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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi) 10

Chapter 10

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 10, 2013 19:18 | Go to Rin (HAROLD Sakuishi)

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Rin 10

*For ryColaa Scanlations

[inset]: A season where one cannot blink.

[bottom]: Make sure to start from the color page just prior!

<no text>


SFX: Tee hee

SFX: Turn turn

It was a dream… / I saw another strange dream.

Fushimi-kun, you haven’t used your drink ticket yet, right?

Ah, yeah.

Let’s head upstairs. I feel like trying a drink, too.

I’m so glad you came today! / Sorry about how my big brother was.
Ah, it’s fine. / And… thanks for inviting me.

Fushimi-kun, do you come to Sakae often?

But in actuality, I never come…

Do you come to buy clothes and stuff?
Y—Yeah, I guess….

Asuna-chan! / I’m going to get a divorce!

Huh? / What are you saying? / You’re not even married.

In the future, I’m going to marry a violent husband, / and after we have a child together, I’ll become a single mother.

Who said that?

The fortune teller.
What fortune teller?

Sign: {
30 minutes: 3,000
60 minutes: 5,000
} (note: the characters above the word “fortune” say “fortunes”)

No, no, no. / That can’t be right!

She’s apparently an evangelist who came from Mars. / Her name is San Lu-san.

That’s too suspicious; there’s so much I could make fun of.

I don’t believe at all / in fortune telling, or anything like that.

She normally has a business in Gifu, / but she’s called here once a month to do fortune telling, apparently.
Gifu…? That’s not Mars!

Three thousand for a half-hour… / That sounds pretty good for a punishment game.

Whoever loses at Rock-Paper-Scissors / has to have their fortune told by that Martian evangelist. How’s that sound?

Rock, paper, scissors / shoot!

That only took one round!

Go ask her if you’re going to become a manga artist!

<aside: OK! / Let’s go! / Gya~hah hah! >
I’m really no good / with Hori and his style.

How much manga could I buy with 3,000 yen…?

I was watching everything that happened.

You came to jeer at me, yes?

SFX: *Sigh*


This gimmick really is no good. / It doesn’t work at all.

It’s hard, being a fortune teller that can’t get any customers. / I hope you won’t mind if I smoke one.

My grandmother was a famous and rich in Amami, / but it looks like I didn’t inherit any of her blood.

But in addition to proper fortunes and predictions, / I believe in things other than humans, too.

You’re in luck. / I’m almost on my period!


Things become clear before a period. / Even I might get some real inspiration now.

OK, no more parlor tricks today.

So, give me both your hands. / Is there anything you want to ask?

……. / S—Something general about my whole future, I guess….

<no text>

I’m completely trapped……

Be careful about women!

Perhaps you’ve already met her….

That woman will turn everything around you into hell. / That woman will show you hell. / …..And you will continue to wander the desert,

all alone…. / while embracing your regrets, your fears, your despair!

You can pull your hands back, now.

You picture sending your “spirit” in through the left hand, / and it returning to you through the right.

By sending your “spirit into your partner / and then circulating it, you can see various images and hear voices.

I’m only imitating my grandmother, / but I feel like it went well today.

A—Are you saying my future won’t be bright?
That depends on your choices.
My choices?

What’s your name?

Fushimi Norito.

Norito-kun, have you heard of “soulmates”?

I guess it’s your fated person, your destined person. / The person with whom your soul is linked, you could say….

I feel like you have someone like that, Kirito-kun.

And what I realized is that, regarding that person, / you can’t afford to screw up!

Uh, umm, San Lu-san, / can you do me next?

….. / Sorry. I’m done for today.

Huh? The owners said you would keep going till morning.

I’m tired now. / Don’t worry. I get the feeling you’re not going to have much of a life, anyhow.

Uh, umm, the money!

It’s your choice whether or not to believe. / You can treat what I said as the nonsense of a charlatan, if you like.

I’m Misaki. / I feel like I’ll meet you again someday, Norito-kun.

How was it?
Hey, why were you holding your hands out like that?

A—Apparently, she was sending her “spirit” into me and back.

SFX: Pfft!

That’s so fishy!!
Is that the “hand power” from Mars?!
That’s just great!!
SFX: Gah hah hah

Hey, what are you all getting worked up about?
Big Brother! / Do you know San Lu-san?

Oh, that charlatan fortune teller. / I’m pretty sure she was a different character half-a-year ago.

I knew you’d say that. / Fushimi-kun just went to see her.

Well, whether or not her fortunes are real…..

She’s pretty hot, huh?!

<no text>

…will turn everything around you into hell. / That woman will show you hell.

…..And you will continue to wander the desert.

<no text>

Rin-chan, you really like sittin’ there and lookin’ at the sea, don’t ya?

It’s kinda hard to interrupt you when you’re like that, but it’s time to get goin’.

No problem; I was just spacin’ out, anyways.

Ah, that’s right. Is it OK if we head home separately today? / I’ve got my future consultation
Oh, OK, I’ll be fine.

<Kitty! Also, no text>

Ishidou, want a ride?! / Ain’t we headin’ the same way?!

Hey, Ishidou!

Don’t be such a scaredy-cat. / I ain’t gonna bully you like back in middle school.

Hey, you ignorin’ me?

Then how about some payback?



You all right?

You gotta watch out for ‘im. / I ain’t heard much good about that guy.

Want me to take you home? / Just wait here; I’m sure Coach’ll let us out early if I tell him.
I’m fine.

Ain’t everyone on the island lookin’ forward to you makin’ it to Koushien? / Tsuji-kun, do your best at practice.

Ishidou! Please come see our next match!!

Sorry. I don’t care much for baseball.

Grandpa… / And Mom.

I know you both passed away in June, / but I hope you’re OK with me only visiting your graves once.
Gravestone: Fushimi Family Grave

It might be a little shameless…

But please let me win the Sawamura Prize.

Please, let me become a manga artist.
Gravestone: Fushimi Family Grave

That dream I saw on the bullet train… / was really strange.

I have your favorite, Nori-chan—hamburger bentous.

I’m sorry I can’t cook for you… but my body’s not that well.

Mom, don’t go!! / I have to apologize!!


Can you do a few things for me?

I need you to buy eight slices of bread, / toufu, and some soy sauce.

SFX: Snickering

Why does Norito’s mom always walk around with a baby carriage?
She was totally shaking.
And her voice sounded weird.

Nori-cha~~~~n. / Go do a few things for me~~~



Fushimi-kun, congratulations on winning the monthly prize. <eighth note> I heard about it from Nishiguchi-san.
Close / Display

“R”…. It’s Ishidou-san.


Thank you! Long time no see, Ishidou-san.
Close / Display

“N”… / Fushimi-kun, that was fast.

And thanks for remembering me, lol.

<no text>

And you remembered me, too, lol.
Oh, a Nishigaitsu stamp!

Rin-chan must be chattin’ with someone.

You have been forever searching…

for so many thousands of years… / for “that person.”

SFX: Ring

You’re aiming for the award Taki-kun got next, right?
Good luck! \(^O^)/

Thank you. I’m on fire now!

So the protagonist’s twin sister transfers to a famous girl’s school, then refuses to go to school for a month.

Then, the protagonist disguises himself as his sister and attends school in her place to find out what happened to her.

Sketch: {
This is the first time in my life… / I’ve crossdressed.
SFX: Bathump Bathump

If they find out I’m a guy… / both my life and my sister’s life will be over!

However, why did my sister, who should have been excited by a new environment, become like she is?

And then the protagonist encounters the Million Dollar Four, who rule the school.

Sketch: {
Long time no see, Favela.


Did you forget? The “favela” is what they call the slums in Brazil.

What…? I mean, I am from the backstreets, and we don’t have much money, but… / I can’t believe they would nickname my little sister that.

He learns what his sister, who had a grand view of the academy, faced when she arrived…. / and challenges the Million Dollar Four to a battle.

Yeah, this is nice!
Sketch: {
I’ll fight you in your own arena!! / We’ll compete in soccer!!

Waha. You’ve got guts, girl.
Th—Thank you very much!

The glasses girl I like was absolutely nothing like I imagined, / but well, she’s a good character, so I guess everything turned out all right.

Sketch: Th—The ball rolled in on the PK!!
And the PK finale was really interesting.
But still, a half-Suriname, half-Dutch intense girl nicknamed the Fighting Dog~?

But still, it doesn’t have much erotic stuff~~~~

And it’s not just lacking a little—there’s barely any!
Sketch: {
Favela! / It’s too early to celebrate! Next, you’re going to face me in the pool!!

Do you think so?

Before the contest against the second of the Million Dollar Four, the swimming girl, someone appears to assist the protagonist…

Sketch {
Dammit! I can’t even swim.
Saori-chan, you really moved me. / Now’s the time for us to raise the banner of revolution against the Million Dollar Four!


I’m Hijirisawa Erika. / I’ll help you however I can.

Sketch: {
So, Saori-chan, / we don’t have long, so we’ll do this Spartan-style.

In 480 B.C., King Leonidas of Sparta fought against the Persian army with only 300 men.

Now hurry, and change into your swimsuit!
Well, umm..

If I change, they’ll find out I’m a man!

C’mon, hurry.
I want you to make more use of situations like this!

Showers, changing rooms, panty shots… / You can create lots of erotic episodes.

I—I get it.

I think the assistant Erika would be better as a beautiful woman~. / She should be as down-to-earth as the Million Dollar Four are removed from reality!

D—Down-to-earth, you say…?

Ah, by the way, Fushimi-kun, / might you happen to be having semester finals right now?

Yes; they start next week.

Really? Are you all right with your studies?
Yeah, I’m fine.

I’m betting my life on this, after all!

Sketch: The assistant, Erika.

No, that’s not right.

What should I make Erika look like….?

Listening to this song makes me remember….

last summer, when I passionately devoted myself to manga.

<no text>


I feel like meat cooking on the riverside….
I can be who I am now because of everything I did last year….

I’m looking forward to summer break!! / I’ll draw tons and tons of manga!!

Dammit. I have to study first. / I’ll spend all night cramming and pull off something.

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