There’s no reason to hesitate!

Mutou-san’s exactly right. / You should write sexy manga.

S—Should I?
He might not look it, but he’s got a good nose for talent.

There’s strikers who only succeeded after switching from midfield to forward. / Or swimmers who succeed after switching from freestyle to breaststroke.

And you have players like Suzuki Ichirou, who got his break after switching to Ichiro.
But all of those were examples from sports….

I mean, if Mutou-san told me to, I’d write unrefined boxing manga in a heartbeat.
Really? Nishiguchi-san, what sort of manga have you drawn till now?

Love comedies with tons of beautiful women.

(Background bubble: Orryaaah! [it’s a grunt])
Based on those pictures… I can’t even imagine it.

Anyways, you should believe in Mutou-san and plunge forwards! / Stop hesitating and go do it! You’ll understand once you do.

I have felt like I’m at the end-of-the-line recently……

Erotic manga, huh…….

Ding dong dang dong

Fushimi-kun! Thanks for this!

No problem. I made sure to fill up my tires with air this morning.
Hey! Are you saying I’m fat?
N—no, that’s not it….

It’s the :38 bus, so we’ve gotta hurry!
As long as we don’t dawdle, we’ll be fine.

Hey, look! Honda’s going home together with Fushimi!
You serious?!

Come to think of it, my big brother told me / that Taurus is totally interesting!

What sort of manga are in it?
I guess the most famous one would be “Magical Girl ? Lumina.”

Ahhh, didn’t that one become an anime?
Yeah. There’s a live-action, too, and there’s apparently talks of a movie being made in Hollywood. / Right now, it’s super popular in Asia and the West, of course, and even in South America.

There’s also the monumental delinquent manga, “JUICE”… / And you can’t forget Mizuno Tooru’s “Gunners.”

Wasn’t “Doping Hyena” written by Mizuno Tooru?
Yep. He’s the manga artist I most respect in the whole world.

I started reading Taurus when Gunners started circulating in it… / I came to love it. There are so many original manga in it, ones you couldn’t find in any other magazine.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s definitely the most interesting and cutting-edge magainze!

How happy would I be, if I could get serialized in Taurus…

Ah, don’t hit the brakes—let’s go down and take that turn at full speed!


Fushimi-kun, did you keep writing more manga?
I feel like a few years were taken off my life… / Ah, yeah. I’m about to start writing a new one.

What sort of manga is this one?

SFX: Bathump

Ah, no….. I’m still in the planning stages.
You have to let me read it!

Th—the truth is, my editor suggested I switch gears, but I’m not really sure, / so I don’t know when I’ll finish it……..

…… / Hmmmmmmm.

I don’t really get it, but it must be rough out there.

But I guess if you can’t overcome that, / you’ll never get to be a pro, huh.
Ah, yeah…. I guess so.

Good luck, Fushimi-kun. / I’m sure this is a chance to boost yourself up there.

A chance

I never thought of it like that…. / I guess I’m kind of lucky, in a way.
Don’t hesitate and move on! You’ll understand once you do.

It’s a promise, all right? You have to let me read it.
SFX: Bye-bye!

Wait—I never told her it was an erotic manga……

If you’ve got somethin’ to tell me, then hurry up and say it!

I’m pretty busy my own self.
Uh, well…..

Don’t you be tellin’ me you want to go out. / I already turned you down once.

…… / B—but still, I ain’t gonna give up on you, Ishidou.

Ain’t you the ace of the baseball team, Tsuji-kun? / I figure plenty of other girls have already fessed to you.
Ishidou, I swear to you!!

I’m gonna become a pro, get double-digit wins every year, and make hundreds of billions!!

And someday, I’ll get me some famous agent and go to major A-League team in the east.

We’ll win the World Series, and get me a Champion Ring. / There’ll be parades with confetti streamin’ down, and Ishidou, y’all’ll be sittin’ right next to me in an open car.

What’re you goin’ on about? I didn’t understand none of that. / I don’t really care much ‘bout baseball anyways.
Ah! Wait up, Ishidou! / I have to ‘splain to you ‘bout the pension system!



How’d it go?
He just came to say the same darn thing.

Gettin’ fessed to twice by the same guy’s kinda disgustin’.

D—Disgustin’…? / Rin-chan, don’t you get it?

He’s the guy who everybody’s hopin’ is gonna bring our school to its first Koshien. / Tsuji-kun’s been called our school’s first star!

I just don’t get what everyone’s fussin’ about.

Arrrggh! Rin-chan, you gotta tell me!

Where d’you think you’re gonna find someone better than him?!

Seats # 6-10.
Individual Counseling

You’re kidding me. / For college or job, you put “undecided”?

I—I’m still considering things.

You’re already a senior. Is this really the time to take things easy?

SFX: Slam / Sigh

He had so many nosehairs…

SFX: (crowd noises)

Wow! I knew you could do it, Holly!
You really are talented, huh.

Mag: Taurus

(top mag): Shounen Taurus

(upper left): Monthly Prize Winners
(below that): A new entrant appears!!
(below big picture): I Feel Like Lancaster / Hori Taiki (Aichi Prefecture, 18 y.o.)
(upper right text box): Piece of Trash Sandayuu / Ping Pong (Fukuoka Prefecture, 21 y.o.)
(lower right text box): Clash Cycliing / Urami Matarou (Saitama Prefecture, 27 y.o.)

Th-this is…! / Seriously?!
Fushimi, when did you…

Hori… Weren’t you aiming for the Beetle’s Christie prize…?

I like Taurus, too. / I like its “authority.”

Hey, didn’t you show for the Sawamura Prize?
SFX: Smirk


Seriously? Not bad, Fushimi!
Hey—how much did that win you?

A—A hundred thousand yen.

A hundred thousand? This one was worth three hundred thousand!
I guess you lose, Fushimi.

Guess there’s nothing you can do. Hori’s old man’s an arts professor. His DNA’s just different.
Come to think of it, I never knew you wrote manga, Fushimi.
If you think of someone here at Morishige who’s good at art, you think of Holly, right?

Oh, yeah. Wasn’t the guy who took the Sawamura Prize earlier the same age as us?

And hell, if that could win the grand prize, then there’s no way I couldn’t win it!

Maybe I’ll enter the Sawamura Prize next. / What about you?

Ohhh! If Fushimi enters too, then it’s a match!!
You doin’ it, Fushimi?

Of course I am!

I know I’ve done a lot of practice… / and my art’s gotten better.

Does he have a grudge against me? / But why me….?

But if I can’t beat someone as mistaken as him…..

I’ll never be able to catch up to Taki-kun!!

(paper, handwritten)
Title: “Dreaming of You”

A new female teacher freshly hired at her high school alma mater, which is noted for its baseball program. She immediately sets her sights on the baseball team, which retains little of the feel and energy it had in the old days.

(again, all handwritten)
New Teacher, Imai Kimika. / Self-appointed Baseball Manager

The Members who Lack Drive
(left of top head): Main Character, Kongen. Former Middle School Ace
(upper right of the five): Has no glove.
(below that): Fat and can’t run.
(bottom): Paranormal Club Member, has first-rate equipment.
(upper left) Can’t handle short bounds.
(below that): Hagiode – was scouted from the Track team.

(bubble): What about the feelings of everyone else who’s ever been on this team in years past?!!
(not-bubble): Kimika

(not-bubble) Kongen
(bubble): Wh—what do you mean?!

(bubble) Shut it!)
(not-bubble): Members
(bubble): Baseball and Koshien are just dalliances.

Th—that’s pathetic!

Teach, if we make it to Koshien, / will you do something for us?

Yeah—you should show us your tits!

Okay. I’ll show you them.

However, my ways will be harsh.

I’ve read Drucker’s Management / We’ll be stressing OPS and WHIP, just like in the majors!

Principal’s Office.
Kimika-sensei, did you actually promise the club members you’d show them your breasts?
Y—Yes, sir… It just sort of happened.

This is a major problem!!
Calm down, Mr. Principal.

The Ougawara General Manager!
Maybe my ways of harsh punishment are old. / I haven’t read Drucker, and OPS is hogwash to me.

However, as a man… / I want to see Kimika-sensei’s tits!


I completed 25 pages of the storyboard… / in one night.

However…. Will this really work?

Regardless, I’ll send Mutou-san a copy. / Ah, but it’ll take 2 or 3 weeks for a response anyways….

Hey! It’s Mutou!!

Huh? Mutou-san….?
It’s only been two days since I sent you my storyboard.
I’ve already read “Dreaming of You”!!

Wait, what about everything else I’ve ever sent you?

You’ve completely switched things up.

This is great!
It’s so much more interesting than all your other stuff!

Mutou-san just said it was interesting!!
SFX: Surprised!

You know the part where all the worthless club members / go to recruit the track team’s fastest runner?

She’ll show you her tits. / Even then, are you going to turn her down?

I don’t care about tits…

I’m an ass man!

I—I get it. / Let’s negotiate with Kimika-sensei and see if she’ll show you her ass!

This scene made me laugh so hard, my stomach hurt!

Mutou-san laughed so hard his stomach hurt!!

This is the first time I’ve gotten such a good reaction!!
If I had to say one thing, though, it needs more sexiness. / I want to see more of Kimika-sensei naked!

Also, I’d like you to rework the ending.
I—I understand. I’ll redraw it and send it straight to you!!

By the way, do you want to try sending this in for the monthly prize?


The Sawamura Prize is only offered twice a year… / There’s a good six months until the deadline.

I want you to keep writing more stuff and get better and better.

I can also use the monthly prize so that your name starts floating around the editorial department. / I want to connect it to the Sawamura Prize.

Of course, it won’t matter if you can’t win a good prize in the monthly contest. / Well, you have to at least place!

I have to at least place… / So I have to at least do as well as Hori, if not better…

“With Charles and You and Henri” Original Manuscript

I’m relieved with how easy it was to sneak in!
There’s a lot more people attending here than at the Christie Sakuishi exhibit. / The staff is so happy.

Nishigaitsu-sensei, its’ over here!!

How a manga was brought to completion:
Schedule Book

Ah, so this is the…..

Book: Sun 23rd: Duke Lines
Mon 24th : Storyboard
Tues 25th: Heikichi Kankachou
Wed 26th: 9:30 Saitou Kido
Thurs 27th: 9:00 Wake
Fri 28th: Duke 23:00
Sat 29th: HaruMai drawings
Sun 30th: 9:00 Gather Material
Mon 31st: Boilerman Lines / 21:00 Outside
Tues 1st: Storytelling Party
Wed 2nd: Marth Drawings
Thurs 3rd: Saitou Satou
Fri 4th: 9:30 Inaba
Sat 5th: Boiler Color
Sign: Schedule Book

Based on the contents, I guess these aren’t his last entries?
Did something catch your eye?

No…. Well, Sawamura-sensei was such a prolific writer, right? / SFX: Wahaha. / I was wondering how it was he managed his schedule.

I was hoping I could use it to improve my own scheduling. / Maybe it could help me as I enter my own twilight years.

Oh, there’s no need to joke. / Nishigaitsu-sensei, you’re still young.

Well, she might look young, / but that’s only because she touches up here and there.

SFX: Ow!
Bottom: Pow!
Upper left: Crescent Moon Kick!!

This is the only volume we have at the museum…..

but his heirs or the Sawamura Professionals might have possession of it.

I see. I guess it’s going to be hard for us to get to the “real deal.”

You would think so, Taki-kun.

Hah hah hah. You’ll be in trouble if you underestimate Nishigaitsu Hanako!

At the young age of 10, she won the Nakayoshi Prize at the Nakayoshi Manga School. / Since then, starting with “With Charles and You and Henri,” she’s written hit after hit…

They say there’s a new annex at Koudansha built by her golden right hand. / She’s Nishigaitsu Hanako, the Living Legend (Age Withheld).

Which means….

The former editor of Nakayoshi and some of the current staff / are former editors of Sawamura-sensei’s.

Some of them were even pallbearers at his funeral.

So, maybe there’s something with the same spelling as what Ishidou-san wrote. / She might be able to see the real thing.

I’ll report to you on how things turn out.

….Maybe this?

I’m pretty sure the old man in sunglasses / was writing this in his diary.

…..From what I can feel, / that was the title of the manga he was drawing when he died.

What sort of manga was Sawamura Eichi trying to write during his last days? / I can’t even imagine it….

Two of the people here… / will someday draw a work based on the same theme.

Taki-kun… / and Fushimi-kun!

I wonder what sort of manga he’s drawing right now…….

(handwritten again)
We’re finally at the prefectural finals!!

On the one side, there’s Yamanaka High, which has miraculously won game after game. / Opposing them is….

The veteran Matsushita Academy’s ace, Enjouji!!

His weapons, backdoor and frontdoor breaking balls, are more than Yamanaka’s player scan handle! / Even their fourth at-bat, Kongen-kun, has struck out twice today!!



I know it’s during the match, / but I thought I’d specially let you see me in a swimsuit

SFX: Ohhhh!!

Our opponent’s pitches are dropping as they approach the plate. / This is where it all counts.

No pictures, Ougawara General Manager!
SFX: Ah!

The rest will come after we’ve won!

Don’t forget this mental image, or the data on the other team!

Kongen-kun, what’s wrong? / You’ve got a good eye, so why are you going for pitches that are clearly out of the strike zone?

Sensei, I’m going to be blunt…

In this day and age, I can see all the erotic images I want on my phone. / So just seeing your boobs isn’t really much motivation.

Could I feel them up?
Just 30 seconds… No—10 is enough!

Kimika-sensei, I’d like to do that, too.
Ougawara General Manager?!!

If—If 5 seconds would work, then….

Kongen-kun hit the ball!! / It’s flying straight towards the left-field fence!!

Charging towards home plate is Hagiode-kun, who until 3 months ago was a member of the track team!!

If he’s safe, the game’ll be all tied up!! / But the ball’s already on its way back!!

(upper left): Ass!!
Hagiode-kun’s dodged the touch!!

But he hasn’t yet stepped on home plate!! / The catcher’s going for another try!!

Out! He’s out!!

The match is over!! / Yamanaka High School’s Miracle Nine have failed to achieve their dream!!

(all of the lower-left pages are duplicates; i’m skipping them)

Kongen-kun? / Are you that disappointed that you don’t get to see my breasts?

Well, of course there’s that, too. / But we were able to make it this far thanks to you, Kimika-sensei….

It hurts that we couldn’t win you a victory!

Lift your head. / There’ll be even harder training waiting for you in the fall.

I’m already…

dreaming of you.

SFX: Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw!

Upper left book: Pose Catalog
His hot feelings have powered his pen through the night. Next time, find out how much “Dreaming of You” is worth!!
To be continued in the September issue.

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