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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance 6

Stage 006

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 30, 2013 17:43 | Go to Sword Art Online -- Fairy Dance

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SAO Fairy Dance 6

*for Bikkys

[inset]: Kirito, transformed into a monster, lets off a howl!!


Idiot! / Hold the formation!

He looks scary, but all he’s gained is a longer reach. / If we turtle up, he can’t damage us!



<no text>

R—Retreat! / RETREAT!

<no text>


Go get ‘em!

Let him live!


So then,

Spit it out: who ordered this?!

If— / If you’re going to kill me, then do it.

You little….

Man, / I really raised some havoc.

Hey, / nice fight.
I gotta say, you guys had a really good strategy going there.

I wouldn’t have lasted a minute alone.

Well then, / there’s something I’d like to discuss with you.

You see, this here’s all the money and item’s I got from this last battle.

If you answer our questions, I was thinking, / maybe I’ll take all of this and give it to you.


Really really.

Men don’t…
beat around the bush, huh……

I guess around dusk today, / Jitax-san—he’s the guy who was in charge of the mage corps. / Anyways, he sent me a text telling me to log on. / When I did, he told me this whole plan was to hunt all of two people.

But when he said they were the ones who took out Kagemune-san yesterday, I understood….
Who’s this “Kagemune” guy?
He’s the captain of the lance corps, and an expert Sylph hunter.

You took him out, right?

……..So, / why’s that Jitax person after us?

He had orders from even higher up. / They thought you would get in the way of some plan, or something……

What plan?

They don’t tell that kind of thing to lower-level guys like me, / but it looks like they’re planning something big.

When I logged in today, I saw a huge force flying north.


……Are they going to try to conquer the World Tree?
Hell no.

After we got wiped the last time, we’ve been dead set on earning enough money to upgrade everyone’s equipment. / That’s made quotas a bit harder to fill…. / but we’ve barely made half our goal.

Well, / that’s all I know. / So,

---What you said earlier— / that’s still on, right?

I never lie during negotiations.

Wow, those smiles are something.
That’s horrible!

SFX in panel 3: Glare

That demon that rampaged about was you, right, Kirito-kun?

Hmm, probably.

You know how it is in battle, sometimes, where you get enraged and your memories just fly away……
Wow! / Scarry!
Well, I can sort of remember what happened back there.

But being able to taste what it’s like to be a monster was a pretty fun experience.
I munched and crunched a lot of things.
Wait, you literally tasted the Salamanders?

…..They kind of tasted like burned chicken—
Ah! / That’s enough! Don’t say anymore!

SFX: Bite!


Wow, / so this is Lugroo.

Oooh, it hurts…… / <aside: It was just a joke. >
That was your fault, Papa.

I—I’m really sorry.

Do that again, and I’ll cut you in half.

Come to think of it…

Didn’t you get a message right before the Salamanders attacked? / What was it?

I completely forgot.
What, did he fall asleep or something?

Why don’t you try contacting him in the real world?

Message: It turns out I was right. Be careful, s

Then I’ll log off for a sec and try to contact him. You wait here. / Keep an eye on my body.


keep an eye on your Papa / and make sure he doesn’t try to play any pranks.

Roger that!

Um, / you know, I…..


What’s this?
Phone: Call History
Nagata Shin’ichi missed call

Phone: CALL
Nagata Shin’ichi
Hang up | Answer

Hello, Nagata-kun?!

What’s going on?
Ah! You finally picked up! / C’mon! What took you so long, Suguha-chan?!

What do you mean, “c’mon”? / I got mixed up in some things inside.

I— / It’s bad! / That damn Sigurd—he….

And— / And that’s not all!
He sold out our ruler, Sakuya-san!

What do you mean…. / he…. / sold her out? / Explain from the top!

Umm, look. / Remember when we were attacked by Salamanders in the old forest yesterday?

Didn’t something seem strange to you, Suguha-chan?

That was right before I met Kirito-kun.
“Strange”? / Did something happen?

When we were first attacked by 8 Salamanders, / Sigurd said he’d be the lone bait, and pulled three of them off after him, right?
Yeah, I remember now that you mention it.

But in the end, he wasn’t able to get away either, right?
Well, yes, but…

That wasn’t like him.

He’s always the type to stay behind, as the leader, / and make someone else be the bait.

Ah…… / I guess so…..


what…. / does that mean?
Like I said,


He’s colluding with the Salamanders! / Probably for a while now.


Hey, you… That’s….
But Sigurd’s a longtime player who’s a close aid of our ruler…..

Do you have any proof?

I thought I’d follow them, / so I’ve been using the Hollow (invisibility) magic to trail Sigurd since this morning.

…..You really do have all the time in the world.
I was really pissed when I heard what he said to you, in the Wind Tower, Leafa-chan. / I thought I’d poison him and was waiting for a chance.

Whoa, that’s aggressive…
---And then,

----I saw them put on invisibility cloaks in a back alley and disappear. / Then I was certain something was going on.

After that, they entered into an underground waterway and walked for about 5 minutes. / Insides, a weird pair of people were waiting. / They were also wearing invisibility cloaks,

but when they took them off, I was shocked! / They were Salamanders!

I thought that meant I was right about him and tried to listen in, / and I heard them say they put a tracer on you, Leafa-chan. / And that wasn’t all.

The truth is, / today, our ruler…. Sakuya-san is having a public signing ceremony for our alliance with the Cait Sith. / It’s being held in a secret place in neutral territory, apparently.

Ah…. / I get it. / So that’s why the flag wasn’t flying over the ruler’s manor.

That damn Sigurd….

is planning to have a giant team of Salamanders / attack that signing ceremony!


You should have said that sooner! That’s terrible!!
The first thing I said was that it was bad!

Did you tell Sakuya?!

……Well, when I figured things were and I tried to get out of the underground area, / I clumsily kicked a pebble.

And then they all attacked me with poisoned arrows, so….

…….So, Recon is….?

He’s paralyzed in the middle of the underground waterway, captured by Salamanders.
You Goddamn klutz! You’re an idiot!

Hah / Hah

Ah……… / I think I’ve started to feel good whenever you’re angry at me, Suguha-chan…….

You pervert!! / Just shut up and give me the time and place! Now!

Ummm, / the leaders are meeting today at 1…..

1? It’s 12:20 now! / Hurry up and tell me where it is!


You’re back, Leafa.
Welcome back.

Kirito-kun, / I’m sorry.

There’s something I have to hurry to.

… / I see.

Then you can tell me what it is while we move. / It’s not like we’re going to get anywhere from here without walking.

…..OK. / Then we’ll talk while we run.

I get it.

Can I ask you a few questions?
Go ahead.

What do the Salamanders get out of attacking the Sylph and Cait Sith rulers?
Ummm, / first, they’d interrupt our alliance.

And I don’t think the Cait Sith would be happy if their ruler were attacked based on information which leaked from the Sylphs. / Worst-case scenario, it might lead to war between our races.


there’s a huge bonus for taking out a ruler.

You’ll get a lot of stuff for it. / Also,

the Salamanders gained a lot of their present power / when they trapped and killed the former and original leader of the Sylphs.

I think they want to do that again in order to display their own power.

I see……

So you see, / …Kirito-kun,

This is a problem for the Silf race.

There’s no reason for you to further accompany me……

If you go to the conference session, you probably won’t survive. / You’ll have to start out again from Sylvain. / It’ll mean that the last hours were all wasted. / …And moreover,

if you want to make it to the top of the World Tree, it might be best for you to team up with the Salamanders.

….So you see,

I won’t say anything if you choose to cut things off with me.

What is it? / …This isn’t like me.

If that happens… / I’ll…

It’s a game. Anything can happen in it. / You can steal or kill, if you want.

I hate coming across people who say things like that. / But on the other hand, it’s true. I thought the same thing myself, once.

But it’s wrong.

Because it’s a virtual world, / there’s things you have to protect. / Someone important to me

taught me that….

In a VRMMO, / I don’t think a person can roleplay someone other than themselves.

If you allow yourself to be overtaken by greed, that tendency will follow you to the real world. / The player and the character are the same.

I / like you, Leafa. / I want to be friends with you. / So no matter what, I will never cut you off / just to benefit myself.

I see…. So that’s how it is…

I didn’t understand things in VRMMOs.

Is the person I’m talking to a flesh-and-blood human? / Or is it a character in a game?

I’ve always been worrying / what thoughts lie behind another’s words.

However… I never needed to concern myself with that.

(not-bubble): I can just go / with how my heart feels.
(bubble): Kirito-kun….

That’s the only truth.
……Thank you.

Sorry. I wasn’t trying to sound elitist. / It’s a bad habit of mine.

I’m glad. / ….So, I guess we’ll split up when we exit the cave.

No—I’m going too, of course. / Yui, we’re going to run, so navigate for us.

Let me borrow your hand for a sec.



So that’s…. the World Tree.

Umm, Leafa, / where are the leaders meeting?

We just have to fly a little ways that way. / It’s in Butterfly Valley. / He said the meeting’s in there.

Understood. How much time’s left?
-----20 minutes.


Player contact! There’s a large group straight ahead— / 68 people!

This must be the Salamanders’ assault force!

There’s also 14 people on the far side of them…….

I suspect that that’s where the Sylphs and Cait Siths are meeting!

The two groups will make contact in 50 seconds!

……….We didn’t make it.

Thank you, Kirito-kun. This is far enough. / You go to the World Tree…. It wasn’t long, / but it was fun.

I’m not the kind of guy who would cut and run here.




<no text>


a Spriggan?!
[inset]: In a cloud of earth and smoke, Kirito barges in!!

Both sides, / put up your swords!

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