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UQ Holder! 5

A Rest on the Journey is a Man's Romance

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 20, 2013 12:22 | Go to UQ Holder!

-> RTS Page for UQ Holder! 5

UQ Holder 05

*For Mangaburn

*Latin transliterations taken from http://diesgaudii.genvid.com/latin/ln/manga-phrases01.html

p1: ======================================
Panel 1:
One step of mine~~~ <eighth note>
is 30 centimeters~~~<eighth note>

Panel 2:
[inset]: No road is long with good company……

Panel 3:
Hey, Kuroumaru! Why are you walkin’ so far back? Get up here with us!
Ain’t we pals?!
Who are you calling a “pal”?!

Panel 4:
Huh? You still ain’t willin’ to accept it, Kuroumaru?

Panel 5:
You are Undying!!
/ I am a Hunter of the Undying!!
You and I are incompatible enemies!!
[below]: Stage 5: A Rest on the Journey is a Man’s Romance

Panel 6:
Heh heh heh. We’re enemies?
/ Stuff like that….

p2: ======================================
Panel 1:
means squat
before this Best Buds Pact!!
[contract]: {
We’ll be best buds for life.
Konoe Touta
Tokisaka Kuroumaru

Panel 2:
You’re the one who forced me to----!
/ Gimme that!
You two have got a lot of spirit.
/ You accepted my condition that the loser had to do whatever the winner said.
/ / And what sort of man goes back on his word?

Panel 3:
Man~. Hah hah hah. I have a good feeling about this.
SFX: Fhahahahahaha
Who would have thought that you would gain a new pal?

Panel 4:
Wait—wasn’t there an old hag…
/ who said I wouldn’t be able to make friends~?
SFX (Touta): Snicker Snicker
SFX (Eva): PO’d.

Panel 5:
/ Why…
did this happen to me…?

Panel 6:

p3: ======================================
Panel 1:
------So, youngster.
/ as you are my disciple’s friend, if only in name,
I no longer have any desire to kill you.
/ If this is hard for you to stand, then depart for where you will.

Panel 2:
The hell, Yukihime? Why are you talkin’ like that again?
/ Weren’t you listening? He ain’t got anywhere to…

Panel 3:
…That is correct. I…
have no place to call home.

Panel 4:
I was told that,
if I failed my mission, I shouldn’t head home…
/ that I should die in a ditch somewhere.

Panel 5:
/ The hell’s that supposed to mean?

Panel 6:

Panel 7:
However, you could not defeat my disciple, let alone me.
/ Accomplishing your task is impossible. As such, a homecoming is forbidden.
Nevertheless, I have no desire to kill you-----
/ …All roads in life seem blocked to you, youngster.
Hey, hey, that’s a cruel thing to say!

Panel 8:

Panel 9:

p4: ======================================
Panel 1:
/ How about…

Panel 2:
you become my disciple, Kuroumaru?

Panel 3:
Yeah! That’s a great idea, Yukihime!!
/ It’s my choice!
We’ll be brother disciples.
If I make you strong enough to defeat me, then good. Although I don’t know how many decades it will take.
/ No, please wait, Yukihime-dono.

Panel 4:
Nice to be workin’ with you, Brother!!
Who are you calling “Brother”?!
Oh, quit it, Little Brother Disciple!!
Why am I the little brother?!

Panel 5:
Man, now all that boring training’s gonna be a ton more fun.
Ho-ho? It’s boring? Hm?
Listen to me when I’m talking!!

Panel 6:
/ is with those two….

p5: ======================================
Panel 1:
It seems there’s a lot more people around here.

Panel 2:
Hey, look! There’s a hot spring!
There’s so many people here.
/ The aging population thing might've halted, but hot springs are still pretty popular, huh.

Panel 3:
/ Very well.

Panel 4:
How about we rest in an inn tonight?
/ We have the money for it?!
A child needn’t worry about such things.
/ Today, we go to the hot springs.
/ / Yeahhhhh!
/ / / Whaat?!

p6: ======================================
Panel 1:
And what do you two men think about being together, naked?
Oh! That sounds nice!
/ Huh?
/ / What?!

Panel 2:
Kuroumaru, I’m sure if you let your thoughts simmer, you’ll reach your answer.
/ So you should frankly speak with that fool.

Panel 3:
No, Yukihime-dono! That’s not the problem here!
It’s no big deal.
/ This is my first time at a hot spring, too.
SFX over Eva: Snicker Snicker
/ Hey—wait—no!
/ Ah!

Panel 4:
/ We’ve got it all to ourselves.

Panel 5:
Hey, took you long enough.
/ It feels great in here.

Panel 6:
Top SFX: Turn Turn
What are you doin’?

p7: ======================================
Panel 1:
/ Don’t stare at me!

Panel 2:
You seem out of it.
/ Why are you actin’ like that?

Panel 3:
M—My country lacks any tradition of sharing a bath with strangers…
Huh, really? Even though you’re of Japanese descent?
/ …..

Panel 4:
You sure you aren’t a girl?
/ Why don’t you show me the pr—

Panel 6:
This certainly feels pleasant.

Panel 7:
How many years has it been…
/ since I last felt this calm?

p8: ======================================
Panel 1:
/ About…. that clan of yours.
Are they that strict?

Panel 2:
Huh…? How did you know?

Panel 3:
Well, I just figured, based on all you’ve said.

Panel 4:
It ain’t normal for someone who screwed up to be told not to come home and to die.

Panel 5:
……Do you really…
have to go back to a place like that?

Panel 6:
Come with us,

p9: ======================================
Panel 1:
I mean, we’re both invulnerable, right?
So stick with us till you get sick of us.

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
/ Once more.

Panel 4:
/ Yeah.

Panel 6:
SFX: Slap!

Panel 7:
Why do you have to keep saying things that put my teeth on edge…?
But we’re pals, ain’t we?
You’re the one who decided that.
/ There-Was-A-Pact.
/ / ………!

p10: ======================================
Panel 1:
….. It’s…
/ It’s not that simple.

Panel 2:
Man, you’re dark.
Leave me alone. This is who I am.

Panel 4:
SFX: Smile

Panel 5:
Let’s now go peek in on the girls’ bath!
/ Yukihime should’ve just gotten in herself!!
What are you saying?!

Panel 6:
Whenever two or more men gather at a hot spring,
/ the theory apparently is that they have to peek on the girls’ bath!
But with Yukihime in there, we’ll be flirting with death!!
You make absolutely no sense!!

Panel 7:
The girls’ bath is just beyond this clif!!
Y—You’re being too loud.

p11: ======================================
Panel 1:
Relax. Yukihime’s got an alluring hourglass figure.
I don’t care about that.
Relax; I don’t really care about it, either.
Then why are you doing this?!

Panel 2:
Now that you mention it, that woman…

Panel 3:
She said she’d make me her disciple,
but was that really Evangeline?
Hm? What are you saying?

Panel 4:
If she’s the real Evangeline, she’s the one feared in the underworld
/ as “The Gospel of Darkness,” “The Puppet Master,” “The Undying Mage.”
She should be amongst the strongest in the whole world.
Huh? What are you talking about? Some videogame boss?
/ From Castlevania?

Panel 5:
Hmm. Yukihime’s definitely pretty strong,
/ but I gotta admit, she doesn’t really give the impression of bein’ the strongest in the world.

Panel 6:
I’m starting to doubt if Yukihime is truly Evangeline.
Well, she did defeat you in one strike.
/ As did I.
Oh, shut it.

Panel 7:
/ Hahahahaha!

Panel 8:
Here. Up here!

p12: ======================================
Panel 1:
Hehehahaha. Kuroumaru!!
You have doubts as to my true strength?!
/ Yukihime?!

Panel 2:
And Touta, you were going to peek at me?
I am overjoyed to see you’re healthy!!

Panel 3:
Splendid. If you can strip from me this bath towel,
I shall not prevent you from seeing my naked form.

Panel 4:
Heh. Looks like you’re game, Yukihime!!
[Kuroumaru]: Ummm…
[touta]: Fine by me!!

Panel 5:
Let’s go, Kuroumaru!!
Huh? Err, umm….

p13: ======================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:
Wait—you can’t go in so recklessly…

Panel 4:
You’re mine!

Panel 5:
Nivis Cāsus (Ice Blast)

Panel 6:

Panel 7:

Panel 8:
Come to think of it, I suppose I’ve never showed you this.
Lic Lac La Lac Lilac
/ Gather, Oh Spirits of Ice. Become a storm of spears and pierce my foe.
These are not the cantrips one can cast with recent applets.

p14: ======================================
Panel 1:
This here is true ancient magic.

Panel 4:
It's ice spear magic! And there’s so many spears! This feels like a warzone!
/ So she really is Evangline….!
And wait—what are we supposed to say to the owners of the inn?!!

p15: ======================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2:
Hey, wa—
/ What’s that?!
Is it magic…?!


p16: ======================================
Panel 1:
I knew you’d come through, my friend.

Panel 2:
/ No, that’s not….
This is just because of the pact. I had no choice.
/ Sigh.
/ / Come to think of it, you’re invulnerable, so I shouldn’t have even worried!

Panel 3:
Throw me,

Panel 4:

Panel 5:

Panel 8:
[inset]: The alluring body has been revealed!!
[bottom left]: Next time, a center color!!

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