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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 9

Chapter 9

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 21, 2013 17:53 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 9

*Reserved for ryColaa Scanlations

<no text>


Morishige High School


Monthly mangas from the 80’s… / are really useful references for erotic manga!!

What are you reading?


Err, it’s Sci-Fi stuff. / That’s not a lie.

It’s a classic, so I thought I’d use it as a reference. / And that’s not a lie either.

Hmmmm… / Come to think of it, have you finished your manga yet?

Yeah; I’ve entered it for the monthly prize. / I should find out how I did pretty soon.

Wow… What sort of manga was it?
I—It’s a high school baseball manga. / A new teacher comes along, takes charge, and tries to improve a weak team…

You mean, like “Rookies”?

W—Well, I guess it’s kinda like that.

Wow… I really want to read it.
I—I’m sorry, but I forgot to make a copy of the manuscript…

SFX: Ding Dong Dang Dong

See ya! / Bye-bye!

If Honda-san reads “Dreaming of You”…. / She’ll never want to look me in the eyes again…

SFX: Rumble Rumble

SFX: Rumble

Cell: Incoming Call:
Taurus Editorial Department

Congrats, Fushimi-kun! / “Dreaming of You” was given an award of excellence in the monthly contest!

A—An award of excellence?!
Yep. That’s a rank above the winner.
Looks like you’ve cleared the hurdle!

The whole editorial department ranked it head and shoulders above the competition! / It’s an award we only give out once a year, if ever.

Umm…… / I’m sorry……

Right now, I’m on top of the bridge.

During the summer of last year…. / I threw a manuscript off this bridge.

I brought it to Taurus, / but I was told that I should just quit….

Who told you that?

Mori-san did.
Flashback {
Editor: You need to study drawing a bit more. / And your dialogue has a lot of… meaningless bits. / Furthermore, your character design isn’t very realistic.

Editor: Hmmm…. / Maybe you should quit.

Gyahhhh hah hah hah. That sounds like something he’d say!!

But I didn’t think I could stop….
And that’s why you worked so hard, right?

Well, I did what I could….

So…… / Thank you so much, Mutou-san.
Hey, hey, hey.

You can’t be satisfied with just a monthly prize. / What you should be aiming for is the entry gate for beginners offered twice a year: the Sawamura Prize!

Given your current skill, you could get the top prize!

And after that comes circulation!

You want to have your work in the same magazine as Mizuno Tooru, whom you idolize, right?


Ah, that’s right. / Let me tell you my cellphone number.

Mutou-san gave me his cell number!!

I guess he’s accepted me as someone with potential

My change of direction has paid off!! / I was right to follow Mutou-san!!

Have you thought at all about what you’re going to write next?
No, not yet….

Didn’t you write something earlier titled “Transfer Student from the Favela”?
BG: Transfer Student from the Favela

I really liked that setup. / A broke protagonist, attending a school for the rich…

Do you think you could do something like that, but with some ero content?


So, he transfers to a school controlled by…. / four rich girls called the Million Dollar Four, or something like that?

Yes, yes!! / And make sure you have a girl with glasses, too—I like them!!

A glasses girl, huh…..

Million Dollar 4:
1) Student Council President
Hates men, top grades, talented at sports.
2) Hockey Club
Dresses up, likes partying.
3) Swim Club
Serious, only cares about club life.
4) Soccer Club
Wears glasses, half Suriname, half Dutch.
Nicknamed the Fighting Dog

<no text>

(fb): And after that comes circulation!
(fb): You want to have your work in the same magazine as Mizuno Tooru, whom you idolize, right?
The same magazine as Mizuno Tooru, huh….


I don’t think I can become like Mizuno Tooru anymore…


Oh! He’s here, he’s here!
Fushimi, we saw it!

Monthly Prize
(right side): Look forward to their future w— (cut off)
(First box): Dreaming of You / Award of Excellence / Fushimi Kinosuke (Aichi Prefecture, 17)
(Lower boxes): (Upper left in both is “Honorable Mention”)
(Right one’s title: can’t make out, sorry)
(left one): I am Don Quixote

That’s amazing.
Why didn’t you ever say anything?
Uh, no….

I thought Holly was the best artist at Morishige High, / but you’re way better, Fushimi.
And Holly came in first, but you won the award of excellence. / And the prize was 500,000 yen, right? That’s a ton. / Give me some!


Don’t just gather in front of my locker!

The real contest is the Sawamura Prize. / Don’t get full of yourself just yet!

Are you all right, Fushimi?
I’m good. / But who bought that? / I was so scared….

I did!


Well, it was really my brother, / but I’m the one who brought it here.
I—I’m surprised he noticed.

He must have realized after I was talking to him about you.

H—Honda-san, it was you.

FB: {
I don’t really get it, but it must be rough out there.

But I guess if you can’t overcome that, / you’ll never get to be a pro, huh.
Ah, yeah…. I guess so.

Good luck, Fushimi-kun. / I’m sure this is a chance to boost yourself up there.

When I lost my way, you were the one who gave me a push forward.

I’m not quite sure what you mean, but I’m glad I helped you out!

So, see ya!

Thank goodness she didn’t realize it was an ero manga…

Ah, Fushimi-kun?

Are you free tomorrow night?
My brother’s having a birthday party…

I think he’d be happy if you came. / Can you make it?


C—Can I really go?!

Ah…. Hello, Katou-san.
Yes, I’m working.


Nishi-chan, I’m heading out for a bit, so hold the fort!

Right now, the former editor of Nakayoshi, Katou-san, / is drinking with the head of the Sawamura Pros.


Make sure to feed Jeanne at 12. / Her stomach’s not doing too well right now, so make sure to pour a little hot water! / But don’t let it boil!
N—Nishigaitsu-sensei, I’m off at 11 today….

By the way, which of these sunglasses do you think is better?
Well, they’re both about the same.

This is a small place, with no tables, / but Sensei would come here two or three times a week.
Katou-san, you’re drinking already? / People should be working at this hour.
Miss, another watered-down shochu, please.

Would you like an apricot?

Huh? Where’s the gentleman from the Sawamura Pros?
In the bathroom.

Nice to meet you. I’m Hazama.

A pleasure to meet you. I’m Nishigaitsu Hanako.
I am aware.

The bathroom’s a bit stinky right now, so I would advise against entering. / It’s old, so the plumbing’s not too good.
Thank you, but I’m fine. / And I have a deodorant.

But I really am happy… / that even now people are still interested in Sawamura-sensei.
An isobe-age, please!
Well… I was raised on Sawamura’s works.

I was told you’re interested in his schedule book?
Here, could you pass this down?
Ah, yes.

I was interested in how he was able to manage such a superhuman rate of production…

How did he manage it…? / At any rate, he was always drawing.

When we went together to England to gather materials, / he was drawing in the cab to Narita, on the flight, and even in his hotel room….

It was around then that a young editor at his publisher asked him,
Sensei, why do you work so hard when you’re already a legend?!

A legend…? I hate that word. / It’s a title for an old man who sits cross-legged while basking in the glory of the past.

But even today, I am still making manga!

Wow…. / That was really touching.

That young editor was me, though.

Sensei was always being hounded by deadlines. / So he spent almost the whole week in England cooped up in his hotel room.

Wow… What a waste.

He was only really able to gather material for the first two days.

Ah, however, / wasn’t there something strange back then?

When we opened up the guidebook and were trying to figure out where we were…
We’ll get there faster if we go straight down here.
No, to get to the Roman army baths we should first head north…

Follow me.

Did Sensei get mad?!

We worryingly followed after him…. / Sensei dashingly went down an old alleyway….

It was almost like he was walking through his own home.



Amazing… Sensei , you must have such a good memory… / that you memorized the entire map.

But I thought this was your first time in England. / Have you actually been here before?

….. / I might’ve…

A long, long time ago….

Or maybe in the future?

Sometimes, his words and actions / went far beyond what we could understand.

I believe that the schedule book is in the care of his family.

You’ve heard enough about Sensei now, right?

May I be blunt?

What was that manga going to be about?

…… / I wouldn’t be able to tell you that without seeing the diary myself, but…

I’m sure Rin-chan…
(bubble): If you could, then please!
would be able to understand what he was writing!!

I understand.

I will contact them myself.

Sometimes, Tsuji-kun’s curveball is good enough to take batters aback and make them try to dodge. / And he’s gettin’ better n’ better.

But even so, he’s really popular with the girls, ain’t he?

I’m gonna go home. / I’m bored.
Whaaaat? / Rin-chan, there’s gonna be a practice game after this! / I even went and got a scorebook for you.


Inoi again…? / He’s been starin’ at you all the time lately.

When we pass him in the halls, it’s like he’s starin’ at every inch of you, head to toes… / And his eyes look dangerous.

Am I wrong? And what’s with his hair? / He cut it super short back in middle school.
Let’s go, Akane-chan. / Just ignore him.

“7 o’clock, we’re gathering at Sakae Station.”

That was all I heard, / but where should I go? I don’t even know who else will be here…
SFX: Heartbeats.


Wow! / You showed up looking smart in a suit!

Ha haha…. / I figured this way, I’d look good wherever we went…

Doesn’t he kind of look like an office worker?
And isn’t it cut a little short? / That’s hilarious!
Dammit. I just hurried and borrowed these from Katsuo…



Yuuya and the rest said they were going to a shop nearby, so let’s go ahead. / First, let’s eat.

I never knew Hori was going to be here, too. / And Yuuya, one of Hori’s friends, too… It’s everyone I can’t handle.
Holly, that hat is so cute!
This? I got it from my sister.

You know, that’s not what you wear to a club.

I never knew… / that we were going to a club!!

Asuna, aren’t they goinig to ask for ID?
This place is lax, so we’re fine.

Asuna-chan! / Your brother’s already dead drunk!

Aww, that’s horrible.
Drinks are 2,000 for men, 1,000 for ladies.
It’s annoying, so don’t bother me about him.

That’s my brother!

Hey, so you’re Fushimi-kun? / You really are only serious when it comes to writing manga.

Th—This is quite a birthday party.

It’s not on this floor. / There’s a 14-tatami mat room below.

Why do you have an ax in your head?
I like to get into Halloween stuff. / So I thought I’d wear a costume today.

Umm… This is my gift. / It’s a bit old, but it’s Mizuno Tooru’s dream short story collection…
Damn, just look at you! Happy birthday!


You two look amazing!
Ah, Asuna-chan! Long time no see!!

<no text>

This… / isn’t quite what I thought it would be….

I don’t belong here…
Even though I just arrived so nonchalantly…..

Oh, this song is….

I feel like… / I heard it somewhere before…

It’s a record your father often listened to.

That’s right… / It was the reggae version of this.

<no text>

Do you feel out-of-place?
I—I guess so, yeah.
This isn’t a coincidence.

It’s a little clichéd, / but there is no such thing in this world as a coincidence.

You must have felt it yourself. You nonchalantly go out somewhere, only for this to happen.

You seem to have fallen for her….

Ah, / that’s not….

When you spoke with the girl… / “your heart rejoiced”?


I—It wasn’t really like that… / I guess…..

No, it must have been “like that.”

You have been forever searching…

for so many thousands of years… / for “that person.”

….. / Who are you?

Rather than questioning who I am, / wouldn’t it be wiser to question who you are?

Chase after the white rabbit, / and you will be able to pursue Sawamura Eichi!

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