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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

UQ Holder! 3

I Thought We Could Be Friends

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 7, 2013 18:58 | Go to UQ Holder!

-> RTS Page for UQ Holder! 3

UQ Holder 3

*for MangaBurn

p1: ========================================
Panel 1:
The sky in space <eighth note>
/ We’re not gettin’ any closer to the Tower!!

Panel 2:
Well, we are traveling on foot right now.
Yeah; why are we walkin’?
Because, if we were attacked by a bounty hunter on public transportation, there would be a sea of blood?
/ Ah…

Panel 3:
Well, whatever! Cap-i-tal! <eighth note> Cap-i-tal! <eighth note> When we’re in the cap-i-tal,
I’ll have a hundred best buds~ <eighth note>
Aside by Eva: Annoyed…
Aside by Touta: Yahoo! <eighth note>
You’re always in high spirits, aren’t you?

Panel 4:
…Once we settle down in the Capital, I’ll have to go back to that Shinobu’s village.
/ She’s already pretty much a best bud.

Panel 5:

Panel 6:
Give up on it.

[sidebar]: They energetically proceed on their journey while talking about their dreams! Being positive is the most fundamental part of moving forward!!

p2: ========================================
Panel 1:
Have you forgotten what we are?
/ We are the Undying.
/ / I won’t lie to you. You should give up on it.
You have no hope of making friends; even if you did, you would only regret it.

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
Don’t try to indoctrinate a young kid with negative stuff.
/ And on the whole, I’ve got friends from the sticks; we vowed to each other to achieve our dreams. <small: There’s four! >
Why the hell would I regret that?!
/ C’mon, let’s take a brief break.

Panel 4:
I saw a waterfall along the way; I’m gonna go take a dip.
Be on the lookout for bounty hunters. Things could go south if they take countermeasures against the Undying.
/ It’ll be worse than death.

Panel 5:
So make sure to be careful.
I get it, OK? Stop babying me.

Panel 6:
Oh, this’ll hit the spot.

Panel 7:

p3: ========================================
Panel 1:
[inset]: Can we be friends?
Stage. 3: I Thought We Could Be Friends

p4: ========================================
Panel 3:
I see. So she basically means…
/ that the four of ‘em will all grow, but I’m gonna be stuck like this for the rest of my life…

Panel 4:
Ahh, I guess I’m screwed…

Panel 5:

Panel 6:
What’s this?

p5: ========================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
/ My bad…

p6: ========================================
Panel 1:
You dunce!!

Panel 2:

Panel 4:
What was that?! You’re awesome!
No, I mean, wait a sec—

Panel 5:

p7: ========================================
Panel 1:
/ yourself!

Panel 2:
A woman?!

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
My bad! I didn’t think you were a girl!
I’m sorry I got a peek and…

Panel 6:

p8: ========================================
Panel 1:
Who are you calling a girl?!!

Panel 2:
Man… Sorry, sorry.
You’ve got such a pretty face, I was sure you had to be a girl.

Panel 3:
Aside: Tch…

Panel 4:
Well, well, at the end of the day we’re both men, so there’s no need to be so mad about it!
-----If I were to speak,

p9: ========================================
Panel 1:
if a person, man or woman, were so thoroughly groped by a complete stranger,
wouldn’t one expect him or her to feel this much disgust for the perpetrator?
/ Yeah…. Like I said, my bad.
Aside (between wavy lines): Hahahahaha

Panel 2:
But I really didn’t think there’d be anyone else in a remote place like this.
/ that’s it.

Panel 3:
I have visited many villages since I came here, but they all felt like this.
/ Is this what Japan is like these days?
Hm? Oh, umm, are you a foreigner?

Panel 4:
Well, I sort of have Japanese ancestry.

Panel 4:
Well, I don’t really know that much myself,
/ but things have gotten pretty rough in Japan lately, so ghost towns have been popping up everywhere.
Most of us went to live in the Capital,
/ and out of those who figured that’d suck, half went to places in the sticks teeming with nature to live self-sufficiently.
/ / Nowadays, most everyone who walks these parts are either crazy mad or crazy about ruins.

p10: ========================================
Panel 1:
I guess I’m one of the oddballs.
Why are you walking?
Well, you see, umm, some things led to me traveling along with a companion.

Panel 2:
This is the first time a boy my age has ever been able to dodge my blade.
I’m Tokisaka Kuroumaru. Nice to meet you.

Panel 3:
/ I’m Konoe Touta. Nice to meet’cha.
You’re pretty damn awesome, too.

Panel 4:
So, water under the bridge?
You do not seem to be an evil person.
/ Heheh. Then let’s get along great. This is probably some kinda fate.

Panel 5:

Panel 6:

p11: ========================================
Panel 1:
Oh. <small: I was right… >

Panel 2:
Hey, aren’t you really a g—
SFX: Shaking with anger

Panel 3:
Wha—Stupid! Hey, stop it!
Are you trying to kill me… I’m sorry!

Panel 4:
Aside: Sigh…

Panel 5:
….Listen. I came from up there.

Panel 6:
Seriously? So by “up there”…
/ you mean space?!!
Huh? Yeah.

Panel 7:
Be my friend!!
Umm, you’re really starting to creep me out.

Panel 8:
My dream’s to go to space!!
/ There’s so much I want to ask you about!
Huh? Yeah.
Aside (above Touta’s head): Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Do you have a ship license, or somethin’?!
/ N—No.
/ / Wow, I never thought I’d meet someone who came from space this soon!

p12: ========================================
Panel 1:
I made a promise with a pal of mine
that we’d make succeed in business in space!!

Panel 2:
A pal… So, a promise with a friend…. That sounds nice.

Panel 3:
What the hell are you sayin’, Kuroumaru? I figure you and I, the two of us, are already------
/ ……….

Panel 4:
Best buds! <eighth note>
You’re really starting to be a pain…
Aside: (right of Touta): Ahahahaha

Panel 5:

Panel 6:
/ Heheh… Ahaha.

Panel 7:
You really are
/ an oddball.
/ I am?

Panel 8:
Take a look at that.
It’s a piece of cake to make friends.
Well? Did you see that, Yukihime?

p13: ========================================
Panel 1:
I see. So you’re heading from the countryside to the Capital.
Pretty much. You?
/ What brought you all the way down here from space?
I’m searching for someone.

Panel 2:
Huh? You’re searching for someone?

Panel 3:
Until I locate that person and complete my work,
/ I can never again set foot in my homeland.
Huh? That sounds kinda rough.

Panel 4:
Her name is Evangeline A.K. McDowell.

Panel 5:
Hm? I’ve…
heard that name somewhere…..

Panel 6:
She is a tall woman with silver hair and blue eyes.
Ah, yeah, that has to be her!

Panel 7:
She’s my companion.

Panel 8:

p14: ========================================
Panel 1:
H—Hold up. Touta-kun, what do you mean?
/ Well, you said she’s a silver-haired, blue-eyed woman named Eva-somethin’-somethin’, right?
That’s the person I’m with.
But… That can’t be.

Panel 2:
She couldn’t possibly be traveling with a human…

Panel 5:

Panel 6:
You don’t have…

Panel 7:
You don’t have a reflection in the glass…!

p15: ========================================
Panel 1:
What’s wrong, Kuroumaru?

Panel 2:
…..Touta-kun, I know this is sudden, but I----------
am a member of the Hunters of the Undying, a clan that exorcises demons.

Panel 3:
Huh? <small: What are you…? >
They are unnatural beasts who bear ill will for mankind.
/ Our duty is to return them to the darkness.

Pane l4:
I’m sorry…

Panel 5:
H—Hey, are you all right?
Seriously, what are you sayin’? I don’t get it…
/ Hah!

Panel 6:
Wait, you’re not a bounty hunter are you?!
/ H—Hold it. If we just talk this over—

p16: ========================================
Panel 1:
I did think we could be friends.

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
H—Hey, Kuroumaru!
Just hold up a sec!

Panel 4:
Shinmeiryuu Ougi!!

Panel 6:

Panel 7:

p17: ========================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
Shinmeiryuu, huh?
That name takes me back.

Panel 5:
/ Yukihime!!

Panel 8:
To be continued in Issue 42.

Sidebar: The voice of restraint never reaches Eva-----……….

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