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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

UQ Holder! 6

What does the Future Hold?

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Sep 27, 2013 20:17 | Go to UQ Holder!

-> RTS Page for UQ Holder! 6

UQ Holder 6

*For Mangaburn

p1: =====================================
Panel 1:
Yellow text: To grow, a man
Yellow text: needs adventure!!
Red text: Akamatsu Ken
Bottom right: Stage 6: What does the Future Hold?

p2: =====================================
Panel 1:
Upper left: Start reading from the previous color page, OK?!!

Panel 3:
All right!
We’ve won!

Panel 4:
Touta, you have grown quite skilled.

Panel 5:
W—Well, I suppose I have no choice.
I can show you my body, if only brie—

p3: =====================================
Panel 1:
Nah, we’re good.
/ I don’t really care about seeing you naked, granny.

Panel 2:
I suppose one cannot understand an adult woman’s appeal until he has tasted it directly.
/ Ah—I’m sorry!
I would be overjoyed to see.
/ Do you think I’m going to show you now?
/ / Hey, I can’t brea—cough!
/ / / Your thumb is in my eyeouch!

Panel 4:

Panel 5:
/ Ahaha

Panel 6:
You people
really are weird.

Panel 7:

Panel 8:
We’ve finally gotten you to laugh like you did when we first met.

p4: =====================================
Panel 1:
Th—This is just because of the pact.
/ There’s nothing I can do right now.
I’ll consider you my friend,
/ Konoe-kun.

Panel 2:
Konoe-kun sounds so distant.
Just call me Touta.

Panel 3:
T… Touta…-kun.
/ No, Touta.
/ / T… Touta………..-kun.
/ / / Well, it’s fine.

Panel 4:
Hey, wait—why are you like that?
/ Eh—Huh?!
Why do you have your towel wrapped up like that?! Are you a girl?! You are, aren’t you?!
(Eva): Hmm.
(Kuroumaru): Squeak!

Panel 5:
Like I said, there’s no tradition like this in my country.
/ Do you think I’m just going to accept that?!
(bottom right): I’m a little bit curious what’s beneath that towel, too.
(upper left): Take it off! Take it off!!
/ Hey—Wait!
(bottom left): Why don’t you remove it briefly?
/ We won’t do anything bad.

Panel 6:

p6: =====================================
Panel 1:
Hey, Kuroumaru! Let’s go!

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
SFX: Clench…

Panel 5:
Let’s go,

Panel 6:

p7: =====================================
Panel 1:
Yukihime-dono, I look forward
/ to being your disciple from today onwards!!
Hm. Very well.
/ I shall work with you whenever you will.

Panel 2:
Wow! The street is so wide!
/ It’s such a shame it’s not in use.
Yes. Population decline in Japan has led to a quarter of the area inhabited during its peak becoming uninhabited.
/ The infrastructure of the region is in tatters. And this is not limited to Japan. This course of events in developed countries perhaps mimics how the Roman Empire…
All right! Let’s race to that overpass!
/ Huh? Wait! What are you, a child?!
He’s not listening.

Panel 3:
Hey, Kuroumaru,
/ sometime soon, I’ve gotta introduce you to my four pals.
Huh… Y—Yeah.
And then there’s Shinobu.
/ Who’s that?
/ / And hey, you don’t have a goal anymore, do ya’?
Th—That was your fault!

p7: =====================================
Panel 1:
You should join in my dream.
Then you’d have a goal, right?

Panel 2:

Panel 3:
Wasn’t your dream…
To make a name for myself in space!

Panel 4:
Do you have any more concrete plans…?
Ain’t really thought about it!!
But isn’t that bad?!!
/ You have to think a little about the details!!

Panel 5:
I guess so…
SFX: Ding!

Panel 6:
I met you only five days after leaving my village, so…
/ Yukihime!
Are there any other people like us in the world who are immortal and invulnerable?

Panel 7:
/ there are.

Panel 8:
/ In that case,

p8: =====================================
Panel 1:
How about we find more and more invulnerable besides you
and have them join up with us?

Panel 2:

Panel 3:

Panel 4:
Then, we’d create a team.
/ A family of invulnerable people.

p9: =====================================
Panel 1:
What do you mean…?
Well, at first, I figured being invulnerable kinda sucked, too.
/ But when I thought a little deeper, I realized saving people’s the greatest.
If we could gather a family of us, maybe we could do even more awesome stuff!

Panel 2:
If we don’t take this awesome power
/ and use it for the world and its people,
we’re wasting it!

Panel 3:
Awesome power…
Cursed body…

Panel 4:

Panel 5:
/ Ahahahahaha.
What is it, Yukihime?
/ Did we make you think of something funny?

Panel 6:
Ah… That would be like you, Touta.

Panel 7:
…No; few of those with the power of invulnerability choose to use their power for the sake of the world.
However, there was one who said the same…

p10: =====================================
Panel 1:

Panel 2;
A car?

Panel 3:

Panel 4:

Panel 6:
It has been a long time,
Mistrel Yukihime!!
<TL/N: Mistrel is written with kanji meaning “mistress.” I’m not sure what the intended transliteration is, or if it’s just a typo.>

Panel 7:
Who are you?!

Panel 8:

p11-12: =====================================
Panel 1:
/ Huh…?

Panel 2:

Panel 3:

Panel 4:

Panel 7:
Stop, Kuroumaru.
Wh—Wh-wh-what’s going on? Why did so many scary-looking guys just…

Panel 8:
We have come to gather you,
Yukihime Ane-san!!

Panel 9:
I believe I said I was leaving the group.
You will always be our head.

Panel 4:
/ Ummm….

Touta… There was one who said the same thing you said.
That person and I created this:

p13: =====================================
Panel 1:
A family of people with eternal life—
“UQ Holder.”
<TL/N: UQ written with kanji meaning “eternity”>

p14: =====================================
Panel 1:
You’re yakuza!! <small: So cool! >
Well, that is more-or-less accurate.
Hey, tell them to quit it with the “Ane-san” stuff.
/ Well, many here are native to Japan.
/ / Ane-san!

Panel 2:
In other words, these guys are all immortal and invulnerable?
That’s amazing!
[inset]: Hey!

Panel 3:
No, that’s mistaken. This here is a gathering of blockheads who lack true invulnerability.
They are not the real thing.

Panel 4:
What do you mean, the “real thing”?
Hmm… Well,

Panel 5:
Vampires, such as you and myself,
/ are the nobility.

Panel 7:
The rest are….

p15: =====================================
Panel 1:
(upper left of the first pair): Those who have used goods that beget eternal life, such as ambrosia, miracle drugs, and philosopher’s stones.
(lower right of the first pair) / Types of devils and evil spirits, who are endowed with eternal life akin to that of vampires.

Panel 3:
Those who gained eternal life through science, who have computerized brains or robotic bodies.

p16: =====================================
Panel 1:
Less well-understood are…
Those who have stocks of lives.
/ Those whose karma was distorted and were cursed to never die.

Panel 2:
Those who, on death, are reincarnated.

Panel 3:
Those who have set up “save points.".

p17: =====================================
Panel 1:
-----Such members exist.
Along with…

Panel 2:
those… who have modified bodies.

Panel 3:
All… are the enemy of my clan.

Panel 4:
Stupidhead. That’s wrong, Kuroumaru.
Right now, you, me, and all of them are comrades.

Panel 5:
This sounds interestin’.
I hope to make all of them my pals.
[lower right]: To be continued in Issue 45
Sidebar: The ring of pals and hope itself have grown bigger!!

(edit 9/27: minor wording change)
(edit 9/28: more minor wording change, mostly dealing with keeping consistent all the various "immortal" terminology)

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