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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kamisama no Iutoori Ni 26

I Want to Operate!

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 31, 2013 16:35 | Go to Kamisama no Iutoori Ni

-> RTS Page for Kamisama no Iutoori Ni 26

Kamisama no Iutoori II 26

*Reserved for Utopia


Upper left: The fearsome Hanako in the Toilet chapter!!
Upper right: Kamisama no Iutoori II
Picture of school: School
Left side: Chapter 26 |> I Want to Operate!

- Three teams will battle to gain control of the most squares.
- One School Mystery is hidden behind each of the 7 X 7 = 49 squares.
- By solving the mystery, you will gain control of that square. (It will turn your team’s color.)
- You will pick one each day. After 16 days, the team with the most squares will pass.

Flow of the Audition:
1) First, use the E-Req to pick your mystery.
2) Pick the three participants! (The leader, chosen by me, must participate.)
Bubble: Leader
(right of #2): The start of a new audition!! These are the laws you must obey!!
3) Choose the items you will use. (Each person can pick one of the seven.)
4) Now, go towards the Mysteries! Control the squares and pass!!
* Time limit is seven hours: 10 PM -> 5 AM. (Players may not return to the box until the mystery has been solved or time expires.)

Story: Kaneshiro Muneyuki X Art: Fujimura Akeji
All 5 volumes of Kamisama no Iutoori and volumes 1 and 2 of Kamisama no Iutoori II on sale now!!

p2: ============================================================
Panel 1:
Well, it’s hard to really understand until we’ve done it…
Yeah…. I guess.

Panel 2:
Then which Mystery should we go with?
(bottom): OK
Huh? What is this?!
Didn’t I ask for ginger ale?!
Ahaha! I got you! (eighth note)
Big Brother, he’s practicing with the sword again…
Don’t look at him, Daiki…
SFX: Schwing

panel 3:
(upper left): 7 X 7
(starting from the upper right, going vertically):
Log 49
Around Here
Around There

Wait one second, please.
Don’t just start deciding things on your own. We are a team.

Panel 4:
You don’t have to tell us that!!
I was just about to say we should talk about it!

p3: ============================================================
Panel 1:
The two of us can never seem to be civil with each other…
N, ahh, Nutmeg…
I want to give you an examination…

Panel 2:
Your body stirs my doctor’s soul…
Your alabaster skin… and nice ass…

Panel 3:
And you’ve got big tits… Are they a C or D cup?
No—this is a hidden E… Damn… I’ve got a boner…

Panel 4-5:
For now, I’ll slice off her clothes…
and palpate her innards…

Panel 6:
I don’t care what happens afterwards.
It’s not like anyone would complain, in a situation like this,

Panel 7:
if one person…

p4: ============================================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:
The phone…?
I’ll get it.

Panel 3:
SFX: Click

Panel 4:
You have 10 minutes left.
Please select the Mystery you will be playing at 10 p.m.

Panel 6:

p5: ============================================================
Panel 1:
It looks like we don’t have much time to think about it.
For now, it doesn’t matter much. Let’s just pick a Mystery.

Panel 2:
But how are we supposed to pick? All we have are the numbers…

Panel 3:
There’s no way to know which is good.
(atop the numbers): Pick the Mystery you will play.

Panel 4:
So like I said, just pick one.
/ Rui-tan,
/ / let’s just go with your favorite number.

Panel 5:
Ah… then… 22.

Panel 6:
Beep beep beep beep
(e-req): Are you sure you would like Mystery #22?

Panel 7:

p6: ============================================================
Panel 1:
SFX: Bam!
Television (left to right): Teke Teke EVERY Night
Mystery #22

Panel 2:
Teke Teke……?

Panel 3:
/ One wintery night…
/ / a high school girl was hit by a train as she crossed the tracks.
She was cleanly split in half at the waist…. However….

Panel 4:
She was denied a quick death. For several minutes…
SFX: Goosebumps

Panel 5:
SFX: Goosebumps
her upper half survived… and continued to move…

p7: ============================================================
Panel 1:
as it searched for the missing lower half…
She cried out, “My legs… My legs…”
as she used her arms to crawl about, writhing in agony as she breathed her last…

Panel 2:
/ Afterwards, her spirit wandered her alma mater, seeking the lower bodies of the living…
/ / They say that, even now, she attacks those who hear this story…
If you, too, wander a hall alone…

Panel 3:
Please, watch behind you…

Panel 4:

Panel 5:

p8: ============================================================
Panel 1:
Sand Digging BOX
Mystery #22
Today’s Leader:
Natsukawa Megu
/ !
/ / Me?

Panel 2:

Panel3 :
What was with that film…? It was so scary…. Are you all right, Nutmeg?
Three people participate, right?! So, who else is going?!
I don’t wanna…!

Panel 4:
Ah… The screen lists what all the other BOXes chose… <small: It’s kinda like Karaoke reservations.>
Kami Channel Day 1
Musical Chairs: BOX: 22 Teke Teke EVERY * Night
Cat’s Cradle BOX: 34 Human Art
BOX: 15 Puberty Hamigo
“Human Art”… “Puberty Hamigo”……?

Panel 5:
/ Hmph.
/ / Well, let’s do this.
I’m this round’s leader, so I’ll pick the other members.

p9: ============================================================
Panel 1:
/ Akashi!
/ / You’ll be participating.

Panel 2:
I’m the leader, and I said so.
Got a problem with it?

Panel 3:
How selfish… Well, it’s fine by me.
OK; leave it to me.

Panel 4:
I don’t care who the last person is.
Huh?! What the hell?! You only picked me?!
/ Two girls and one boy would be too dangerous!
/ / So the last person should be a boy, right?!
What do we do?
I don’t like this…

Panel 5:
Then… What about Troy?

Panel 6:
…Well, you heard the girls.
How about it, Troy? Let’s…

Panel 7:
I can’t do that.

Panel 8:
Huh… Why?
(lower right): And wait—why is he acting like such a scaredy cat?
We’re counting on you, Troy…

Panel 9:
I said,
I can’t….

Panel 10:

p10: ============================================================
Panel 1:
I mean, it’s so scary~….
SFX: Wahhh

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
/ I’ve never been good…
/ / with dark or narrow places…
So there’s no way I could deal with ghosts…

Panel 4:
So how am I supposed to do this for 16 days…
SFX: Wahhh
/ I can’t do this…
/ / Please, don’t expect anything from me…
Troy, you…
Are you serious…?

Panel 5:
Well, now what….

Panel 6:

p11: ============================================================
Panel 1:
If you’re going, Akashi, I’m—
Then I’ll go.
After all, I wasn’t terribly useful during Sand Digging.

Panel 2:
Oh, Ootori!
Thanks, man!
/ Hey!
/ / Doctor’s boy!

Panel 3:
/ That settles it.
/ / It’s almost time to start.
Let’s pick our Items.

Panel 4:
That’s right…
All right!!

Panel 5:

Panel 6:
be careful out there, and make sure you make it back, OK?

Panel 7:

p12: ============================================================
Panel 1:
Heh heh….
Why are you acting so spirited? I’m the leader.
Equipped Item:

Equipped Item

Equipped Item

Panel 2:
Akashi, why… why would you pick that tool?
/ Well, I just had a feeling…
/ / There weren’t any explanations about any of the seven tools, so I thought I’d take something that seemed like it would work against ghosts…

Panel 4:
SFX: Slowly Slowly
Well, I suppose so. But I hope you figure out more on how to use it soon…….

p13: ============================================================
Panel 1:
But man… A school at night is scarier than I had thought…
I think I just saw something.
Oh… it’s just trash…

Panel 2:
Hey! Don’t scare us!
Well, I was scared myself! I mean, the lights aren’t on…

Panel 3:
Would you two please just shut up?!!
Aren’t you men? Stop acting so scared!!

Panel 4:
What happened to that show of power from a second ago…
Ah… Wait! Don’t go ahead of us!!
Ueee, wait… Don’t leave us!

Panel 5:
Why isn’t Nutmeg at all scared…
/ She’s probably just all talk again.
/ / She always goes over-the-top whenever things get rough.
/ / / …Wait—which way am I supposed to point this thing?

Panel 6:
/ The film we just watched said that the halls are dangerous!
/ / You useless boys…!
/ / / I’m sure that film was a hint as to how to conquer the Mystery…

Panel 7:
/ ?!!
/ / Ah… There it is…

p14: ============================================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:
Isn’t that it?
SFX: Patter Patter Patter

Panel 3:
The Teke Teke.

Panel 4:
cuter than I had imagined…

p15: ============================================================
Panel 1:
SFX: Scrape Claw Screech

Panel 2:
/ ?!!
/ / Ugh!

Panel 3:
Wahhh! Yuck!!
It’s coming!!

Panel 4:
SFX: Dash!!

Panel 5:
/ You’re kidding… Seriously?!
/ / It’s fast!!

p16: ============================================================
Panel 1:
SFX: Bang!

Panel 2:

Panel 3:

p17: ============================================================
Panel 1:
Didn’t I tell you?
I’m a rationalist.
SFX: Thump

Panel 2:
I don’t believe in the baseless occult.

Panel 3:
SFX: Gust

And I hate meaningless lies.

Panel 4:
Never again
tell me I’m all talk.

Panel 5:
You’re… not wearing any.
SFX: Bathump

p18: ============================================================
Panel 1:
Ding dong dang dong! (eighth note)
/ !
/ / A broadcast…?
The Sand Digging BOX has succeeded in taking their square:
Mystery #22: Teke Teke EVERY * Night
SFX: Hisssssss

Panel 2:
Ding dong dang dong! (eighth note)
Huh… Where’s Ootori?

Panel 3:
Ah… He’s gone.
He must have panicked and ran.

Panel 4:
For goodness’ sake! Well, fine then. Let’s split up and find him.
SFX: Hmph.
/ I’ll take the lower floors.
/ / You search the upper.

Panel 5:
/ Y—
/ / Yes, ma’am!

Panel 6:
Damn, Nutmeg, you’re cool…
(no bubble): All right.
SFX: Step Step
Hah… Being a leader is so annoying…

Panel 7:
SFX: Peek out….

Hey, Ootori! We took care of it, so you can come out now!

p19: ============================================================
Panel 1:
/ That Teke Teke was really scary……
/ / but in the end, it looks like I’m the lucky one! Now Nutmeg’s all alone…!
/ / / Time for an emergency operation!

Panel 2:
I’ll tie her up from behind… shove her down….
slice away her uniform…..!

I want to operate…!
I want to operate…!
I want to operate!!

I want to fuck her!!
I know that feel, bro!

p20: ============================================================
Panel 1:
Now, how about we take that libido…
SFX: Grab!!
and sublimate it into art?

Panel 2:
Next time, Human Art
This feel will continue in Issue 33.
SFX: Snap
This is the editor, T-Ya!
Has Ootori, who sought Nutmeg’s life, died?
The night of art never ends!!

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#1. by Mido-ban ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2013
thanks! hope someone will pick it up after DT drop it! T_T

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