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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

UQ Holder! 4

Touta's Scheme

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 12, 2013 18:58 | Go to UQ Holder!

-> RTS Page for UQ Holder! 4

UQ Holder IV

*for Mangaburn

p1: =====================================
Panel 1:
Do you understand, Kuroumaru?
Go and bring an end to Evangeline A.K. McDowell.

Panel 2:
Though she may be feared as the Dark Gospel,
/ she is now an aged shell.
One who cannot defeat such a being has no right to be a member of my clan.
If worst comes to worst and you fail to accomplish your task,

Panel 3:
never return.

Panel 4:
You will take your cursed body and go somewhere to rot away the rest of your days.

Panel 5:
Yes, sir,

Panel 6:
How did it go?

Panel 7:
It was a diplomatic way to remove a nuisance.
/ If he falls, then good.
And even if he does not, we will have rid the world of the Gospel.
By the nuisance, do you mean Kuroumaru?
/ Yes.
Khkhkh… So, Kuroumaru.
/ His cursed body is…

Panel 8:

p2: =====================================
Panel 1:
Stage. 4: Touta’s Scheme
[inset]: I shall rid my heart of emotion and hesitation. All that remains is my mission!!

p3: =====================================
Panel 1:

Panel 4:

Panel 5:

Panel 6:
Hey?!!!!! What the heck are you doing, old hag?! This is murder! What are you going to do about this?!
Police, help!!
Take a close look, rugrat.

Panel 7:

p4: =====================================
Panel 1:
The wound’s…

Panel 2:
Wh—What’s going on here?!
Exactly what it looks like.
/ But it looks like he’s…

Panel 3:
Hmph… Using an undead to hunt the undead…

Panel 4:
Hm? Oh, so he’s alive, then? Phew.

Panel 5:
Hey, Kuroumaru, you all right? Hey!
You accepted that easily.

Panel 6:

Panel 7:

p5: =====================================
Panel 1:

Panel 3:
What the hell are you doing?!

Panel 4:
Why were you peeking into my briefs?!
Well, I just wanted to see if you actually had a dick down there.
Don’t say “dick”!

Panel 5:
I’m sorry, youngster. I clearly haven’t taught him well enough.
/ Ah, hey! Dammit, Yukihime! Gahh!
/ I—I’ll die!! Your heal is going through my templ—Aieee! I’m sorry, really!
/ Hah.

Panel 6:
did you see?!

Panel 7:
Nah, I didn’t really see.
SFX: Sigh of relief
Wait, no!!

p6: =====================================
Panel 1:
I must

Panel 2:
defeat you

Panel 3:
and that woman there, Evangeline A.K. McDowell.

Panel 4:
I have no other choice.

Panel 5:
Even though you were only defeated by me a few minutes ago?
/ In cold blood, too.
Not yet!!
Hey, hold it, you two.
We aren’t done yet!!

p7: =====================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
Very well, youngster. If you can defeat my disciple, Touta, I will be your opponent.
/ If you cannot, then I won’t talk to you.

Panel 4:
Hey, Yukihime! Why do you get to just decide that?
I ain’t gonna do this!

Panel 6:
….I’m sorry, Konoe-kun…!
Fight me.

Panel 7:

Panel 8:
I—I don’t wanna!
Just hold up a sec! C’mon, Kuroumaru, wait!

p8: =====================================
Panel 1:
Let’s wait, Kuroumaru. If we talk this out…

Panel 2:

Panel 4:

p9: =====================================
Panel 1:
Shinmeiryuu Ougi!!

Panel 2:
I’m sorry!

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
Zanma-ken Ni-no-tachi!!
<Eng: Demon-cutting sword: Second Blade!! >

Panel 6:
You dodged it?!
/ No, that’s wrong.
You blocked the blade with your hands?!
/ Ridiculous!

Panel 7:
Shit, are you serious?!
/ You could’ve cut me in half!!

p10: =====================================
Panel 1:
But still… That was amazing.
He’s tons stronger than me.
How did he disappear for a second then?
Was that that Shundo thing, or whatever it’s called?

Panel 2:
Ah, wait, wait! You’re amazing, really!
/ I’ll admit it! So let’s talk this out, OK?
We don’t have any reason to fight, right?!
It is far too late…

Panel 4:

Panel 5:
For such complaints!!

Panel 6:
He dodged it again?! With such poor movements?!!
Didn’t I tell you?!!
/ If I don’t defeat that woman, I’ll have no place to return to!
/ / That’s my reason!

Panel 7:
Tch! You don’t get it!!
I really can’t see a thing!
Argh, shit! Agh!
/ Fine!!

p11: =====================================
Panel 1:
OK, OK, I get it, Kuroumaru!
/ I’ll fight you seriously!
But in exchange, you’ll have to accept a condition.
/ The loser has to do whatever the winner says!
How’s that sound?

Panel 2:
What’d you say?!
Ain’t it obvious?
Why don’t you think about the feelings of your opponent, you self-obsessed jerk!
/ If nothing else, this is unfair. You’re the only one with a sword.

Panel 3:
Why would I fight when there’s nothing in it for me?
/ That’s dumb.
Are you fine with that? I mean, I’m really good at running away.
/ I could even run to the ends of the earth, you know.

Panel 4:
/ You… are certainly right.

Panel 5:
Very well.
I shall accept your condition.

Panel 6:
Take this.
/ Regardless, I desire…
only to fight Evangeline.

Panel 8:
/ All right.
In that case…

p12: =====================================
Panel 1:
I’ve got a reason to fight, too!

Panel 2:
He threw it away?!
The impudent little…!

Panel 3:

Panel 4:

Panel 5:

p13: =====================================
Panel 1:
I can’t win with a blade!!
/ So I’ll get in close
/ / and beat you like this!

Panel 4:

Panel 8:

Panel 9:
/ the hell?!!

p14: =====================================
Panel 2:

Panel 3:
These two…
are pretty…

p15: =====================================
Panel 1:
Damn, he really is strong!!
If he can get his distance again, he’ll cut me in half for sure.
OK. Lemme try using that of Yukihime’s.

Panel 2:
Impressive…! He in all likelihood lacks combat experience, and yet his fighting instincts are…!
…However, with this, that too….

Panel 5:
Shall come to an end!!

Panel 6:

Panel 7:
Even a vampire’s movements will markedly decline if you cut off his head…

Panel 8:
I’m sorry, Konoe-k…

p16: =====================================
Panel 1:
Sorry, but it looks like I win.

Panel 2:

p17: =====================================
Panel 1:
Hah… Hah…
/ Ah, I thought I was gonna die.
Hey, you all right, Kuroumaru? …..Wait.
/ Whoa!
/ / A—A—A—Are you all right, Kuromaru?!
Y—Yukihime, can he recover from this?!
He can, right?!
Hell if I know.
There’s a lot of different types of undying.

Panel 2:
Kill me!

Panel 3:
Kill me, right now!!
His ability to heal is quite impressive…
Stupid. I won’t kill you.
Thank goodness he healed.
Kh… In that case, what is your desire?

Panel 4:
Is it… something weird? Do you want me to do something weird?!

Panel 5:
C’mon, stand up.

Panel 6:
Be my friend,

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